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The Bus Ride
by Carl East

Stephanie had stood in the rain now for thirty minutes, and still he hadn't turned up. She wondered why she put up with his shit, then realised that she didn't have to. Walking towards the bus stop in the long country lane, she came to a decision. She wasn't going to put up with it anymore, seeing the bus she ran the last few steps, then put her arm out to signal she wanted him to stop.

It was a double Decker, so once she entered the bus and paid her fair, she headed up stairs to her favourite seat at the back. This was another thing she hated, waiting for buses; this particular one was a good ninety-minute journey for it went straight through without her having to change. She found she had the entire top floor to herself, which wasn't unusual on country buses, and for the next twenty minutes it was a pleasant enough ride. Then she spotted two young lads getting on and coming up the stairs, this made her nervous. But as luck would have it, she knew one of them, he'd been in her class at school. She couldn't for the life of her remember his name though, and as he sat down he noticed her at the back.

"Stephanie, isn't it?" He said.

"Yes, I'm sorry but I can't remember your name." She said, watching them both coming down the bus to join her.

"Philip Thomson, I sat behind you in English, and this is Ray." He said, looking her up and down.

"Oh, yes of course, I knew I recognised you from school, sorry, anyway how have you been doing since we left, um eight years ago now isn't it?" She replied.

"Yes, about that, I went into the army for three years, but I didn't care for it much, I did get an engineering certificate out of it though, so it wasn't a complete loss." He said.

Pretty soon she felt more comfortable, and they started to joke with one another. They had both sat on either side of her, when they come to the back; it was the only seat upstairs, that you could do that with. She suddenly became aware of the fact, that Philip had a hard on for she spotted the bulge, wondering what could have elicited that reaction, she looked down to find two blouse buttons had come undone. As she wasn't wearing a bra, he must have had quite a show for the past ten minutes. She, discretely as possible, tried to do them up, without making it obvious she knew about his erection.

"Oh, you spoil sport." Philip said, making a face of disappointment.

"How long did you know I was exposing myself for?" She said, smiling, for she could see the funny side of it.

"I was always doing that at school." He confessed.

"What! Peeking down my top?" She said.

"Yes, I used to have such a crush on you, but you didn't know I was alive." He replied.

She realised there was some truth in that, everyone seemed to have their own particular friends at school. She leaned forward and gave him a friendly kiss on the cheek.

"That's my way of apologising, if I behaved badly towards you at school." She said.

For the first time she actually looked straight at him, and noticed he was quite a good looking young man, and not the spotty brat she used to know. He seemed to be blushing, which she thought was cute, but his friend who hadn't said a word in the entire time they had boarded the bus, started to laugh.

"You've still got the hots for her, haven't you?" Said Ray.

She suddenly kissed him full on the lips, to which he replied by embracing her and kissing back. She didn't know why she did it, perhaps it was her way of saying sorry for how she had treated him at school, or perhaps she wanted to somehow get her boyfriend back, for the way he treated her. She only knew that she didn't regret doing it, for it suddenly became more than just a kiss. His hands were starting to wander, and she wasn't even attempting to stop him. But it was when she felt her blouse being undone that the action really started, for she looked down to discover it was Rays hands at work. This was becoming very erotic, as they continued to kiss, while Ray put his hand into her blouse and started to massage her breasts. Her hand went down to Philip's lap, and once she felt his zipper, she started to unzip it.

The motion of the bus just added to the thrill she was feeling, then she could feel her blouse being removed. She still gave no resistance, as she placed her hand down Philip's trousers, and feeling his hard cock through his underpants. She was topless, and now had a mouth covering her left breast, her nipples standing erect. Philip suddenly pulled his trousers down, not wanting to wait any longer, and she saw his cock for the first time. A nice specimen she thought grasping hold of it. She had come too far to back out now so decided on the next step herself. She stood up removing her panties, then got into a kneeling position on the seat, and started to give him a blowjob, knowing full well what Ray would be doing.

Her mouth engulfed Philip's cock as she started to deep throat him, then she felt her skirt being lifted up and placed onto her back, Ray's cock could then be felt at the entrance to her pussy. She had been leaking her own juices for the past ten minutes, so Ray had no trouble with entry. His cock slid in, eliciting a whine from Stephanie's lips. Philip by now was in heaven, not quite believing this was happening, watching her head bob up and down, his engorged cock feeling wonderful. Ray was going at it like a dog on heat, his cock making her gasp more and more, her orgasms were coming thick and fast. Still she sucked Philip's cock, trying all the tricks she had learnt to make him cum. Wrapping her tongue around his bell end, whenever she brought it out, then speeding up. Philip knew that it wouldn't be long before he lost his load, and hoped beyond hope that she would take it all. Ray was the first to cum, his moans giving him away before she could feel his spunk entering her womb; he pumped for a few minutes more before pulling out.

Then she felt Philip's cock start to jerk, knowing full well that she was about to receive a mouthful. Sure enough his hot sperm shot out hitting the back of her throat, she swallowed, much to Philip's pleasure, and kept swallowing. His back arching as she sucked, making sure that every last drop had been taken. When she finally finished, she got dressed straight away, knowing that they had been very lucky, to have had the bus to them selves for so long. As she sat back down she didn't quite know what to say, but Philip broke the ice when he was the first to make a comment. "Been a nice day, hasn't it?" He said.

They all burst out laughing, the tension leaving them as they started to joke around. She got together with him after that, and found him to be a better man than the one she'd just dumped. She never quite knew why she had allowed it to go so far on that bus, but she would always remember it with a great deal of pleasure.


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