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The Conference
by Damian

It was late October another company statewide meeting was at hand. They looked forward to these gatherings since it provided them with a few nights together in which they could enjoy each other without fear of being caught. In actuality, whatever suspicions their spouses had were always heightened during these times, and they were more on edge, probably out of guilt. But the opportunity to be together was worth the risk and this year was no exception.

They traveled together to the meeting site in Stanton, a small resort town in the middle of the state. The organization for which they worked was eclectic in personnel. Depending on who was placed in charge of the meeting the location could be anywhere from the sophistication of major resorts to the squalor of old socialist hotels. This year was a new locale, some kind of religious retreat whose rooms had all the charm of a freshman college dorm. In fact, that was exactly the look, shared bathrooms, cinder block walls, harsh overhead lighting. Dining reminded him of college also, except the food at the his college had been better. But they were here, and they had their own room even if it had single beds. Nothing could be better, even if the shared bathroom, ruled out all hope of shower sex. They would happily make do.

They had arrived around noon, in time for the arrival lunch with the group, and attended all the required meetings, separately relating to their fellow employees and renewing old acquaintances; to the casual observer they were little more than co-workers. But when dinner was scheduled, they left the compound together, finding a restaurant in the suburbs, a steak and fish place that had the atmosphere of a good restaurant, practical, yet faintly romantic. The exact proportions of that formula were measured by the diner's participants. In their case, the place was very romantic; dark, with small enough tables so they could intertwine their legs, so that he could touch her knee, even run his fingers up to her thigh. He had a repeating fantasy that in the corner of a dark restaurant or bar on a crowded night they would sit at a table and he would finger her into an orgasm with no one the wiser. She would gladly accommodate him, she too waited for the proper location. This was close, but not quite it.

They shared dinner, a bottle of wine and good conversation. Anytime they went out like this, the dinner would take two hours, and the elapsed time would feel to them like two minutes. They would look at their watches and be amazed that it was so late, they would sometimes feel cheated by time, they needed more of it so they could spend more time together. The theme was so recurrent that they longed for a change in their lives, one that would give them an opportunity to live together. But each day, each event in their separate lives seemed designed to move them in the opposite direction, away from one another, retreating from what they wanted.

They left the restaurant arm in arm, with a lightness in their step that only lovers could duplicate. They returned to their room, locked the doors, and fell into one another's arms while they explored each others mouths. They had left the overhead lights on, glaring fixtures that shed a stark light, bright enough so they could almost see their own shadows. The light allowed them to see the bodies they each coveted, each thinking the other perfect. Their clothes came off as they kissed and explored one another's body, and they lay on top of the single beds blankets, warmed by their own body heat, which was increasing with each caress, with each kiss, with each exploration of yet a new part of the others anatomy.

When he first slipped his cock into her, she spread her legs slightly more to accommodate him, moaning audibly, so happy that he chose to enter her first. They moved in unison in super slow motion, locked in an embrace that neither wanted to ever end. As he felt his orgasm approaching he withdrew from her, turning her over, kissing her down the length of her backbone, pausing at each vertebrae, massaging her breasts and swollen nipples. He worked his way down her ass, finally reaching the destination that she so wanted him to reach, sucking her pussy deeply, looking for and then finding the button that she needed pushed. As he felt her orgasm approaching, he kissed and licked her upper thigh, slowly moving down her leg, lingering on the back of her knee, lightly touching and kissing her calf, her ankle, her foot. He kissed and sucked her toes, and then repeated the performance in the opposite order on her other leg, first the toes, foot, ankle, calf.

Her moans never decreased, she was delighted that he lingered so, that he would so slowly allow her excitement to build. She was so enjoying this absolute attention, so exhilarated that he was so tender with her, so amazed that he would treat her in a way that she could have only dreamed possible. There had been times that he would whisper to her that he wanted to lick every square inch of her body, usually at some totally inappropriate moment, causing her to lose all her concentration and be distracted with the thought of what it would be like. Now it was happening, and in her wildest imagination she had never believed that she could enjoy it this much. This was why she loved him; he was capable of doing anything for her, just to make her happy. She so longed for such attention, for such respect, to be so pampered. She wished she could do more for him.

By now he was back to her pussy, running his tongue over and around her engorged clitoris, every stroke bringing her closer to an orgasm whose strength she could hardly imagine. She loved to be teased like this, the longer her anticipation, the stronger her reaction would be. They both knew that this would be special for both of them. Again she felt herself on the verge of her orgasm, and again he stopped just short of her climax, this time kissing and licking his way up her rib cage to her neck, which he now caressed in his hands, letting her long hair become entangled in his fingers while he rubbed his face into the nape of her graceful neck. They kissed, pulled away from one another for a brief moment, staring at each other with loving eyes aglow with passion, smiling at one another, in awe of their effect on one another, then resuming the kiss that neither could resist.

He entered her again, this time from behind, and again she sighed in surrender, wanting him to come into her so she could give him the pleasure that she so wanted him to have, that she hoped he would always remember. But he resumed the methodical and maddeningly slow strokes, which once again brought her to the edge of delight. This had become her favorite position over the years. She loved the alternating pain and pleasure that accompanied each stroke as he drove so deeply into her. It was a sensation that she only had with him, that she attributed to his size although it probably was simply related to her lack of familiarity with the position, since few of her other lovers had shown much interest in any such diversity.

For his part he so wanted her in every way possible that he would try anything with her, in a continuing effort to provide her with the ultimate pleasure, the pleasure that would cement her to him forever, the pleasure that he so hoped she could never match elsewhere. He had long ago accomplished that goal, but he always sought to increase her excitement, he wanted each experience to surpass the last, to have her thinking about what the next encounter would bring. He knew she would love this position, and he enjoyed it as well, feeling her firm ass against his groin as he drove into her with each thrust. She was perfect for him in any position, and his need to please her drove him in an attempt to be so inventive in his lovemaking so that each night was like a first. With her he had succeeded. He would sometimes ask her what she wanted, but she would almost always leave the choice to him; she liked the surprise, she felt it gave her some clue to his thinking.

She could tell he was fighting to hold back, and while she wanted him, she knew what he wanted from her, and what she wanted so much to provide. They had been making love for almost two hours when he once again slipped his fully erect penis out of her, this time shifting his body around so that they were in the numerical position with him on top. She gladly took him into her tiny mouth, licking and sucking with such enthusiasm and abandon that he could barely hold back. He licked her pussy yet again, happy with the thought that she could taste herself on his shaft, much like a child with their favorite flavor lolly pop.

Once again she had him teetering on an orgasm, and he again shifted, taking her again from the top position, and noticing that she had spread her legs so that they were perpendicular to the bed, so he could see their sweet form in the corner of his eye as he pushed away from her, locking his arms and arching his back so he could watch her during the result that he knew was soon to arrive. He knew he could wait no longer. Despite his efforts at self control his thrusting was uncontrollably quickening in pace, and she had now placed her feet on the bed, knees bent, using her legs to drive herself up toward him as he stroked down on her, achieving the maximum penetration that she so enjoyed. Her moans were now screams of pleasure, over which she had no control and no desire to control.

He knew the exact meaning of those screams, and while he kissed her to quiet her, he wanted to hear them, he wanted the neighbors and the whole world to hear them, so everyone could appreciate the fulfillment that they reached in one another's arms. So he stopped kissing her, snuggled into her neck and felt the first burst of his own orgasm arrive simultaneously with his own groans, followed instantaneously by the uncontrolled spasming of her body as she climaxed with never before felt intensity. Wave after wave overtook them, as they struggled to make it last, as they wished for this moment last forever, or at least to be permanently fixed in their minds, as they hoped their feelings could be somehow ingrained in them for future reference as needed.

They collapsed, totally drained of strength, literally unable to move their bodies. Tears of joy ran down her cheek, which he kissed and licked, knowing what she felt and so wanting to show her that he was equally effected. He smiled at her, trying to somehow get closer, staying inside her as they remained in this unending embrace. Finally, when he could at least speak, although he was still trying to catch his breath, he panted,

"Oh god, I know it can't get any better than that, that was the most fantastic experience of my life, thank you, thank you."

She knew how he felt, she knew that she had never been so close to another human being as she was to him right now, but she couldn't accept that it wouldn't get better, because to concede that would be to admit that they had passed a peak that she still wanted to climb.

"That was unbelievable, you are absolutely incredible, there's never been anything in my life that was even close to that, but do you think we can keep trying to do even better? I want to, I want you to always try, I want us to always get better, to always improve, to never accept as the ultimate what we had before."

"Oh honey, we won't. I love you so much, I want us to always go on, I'll never stop loving you, never stop trying to do more, never stop pleasing you in new and better ways. I'll do anything you want."

"Ì know, I know, I love you so much."

They fell asleep in their embrace, joined together, waking an hour later, turning off the lights, holding on to one another in a tight embrace, fearful of letting go. They would make love again in the morning, passion lit with a renewed fervor. But they would never forget that night.


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