The Best Erotic Stories.

The Blow Job Pt. I
by Beecee

Many women have only a basic idea of how to give a man a good blow job. Most seem to think that by closing their mouth around a mans cock and bobbing their head lustily up and down as fast as they can until he shoots his load constitutes a good blow job. This is true to a point and all well and good for a quick blow job in the car or under the office desk when time is limited. If you want to bring him off quickly then this is an extremely satisfying way, but what does the man's cock really want? You should pick a time when you will not be disturbed in a reasonably lit area so that both you and he can see what's going on. Overcome any shyness that you may have and let him see his cock disappear deep inside your mouth, observe and make a mental note of the responses from his cock and indeed the look of pleasure on his face that your tongue and lips are providing are the first steps to master. Pull his foreskin down to reveal his corona and run the tip of your tongue around the base of it.

Close your mouth onto his cock and flick the underside of his corona with your tongue. Talk to him, tell him his cock is wonderful and that you are not going to stop until he cums in your mouth. Always stay in control and don't ask which part he likes best, find that out for yourself. Keep your tongue, mouth and hands active. Cup his balls and gently scratch with your finger nails the area between his anus and balls. If you are wary of the amount of cum he will produce, just as he is about to erupt, place your thumb and forefinger at the base of his cock and gently squeeze to restrict the flow. The amount of cum a man produces is a good indication of how much he has enjoyed what you have done for him. Most men who have been stimulated in this way will produce copious amounts. Slow down and relax are the golden rules.

Every woman should also be aware of the most sensitive and sensual moment that a man's cock experiences. Most mornings, men wake up with a hard on, referred to generally as piss proud, usually but not always after alcohol the night before. This moment is about two or three minutes after he has relieved himself and is the ideal time to give him a sensual blow job.

What position should you be in? Because of the structure of his cock, as well as the structure of your mouth, lips, tongue and teeth, you can provide the highest degree of sensation for yourself and your partner by kneeling between his legs with him either sat down or standing up and with your head tipped slightly back, approaching his cock from the bottom rather than from the side or top. This will enable you to read the expressions on his face and observe how his cock is reacting to your stimulation. Alternatively, lie on your back on the bed and position yourself so that your head is just hanging over the edge. Relax and make yourself as comfortable as possible and open your mouth ready to accept him. He should approach you on his knees and as soon as you have his cock in your mouth, take control of the situation by placing both of your hands on his buttocks. This will allow you to guide him in and out at your own pace and to stop him thrusting and gagging you.

Types of Blow Jobs

There are three types, the quickie (this page) for when there is not much time e.g. in the shop doorway on your way home from the pub, in the car or even in aunt Mabel's living room when she is making the tea. Pure sensual oral love making when you really want to do something special and you have plenty of time (see Sensual Oral Sex Pt. I & II). Deep Throat which needs plenty of practice to be able to accommodate his cock fully down your throat and past your tonsils without choking you, (see Pt. IV - "Deep Throat").


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