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The Big Apple
by Lisa

My trip to New York City was impromptu. After having my cousin Leon send me a ticket to fly and visit, I felt as if I was going to Disney Land. Meaning to say, I was very excited. I knew what he wanted and why he wanted me there. I ignored the boyfriend factor and decided to go.

I left on Memorial Day, only to face a crowded airplane. I wore blue jeans that were cut very low and hung around my hips, almost as if they were about to fall off of me and a long sleeved, white T-shirt that showed off my belly button. I didn't wear a bra, actually I didn't even bring one. The airplane's A.C was at full blast, causing my nipples to be hard 75% of the trip. Being that I was traveling, I did wear panties, even though they were only a microscopically thin, thong.

I really didn't do any flirting on the trip, just watched the awful movie that they were showing, wrote in my journal and read a book. I also fantasized about what was going to happen soon.

When I arrived in New York, I felt my heart racing. I missed the city so much and I wanted to have as much fun as I possibly could. I traveled light, only bringing two carry on bags. As I walked out of the terminal into the chilly New York night air, I felt my nipples harden again. They were clearly defined through the thin, white cotton material and the overhead street lighting made my tits look bigger than the actually are.

My cousin, Leon roared up in his black BMW and hopped out, giving me a big hug. My tits pressed against his strong chest. "Whassup Couso?" We both yelled. He looked as handsome as I remembered. In the backseat was Joe, his best buddy. He looked even better than Leon. He was 19 years old as well. Both had that Hip-Hop mentality that I had been away from since I moved to LA. "Damn!" I thought to myself. "I'm not used to this." They were both clearly smoked out. Leon helped me into the car. Being that my jeans hung low around my hips, my thong panties were completely visible. He reached over and snapped the elastic fabric that rode up my ass cheeks. "Stop it stupid!" I playfully yelled out. Leon put my bags in the trunk, hopped in and drove off.

"You're a hottie!" Joe yelled over the music.

I'm thinking to myself, "What a corny mother fucker he is." But instead I just said, "Thank you. You're not so bad yourself."

"Leon told me about the good time he had in LA. That sounded hot!" He continued.

"Oh really?" I responded, looking at Leon, then slapping him playfully. "You got a big fucking mouth!" I yelled out. They both laughed.

"You're the one with the big mouth or should I say HOT mouth!" Leon yelled.

"Oh blow me!!!!" I yelled back.

"Nah, blow me!" He answered, playfully. I knew that's what he wanted. I smiled, thinking to myself. "Damn, he wastes no time. I'm going to blow this kid's mind!" I leaned over and unzipped his black jeans and pulled out his fat cock. It was already dripping with his pre-cum. I dipped my tongue in his cock's hole and drew out a long, salty string of pre-cum. Joe was going bananas in the back seat. "Oh shit! Oh shit! She's doing it!" He kept repeating out loud. I wrapped my lips around his dick and carefully began to suck it, trying not to choke on it when we hit a bump, as well as giving him enough room to operate the steering wheel. "Oh shit! Your cousin is fucking hot! Joe yelled out.

"That's all for now!" I yelled out, leaving Leon's cock glistening and throbbing for more attention. "What happened?" Leon responded. "Tell your friend to shut the fuck up!" I yelled. "Yo chill out! Smoke a blunt or something!" Leon yelled out. "And please turn that shit down!" I yelled as well. Leon turned down the stereo as Joe lit up a joint. He took a hit and passed it to me. I pulled a few drags and sat back, letting the smoke take effect. Leon's cock was getting soft as he drove. "Let's wait!" I told him. "Whatever!" He coldly responded. Since he was getting "pissy", I decided to tease him a little. "I'll make it up to you, Couso!" I said smiling. He smiled back, as we drove up to the tollbooth and stopped. I opened the door and dashed to the back seat.

I slammed the door and got right in Joe's face. "Now are you going to keep it down?" I asked. He shook his head yes, smiling from ear to ear. The car pulled off. Joe smelled really good. I think he was wearing "Blue Jeans" cologne. I leaned in and kissed him fully on the lips. I felt his crotch and his cock was rock hard. I unzipped his jeans and slid his dick through the fly in his boxers. I smiled and put it in my mouth, wasting no time by sucking it hard and as deep as I could. His dick was so hard. I licked the large head on his dick as we sped down the highway. He was moaning really hard. I thought he was faking it. He wasn't. Leon kept turning back. Joe smacked him on the shoulder, telling him to keep his eyes on the road.

We zipped through the tunnel and landed in Manhattan. On the way uptown, my head was spinning from the weed as it moved up and down on his cock. As we hit the FDR driveway, Joe's dick began to throb in my mouth. Suddenly he began to spurt a hot load of sperm into my mouth and down my throat. I quickly swallowed all I could, then took it out of my mouth to catch my breath. He spurted a few wads into my hair and cheek. I put it back in my mouth as he finished cumming and I continued sucking on it like an expert. I grabbed his shaft with my hand and milked it dry of his remaining cum. When I looked up at him and he was in a trancelike state. "You Al right?" I asked. He moaned and nodded his head yes. "That's just the beginning." I said, while smiling. Leon stepped on the gas and we zipped up to my Uncle Bob's brownstone. I could tell Leon was really jealous. "Cool out Couso!" I leaned over and told him.

Leon still lived at home. Uncle Bob is a dentist and has a really nice brownstone up in Harlem. Uncle Bob was up watching the Knicks game with three of his friends. I came in as they were yelling at the screen. My Aunt Sally, his wife was not home I guess to avoid this noisy atmosphere, so I was the only woman in the house with all of these rowdy men. I gave him a hug and he introduced me to buddies. All doctors. "Girl you look good!" Uncle Bob kept repeating. He immediately shoved a drink in my hand. Rum and Coke is my family's signature drink. I gulped it down and went into the guestroom to freshen up, unpack and change. I checked my face in the mirror. I could not believe that I still had a dollop of cum in my hair, right above my ear. How embarrassing. I took off my top, jeans and thong, then hopped into the shower. I was still feeling good.

Just as I got out, Leon came in through the other bathroom door. The room that I was staying in is connected to his via the bathroom. He was totally high and smiling. "What? You can't wait?" I asked. "No! I've been thinking about you since I left LA!" He responded. "But, everyone is in the living room". I answered. "SO!" He responded. The thought of fucking my cousin in my Uncle's house was kind of exciting, especially with everyone right in the living room. He rushed up on me and kissed me passionately. I dropped my towel on to the floor and held him in my arms, kissing him back. Within seconds his jeans were on the floor. He wasted no time and immediately slid his hard cock into my wet pussy, leaning me on the sink basin. He slowly fucked me, burying himself deeper and deeper with every stroke. He was very excited I knew he wouldn't last too long. I squeezed tightly onto his cock with my pussy muscles. Within minutes, he moaned and began squirting a huge load into my pussy. I felt his warm cum fill me up as he tried not to make any sounds of passion. Just then there was a knock on the door. Leon pulled out of me abruptly, dashed into his bedroom and closed the door. It was one of my Uncle's friends knocking, wanting to use the bathroom. I opened the door slightly, just enough to stick my head out. I didn't hide the fact that I was nude. I told him I wasn't dressed, so he went to the other bathroom upstairs. I went into my bedroom.

I fixed my make up, put on a navy blue skirt that hung way below my hips, leaving only inches between it and my pubic area and a tiny light blue tank top that clearly defined my breasts. The skirt had a slit up to my thigh and clung perfectly to my ass.

When I walked back into the living room, all eyes were on me, well only for a moment, and then they went back to the game. Uncle Bob shoved another drink into my hand. I sat in the recliner and drank it down, watching the game as Joe and Leon was in the back rolling a few more joints. I was buzzed in a few minutes and didn't care about the game at all. I felt all eyes on me as I got up to get another drink. Now, of course it wouldn't be like me if I didn't take advantage of the situation. I made myself a stiff one and walked back in the living room. This time as I sat into the recliner, I purposely swung one leg over the armrest, pausing long enough for everyone to get a quick glimpse of my shaved bare pussy. The room got silent for a second, like in a comedic movie. I paid it no mind and acted like I didn't know that I just flashed them . I crossed my legs, letting them show through the slit in my skirt, sat back and watched the game, while watching the men act like they aren't looking at me, waiting to catch a glimpse of my pussy. Suddenly the boys came out from the back and told me that they were ready to leave. I walked over and kissed each one of the guys goodbye. They were all smiles as I sashayed out of the room. We hopped back into the car and drove downtown. They lit up some more weed as we hit the highway. Joe and Leon were in the front seats and I sat in the back. We ended up going to a party in the West Village. After spending more than a few minutes looking for parking, we found a spot. What kind of party is this? I asked. "A party for a model. Her name is Sasha!" Joe responded. Then they both laughed. "What's so funny?" I thought to myself. We went to a large and dark loft right in the "meat market" area. When we got up stairs, the place was packed with people. The loft was huge, with two levels to it. Mostly everyone was on the first level. I choked from the cigarette smoke immediately.

There was lots of pretty, overly made up women and gay guys mostly. "What is my cousin doing here?" I thought to myself. We drank and drank, as the night went on the party thinned out and people were dancing. I was having fun dancing with my cousin and Joe. At one point they had me in between them, grinding me from the front and back as the crowd cheered them on. It was cool to have so much attention. I started getting excited a little. I felt my nipples stiffen, even though no one touched them. I had to stop because I started to feel Leon's cum slowly dripping out of my pussy and down my leg. I went to the ladies room to clean up.

We sat out the next song. Leon walked away then came back with this beautiful, exotic and tall, trannie with huge tits named Sasha. I'm sure the average person would have thought that he was a she, but I know right away. Sasha was sexy. She was wearing a hot dress that clung to her. I wanted that dress. We started some small talk and ended up dancing together. By that time, most of the people had left the party to go to another one down the block.

We sat back down on the couch and had a few more drinks. Sasha caught me staring at her tits and asked if I could touch them. She said yes. They felt soft, yet firm. I went a little a little further and asked if I could lick them. Sasha laughed. I told her that I was serious. She didn't believe me. Now I had something to prove. She untied the straps of her top and revealed her lovely, huge breasts. Her nipples were huge. I took one in my mouth and began to suck. Sasha laughed again. "Girl, what's wrong with you?" I asked. Sasha told me that she never had a woman do that to her. "Now you're a lesbian trannie!" I joked. My cousin and Joe were no where to be found, so I continued. I sucked on her other large nipple and she moaned. My curiosity took over as I laid her slowly back onto the couch and began to lift up her dress. She had long and sexy legs and smelled so good. She had on blue lace panties and a garter belt with stockings. I looked up into her eyes and she just smile back, waiting for me to do something. I moved the panties aside, revealing her small and soft cock. A dollop of pre-cum dripped from its head as I gently placed it in my mouth. Her cock tasted like cherries and she smelled like a million bucks. She was totally shaved smooth. "I could get used to this!" I thought to myself, remembering all of the sweaty, hairy men that I have come across. I continued sucking slowly as Sasha moaned quietly. I few people had returned to the room and began to watch us. That excited me. I guess it excited Sasha as well, because her cock began to get harder and harder. Soon her cock was rock solid. It was very small though. I could easily fit the whole thing in my mouth. I looked over and say my cousin watching us. The show was on. I slid out of my dress and top, still sucking and stroking Sasha's cock. I was wondering to myself, "How far I should go with this?" I was in the moment and that's all I could tell myself. I was drunk and wasn't thinking clearly.

Suddenly I hear Leon yell out, "Fuck her Lisa!" I looked to my cousin and he smiled. I looked down at Sasha. She had her eyes closed and was in a trance. I lowered myself down onto her hard cock and it slid right into my wet pussy. I could barely feel anything, but she did. All the while I'm thinking to myself, "I need a condom!" I felt the pressure of the crowd, so I continued. Sasha was smiling and holding my waist as I slowly humped her cock, hoping that she wouldn't cum inside of me. I decided to stop and got up off of her cock. I kissed her tits and went down to her dick and placed it in my mouth. It was coated with a mixture of Leon's cum and my juices.

Without warning, Sasha began to shoot a massive amount of cum into my mouth. I gagged at first, letting some spill out, then eventually I swallowed her sperm with one big gulp. I sat up and wiped my mouth like I just finished a big meal. Everyone clapped. I grabbed Sasha's hand and stood her up. We performed a dramatic bow to our audience. Sasha got dressed, but I decided not to. There were about 10 people watching. I walked naked over to my cousin and gave him a huge kiss on the mouth. He opened his mouth as my tongue darted inside. He pushed me back as his face got smeared with some of Sasha's creamy cum that was still on my lips. Everyone was still looking at me as if I was supposed to start something else. I went around to each person and kissed him or her on the mouth. Eventually, I got dressed and Leon, Joe and I went to a diner to eat breakfast. That was only the first night back in the Big Apple.


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