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The Candle
by Fritzie

She had come to the room, at his bidding, and having slowly disrobed in front of Him, stood in position and waited, knowing full well that as usual, he would say in his low voice: 'warmheat, lower your head more.' He was sitting in his chair, hands on legs, just looking at her without a smile-simply staring.

After what seemed like hours, he said: 'warmheart, go to the bed and lay down.' She uncrossed her wrists from behind her back, put her arms to her sides, and walked over to the bed, stretching out and looking up, scarcely breathing...waiting for him. She heard the sound of him rising from his chair, and felt him draw nearer. 'Raise your head', she did, and a blindfold was placed on her eyes. Cuffs were then applied to wrists, arms raised above her head, legs spread...cuffs attached.

Her breathing quickened at the sudden loss of sight and ability to move her limbs, and a hand was placed on her shoulder and a voice near her ear whispered 'shhhhh, warmheart...I am here' Then she felt feathery kisses on her face- forehead, cheeks, brushes across lips, chin. After every kiss she heard a 'shhhh', and her breathing slowed down more. Until then she had not spoken, but when he asked her: 'Who are you?'

she said: 'I am Yours, Sir'

'And Who am I?'

she said lower and softer still: 'You are my dearest Lord and Master'.

The feel of his hands! They started at her neck, slowly feeling her skin, caressing it.....going downward to her breasts, grazing the nipples ever so softly, downward still to the stomach, over hips, her mound, her inner thighs, down and back up to her thighs again. He stopped, and she moaned, wanting him to touch her more..higher, deeper. He took one finger and brushed it slightly over her ass cheeks through her wet already....teasing her opening to the secret place, flicking barely over her clit as he had done the nipples, and stopped again. She was still, waiting, searching for him.

She heard a match striking, a quiet, and then a feeling of heat close to her right shoulder. A drop of heat hit then, not burning but hot, a drop on her shoulder. She flinched in surprise, and then another, on her left thigh. Drops continued to fall slowly, some fast.....sometimes periods in between drops. She never knew where they would go next. Her covered, her stomach with trails leading downward. Then a pause again, so long she had thought suddenly he might have moved away......but this time the candle was closer, and he ran a line down from her nipple..around her navel..and downward once again but this time...a new sensation...heat on her clit.

All this time she had been clenching her lower lip to keep from showing pain or discomfort, but at that feeling she raised up her hips and let out a soft, low, sound. She heard a low laugh, and another drop fell, this time higher...then another, on her labia, then another, on the nipple again. She closed her eyes, just feeling the wax, feeling his presence, feeling her body respond. She knew her body was covered in it, and then...after what seemed like hours again when there was nothing but silence...felt him begin to peel it off, so slowly as he had put it on. It was as though she was being released.....the pull from her nipples, her stomach, hips,thighs, labia, clit...those sensations were as sensual and almost as painful as dropping on the wax. With each piece of wax he took off, he kissed the area lightly, and licked.

Her skin was on fire, and his mouth made it hotter still. When he got to her clit, and removed the wax there, she raised her hips to him, knowing he would kiss there, but he didn't. Instead, she felt him come up to her face, and bending down, he forced her mouth open with his, and devoured her there, taking her. His hands were more intent now, more teasing, searching, probing. As he had stripped away the wax, now he was further stripping away her will with his touch.


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