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The Brady Bunch Sequel
by Kip Carson

Greg, Marcia and Jan had discovered the joys of sibling loving in pt 1. Mrs. Brady (Carol) had just discovered a copy of playboy magazine in Greg's underwear drawer. Mr. Brady was out of town on business and would be gone for a week. She nervously thumbed through the pages of the magazine. She began looking at the naked women posing on the pages inside. As she looked at them with their big bare breasts, and their nicely trimmed patches of fur between their legs, she began feeling quite horny.

"Greg, could you come here, I need to talk to you?" she said.

"Sure, Mom what's up?" Greg asked. Mrs. Brady tossed the playboy magazine to her oldest stepson.

"What are you doing with this?" she asked.

"Um, well, " Greg stammered, not quite knowing how to answer.

"Greg, I know that you are a young man, now" she told him. "This material isn't appropriate, what if Bobby or Peter would discover this?" she continued. Greg was at a loss for words.

Mrs. Brady looked at her oldest stepson, yes, Greg was becoming quite the young man. "Why don't you hide it more carefully next time" she told him. Mrs. Brady ran to the bathroom. She began taking a shower, hoping it would curb her horniness from looking at those photos. "Greg," she yelled, "could you please bring me a towel?" she asked. Greg grabbed a clean towel from the linen closet and ran to the bathroom.

Greg extended his arm into the shower with the towel in his hand. "Oh, thank you sweetie" she said. Before Greg could leave, Mrs. Brady was coming out of the shower. Greg watched her shapely wet legs as they slid from the tub. As he watched his step mother, he felt his cock begin to stir. Mrs. Brady let the towel fall to the floor and stood naked in front of Greg. Greg looked at her small firm breasts. She had very beautiful nipples. Medium sized and a very pretty shade of pink.

His eyes wandered towards her pussy. She had quite a lot of pussy hair. More than he had ever seen. As he looked at his stepmother's hairy pussy, his cock began pushing against his bellbottoms. Mrs. Brady noticed how his crotch had developed quite a large bulge in it. She asked him if he liked looking at her naked? "oh, yes, very much, you have a hot body mom" he added. "It's totally groovy" he continued. "Well, I think that you have a, uh, groovy large bulge there, son" she added.

"Why don't you take off those tight pants before you hurt yourself" she said, pointing to his straining erection. Greg began undoing his pants, and let them fall to the floor. Mrs. Brady firmly grabbed the waist band of his briefs and tugged them down. She watched as his young firm erection popped from its tight confines. "Oh, my you are a big boy" Mrs. Brady told him. She reached for Greg's 8 inch hard cock and took it into her soft hand. As she held it, her pussy juices began flowing. "Oh, I know it's so wrong, she told him, but I am so lonely"

Greg began kissing his stepmother. Their tongues passionately found each other, and they furiously made out. Mrs. Brady continued stroking her stepson's large, hard cock. Greg reached between her legs and began rubbing her swollen clit. "Oh, Greg, she moaned, you know just the spot" she said. Mrs. Brady's pussy was sopping wet, and his finger slid easily inside of her. She moaned as he began to finger her pussy. She rapidly increased the speed of her hand as she jacked him off.

Greg turned her around with her back to him. He bent her over the bathroom sink. He began pushing his large cockhead against her surprisingly tight pussy. As he entered her, she grunted. He could feel her pussy tighten as she thrust against him. Greg began sliding his cock deeply inside of her hot pussy. "What the heck?" they heard a voice say. As they spun around, there was Marcia standing in the door way to the bathroom. Before Mrs. Brady could say anything, Marcia was stripping her clothing off quickly. "Hope you saved some for me too, Greg" she said.

"Yesterday was so hot, I need some more" she added. Mrs. Brady was shocked, but was at a loss for words. Greg continued pounding away at her pussy from behind. Marcia stood before her mother totally naked. Mrs. Brady felt herself attracted to her daughter's teenage body. Marcia moved closer to her mother. She pushed one of her tender nipples into her mom's mouth. "Mmm,. God," Marcia moaned. Mrs. Brady hungrily sucked Marcia's beautiful nipples. As Greg's cock slid furiously in and out of her tight pussy.

She watched as Marcia began fingering herself. It really turned Mrs.Brady on. Marcia spread her pretty pussy widely apart. Mrs. Brady wished she could taste it as she looked at her. Marcia immediately climbed upon the sink. She spread her creamy thighs widely apart and pulled her Mother's face into her tasty pussy. Mrs. Brady's tongue naively found the swollen clit, and she licked and sucked her daughter's wet pussy. "OH, God, I'm gonna cum" Greg moaned. Mrs. Brady felt his hot cum as it shot into her tender pussy. "MMm, she moaned. Her pussy clamped tightly around her stepson's throbbing cock.

"Oh, yes, yes , yes" Mrs. Brady moaned, "I'm cumming too." Her pussy exploded. Greg could feel his stepmom's hot pussy juices as they poured from her wonderful pussy. She buried her face into Marcia's wet pussy and hungrily ate her wet snatch. "Oh, yes ,mom, oh yes" Marcia moaned. Marcia's pussy gushed it's sweet juices inside of her mother's mouth. Mrs. Brady licked and sucked her daughter passionately. Marcia held her short blonde hair tightly, grinding her pussy against her face. Greg's cock still squirting inside of her own spasming pussy, Mrs. Brady came again.

Greg removed his cock from his mother, and began stroking it as he watched her eat Marcia's pussy. Greg leaned forward and joined his mother. Marcia giggled as the 2 tongues slid in and out of her tight teenage pussy. "Oh, yes, this is groovy" Marcia moaned. They licked her sweet pussy until she climaxed over and over again. "Put it in me" Marcia, moaned to Greg. "Oh, yes stick it in your sister" Mrs. Brady moaned. Greg pushed his large cock into Marcia's sweet wet pussy. Mrs. Brady watched his young cock disappear deep into the wet pinkness of Marcia's pussy.

Mrs. Brady began playing with herself as she watched her son and daughter fuck each other. "Oh yes fuck her Greg" Mrs. Brady moaned as her fingers dug at her own hot , wet pussy. Mrs. Brady pressed her hot pussy lips against Marcia's young mouth. Marcia eagerly slid her tongue inside of her mother's warm, wet pussy. "Mmm, dear God" Mrs. Brady moaned. Marcia's tongue expertly darted around on her swollen clit. Mrs. Brady had never felt such pleasure. "Oh yes" she grunted, as her pussy juices poured from her pussy. "I'm cumming baby" she moaned. Marcia rapildly fucked her mother's pussy with her wet tongue.

Mrs. Brady climaxed numerous times, she held Marcia's face against her creamy pussy. "oh, Marcia she grunted, it's so groovy". Marcia felt Greg's hard cock throb uncontrollably. She squeezed him with her tight pussy muscles. "Oh, yeah" he moaned. She felt his hot cum explode into her teenage pussy. Marcia furiously ground her pussy against Greg's large cock. She came as his cum emptied into her hot pussy. Greg continued pumping until his last drop of cum filled his sister's gorgeous pussy.

As he removed his cock, he watched as Marcia's tongue flicked across her mother's big, swollen clit. He pushed his cock head against his mother's mouth and she greedily swallowed him. His cock grew very erect again as his mother sucked him. Marcia joined her mother and both of them sucked and stroked his hard cock. Greg erupted and his cum splashed across both of their faces. Marcia and her mother hungrily licked the white droplets from each other, and moaned. "oh, yeah, this is out of sight" Greg said as he watched them. "This was so wrong, kids" Mrs Brady told them. "But, it felt so good" she added. None of the three had noticed as Alice snapped the photos with her new camera.

"I bet Mr. Brady will be surprised when he sees these" Alice thought to herself. "How disgusting, I can't believe they were doing that" she thought. "Yep, Mr. Brady will sure appreciate these" be continued.

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