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The Beach Walk
by Dakota Ryan

The wind was light as Betsy made her way over the dunes of the Fort Fisher State Park on Pleasure Island. The sun had gone down cooling the night air to a temperature that was bearable at last. The ocean was calm with a gentle rolling surf washing ashore at her feet while the wind caressed her body through the thin material of her summer dress. It was her time to relax just strolling along the deserted beach with an occasional fisherman with his four-wheel drive along the way. It had become a daily thing now that her kids had all moved out on their own and her husband worked such long hours leaving her plenty of time to herself.

Betsy tried to stay in shape so she walked at a brisk pace in the soft sand for a while until her calf's began to ache then she would move down into the shallow water for a while. The water felt warm to her skin as it washed over her feet and ankles she pulled her dress up trying to keep it dry. The moon was full this night filling the sky with its soft light and reflected off the water in the distance. Way down the beach she could see a truck parked close to the water "Must be fishing tonight" she said aloud to herself. "I'll walk to the truck and see if the fish are biting then its back home for the night" She kicked the water turned around and headed towards the truck about a mile down the beach.

After stopping a few times to pick up a shell or two she could finally see the truck clearly ahead. "At last!" she said taking a deep breath "that's farther than I thought I'll be sore tomorrow after this walk," she said with a grin. When she was almost upon the truck she heard a strange noise almost like someone was in pain. She moved quickly towards the truck fearing the person that owned it had been hurt and needed assistance. Her heart raced with fear of what she might find on the other side of the truck. She moved to the rear of the truck which was facing the water with the tailgate down and when she had a clear view she stopped dead in her tracks. "Oh My God!" she said under her breath bringing her hand to her lips.

Betsy stepped back out of view watching what was the most intoxicating thing she had ever witnessed. There on a blanket just a few feet from her was a young girl on her hands and knees moaning and groaning from the biggest cock Betsy had ever seen slamming into her. Betsy was amazed at the sight before her and watched this young girl of 20 or so getting fucked.

"Oh God FUCK ME!" the young girl screamed

It was then another man moved in towards the girl stroking his cock, "Suck it Baby," he said as he offered her his cock. Betsy stared in shock as she noticed the size of his cock, which was 10 inches long and thick as her wrist. The young girl began to lick his mighty cock with her lips sucking along the shaft as she brought her hand up to stroke his cock while she tried to suck as much into her mouth as she could. "Oh yeah Baby, suck it deep," he said holding her head pushing his cock deeper inside her mouth. Betsy could tell she couldn't take but a few inches of his cock before gagging it was so large.

Taking his huge cock from her lips she groaned louder as her body began to shake with the most intense orgasm that rocked her so hard she screamed out " Oh yes, Oh God, Fuck my pussy make it hurt so good" she said before ramming as much cock down her throat as she could stand. Betsy kneeled down so the lovers wouldn't see her as she watched the young girl cum again and again from the cock pounding into her hot cunt. The moans were loud and often from her as she tried to take every inch of the cock inside her wanting cunt. Her hand was stroking the cock in her mouth faster as she strained to suck it all. "I'm cumming," he moaned loudly as he held her head tight to his cock shooting wave after wave of hot cum into her mouth. It was then Betsy noticed she had shoved two fingers inside her own cunt feeling her own juices flowing as she watched the young girl try to swallow all his hot cum in vain. A smile formed on the girl's face after she licked the last drop of cum from the now softening cock.

Betsy's breath quickened as she felt her own orgasm start to build, " Oh yes fuck her hard, make her cum with me" she said as her orgasm began to rush through her body. Betsy's head went back as she humped her finger and moaned from the pleasure that she gave herself. The girl looked around at her lover with an intense look of lust on her face. "Fuck me, baby," she said slamming her ass towards his cock. Betsy had just regained control of herself in time to watch the young man pull his cock out shooting cum all over the girls ass and back. "Damn it's bigger than the other one," she said in shock at the amount of cum he spewed over her ass.

How could this young girl take so much cock she thought as she watched her turn and start sucking her own cum from his cock her tongue worked its way down his shaft and back up. She moaned louder than ever as she licked his cock head clean of her cum and his.

"It might be more fun to have this shoved in your cunt than those fingers," he said to Betsy from behind her. Betsy spun around facing the voice she heard.

"I'm so sorry I thought someone was hurt, I didn't mean to intrude" she said starring at the cock the young man was stroking before her.

"It's cool lady," he said stepping closer, his hand working the full length of his cock now. "I just thought you would like some of the real thing instead of those fingers," he said pointing to her hand still moving under her dress. Betsy couldn't take her eyes from the cock now just an inch from her face.

The young man's cock touched her lips brushing against them softly; she opened her mouth and began to lick his cock head. "I thought you would like my cock," he said as she began to suck harder taking more of his cock inside her hot mouth. Betsy brought both hands up stroking his cock while she tried to take more and more of his mighty cock inside her mouth.

"Mmm Oh yes" she moaned as she felt his cock hit the back of her throat. His hands held her head as he feed his cock to her fucking her mouth like it was a cunt. Betsy moved to her knees and faced his cock with one hand on is ass cheek and the other holding his balls while he moved his cock inside her mouth pushing harder and harder each time it bottomed out in her throat.

Betsy had never deep throated a cock not even her husbands which was much smaller in length and diameter. The young man held her head tight as he tried to shove all his 8" of meat down her throat. Betsy didn't try to stop him even though she gagged ever time his cock head touched her throat. "Suck it all baby" he said as he pushed one more time hard, Betsy relaxed her throat letting the monster cock slip down her throat. "Oh yeah baby that's it" he screamed as his cock went deep down her throat. Betsy felt his cock hair brush her nose and she loved the feeling of this cock invading her throat.

"Oh Yes I love it" Betsy said licking around the cock head before trying to swallow it again. This time she took it all! Every inch of his cock disappeared into her mouth before she started to move her head back and forth fucking his cock with her mouth. It was then she felt her dress being pulled up from behind, a finger slip through her clit and begins to rub it hard. She moaned louder as she felt hands all over her body at once, she looked around to see the young girl release the straps of her dress pulling it down exposing her breast. The young man with his cock buried in her mouth moved over to the tailgate and sat down on it pulling Betsy to her feet as he did and not allowing his cock to leave her warm mouth.

The night air felt good to her now bare ass and she was lost in lust for the cock she was sucking. Hands caressed her breast while she felt fingers open her clit and a cock head rubs against her now dripping cunt. " Fuck me please" she said looking back in hopes that the other man was going to fuck her. She felt lips on her hard nipples and saw the young girl's head under her. " Suck my Nipples that feels so good" she moaned just as he started to feed his ten inches of cock into her tight cunt. "Ahhhhhhhhh" was all she could say as the monster cock found its way deep inside her aching cunt. Her head flew back in pain as he drove his cock deeper stretching her cunt to the limits before pulling out till just his mighty cock head was the only thing inside her. Betsy pushed back hard trying to get more of his cock that felt so good even with the pain.

"Fuck me" she screamed "I want it all in me" she pleaded

"I'll give it all to you" he said with a grin as he held her hips and drove his cock all the way inside her. " Oh God" Betsy creamed feeling like she was being torn apart as his ball slammed against her ass cheeks. "Yes Oh God Yes Fuck Me hard Baby" she screamed before swallowing the cock down her throat until his cock hair filled her nostrils. " Mmmmm" she moaned as she pulled the cock from her lips and felt her cunt contract around the cock slamming inside her.

"I'm cumming" she moaned as the orgasm took her into another world. She had orgasms many times but never like this, she was lost in lust and couldn't stop cumming. One after the other with each one more intense than the last until she lost all control. Her face fucked the cock as hard as she could and her cunt took all the cock he could give her while the girl pinched her nipples. It was all just more than she could stand and she screamed out with desire " Oh please don't stop I am going to explode."

Betsy felt her orgasm subside releasing her from its hold and allowing her to take some control of what was happening to her. She stroked his cock just sucking the head while her tongue licked around the tip and down the sides. The cock driving in her cunt started to pick up speed and she knew he was close to orgasm and she wanted him to cum on her ass like he did the girls early in the evening. " Cum on my ass" she pleaded as she looked back at her lover. He smiled knowingly as he drove his cock harder and faster with each stroke. His face strained as he pulled his cock out and shot gobs of cum all over Betsy's ass. " Oh yes" he moaned as he stroked his cock until every drop of cum was covering her ass. The girl quickly moved out from under her and started to lick up his cum from her ass. " Lick my ass clean" she moaned watching the girl's tongue works down between her ass cheeks and started licking her well-fucked cunt. " Oh God Lick My clit" she screamed just as the cock she was sucking exploded with cum shooting all over her face. Betsy loved the taste of cum and tried to lick up all she could before it dripped off onto the sand. The girls tongue was driving Betsy and she moaned as she felt her cunt begin to orgasm while the girl sucked and licked up every drop making Betsy so weak her knees gave way and she fell into the sand totally exhausted.

They all just laid around in the sand relaxing after what had to be the most intense sex of their young lives. Betsy asked for their names and if they lived close by or not. The young girl said "we all lived in Wilmington just down the road a few miles and came here often to have sex on the beach." Betsy smiled knowing she would run into them again soon she hoped real soon.


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