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The Birthday Present
by Sianna

My boyfriend was going to get the surprise of his life for his birthday. I smiled just thinking about it as I walked into the bar. It was one of those dark, smoky, illustrious bars where anything could -and did- happen. I was hoping that the reputation the bar had of being a pick-up haven would hold true tonight. I was dressed to kill, in a little black dress with black heels and bare legs. I knew that my pale skin looked great with my dark hair and dark dress, and I sauntered around the bar, tossing my hair as I did so. I noticed several men appreciatively checking me out as I walked by them, but other than I smile, I didn't stop. They weren't what I was going after that night. For his birthday, I was going make every guy's fantasy come true for my boyfriend: I was here to pick up a woman.

Since I had never done this before, though the idea had constantly intrigued me for months now, I ordered myself a nice glass of red Merlot, hoping the alcohol would give me courage. I sat down, sipped my wine, and waited. Just when I thought I'd have to try someplace else, in walked a goddess of a woman, tall, tan where I was pale, long blonde hair, wearing a tank dress. She ignored the low whistles of the guys at the bar, and also ordered a glass of wine. I met her eyes, and smiled over the rim of my glass. She smiled back. "Gotcha," I thought, and lowered my eyes. Sure enough, she took her wine and proceeded to my table.

"May I sit with you?" She asked. She had a light, airy voice, and even though this was supposed to be a birthday present for my boyfriend, I was beginning to think a little more selfishly what fun I was going to have tonight.

"Sure," I said, in my low and husky voice. She sipped her wine, and we made small talk. Soon I began to realize that I better make a move, or my prey would end up going home with one of the seemingly endless parade of guys that kept walking past our table. She then presented me with the perfect opening.

"God, I can't even go out for a drink without being bothered. I wish these guys would stop coming around so I can enjoy my drink. Hey," she said with a small, mischievous smile, "I have an idea...promise you won't laugh?" I did, and she suddenly leaned over and kissed me. I'd never kissed a woman before and the sensation was strange but not unpleasant. Well, I thought, I'd better get used to this if I'm going to be able to "deliver" this present!! I kissed her back, and the guys started cheering.

"I don't know if that was such a good idea," I joked, only half kidding. "You know men, they'll be over here in ten seconds flat now."

Sure enough, a few guys where starting to make their way to our table. "We can get out of here, if you want," I said. She agreed, and we left the bar to some disappointed murmurs from the bar and a few claps. "You know what they think we are going to go do," I said, and she laughed.

We walked down the street, and I found out that she was a dancer. Not surprising, I thought, with her magnificent body she probably made a lot of tips. Strangely, we had yet to exchange names, and I wanted to keep it that way. When we approached my car, she said, "Hey, I'm sorry I made you leave that bar, you probably would have liked to stay." I realized now was my chance.

"Oh, I got what I was looking for," I said with a little smile. She gave me a glance and said in a light tone,

"You wanted to get kissed by a stripper?"

I laughed, and told her what I had planned. She listened, and when I was finished said,

"Well, there was another reason that I kissed you, you look awesome in that dress." She reached out and boldly caressed my breasts. I grinned back. Mission accomplished.

The house was dark when we returned. "My boyfriend will be back from work in about an hour, so we can get ready," I said. In the car on the way here we worked out the "arrangements", if she wanted to stop at anytime she just had to say so.

"I'm so hot for your body I don't think I'll be stopping until after you've gotten me off a few times," she said, and I realized that I'd picked a winner. I went to my closet and found the black garter belt, hose, and bra I'd been saving for the special night. I took my dress off, and began to change. I noticed she lay on my bed, playing with her clit and watching me.

"Hey," I said with a smile, "no fair getting a head start". She took off her dress and I noticed she was only wearing a black thong. Her pussy was shaved except for a little bit of hair down the middle, I supposed that all strippers probably did that. In pure girl fashion I wanted to ask how she did that, but then realized my boyfriend would be home at any time.

I lit some candles around the bed, and then joined her. She immediately was all over me, stroking my large breasts and running her hands down my long legs. "You could be a dancer, too," she murmured and I laughed at that.

"I don't have your excellent physique," I said, reaching out to stroke her lovely body. I noticed that I wasn't nervous, and was in fact so hot I could barely stand it. We slowly stroked each other, and right when she started to lick my nipples, the door opened.

"Honey? Why are all the lights off..." My boyfriend stopped at the door and gave a low whistle. "I see." He was a very quiet, serious guy with an absolutely amazing intensity when it came to sex. I knew he was going to love this.

"Happy birthday, honey. This is my new friend," I purred, and my dancer just smiled at him and licked my nipples some more.

"Hi," she said, "your girlfriend has got great tits." Perfect.

"Why don't you come join us?" We both asked, and he took off his shirt and pants, sitting in his boxers on the bed beside us.

I then proceeded to push my new friend back into the mattress, and we began to put on our show in earnest. She removed my bra, which had become pushed up, and my panties as well, until I was just wearing the garter belt and hose. "What do you want us to do, honey?" I asked, looking at my boyfriend.

"I want to see you doing what she was doing to you when I came in," he said, reclining on the bed. I noticed a bulge in his boxers and it got me hotter.

I leaned over and began to rub my mouth around her breasts, licking and sucking her nipples lightly. "Oh, baby, I want that tongue on my clit," she moaned, and my boyfriend sucked in his breath as I moved down her body. Slowly, I pulled her thong down her legs, and kissed the inside of her thighs. She was writhing beneath me, and I looked at my boyfriend.

"Do you want me to lick her pussy?" I asked. He nodded and my new friend grabbed my hair.

"Do it, oh god, suck me off, I can't stand it," she moaned. I licked her swollen clit, and since I am a woman, I knew exactly how to do it. It wasn't long before she started to buck beneath me and yell, "Oh yes, like that, oh god, I'm going to come..." She came with a shout and laid with her eyes close for a moment.

"Did you like that?" I purred to both her and my boyfriend, who was slowly stroking his hard cock. "Yes," they both said, and I laughed delightedly.

"I think you've been a good girl," my boyfriend said, rubbing my breasts, "and I think it is your turn for some fun." She took the hint and climbed on top of me, kissing her way down to my hot pussy. My clit was so swollen that it didn't take long for her enthusiastic sucking and licking to produce an amazing orgasm. She turned around so that I had access to her pussy, and we simultaneously worked each other with our mouths. I heard my boyfriend groan and realized that the show had been fun for him, too.

After us girls had gotten off again, we separated and I said, "Now for your birthday present, get in the middle of the bed," and we moved to either side of him. We both noticed his cock had started to get hard again and she said, "God, I haven't sucked a cock in so long, I don't think I remember how to do it. I think you better show me..."

She took my boyfriend's hand and led it to her hot pussy, and he played with her wet clit while I began to suck on him, running my tongue around his cock and taking it deep in my throat. "I think you better try, too," I told her, and she did, expertly handling his cock and taking it deep in her mouth. Soon, both of us were licking him and taking turns sucking it deep into our mouths.

"Oh god," he moaned, and I knew he was going to come. "I want it," she said, and sucked him off, swallowing every drop and licking her lips afterwards.

Afterwards we stroked him and each other, and she and I played with some of my many sex toys, her pushing my vibrator deep into my pussy. "I want to watch you two fuck," she said, and I looked at my boyfriend. He was hard again, from watching us, and said, "I'll fuck her for you real good," and grabbed me, flipped me over, and started to ram me with his huge cock.

"You like that, baby?" He growled, and I didn't know if he was talking to me or to her. Suddenly she sat up, and put her pussy in front of my face. "I want to get off watching him fuck you," she said, and I obliged, working her with my tongue.

"Harder, do it harder," I moaned, loving the feel of her pussy in my mouth and his cock inside me.

He thrust harder and harder into me, biting my shoulder. He shot his come inside me, and I came with a shudder. She grabbed my head, and came in my mouth.

Afterwards, we all three took a nice long shower, and she and I had great fun giggling and soaping each other up. "Women," my boyfriend said with a shake of his head. We giggled some more, and wouldn't get out of the shower until the water was cold.

"I'll warm you both up," he said, and playfully pushed us back into the bed.

The next day, after I had taken my new friend home to pick up her car, I settled down with my boyfriend to eat breakfast.

"Did you like your birthday present?" I asked him.

He grinned. "What do you think? Who was that woman?" I told him how I picked her up in the bar, and never knew anything about her other than she was a dancer. He smiled at me, stroked my hair, and picked up his coffee.

"Can't wait to see what you're getting me for Christmas!!"


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