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The Babysitter... and More!
by Christopher X

Jeff had just put little Michael to bed and decided to relax on the couch and watch some TV. Michael was Susan's kid. She was Jeff's thirtyish, divorced, devastatingly beautiful neighbor. Jeff was amazed that any man would let her get away, and she had quickly become the object of his fantasies. Being seventeen his fantasies were many, and came often.

Although he was a bit bookish, Jeff was still very attractive himself. His lack of success with girls came from his lack of social skills, rather than his appearance. He just never felt comfortable around girls. Whenever he tried to talk to one that he liked, he just got too nervous, and never quite found the right words. It was not that he had been rejected often, certainly many girls would be thrilled to be with him, he simply lacked the confidence to try. It was different with Susan, however. Her divorce had been messy and his family did everything they could to help her through it. Jeff did his part by watching Michael when he had the time, and had spent many hours just chatting with Susan. Although Jeff viewed her as an absolute goddess, she still managed to put him at ease. This made her all the more perfect in his eyes, but she was out of his league.

This night, he was dreaming about her as usual when she stormed through the door, returning from a date. She was wearing a tight black dress that revealed a figure that any model would be proud of. The shapely legs, the lovely tight ass, the luscious firm breasts; Jeff longed for that body. Her wavy, golden, hair hung to her shoulders. Her baby blue eyes absolutely sparkled, but with the fire of anger, not happiness.

"Men are such jerks," she fumed. "All they ever want is sex."

"Wh-what happened?" Jeff asked, startled.

"He made it very clear that he wasn't ready for any kind of commitment, but he was certainly interested in my body. Then when he found out I had a kid, he said he couldn't handle that kind of 'baggage'"

"He was a jerk," Jeff said, trying to console her. "But we're not all bad you know."

Susan softened slightly.

"I'm sorry I dumped that all on you dear, but I was just so mad. I know you're a terrific young man," she said smiling sweetly at him.

"It's ok, I understand," Jeff replied.

"Do you think you could stay awhile longer? It would be nice to have someone I trust to talk to,"

"Sure," Jeff said, trying not to sound to eager. "My parents are away for the weekend, and I'd just be going home to an empty house anyway."

"Yeah, that was this weekend wasn't it? You're welcome to stay the night if you'd like. I'd sure appreciate the feeling of having a man in the house again," she said, still bearing that smile that made Jeff melt.

Everything inside him told him to say yes. He had often spent time with Susan, but never dreamt he'd be able to spend the night. He might not make any of his fantasies come true, but it was something. Besides, he loved her company.

"Sure, if you want me to, I'd love to stay the night," he said, somehow managing to keep his composure.

"Thanks dear. You're such a sweetheart," she replied, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. "Could you amuse yourself for a few minutes, I'm going to take a quick shower."

"Sure," Jeff managed to say as he collapsed back on the couch.

He watched her leave the room. She wasn't trying, but she was still the sexiest woman he had ever met. Every move she made brought his fantasies back to his mind. In his dreams he'd had Susan in every place imaginable, but now he knew it was time for him to be a friend. He flipped through the channels aimlessly, trying not to think of her sexually, but failing. As he heard the shower turn off, he tried to calm himself down. She emerged a few moments later, clad only in a short red robe. Her hair still wet dangled to her shoulders, and Jeff's mind wandered. Susan went to the kitchen, and called out, "Can I get you something to drink?"

"Sure, anything will be fine," Jeff answered, his voice quivering slightly. Susan returned a moment later with two glasses of wine. Jeff was not about to say no, and as she leaned over to hand it to hand it to him he got a perfect view of her lovely breasts. It did not appear that she was wearing anything beneath it. Her nipples pressed against the silk fabric of her robe and Jeff became more aroused.

"Why do guys only think about sex, Jeff?" she said suddenly.

"Huh?" Jeff uttered, startled and shaken.

"It always seems to be the first thing on their mind when they see me. They don't really want to get to know me."

"Well," Jeff began slowly. "Just look at you Susan. You look like a model. Most people don't meet women like you every day."

"Come on Jeff," Susan said laughing and sliding closer to him. "You're just being nice. Besides, you've always been such a good friend. Why can't other guys be more like you."

"I guess I'm just one of a kind," he replied, trying to play it off.

"You certainly are dear," she said silkily, while taking his hand. "It's not that I don't want sex. I really do. It's been such a long time since I've been with a man Jeff. I just want to do it with someone I love."

She placed her glass on the table next to his and began to stroke his hair.

"Have you ever thought of me as more than a friend Jeff?" she asked. Jeff hesitated. He couldn't tell her the truth could he? This could be his chance, or it could be the end of everything.

Slowly he responded under his breath, "I'm only human."

She smiled, as she leaned closer to him. Then whispered,

"You're a man, Jeff, and I'm a woman. I need you to be more than a friend tonight," as her tongue licked his ear.

Jeff's heart raced. This was his moment. Everything he had ever wanted could come true.

"I'll do anything for you Susan," he whispered. She kissed him deeply as she laid on top of him. Her fingers fumbling with his shirt as they embraced. Slowly, sensuously, she kissed his body as she peeled of his shirt. She then continued on to his pants, removing them quickly. As she stood up she smiled, noticing the rather large bulge in his boxers. She licked her lips for his benefit as she let the robe slide from her shoulders, and drop to the floor. Jeff was in heaven and she knew it. She knew she could get this kind of attention anywhere, but Jeff's innocent, loving charm was what she desired. As she slid off his boxers, she gave his shaft two long licks, evoking a deep sigh from Jeff.

"Come on, we can do better than that," she chided, leaning over to him and giving a perfect view of her firm breasts.

Jeff managed only a weak smile. She smiled much more confidently as she straddled him, and then slowly allowed his stiff cock to slide into her. As she rode him, she rubbed his chest with one hand while squeezing her own breasts with the other. It didn't take long for the lust-filled couple to come, and they did so in unison. Susan let out a little shriek, as Jeff moaned, pulling her down to him and kissing her passionately.

"Thank you," were the only words he could muster.

"You have the whole night to show me your gratitude," she replied smiling sweetly.

He did that, and more, that night. Oh what a night it was.
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