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The Barn
by Raven Beaumont

The sun beats down on the dry, baked earth. The heat shimmers and dances, rising from the buildings and wheat fields like a gossamer mist. Angry clouds gather in the distance. You and I are touring a farm that's for sale. The farm is large and we are making our last stop on the property, a large barn nestled at the edge of a grassy field. We walk hand in hand, the heat causing a fine sheen of perspiration to glisten on our bodies. The wind starts to pick up as the clouds move toward us. We contemplate saving the barn for later but Mother Nature decides for us as fat drops of rain begin to fall. Thunder booms and lightening cracks as the downpour begins. You start to run towards the barn pulling me along with you. Laughingly, I try to keep up with your long strides. Grinning, you pick me up and throw me over your shoulder as your long legs eat up the distance to shelter.

We are completely drenched by the time we reach the barn door. By now the sky is filled with black clouds and an errie stillness settles in as the rain continues to pound the earth. You throw open the doors and hot air rushes out. Striding in, you put me down in the middle of the floor. Our hair and clothes are plastered to our bodies. We look around taking in the disrepair all around us. The barn is empty except for some old barrels and a large pile of hay in the corner. The air has a musty, unused tinge to it. You start to walk around while I sit down in the hay trying to shake the water from my hair.

My shirt is sticking to my hard nipples, erect from the wet coolness. I pluck at my shirt trying unsuccessfully to pull it away from my nipples. I look up and see you standing before me, stripped to the waist and shoeless. Your long, wet hair hanging over your eyes accentuates a primitive essence about you as you stand in the dim light. I feel myself become wet and shivers of desire run through me. Giving up on the shirt, I pull it over my head and wiggle out of my shorts. Your eyes deepen and your nostrils flair as you take in my naked form. My eyes run down your body. Your cock is already hard and straining against your jeans. I scoot closer to you and unfasten your jeans, pushing them to the floor. Your cock springs out hard and throbbing.

My right hand encircles it as my left hand reaches under and around to caress your bottom. I pump your cock and desire rushes through me. The sight of you naked and aroused in the dim light and pounding storm excites me. I watch your eyes darken as I slowly pump your cock, moving my fingers languidly up and down the shaft. My thumb brushes across the head with each stroke. Moisture seeps out and I spread it down the shaft with my thumb. My left hand kneads your bottom then slips in to cup your balls. I tease each one with my fingertips. Raking my nails lightly along your thigh. Your breathing is heavy. The muscles in your legs taunt. I love the smell of you, the satin feel of your skin in my hands.

Your hand moves to the back of my head. Entwining your fingers in my hair you pull my face closer to you. "Suck me now," you whisper in a strained voice. Your cock is poised at my mouth, hot and ready. I flick the tip of my tongue out to meet the head. Slipping the tip of my tongue into your cock's slit I lick the dewy moisture. You groan loudly and roughly push my head to you. My left hand kneads your balls as I open my mouth and slide down the length of your shaft. Gently sucking, pulling you deeper into my mouth. Running my tongue along the length of your cock as I move up and down.

My sighs join your ragged breath as the rain drums hard against the tin roof. The storm outside continues to rage as the one inside you builds. Your hands move and tighten convulsively in my hair. Moaning my name as your hips start to pump my mouth. I can't get enough of you, greedily sucking and pumping harder. My fingers knead your balls, losing myself in the taste and smell of you. The insides of my thighs are wet. My nipples hard, twin peaks. I pump you harder and faster, my hand leaving your balls to press your bottom to me. Your hips move faster, grinding your cock into me, fucking my mouth. My lips fasten around the head of your cock, sucking hard as my hands pump the shaft and squeeze your balls. Your legs tighten, your hips move faster. You groan deeply into the damp air as your seed shoots into my mouth. Convulsing and moaning you push into me as I continue to lick and suck. Drinking in every drop, savoring the taste of you.

My movements slow as you pull my head back. My eyes focus on your face wet with sweat. Your chest heaves as we stare at one another in the still heat. My hands caress you as you throw your head back and let loose a long contented sigh. I lovingly press kisses along your cock. Your hands leave my hair, moving to my shoulders as you kneel down in front of me. You push me back onto the hay and I feel the rough ends press into my back and legs. Your heated gaze travels down the length of me. Your strong hands caress my arms. I shiver as you run your long fingers across my breasts and stomach. You lean in, bringing your mouth to mine. Your wet hair forms a curtain around our faces. Longing flows through me as I wrap my arms around your shoulders, pressing you to me.

My nipples are hard and their heat burns into your chest. You break the kiss and run a scorching look over me. My legs are slightly open as you kneel between them. Moisture glistens in my hair as my entire body quivers beneath you. Holding my eyes with yours, you place a fingertip to my mouth. Running it along my lips and slipping it into my mouth. My eyes close as I suck it, remembering the feel of your cock in my mouth. Your finger leaves my mouth and marks a trail down my body. Your gaze holds mine as the tip of your finger crests my pubic hair. My eyes close, I bite my lip and arch my back as your fingers slide into my wet folds. A deep sigh of pure pleasure escapes my lips as molten lava courses through me. You whisper hoarsely, "You feel so good. I need to taste." I moan out in protest as your fingers leave me. You lean down and take my right nipple into your hot mouth. Your hand kneads my left breast running your smooth palm against the tip. My hand slips behind your head pushing my breast further into your mouth.

Your mouth leaves my breasts and starts a journey down the center of my chest to my stomach leaving a hot, wet trail. I am soft and pliant beneath you, consumed with desire for your touch. My body aches and my head spins as your mouth finds my soft inner thigh. Your mouth and tongue move slowly down the length of my right thigh to the knee and back up again. As you move to my left thigh your hot breath teases my wet center. You groan and bury your face in my thigh as my pungent smell draws you in. I squirm beneath you, my body twisting in restless need. You raise your head and look at me. My eyes half closed, lips swollen, the flush of desire on my cheeks.

"Please, now", I whisper. With a strangled moan you lower your mouth to my center. My back arches and I moan mindlessly as white-hot need fills me. Your mouth devours me, moving over my swollen lips, sliding upward through honeyed moisture to my clit. Your tongue moves the hood, flicking back and forth in wild abandon. My hands grip your head pulling your face closer. You pause and catch my gaze. Your heat inflames my raging fire as your tongue plunges deep inside of me. In and out, faster and deeper with each thrust. I whimper helplessly as your mouth ravages me, sending me into a whirlpool of raw aching need. My hips thrust upward to meet your tongue, my heels press into your back. My hands grip your hair as the first spasm hits me. My body bucks and convulses as I scream out your name.

Small shivers of pleasure run through me as you continue to lick and suck the moisture from me. My hands run through your hair. You lift your face and rub your cheek against my thigh. I hold out my arms. You crawl up on me and gently lower your body to mine and I gather you to me burying my face in your neck. I sigh gustily and wiggle beneath you. You laugh softly and prop your chin in your hand, "You have straw in your hair." I reach up and run my fingertips across your face. Content, I close my eyes and drift with the sound of the pouring rain.

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