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The Boss Comes To Dinner
by Patrick

I knelt before him, completely naked, just as he was. My right hand cupped his heavy balls, god they looked so big, there must be a gallon of hot juice in there just waiting to be released, Mmmm, I shuddered slightly at the thought. My left hand lightly held his throbbing, swollen cock between thumb and forefinger, it looked so big this close, but was probably only about six to six and a half inches in length and moderately thick, the circumcised head was almost purple, and glistened with the first pre cum fluid oozing slowly from the slit in its centre, all in all a delightful, delicious cock just begging to be licked and sucked, and that's just what I was meant to do.

I turned my head sideways and glanced across the room, a few yards away in the large arm chair sat my husband, Jack, his eyes bright, a grin stretching from ear to ear. He was naked too, and his cock was rock hard, jutting firmly into the air as his hand slowly stroked it as he eagerly watched me, oh yes, one of his favorite fantasies was about to come true, watching me with another man, watching me suck another man's cock, and I wasn't even sure how I'd let myself get into this situation. Jack had been my first and only boyfriend and we'd been married now for almost 10 years, and in all that time there'd never been any one else, no other man had ever seen me naked - until tonight, I'd never seen another man naked and aroused - until tonight, I'd certainly never touched and fondled another man's cock - until tonight. Oh, Jack had often shared his fantasies with me, but he'd never really put any pressure on me to indulge those fantasies - not even tonight, which was why I was surprised to find myself in this situation. True, Jack had also often told me that his boss thought I was the most gorgeous, sexy woman he'd ever laid eyes on, which of course I found totally flattering - what woman wouldn't? - but that still didn't explain why I was kneeling in front of his boss about to take his cock into my mouth, it just seemed to happen!

A few days ago Jack had confided in me that the company was in a spot of bother and there was talk of possible redundancies, and his boss, Tom, was really down in the dumps about it, so he didn't think I'd mind if he invited Tom over for dinner one night to cheer him up. I'd met Tom a few times and quite liked him, so immediately said yes and asked if he'd be bringing his wife along, that's when I found out that Tom's depression was not just about the business, but also about his marriage that had gone on the rocks some months ago, so I felt an immediate sympathy and determined to make the evening as pleasant as possible. I prepared quite a sumptuous meal, and dressed as if we were going out, a fact that both Jack and Tom commented on in a complimentary manner, in fact both had difficulty keeping their eyes off me throughout the whole meal! it could have been the bright red dress I was wearing, or the fact that it had quite a low neckline that revealed quite a bit of breast every time I leaned forward!

After the meal was over, we retired to the front room and I got them both a drink and put on some music, but when I asked if anyone wanted to dance they both declined, and just sat there talking shop. After a while I got bored with listening to them talk, so got up and moved over to the corner where the music machine was and began to dance by myself. Losing myself in the music and the rhythm, I almost forgot that the two men were in the same room, until twirling round on one occasion I saw them both staring intently at me - and I certainly recognized the look on both their faces! a sort of drooling lust! now from Jack that was not uncommon, but seeing it also on Tom's face was quite a shock, but even more shocking was the realization that I didn't feel offended, in fact, I felt a tingle of excitement go up and down my spine, and much to my own amazement I danced across the room until I was swaying in front of both of them. Well, I say dance, but it was more of a sensual writhe across the room, and when I arrived there I sort of gave a bow that gave them both a good flash of my tits.

"Do either of you want to dance now?" I asked, putting on my best sexy smile. Jack grinned, "I don't know about Tom" he said "But I'd much rather you danced for us". I glanced over at Tom and he was grinning and nodding like a Cheshire cat, I spun around, allowing my short skirt to ride up my thighs a little, and gave them both a saucy grin, "and what kind of dance would you like me to perform?" I asked coyly. Jack glanced over at Tom and I saw his tongue slip out momentarily and brush over his lips, Tom was just staring wide eyed at me, then Jack looked back at me and his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree "A striptease dance" he finally blurted out, and I saw Tom jerk with shock, and his eyes almost pop out. I reacted too, but not in the way I thought I would - or thought I should! - it was like Jack's words set off a fire inside me that raced to every part of my body, especially my pussy and my breasts! my nipples instantly hardened and threatened to burst through my bra and my dress, and jack was quick to see that, and he grinned a knowing grin. "Jack" I said in the best shocked voice I could find "what a terrible thing to say, you don't really want me to strip, you're just embarrassing Tom totally"

"Oh no," said Tom "I don't mind, I mean that's ok, I mean", his voice faltered into silence, and I heard a slight chuckle from Jack, but I concentrated on Tom, looking wide eyed at him "You don't mean, you'd like me to do a strip tease, do you?" I asked, trying to maintain the shocked tone, but finding the excitement building in me like crazy, a whole series of different reds and purples seemed to fight for possession of Tom's face, and he gulped like a drowning fish, then with a deep groan and downcast eyes he almost whispered "Yes! yes! I'd love to see you strip!", "Tom" I gasped "look at me, you don't really mean that, do you?" it seemed an absolute age that we all remained in a frozen tableau, then Tom slowly raised his head and with an almost miserable look on his face said "Yes, Trish, I do mean it, I'd really love to see you strip, you're just so beautiful and sexy"

Well, what woman could possibly resist compliments like that! without a word I turned and walked back to the music machine and selected a nice slow, sensual piece of music, and once I had adjusted to its tempo, I began to move slowly and sensuously back across the room to the two men. I had done private strip teases for Jack before that always seemed to get him as hot as a pistol, so I had no problems with the actual dance or the removal of my clothes in a way designed to arouse, the only problem was the realization that another man was present, that the strip might have the same effect on Tom as it had on Jack, but instead of finding that a problem or a worry, I found it a challenge, I found myself wanting to have that effect on Tom, I found myself wanting to turn him on! that was a shock to the system! as was the realization that a man other than Jack was going to see me naked for the first time, but it was a shock of excitement! so I danced, and as I danced and swayed in front of the two men I slowly began to remove my clothes.

It didn't take long to see the effect I was having on both of them, their eyes avidly followed every move I made, they groaned as each article of clothing was cast aside, and the bulge in their pants became almost tent like! Tom literally drooled when my bra slipped away and he caught sight of my ripe, firm breasts for the first time, and he almost had a heart attack when I moved forward and leaned down to almost brush my nipples across his face! I was driving both of them wild - and I was loving it! Then I was down to just my brief panties, and I began to ease them down over my hips, then suddenly stopped "No, not yet" I said, and I heard the dual groan, "First I want you both to take off your clothes, I want to see if I've pleased you", there was a stunned silence as they both stared at me and then at each other, then Jack grinned "Better do as she says, Tom, when she's in a mood like this anything can happen!", I guess you could have taken that comment in a lot of different ways, but it didn't matter, because they both began frantically to get out of their clothes until I had two completely naked men in front of me, naked and decidedly aroused!! of course I'd seen Jack in this state many. many times before, so I didn't spend much time looking at his gorgeous cock, instead I focussed on Tom's, wow, it was so exciting seeing another hard cock for the first time, and I drank it all in, it's length, it's thickness, it's shape, everything, but most exciting of all was knowing that it was rock hard for me!

I danced away, then back, easing my fingers inside the waist band of my panties and slowly easing them down, then I stopped again, and shook my head, bringing another groan from both men, then I moved over to Tom and turned around so my ass was almost in his face, then glanced over my shoulders and gestured to my panties, inviting him to pull them down. He reached out, but didn't immediately grab the panties, instead, he brushed his hands lightly over my ass cheeks, stroking and fondling them, and my ass seemed to have a life of its own as it pressed back into his hands. A quick glance over at Jack and he was grinning, oh yes this was what he'd wanted, another man's hands fondling his wife's sexy body! Then Tom eased the panties down and they dropped at my feet, but in stepping out of them I spread my legs quite wide, and his hand immediately slipped between my legs and brushed against my sopping wet pussy, sending a shudder right through my body, I wasn't in any doubt now, Tom wasn't in any doubt now and Jack wasn't in any doubt now, I was every bit as aroused and excited as they were, and the fact that there were no clothes left wasn't going to bring the dance to a halt. I pulled away and twisted around, grabbing Tom's hands and pulling him to his feet, then dropped to my knees in front of him.

Tom's beautiful cock inches from my mouth, I glanced over at Jack and saw the approval in his eyes, an approval that suddenly didn't matter, nothing mattered except the realization that I was doing this for me! that I actually wanted to suck and fuck Tom! but because I knew it had been such a fantasy for Jack for so long, I stared deep into his eyes as I ran my tongue up and down the underside of Tom's cock for the first time, seeing the hotness flare in them, seeing his hand really start to pump his cock, then I turned away, turned directly to Tom and slid my mouth as far down the length of his cock as I could, sucking hard, feeling him jerk and shudder as his knees almost collapsed under him, Mmmm it tasted so good, and felt so good as I licked and sucked on his hot dick. Then I felt his hands on my head, easing me away, and he was gazing down at me hotly, "Not this time" he said hoarsely " I want to be inside you, I want to fuck your hot, juicy pussy, I want to shoot my first load deep into your pussy"

There wasn't any thought, there wasn't any doubts in me, I knew I wanted his cock inside me, it was all that mattered at that moment, so I allowed myself to slump backwards onto the floor, and Tom followed me down, down between my legs, his rock hard cock aimed unerringly at my eager pussy. It was like we both knew the exact position to be in as he lunged forward and his cock slammed deep into me, oh god, that felt so good, so big, so thick and so damned hot! there was no finesse this first time, just an almost desperate need in both of us, as he rammed and rammed his hard dick into me. Perhaps there was an excuse in Tom's case if he'd been without a woman since his marriage break up, but I was till happily married, still getting a lot of really good sex, so why was I acting so desperate? perhaps it was the fact that this was only the second cock I'd ever experienced, perhaps it was the added excitement of knowing my husband was watching, perhaps it was just the fact that I was finally admitting that I was an incredibly horny, hungry woman! whatever it was, I was every bit as eager and active as Tom himself, lifting myself up to meet his thrusting cock, twisting and turning, gripping his cock tight with the walls of my pussy, milking him as hard as I could, and all the time I was yelling encouragement "Yes Tom , fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me deep, cum on, cum on, juice me, juice me!"

Then Tom was exploding, with a yell that may well have woken the neighbors for streets around, he lunged forward, impaling me on the carpet as his cock shot its hot juices deep into my pussy, and my scream mixed with his as I started to explode too. Every spurt of Tom's cum seemed to cause another explosion deep in my pussy, and as I'd realized earlier, he had quite a sack full of cum to deposit eagerly into my pussy! so he kept on plunging and spurting and I kept on cumming and cumming, until finally his cock began to soften and slip from my pussy, I clutched at his naked buttocks, holding him inside me as long as possible, "Oh Tom, Tom" I whispered into his ear, so low that Jack couldn't hear "Such a beautiful, beautiful fuck, such a beautiful, beautiful cock, I want you inside me again and again and again, please!" he groaned, "Oh yes Trish, this is only the start, the first of many, I've wanted to fuck you for so long, since the first time I laid eyes on you, but Jack?" at that we both turned to look at Jack, he was easing himself out of his chair and moving towards us, his cock still rock hard, but red from his own ministrations, and he looked down at us and grinned "is there room for one more?" he asked, I reached up and took hold of his cock and grinned, "there's always room for this!" and as Tom slid from my body, Jack took his place and slid his hard cock into my incredibly juiced up pussy, and as Tom looked on grinning and occasionally playing with my breasts, Jack fucked me like he'd never fucked me before! and I reacted like I'd never reacted before! and when he'd shot his hot load into me and blown me off the planet a couple of times, it was time to finish what I'd started earlier and finally taste some of Tom's delightful cum juice!

Since that night there's been no more talk of company redundancies (I wonder if that was just a ruse?), but Tom has become a regular visitor, sometimes when Jack is there and sometimes when he's not! either way I've really discovered an unexpected appetite for sex! the question now is, can I control it? or will I soon be looking for even more? or something different? who knows, but for now I'm being fucked real good! and real often! and loving it!


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