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The Big Tease
by Shintani

"Oh! Unngg! Oh God yes! Oh Stephen! Oh Stephen! Oh! Unggghhh!" Tina's cries of passion echoed through the room as Stephen, her lover, slammed his cock home inside her pussy. Her back arched and her legs splayed out as his pace quickened.

"Oh Tina! Oh Tina!" he shouted as he came, filling her sweet cunt up with his fiery load. He reached up to kiss her again, sliding his spent cock out of her soaked pussy. After all, he had arrived the night before, and they had gotten very little sleep. Evidence of their evening's activities still dripped out of her, and had daylight not been streaming through the window, Stephen would probably already be rubbing his cum into her pussy, preparing her for yet another hard fucking.

But it was mid-morning now, and both lovers knew what plans lay ahead of them for the day. Still, that didn't stop Stephen from kissing Tina, their lips met and their tongues intertwined as if they were kissing for the first time. The passion contained in those sweet kisses that they loved to share was immeasurable.

Stephen broke his embrace of her only to trails short loving pecks over her cheeks and down her neck briefly, then returned to her luscious lips for another impassioned kiss. His arms wrapped around her as he held her close to him, indeed since the night before, they had been in near constant contact. Knowing what lay ahead of them for the day only seemed to heighten their desire to never let each other go, as they knew that for most of the day, they would still be together, but would have to restrain their passions for each other.

"Do we really have to do this?" asked Stephen. "I mean, can't we call it off, tell them that I'm jetlagged, or don't feel well or something?"

Tina smiled up at him, and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "I'm sorry darling, if I knew you didn't feel well, I would have let you rest last night," she teased. Her arm reached for him again. "Are you complaining, my dear?"

"Of course not!" he laughed. "I just think that a day spent with friends of your parents is a day wasted for us. Sure, I know that we have to meet them as a couple, but you said I can't touch you in front of them? And we'll be with them through dinner? That's intolerable."

"Well, darling, they're kind of conservative, so having you all over me would be inappropriate. Besides, we had this morning, and after dinner, we have each other..."

"True, my dear, true," agreed Stephen. "But a day with you with no contact? Can I put my arm around you, hold your hand at least?"

"Sure, darling," answered Tina.

"Great, how about kissing?" Stephen was upping the ante.

"That depends."

"OK, like this." Stephen leaned in close to her, and gently kissed her on the cheek.

"That's fine."

He kissed her on the lips.

"Um, OK, but not too often.

He kissed her fully, probing his tongue deep inside her mouth. His arms reached around her back, traced over the luxurious curves of her body, outlining her perfect hour glass figure. They came to rest on her ass, which he squeezed tightly.

"I don't think so, not in front of them," laughed Tina. "Now go, get dressed, we already missed breakfast, we can't spend more time here, we'll miss lunch with them if we're late."

"But sweetie, I just ate!" protested Stephen. Tina shot him a look as he said it. Sure he had just eaten, had spent what seemed like hours exploring her breasts and pussy with his mouth and tongue. That morning, he had woken her up by licking on her pussy, probing her with his tongue as she rose from her slumber, and they both knew what that had led to. It always did. Tina rose from the bed to find her clothes, and Stephen, not letting the matter drop, playfully grabbed her ass.

"You know, darling, you do that in front of them..." she reminded.

"And what, sweetie?"

"And they're going to go to my parents and say 'We don't like that boy.'" Tina giggled as she said it; her inflection matching the tone of the older generation's hang ups about relationships and proper courtship behavior. Her relationship with Stephen was hardly conventional. They were online lovers, already engaged (in his case, married) but that had not stopped them. Her family had cast a wary eye on them, but as time progressed, and their ex's had been kicked to the curb, they were warming up to the idea that these two were destined to be a couple. Today was just another obstacle in their path, and it wasn't really all that big a deal, as long as they could keep their hands off of each other. Tina wasn't going to make it easy for him, of course. Stephen realized that as he watched his love pull on a skimpy white thong. A thin miniskirt would cover that-barely! He knew from experience that the skirt's flimsy material was next to nothing, and it was clingy enough that he could still define the delicious curves of her fine ass. For a top, Tina had chosen a black tank top that served to accentuate those curves as well, and to further that along, she wore a bra that was a size too small. The effect was better than any regular push-up bra could hope to accomplish. He moved towards her, and she backed away playfully. "Come on, we have to get going."

"Fine, but I'm not behaving until I absolutely have to."

They made their way down to her car, and settled in for the short drive. Stephen glanced over at her. Tina was absolutely gorgeous. Her sweet, seductive smile was framed in her lovely face; long black hair cascaded down past her shoulders. And in her outfit, all of her stunning curves were visible, to have her so tantalizingly within his reach yet untouchable today was going to be torturous! Fortunately, on the ride to pick up their guests for the day, Tina was quite willing to play along. At every stoplight, every pause in traffic, they would kiss, at the very least. More often than not, Stephen would manage to trail his kisses down from her lips onto her neck, and bury his face in her cleavage. His hands would snake their way up her thighs, finding her hot, wet pussy beneath her skirt. With the timing of the local traffic lights, there just wasn't time for anything else. Still, those stolen kisses, those soft caresses that he was able to manage, they made the ride go quickly. Once they reached their destination, they walked up to the front door as slowly as possible, to prolong their time together.

When no one greeted them immediately, Tina and Stephen engaged in one final, impassioned embrace. Their kiss seemed as if it would never end. Her hot mouth met his, her arms held him tight against her. Stephen let his hands roam all over her body, sliding up the back of her thighs to feel the thin material of her skirt beneath his touch, cupping his hands around her ass and giving a playful squeeze. Their tongues darted out for each other, and then the door began to open. Quickly, they disengaged, and politely waited. They shared a look between them, one of longing and passion, and a deep, consuming desire to be together in each other's arms again.

Lunch was cordial, they managed to get a booth to share, Tina and Stephen sat across from their guests. Conversation was polite, if a bit guarded, as neither couple felt 100% comfortable yet, but that's what spending the day together was meant to foster. As they waited for their order to arrive, Tina became aware of a hand sneaking along her thigh again. She smiled to herself as she felt Stephen slowly easing the edge of her skirt up along her thigh. Glancing over at him quickly, she saw that he was still engaged in polite conversation with their friends, all the while he was sneaking a quick caress of her thigh and-Woah! His fingers were starting to caress her pussy through her thong, softly rubbing her lips with his fingers...and then the waitress arrived, and he took his hand back.

As soon as she left, Stephen started in again, daring to go even further, as long as Tina consented. He crept his fingers back towards her, felt her parting her thighs to give him easier access. Slowly, his fingers found her delectable pussy, and he slipped a finger inside her moist cunt. While still engaged in wandering small talk, he eased the digit in and out of Tina's pussy. Tina wriggled slightly in her seat. Damn! He was being quite bold, and it was still only lunch. Quietly, she reached down to stop him, for she knew that if he continued, well, who knew where he would voluntarily stop, and she didn't depend on herself to stifle any outward signs of what he was doing. Her hand reached his wrist, and he retreated back, keeping her hand in his. So that's how he wanted to play the game this afternoon. "Well," she thought, "two can play at this game."

Stephen silently chuckled to himself as he found Tina's hand in his. Sure, she had forced him away from her honeyspot, but she did let him go pretty far. He had expected far greater resistance, what with her family friends sitting right across the table. As he turned to search for the waitress, he noticed one of their guests glancing under the table. That was close! Not thirty seconds before, and he and Tina would have been giving them quite a show. In his mind, he resolved to be much more careful the rest of the day. After all, it would be over soon enough and he'd be back at the hotel with Tina, and they could finish where they had left off that morning.

The drive down to the park was rather uneventful, just like the conclusion to their lunch. Stephen did manage to take advantage of one turn in the conversation to plant a sweet kiss on Tina's offered cheek. He did so not only to her delight, but also to the approving smiles of their guests. "Well, that was refreshing," he thought. But they were still being cautious with their affections, when he tried to rest his hand on her exposed thigh, she took it in his as a warning not to show that much in public. He got the message, but gracefully kissed the back of her hand by way of apology, which seemed to settle things down between them until they reached the Wildlife Park.

The park was their guest's idea; it would provide a quiet afternoon's entertainment. Besides, with its shaded walkways and dense vegetation, Tina and Stephen figured that they might just be able to sneak away for a minute or two, here and there, to steal kisses from each other. They had to; it was just impossible for them to spend a day together without any outward signs of their love and devotion for each other. Soon after they had paid the entrance fee and entered the park's main gate, it became Tina's turn for a tease. The set up was rather obvious, while their guests had gone ahead, she had taken a few steps in front of Stephen, then 'accidentally' dropped her park map. She bent over to pick it up, right in front of him.

Slowly and seductively, she bent over in her short little skirt, with just a hint of a wiggle as she picked up the folded map and rose. Smiling sweetly at him, she winked to let him know that the little show she just put on was definitely done for his benefit. Stephen peered ahead at the rest of their party, saw they weren't looking back in his direction, and thanked her with a quick French kiss. Added to that was a playful squeeze of her ass. That wonderful bottom felt so good beneath that nearly sheer material. It would take just the barest of movements to slide a hand up that skirt...Before they could get carried away, Tina took him by the hand and scampered up the path to rejoin their group before their absence was noticed.

What happened just down the path was solely an act of nature, but it certainly enhanced the growing feelings the two lovers felt for each other. As the group passed a tortoise enclosure, Stephen reached up to pluck a fruit from the tree above, then tossed it into the pen to see if that would instigate any movement in the armored creatures below them. The response was not quite what he had anticipated, but couldn't have planned out better. One of the larger beasts loped forward as best it could to grab the treat, which was a show that the entire group could appreciate. As the majority of them continued on to the next exhibit, Tina was about to reach for another one when the action below her caught her eye, and Stephen's as well. The tortoise that he had fed, fueled by the sugary treat, climbed up on top of one of its pen mates. What they were doing was quite obvious, what surprised Tina and Stephen was the noise! The mating animals grunted and barked, Stephen led Tina away quickly, both of them giddy with laughter. He slid his arm around her curvaceous waist and whispered to her. "They've got the right idea, what say you and I find a quiet place and..."

"Soon enough, darling, soon enough," was her response. "At least now we know why they have so many tortoises!" Tina turned and headed up the path, with Stephen close behind her. He kept his gaze focused on her ass while she walked, and she wiggled seductively to tease him. Their group was further ahead, and Stephen quickly caught up to her. When he did, he allowed his hand to slide up the back of her thigh, pushing her skirt up and out of the way as he grabbed her exposed ass. He didn't see any harm in that, for no one was watching.

Tina smiled as she felt her lover's strong touch, then realized that her butt was getting cold! He wasn't just giving a playful squeeze, he had exposed her ass in public! She took two quick steps forward to disengage his hand, giggling all the while. He was being bolder and bolder as the afternoon progressed, when was it going to end? As they approached the rest of their group, she decided that he needed a little payback for his previous indiscretion. Before rounding the final curve of the path, she stopped short in front of him, short enough that his next step brought him right up against her. And her hand was waiting for him, at just the right level. She felt the bulge of his cock against her outstretched hand, the cock that she was dying to get a taste of, or a good fucking from all day. Stephen closed his eyes as he willingly allowed her to caress him through his pants.

He eased up behind Tina, reaching his own arms around her, and letting his hands brush against her breasts. She leaned over a railing, grinding her ass against him as he surreptitiously slipped his hands lower on her body, down to the waistband of her miniskirt. There, he didn't stop, letting his hands wander even further, pushing her soaked panties out of the way and sliding his fingers into her hot pussy. Tina gasped as she felt his fingers penetrate her, this was going too far, but it felt so good. She stroked his hardening cock through his pants as his fingers eased in and out of her cunt. He pulled them out of her slowly, then rubbed his fingers over her hard little clit. They were slick and wet with her juices, Tina nearly moaned out loud, then realized where they still were. She felt him kissing the back of her neck, then trailing those sweet pecks down her shoulders and back. She arched back towards him, catching his lips with hers, and they shared a passionate embrace before breaking off once again to join their friends.

For the most part, they managed to behave themselves for the remainder of their stay at the park. That was more or less forced on them, for in the final section, everyone traveled as one group. Still, Tina and Stephen managed to stay close to each other, holding hands, even sneaking in quick kisses when no one else was looking. Even through all of this, the heated feelings the couple shared for each other lay just below the surface. During one afternoon break, shortly before leaving, Tina excused herself to the ladies room. When she returned, she managed to maneuver Stephen into a secluded spot and confronted him. "Thank you, darling, thank you," she scolded with mock seriousness.

"Why, what did I do this time?"

"My panties-they're completely soaked thanks to you," she explained. "I couldn't even put them back on, they're in my purse."

Stephen laughed upon hearing that. "I take it we're going back to the hotel before dinner, right? You know, to change or something."

"Yes, we are," she replied. "It's too cold for me to go dressed like this, so we'll have to stop and get me something more appropriate to wear."

Stephen agreed with her suggestion, and soon they were back in the car, heading home. Tina had a perfect opportunity to excuse herself back to the hotel, the plan was to drop their friends off at home, go and get changed, and then everyone would meet for dinner. It was a good plan to make public, but Tina knew exactly what was going to happen as soon as they got back to the hotel. She failed to anticipate, however, that on the ride home, their friends would both fall asleep. In fact, she was so focused on her driving, the first realization she had was when she felt Stephen's hand wandering up her thigh again. Before she could protest to him, she looked in the rearview mirror, and saw that he was simply taking advantage of the glorious opportunity that had been afforded them. Smiling with pleasure, she eased her legs apart, giving Stephen complete access to her sopping wet pussy. He lost no time in sliding his fingers into her as she drove, gently finger fucking her in anticipation of the time when they could do the real thing. A contented sigh escaped her lips, encouraging her lover to take things a step further. Quickly undoing his seatbelt, Stephen leaned forward into Tina's lap. Because of the angle of the steering wheel, he wasn't going to be able to get his mouth onto her pussy, but he did have easy access to her breasts, and he took full advantage of that.

With his free hand, he had pushed her tank top out of the way, so that he could take one of her hard nipples in his mouth. Even as he did so, his other hand continued to work it's way inside her cunt. As a tease, he extracted his hand, slowly licking her sweet pussy juices off of his fingers. That was almost too much for Tina to take. The next time he withdrew his hand from her, he brought his slick fingers up to her lips, giving her a taste of her aroused pussy. Slowly and seductively, she sucked her juices off his fingers, all the while wishing that it was his cock sliding into her mouth and pussy, not just his hands. Such a tease could not last forever, with Tina driving, they did reach their destination soon enough. Right before arriving, Stephen stopped what he had been doing, allowing Tina to adjust her clothing to eliminate any suggestion that they had been quite intimate all afternoon. Once they took their temporary leave of their friends, it was back to the hotel room. Tina sped down the road there, in gleeful anticipation of what was yet to come.

She didn't have very long to wait. As soon as they were both in the door, and it was shut behind them, Tina and Stephen were right on each other. They kissed first, long and hard. All of the pent up passions that were forbidden to them that day were finally released. Their mouths sought each other out, their tongues intertwining once again. Hands that were restrained by decorum all day were free to roam, and to start stripping each other of highly unnecessary clothing. Stephen's grip on Tina, and hers on him brought back all of the intensity of their previous encounters. Once again, they had been long separated, and now that they had a little time alone, they sought to take full advantage of it. He gently backed her off towards the bed, never allowing his mouth to leave her body.

As Tina slipped out of her skirt, and struggled with removing her tank top and bra, she felt Stephen's hot, wet kisses start trailing away from her mouth as they slowly drifted down her neck. She held his head tightly to her as those kisses made their way down to her breasts, where she knew he would pause. His hands caressed her body as they fell to the bed together. With a gentle touch, her cupped her breasts in his hands, slowly rolling her nipples in his fingers, before allowing his mouth and tongue to roam further. The soft flesh of her breasts felt wonderful in his mouth, how badly he had wanted to do this all day. By now, Stephen was accustomed to the way that Tina reacted to him; he knew exactly what to do to her. His teeth caught on her nipples as he bit down slowly, raking his mouth across both of her breasts. Equal time was spent on each one; Tina had joked with him that there was nothing worse than tits being left jealous of attention paid to one side and not the other. Stephen was careful not to neglect either one.

Their breathing grew heavier and heavier, the desires building up within their bodies all day needed a release, and needed it now. Tina was finished tugging off Stephen's pants, even now, he could feel her stroking his erect cock as he devoured her breasts. Her touch felt so good to him, he had to have her, and right away. He eased himself up on top of her, felt her spreading her legs beneath him as he crept forward. He pussy was so wet, so aroused, that his cock slid in effortlessly, his quick initial thrust caused Tina to gasp. She kissed him sweetly on the lips as a smile crossed her face and her hands locked around his back.

Her sexy smile and well-satisfied moans were all that he needed. Stephen thrust his cock inside her, fucking her hot pussy so hard, so deeply. They had both wanted it so badly all afternoon, there was no time for waiting, no more teasing. He pumped his hips up and down, ramming his thick cock into her, feeling her moving beneath him. Now that they were alone, they had no further need to hide anything between them. Tina's growing moans pierced the darkness of their room. Stephen allowed his body to collapse on to hers, keeping up a fast hard pace as their mouths met once again, sealing the union of their two bodies. Her hands made their way into his as his pace quickened, Tina's moans grew louder and louder with each thrust.

Her pussy was so wet, so inviting so desperately needed him to fuck her, and to fuck her hard. Stephen's muscles tensed as he gave it all to Tina, the waves of pleasure coursing through his body growing with each successive thrust. Finally, it was too much for both of them to take, Tina screamed out his name as she came for him, arching her back and tightening her cunt around his cock. Her name was his cry as well, his cock spurting forth his hot wad of cum deep inside her tight little hole, showering the inside of her pussy with his sticky juices. Stephen's hips locked against hers as he came, repeated spasms filling her pussy to overflowing with his cum.

One final kiss joined the two lovers as they caught their breath, still hand in hand, both of them wondering how the hell they would manage to make it through dinner without awakening their deep seeded passions for each other once again.

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