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The Blackmail of Kelly
by stockinglover

Kelly was the typical high school princess. She was both smart and beautiful and she knew it, much to the disdain of many of her classmates. She had a perfect 4.0 grade point average, had recently been chosen prom queen, and had been accepted to Harvard. She was a beautiful blonde, with long legs and a face off the cover of a magazine. She was 18 and felt like she owned the world. Her boyfriend, Chris, was a football star, had a near perfect GPA, and was also headed up the East Coast to MIT to study engineering. She loved Chris, and knew one day they would marry and have children, both pursuing successful careers. She had not lost her virginity yet, but knew that one day it would happen with him.

As soon as school got out, she started a summer job at the high-class jewelry in town. Her sister, Amy, had a boyfriend who was the manager, and he got her the job. The two had little use for each other, and if not for her their father's interference, there was no way Amy would have persuaded Steve to hire Kelly. But since dad still paid her bills, she had little choice. Her sister was quite a party girl. She was only 2 years older, but everything that Kelly was, Amy was not. Amy got poor grades in high school, flunked out of the local public college, had never held a steady job, and generally did little that pleased her family. The only place where she could match Kelly was physically. She had the same long legs, pretty face, and tight ass, but had far bigger tits. Kelly thought they were too big, making her look like a porn star, but Amy was quite proud of them, almost always wearing tight tops to show them off. It certainly drew the attention from the men. Kelly knew she attended wild sex parties, and fucked like a whore at all of them.

Kelly was happy with the job....just enough hours to make spending money, but not so many that she wouldn't be able to spend lots of time with Chris. Plus, it was an easy job. Just help all the rich women try on rings and earrings and necklaces. Then, in three months, she was off to college, just down the road from her beau.

The first couple of months of summer were uneventful. She'd work a few hours a day then go to the movies or to the park with Chris. The only thing she didn't like was her boss, Amy's boyfriend. He flat out gave her the creeps. He seemed sleazy, and she often caught him staring lewdly at her cute ass. She knew it was cute, and was not afraid to show it off in a tight skirt, but she didn't like this trashy guy looking at her like that.

Late in the summer, the jewelry store got a beautiful diamond necklace in. It cost $2700, and Kelly fell in love with it. She was spoiled, and had always got what she wanted. But she knew even this was beyond what her father would be willing to buy his little angel. She tried it on several times, posing in front of the mirror. "I look so beautiful," she thought to herself. "What I wouldn't do for this." One night, Steve left for an hour, undoubtedly to go smoke a joint. It was near closing time, and no customers were in the store. Her mind started racing, as she thought of sliding the necklace in her purse. The moron never did the inventory as he was supposed to each night. It may not be noticed missing for several days. By then, she'd have it safely stored in a safe deposit box. "No, you can't do that Kelly. If you were caught, your life could be ruined." But for some reason inexplicable to her, she did exactly that. The necklace went into her purse. Steve returned a few minutes later. Her heart raced for the nest 15 minutes as they closed the store. She PRAYED he wouldn't notice the missing piece of jewelry. When he said, "Ok Kelly, go ahead and go home", she knew she had gotten away with it. She strode out the door as quickly as she could, and raced home. When she got home, she stood in front of her mirror, happy with her new necklace, laughing in the mirror at that stoned idiot her sister called a boyfriend. Her dad called from the hallway, "Sweetie, are you home?" She quickly put it under some clothes in her drawer, and told her dad to come in.

"Yes daddy. Come in."

He walked in. "Aren't you going to see Chris tonight?"

"No, he's out of town for the weekend. I think I'm just going to go to bed."

"Ok honey, see you in the morning."

"Good night dad."

She awoke the following morning to her phone ringing. "Hello," she answered.

"Well good morning sunshine." It was her sister. Probably just got done fucking her man and was calling Kelly to tell her all about it. Amy loved to do this. Kelly hated it, and usually told her sister that just because she was a whore, she didn't want to hear about it. Amy just did it to piss her prissy little sister off.

"Hello Amy. What do you want?"

"You need to get dressed and come down to the store right now. If you know what's good for you, you'll be here in 15 minutes." Kelly felt sick. She knew she was caught. But how? She quickly dressed, and raced downtown to the shop.

It was not yet 9 o'clock, so the store wasn't open yet. She knocked on the door, and Steve opened it. He grabbed her by the arm. "You little bitch! I know you stole the necklace!"

"Take it easy Steve, let her explain," said Amy.

"Explain. NOW!" Screamed Steve.

"I didn't steal anything!" protested Kelly.

With that, Steve walked around the counter and reached under the cash register. He pulled out videotape. Again, Amy thought she would vomit. She didn't know there were cameras in the store. How stupid! Her future flashed in front of her eyes. College. Chris. Marriage. Kids. A high paying job as a lawyer. "Oh please, Steve! I'll give it back. Please don't call the police!"

"You're not so high and mighty now, are you 'princess'?" taunted Amy.

"I'll do anything you want. I have it at home. I'll bring it back. And I'll work for free the rest of the summer. Anything, just please keep it between us."

"We thought you'd feel that way Kelly," said Steve, a wide smile crossing his facing. "Are you serious about doing 'anything'?"

"Yes, whatever you say!"

"Ok baby," replied Steve. "We're going to take you up on that tonight. If you do as we say, I will never show the tape to anyone. If not, tomorrow, I will report the necklace stolen, and hand the tape over to the police."

"Oh, thank you. I'm so sorry."

Amy said, "Go home and rest up. We'll pick you up at 7PM to take you out to help us."

On the drive home, Kelly's mind raced. First she realized how lucky she was. If they had called the police, she would be charged and likely convicted of a felony. She'd go to jail, lose her chance at Harvard, and lose Chris. Next, she began wondering what they would make her do. Her best guess was that they needed some drugs, and were afraid to go pick them up themselves. She's heard Steve say if he got busted one more time, he'd do hard time in prison. Yes, that was likely what it was. She wasn't crazy about the idea, but compared to the alternative, she realized she had no choice.

She got home, and couldn't do anything. She lay on her bed and cried into her pillow. The tears were mostly of relief, knowing how much trouble she could have been in. After a couple hours, she went to the living room and fell asleep on the couch. 7 o'clock finally arrived. Kelly was sitting there, waiting for them to show up, scared stiff. When the car pulled in, she walked out to meet them. She wanted to get out of there before her dad asked where she was going. She got in the car, moving a blue bag to the other side of the seat. "Where are we going?'

"If you only knew," laughed Steve. Amy giggled.

Now Kelly was scared. What could they have in mind? Maybe she had been wrong about the drugs. The car drove downtown, and pulled into what Kelly thought was an empty warehouse. The car was parked amongst dozens of others. They led her into an empty room and told her to sit. Amy started. "Kelly, do you know what bukkake is?" Kelly figured it was some new designer drug.

"No, I've never heard of it."

"It's a Japanese sex party. A bunch of men stand around a woman on her knees, and jerk off. When they're ready to cum, they do it all over her face."

Kelly almost fainted. "Is this what you want me to do?" She felt sick again.

"Not what we want you to do. It's what you will do if you want us to keep your little fuck up a secret." Kelly couldn't believe this coming from her sister. She knew she was a sleaze, but thought even she was above something this vile. "We do it all the time here. But the guys are getting tired of our same old faces. And Steve thought everyone would really love to have a beautiful, stuck up virgin be their cum dumpster for the night." The phrase repulsed Kelly.

"I can't. Anything else. PLEASE!" she cried.

Steve pulled the tape out of his pocket and waved it at her. Once again, Kelly saw all the things she had ahead of her flash before her eyes. Harvard. Chris. Marriage. "Will anyone find out about this?"

"No. It's also part of our deal. We won't tell the police about the tape, or mom and dad or Chris about your cum bath."

Kelly felt tears forming. She couldn't believe she was going to take their deal. "I'll do it," she whispered.

"Great!" Steve exclaimed. Amy handed him the blue bag Kelly had seen in the car. "There's one more thing. The pet of the party dresses up. Here's the outfit we chose for you." Out of the bag he pulled a tight pink minidress, a pair of white panties, a white garter belt, a pair of white seamed stockings and a pair of the highest heels Kelly had ever seen, white with straps around the ankles. Only a whore would wear such an outfit, thought Kelly. Like the whores she had seen on TV on real life cop shows. She saw the hard on in Steve's pants as he handed the slut gear to her. "I'm glad to see your hair is down. It will look better covered in cum that way. Put this on. When you're dressed, walk out that door, up the stairs, and to the middle of the room. There will be a mat on the floor. When you get there, slowly turn around three times. Then pull your panties down around your ankles, and take your place on your knees. Pull your skirt up around your waist and the top of the dress down below your tits. Since you won't have a bra on, your pussy and firm breasts will be on display for all the men, and women, to see. Reach down and begin playing with yourself. Under no circumstances should your hand leave your pussy. The men will jerk off as you kneel there. Masturbate until the last man finishes covering your face with his seed. Do you understand?"

"Yes," she whimpered.

"Good. Be sure you realize your ONLY purpose for being here is to look good for us. We don't care if you're scared. We don't care if you don't want to be there. All we care about is covering your pretty little face in jism," he said, gently squeezing her cheeks. "We don't care how degrading this is for you. In fact, it's where our pleasure comes from. As each man walks up to you, you will look him straight in the eye and say 'I AM YOUR CUM PRINCESS. MY FACE IS HERE FOR YOUR USE. PLEASE COVER IT WITH YOUR JISM." When he is done abusing your mug with his seed, look at him and say "Thank you sir. I hope I was a worthy target for your wad."

Amy piped in. "You little bitch. For 10 years I've hated you. You think you're so perfect. Well, I've seen this before. Believe me, you're not going to look so perfect in about an hour." With that, the two left the room, Steve giving her a greasy wink as he shut the door.

She trembled as she picked up the dress. Her mind spinning, she took off her shorts, panties, and tank top. She removed her bra, and quickly pulled the dress on, worried that someone would walk in and see her naked. She realized this was silly, as in minutes, her nearly naked body would be little more than a display model for a group of sex crazed men. The dress hugged every curve of her small frame, accentuating her tight ass. She then pulled the garter belt up around her hips, the garters hanging loosely over her firm thighs. She picked up one of the stockings and slowly pulled it up the length of her tanned legs. Then she put the other on, and fastened them to the hooks. Next she slid the white panties on, and pulled the hem of the dress down. As hard as she tried, she couldn't get the dress to cover the tops of the thigh highs. She sat in the chair and picked up one of the shoes. Looking at the heel, she couldn't figure out how she would even walk on them. She put them on, tightly buckling the strap around her ankle. She stood up, and saw her image in the full-length mirror and started to cry. 3 months earlier, she had looked as classy as a princess, dressed up in the prettiest evening gown for her prom. Now the woman looking back at her was dressed like someone the lonely men paid $40 to fuck down on the boulevard. Pink and white. The colors of innocence. But she looked anything but innocent. She wiped the tears from her eyes, took a deep breath, and opened the door.

Up the stairs she walked until the entered a large warehouse. She couldn't believe the number of people standing there waiting for her entrance. There were at least 20 men and 8 or 10 women there to watch the show. As the men saw her, they started whistling and cheering. She saw one give Steve a high five. She clumsily walked across the floor, taking short choppy steps to keep from falling off the towering fuck-me shoes. When she reached the mat, she did as she was told and turned slowly three times. She was aware of cameras flashing, and saw a man holding a video camera. This whole thing was going to be caught on tape. She then reached under her dress and pulled her panties down, letting them fall around her ankles. She knelt down, taking her submissive place on her knees, hiked the dress up around her waist, and pulled the top down beneath her tits. Now on display, another roar went up from the crowd.

She saw Amy walk forward. She had changed into a latex cat suit. The suit came up high around her neck, and holes were cut so each huge tit was exposed, standing straight out. Her pussy was also exposed by the suit. She had in her hand a black magic marker. "Well look at you. The prom queen turned cum queen. You look like a whore. All these years teasing the boys at school, and now you're going to be the target for the spooge of all these strange men."

Kelly looked down. "Look at me bitch! Your head is to be held high at ALL TIMES." Kelly quickly looked up at the woman now dominating her. Steve walked up behind her and put his hands on either side of her head, holding it firmly in place. Amy took the cap off the marker and started writing on her forehead. "S". The crowd repeated "S".


"L" they shouted.





"What do we have here folks?" "A SLUT!" They roared, again erupting in applause. Kelly had never experienced such humiliation.

"Play with yourself cum bag," Steve ordered. She reluctantly placed a finger over her pussy. "Do it like you mean it!" She began to rub herself faster, realizing the power they had over her. She saw men around the room with their cocks out, stroking them furiously. She noticed the women were also pleasuring themselves, some with huge dildoes. All were looking at no one but her. Here she was, dressed by someone else, with "SLUT" written on her forehead, and they were getting off from the picture.

After what seemed like hours but was probably only a couple of minutes, the first man walked forward. Kelly looked up, remembering her orders. "I am your cum princess. My face is here for your use. Please cover it with your jism." The man was unable to control himself, and unloaded the first of many loads on her cute face. He came like a geyser, completely unconcerned that the first stream hit her directly in the eye. She blinked the fluid from her eye and dutifully said, "Thank you sir. I hope I was a worthy target for your wad".

He walked around behind her, and saw her pretty little bottom resting on her trashy shoes. He couldn't resist, and bent over and gave it a little slap. She jumped at the sharpness of it, but smartly recovered without protesting.

Another man walked forward. He had long hair, and looked like he hadn't showered. When his groin was in front of her face, she realized by the smell he probably hadn't. He held his cock high as he rubbed along its length. . "I am your cum princess. My face is here for your use. Please cover it with your jism." A few seconds later, she actually saw his balls tense up, and he pointed his shaft at her. This man didn't shoot with as much force, but it seemed to dribble out forever. The cum ran off her face and hung like a string from her face. "Thank you sir. I hope I was a worthy target for your wad." He walked around her and repeated the slap the first man had given her.

Now no less than four men strode up to her, proudly holding their erect dicks. She repeated her mantra, and watched helplessly as the men jerked themselves off. All four of them were looking at her lustfully as she rubbed her pussy. She couldn't control herself, and started to moan with the orgasm. On cue, all four men began to unload. The cum seemed to come from everywhere, now officially making her a mess. When they finished, she thanked them, and as expected, all four gave her a smack on her ass. The last one brought a yelp from her.

One of the women walked up and stood beside her. She grabbed her by the hair, jerking her head to the right. "Who's next fellas? This slut's face is gonna dry if we don't get a new batch." A short man hurried forward, not jerking his cock, but squeezing it. He was almost running towards her, and just as Kelly was about to tell him her purpose, he shot all over her, unable to wait any longer. The cum all landed in her California blond hair. She said, ""Thank you sir. I hope I was a worthy target for your wad".

Another woman walked forward, a vibrator deep inside her pussy. "Hey sweetie. I think my husband is about ready. I'm so turned on by the though of him cumming all over a pretty girl's face, I think I'm gonna come too. Wanna see it happen?"

"Yes ma'am."

The man walked forward, and his wife said, "Jim, are you ready to cover Kelly's face with another layer of sperm?"

"You betcha. Just like the whores in the movies we've watched. Only they're getting paid. This one is here because she wants to be." Kelly knew this choice HAD been hers to make. As the woman breathed the word "slut" over and over, she orgasmed, and Kelly saw the woman's knees quivering. Too much to watch, the man emptied his balls over this innocent virgin. This time, the woman slapped Kelly's bottom.

At this point, Kelly went into a haze. Like a robot, she repeated the words she was instructed to utter, and each man slapped her now sore behind when he was done. Then the man with video camera stepped forward, his cock in one hand, the camera in the other. He said, "This shot's gonna be from a birdseye view. Kelly looked up at him, really up at the camera, recording the whole degrading night. He too came, and Steve stepped forward.

"That's everyone. Thank you for coming tonight. I'd say we did a pretty good job of introducing our little friend to our perverse culture. Walk by her and admire our work as you leave."

After they had all filed out, Kelly stood and faced Steve and Amy. Unemotionally, she said, "There. I'm done. Please take me home."

"Not quite," said Amy. "Now you get to ride the city bus home, exactly as you are. You'll sit in the front seat, and smile politely at everyone who gets on the bus. Steve will ride several rows behind you to make sure you don't wipe the 'warpaint' off you face. Make sure you hold your head high, so everyone can see the real you"

"You bitch," she said to her older sister. Amy just laughed.

Steve escorted her to the bus stop. When the bus arrived, she carefully walked up the steps in her spiked heels. The bus driver looked quizzically at her as she passed him. The 10 minute ride home was most humiliating part of the whole night. At one point, a guy from one of her classes got on. He couldn't recognize her, as her face was dripping, but he gawked the whole ride home. She prayed he wouldn't recognize her, afraid he would tell everyone about the prom queen, and how she looked. Thankfully, the bus came to a stop a couple of blocks from her home. She quickly stumbled home, and raced to her bathroom. What she saw in the mirror shocked her worse than she thought it would. She had forgotten about the word SLUT written across her forehead. Her hair was matted as if she had just come out of the shower. Her eyes were caked in cum. Not one inch of her face was dry. It ran down her face and neck. A long strand dangled from her ear like an earring. One load had even landed around her neck, looking not unlike the diamond necklace that had started this nightmare.

Her life had changed, that much she knew. But strangely, something about the way she looked turned her on. She knew that she would do this again, on her terms.


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