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The Briefcase Affair
by unplugged

"Damn!" Jim muttered to himself. He had forgotten his briefcase next to the kitchen table. He needed it today for his meeting with his new clients. And it was 45 minutes back to the house. "Well, no use worrying about it. He had to go back. He just hoped his wife wouldn't still be in the foul mood he left her in. She and he hadn't been seeing eye to eye on things lately. He wasn't sure exactly what it was, perhaps his long hours at the office, maybe it was the lack of attention he had been able to show her lately, but what ever it was, she didn't seem to be in a good mood the past month or so.

He turned the car around and headed back to home. As he pulled in the drive, he noticed a car on the street that was familiar. Odd that it was parked here. Gary lived on the next street and had a garage. Why was his car parked here?

Suspicion clouded his thinking. He had noticed how Gary had looked at his wife last week at the dinner party they had thrown. He was mentally undressing her all night long. And she seemed to enjoy it. In fact, when they got home that night, Jim had confronted her about her flirting with Gary and she admitted it. It made her feel "wanted" and that she had had a secret crush on him for months. Somehow, that night, the tale of her secret fantasy turned him on, and they had a glorious night of hot sex, fucking till morning.

Could his wife be making good on her fantasy? Were Gary and his wife alone together? He quietly opened the front door and slid inside. He tiptoed down the hall toward the bedroom. He heard his wife giggle and a man's voice whisper, "God you are sexy!"

He peeked around the corner and there was his wife standing at the edge of the bed wearing the red teddy he had bought her for her birthday. She was stroking her breasts though the sheer silk, her nipples stood erect and hard under her caresses. Laying on the bed, naked, was Gary. He was obviously enjoying the show. His cock was enormous and hard, pulsing under the grip of his right hand. Jim began to become aroused himself. His cock strained against the fabric of his slacks and he had to shift himself to relieve the pressure. He watched as his wife seductively removed, little by little, her scanty outfit until she was standing there perfectly naked. Her hand slid across her body, over her breasts, along the hard flat stomach and down between her legs. She moaned as her fingers entered her pussy, her knees collapsing as she pushed them into her as deeply as she could.

Gary's hand slip up and down the length of his shaft; all 10 inches of it. His wife slumped forward, her knees to the floor and swallowed him. It happened so suddenly that Jim almost gasped out loud as Gary's cock disappeared down his wife's throat. She had always been incredible at giving head, but she had not done that to him before. Her mouth, at last, gave up his cock and hesitated at the crown, her tongue circling Gary's cock, and her lips sucking his tip, and then suddenly again, without warning, she swallowed him again, her lips nuzzling in the hair that surrounded him there. jim could almost feel what if must be like to have his cock pressed against the back of her throat, even though it was Peter's cock in her mouth.

He began stroking himself through his pants. He was harder than he had ever been. He couldn't believe himself. He was watching his wife give his best friend a blowjob and he was excited.

She rose from her knees and shifted her body over his. Positioning her pussy above his face. She dove down on his cock again and pressed herself against his lips. His tongue dug into her. She moaned as she swallowed him.

Jim slowly unzipped his slacks and let them fall to the floor. His prick stood at full attention, saluting the efforts of Gary and his wife. He started to jerk off, slowly as he watched the show. His wife's body writhed as Gary ate her pussy, fucking his face like crazy. Jim could tell that she was about to cum, and it seemed as if Gary was there too. She grabbed his cock in her right hand and began furiously pumping him. She removed his cock from her mouth long enough to scream, "I want you to come in my mouth, NOW!" She opened her mouth just in time to be bathed in Gary's hot cum. It sprayed across her lips and cheeks and chin. White, hot cum dripped from her as she licked every drop, swallowing all she could. Jim, unable to control himself, let out a loud moan as he sprayed the carpet with his cum.

"Who's there?" Gary and Jim's wife screamed in unison.

Jim stepped into the doorway, his hand still wrapped around his hard cock. "It's your husband! Who else would it be? That was quite a show you put on for me, but now it is my turn."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"You'll see, soon enough," was as Jim said.

She smiled at him. Gary moved away from the bed, not knowing what to expect. Jim walked to the bed and pulled his pants from around his ankles. "Suck me like you did Gary," he demanded. She crawled across the bed toward him on her hands and knees and took him into her mouth, sucking the pearls of cum that still clung to his cock. Jim pumped into her face, in wild ecstasy. He looked over at Gary, standing in the corner watching. Gary's cock was again hard. Jim nodded in the direction of his wife's ass, which was raised off the bed. Gary knew what was meant and moved behind her. He wet his fingers and massaged the cheeks of her ass, spreading them to open her. First one then two then three fingers found her and slid inside.

Slowly she relaxed, as his fingers slid in and out of her. He shifted, the head of his enormous cock poised at the opening of her ass. Her fingers reached beneath her and started finger fucking her pussy and pinching and playing with her clit. She wanted him inside her. Wanted his ten-inch cock fucking her in the ass. Gary pushed his cock against her, opening her, stretching her. Inch by inch she was halved by his cock. She had never had a cock in her ass before, had always thought if would be too painful, but this was nirvana. He had buried all ten inches deep within her and she wanted more. She mumbled over her shoulder, "Fuck my ass! Hard!"

Gary started pumping into her as she continued to suck Jim's cock. Wave after wave of orgasm washed over her. She came and came and came. And then Jim exploded down her throat. Her mouth filled with his cum, dripping out between her lips and his cock. She had never known Jim to cum so much. She sucked and swallowed all she could, licking any that ran down the length of his cock. Then Gary screamed, something incoherent and wild, as he filled her ass with his cum. He pulled from her and sprayed the remainder across her ass. Hot, liquid candy that she scooped up on her fingers, licking them clean. She rubbed Jim's and Gary's cum over her, coating her skin with it's milkiness and fell to the bed.

They all collapsed to the bed. Spent. Satisfied.

"I'm glad I forgot my briefcase," Jim whispered into her ear as they drifted off to sleep.

"Me too!" she moaned. "Maybe you can forget it every morning?"


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