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The Counteroffer
by Kerrie O'Keefe

You know what I love? I love teaching other girls about the joys of BDSM - the pain, the humiliation, and the zingy erotic charge you get when it's done right. Goddess, does it get me off. But earlier this summer I found myself in just such a situation, and it took such a twist that I'm still trying to figure out how it all happened.

It started when I took a job in Brunswick. I was 28, divorced, and moving to an unfamiliar city where the only people I knew were the Murphy family, former neighbors of mine in Chicago. As it happened, I was coming to town at about the same time Pete and Marilyn Murphy were taking off for a month-long silver anniversary trip to Europe. "Live here till you get settled in," they told me. "It's rent-free and you can keep an eye on Joni."

Now, Joni was just a kid when the Murphys moved away, so I was completely surprised when I got to town and this foxy 18-year-old blonde met me at the door. She was petite, with curly golden hair and a look of sexy innocence on her face. We hit it off right away, and after we got back from the airport I tried to figure out if she'd be open to some naughty play during the course of my stay. The first step, of course, was to ask her about her love life.

"I have a boyfriend named Mike," she said, sitting on the sofa and folding her smooth tan legs under her. "You'll meet him tomorrow night. He goes to college, but he's staying in town and working this summer. And," She hesitated, but I could tell she wanted to reveal something to me, woman-to-woman.

"You can tell me anything," I assured her. "I'm a total slut myself."

She laughed charmingly. "Well, his roommate went home so he has his apartment to himself. If Mom and Dad hadn't invited you to stay, I'd probably have moved in with him for the month."

"Joni, it won't bother me if you stay over there - is he a nice guy?"

"Very nice. He respects me - you know, about being a virgin."

"Ah," I nodded. "You won't give up your cherry and he's being noble about it. I've seen it before. Do you do anything at all?"

"Yeah," she blushed. "Oral stuff."

"Can't go wrong with oral. I have my most intense orgasms that way. You too?"

This time she blushed twice as deep as before. "I never have."

"Joni! He doesn't make you cum?"

"He tries. God, he tries hard. But I, you know, just never cum."

"Do you cum when you masturbate?"

"Well, yeah."

"So what's holding you back?"

There was a long embarrassed pause, and what she said next changed my life: "I want him to - force me."

My mind went reeling, and all kinds of wonderful scenes flashed before my eyes - most of them involving whips and restraints on my little friend there. She was a subbie and didn't even know it! She wanted this nice guy to break out of character and dominate her, and the poor slob had no idea. "Joni, have you asked him to roleplay with you?"

"Well, one night we were kind of wrestling and he pinned me. So I said 'Oooh, are you going to rape me, tough guy?' He looked real hurt, though, and climbed off me."

"No, from what you've said, he doesn't sound like he'd get into pretend-rape, especially since you're a virgin. But I think I can help you, Joni. I think I can teach you to be submissive, and together we can help get Mike to treat you the way you want."


I smiled my most wicked seductive smile and joined her on the sofa, and completely oblivious to whether she'd ever had a bi experience or not, I grabbed her and forced her head in between my boobs. I heard her muffled "Oh god" but her efforts to get away were token at best. I held her there, telling her firmly that if she wanted a better sex life with Mike, she had to do everything I said. She nodded against my chest, so I slowly pulled my shirttail out and up over my 36Ds. Joni nuzzled against my soft titflesh, obviously more than curious, and when I unhooked my bra she opened her hot little mouth and sucked my erect nipple inside. Sweet Goddess, I thought, I've got a winner here - putty in my hands.

I discovered what turned Joni on that night, and used it to bring her to a number of screaming orgasms. She loved being made to crawl around on all fours, and to suck my pussy, and to lick my ass. She also loved being denied those things, and being tied to the bed while I tormented her little butthole with a vibrator. She took to the nipple clamps quite well, but I think she loved the paddle most of all. She begged for more and harder whaps until she finally came through her tears.

But of course all this was just to get her into the proper shape for Mike. I had a little scenario worked out - some might call it a scam - but if we all played our cards right, Mike would own himself a little slut. (And as a side benefit, I'd have the house to myself for future seductions.)

The next night, Mike came by to pick Joni up at 6:30, but it was I who answered the door. He looked pretty cute standing there trying to avoid the obvious question, which was "Who the fuck are you?"

"Hi, Mike," I laughed. "I'm Kristin Knight. I'm staying here while the Murphys are gone. Come on in." I led him to the cozy family room downstairs, where Joni was in hiding, and had him take the easy chair while I sat very business-like on the sofa.

"Is Joni ready?"

"Not quite," I said. "You see, there's been a little change in your relationship with Joni."


"Yeah, it's like this - I own Joni now."

"You own her."

"Yes, she gave herself to me last night, to do whatever I wanted."

He laughed, thinking he was about to be let in on a joke.

"It's totally true," I said. "I've turned her into my personal slut."

"OK," he chuckled. "Good one."

I grinned wickedly. "Joni!"

She emerged from the downstairs bathroom dressed in a tight velvety minidress and made up to look like the sluttiest hooker you ever saw. She sashayed out smacking her gum, and Mike about fell out of his chair in shock. Joni immediately looked to me for her orders: "Go rub your ass on Mike's arm like you're a stripper cadging lap dances." She took the cue and moved beside his chair, slowly rubbing her tight buns up and down Mike's lucky arm. Her dress came up and exposed her thong panties a time or two, but the overall effect was to make Mike as hard as a rock. "Come here now, slut," I ordered, and Joni stopped what she was doing and fell to her knees before me. "Do you follow your Mistress's orders, slave Joni?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"You aren't going to wimp out now that your boyfriend's here, are you?"

"No, Mistress."

"Then let's show him how you eat pussy."

I could tell Mike was having a hard time keeping from yanking his crank right on the spot, and it didn't help any when I slid my shorts down and sat there pantiless while Joni kissed her way up my thighs. She whispered sweet things about loving her mistress and loving my pussy and all that, and by the time she put her lips on my cunt I was drenched. Mike watched in mute fascination as his innocent little girlfriend did some big-time muff-diving.

I allowed myself to reach a small orgasm, then pushed Joni away with her face dripping. Mike couldn't take his eyes off her, so I knew it was time to make my deal. "Joni," I said, "take off that slut dress and crawl over to the love seat, then cover your head with pillows so just your ass is showing. Mike and I have business to discuss that you don't need to hear."

"Yes, Mistress." And she stripped off the dress and crawled just where I asked her to, parking that sweet heart-shaped ass right where we could stare at it.

"Now, Mike," I said, "I don't really need another slavegirl right now, so I'm going to offer you this one - for a price."

"I see."

"Do a little 69 with me right here - while she watches, with her handcuffs on - and she's yours."

He nodded slowly, taking it all in. He looked from her ass to my bare legs (now crossed demurely) to her ass again, and finally said something that threw me for a loop: "I want to make a counteroffer."

"A wh - pardon?"

"Yeah. A counteroffer. I want us to share ownership of Joni."

Well. I hadn't counted on that. "Mike, all you have to do is a little 69 - "

"Oh, it's not that," he said. "I'll eat your pussy anytime, anyplace. But I propose we share Joni 50-50."

"You're serious."

"Definitely. I've fantasized about watching her go down on other girls - and damn, it happened! She obviously enjoys serving you, and I think it'd be twice as humiliating for her to serve both of us."

There was obviously more to this guy than met the eye. "You've thought about being her master before, haven't you?"

He nodded, surprisingly shy. "I love the idea. I've written stories about having half the girls in Joni's graduating class as my slaves. But I just never knew how to approach her about it - "

"Then I should just give her to you."

He shook his head quickly. "Too easy. A good slavegirl needs a master and a mistress both." And with that he stood up and approached me, looking much taller than he had originally. He bent over the sofa and kissed me on the neck, whispering "Imagine her having to wait and watch while we made love right in front of her." His hand went down the front of my shirt, cupping my breast gently. I opened my legs and let him flick my still moist clit, and after a few flicks and kisses and nipple squeezes I was suddenly very much in agreement with his counteroffer. "Where's the cuffs?" he whispered, and I managed to catch my breath long enough to pull them out from behind the pillow. He snapped his fingers and called Joni like a dog, and damned if she didn't turn around and trot over to us on all fours.

"Did you hear that conversation, Joni?"

"No. No, sir. No, Master."

"Are you lying, bitch?"

"No. Yes. I know you're both going to share me."

"Stand up on your knees, slut." She did it, looking up at him through her hooker makeup with what was unmistakably young love. He cuffed her hands behind her back and then lowered her thong down to her knees so we could see her little blond bush (which I made a note to shave as soon as we could). When Mike and I were naked, I found my panties on the floor and stuffed them in Joni's mouth. He lay on his back on the sofa with his thick pole standing tall, and I climbed on backwards, lowering my gooey puss onto his face while I eased his bone down my throat. Oh Goddess, how we must have looked to Joni - her two owners enjoying each other's body while she stood there sucking on my panties and ready, finally ready, for her first fuck. Mike was a fucking pro in the pussy-eating department - he sucked my clit like it was a dick and tickled my asshole besides. I couldn't understand why Joni had never come before, because he had me squealing in no time. I had to wait and finish sucking him after my orgasm subsided, and even then he continued nibbling at my twat while I slurped away and taunted Joni. I heard his breathing pick up, so I braced myself for a torrent of cum and wasn't disappointed. He filled my mouth and probably thought I'd swallowed it, but I had a better idea. I rolled off him and stood over Joni, yanking my panties out of her mouth and forcing her to look up at me with her mouth open.

The look on her face when I let her boyfriend's squirt drip into her mouth was absolutely priceless. And that's when I really started liking this idea more and more. Joni's eyes glazed over with a look of heavenly joy; her tongue swirled around to catch every cumdrop. "You're going to let your master fuck you now," I said when my mouth was empty, and she just nodded and leaned onto the sofa with her knees apart. Mike was already hard again, so he did her doggy-style while I teased and tortured her nipples and told her to start looking forward to a whole lot more of the same. The girl had a beatific look on her face and she started to say she couldn't wait, but that thought was interrupted by the wail of her first orgasm with Mike.

Which is basically how I happened to share a two-bedroom apartment in Brunswick with my lover and our slavegirl. We take turns spanking her regularly, and she's been given cocks and dildos in every hole possible. We take her to wet t-shirt contests whenever we get the chance, and when college resumes and all the studs and coeds return this fall we plan to test Joni's obedience big-time.

But I can't understand why the Murphys still haven't thanked me for house-sitting.


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