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The Couple
by Kip Carson

Rodney was 34 yrs old. He had just moved to a new town and got a job at a large factory. He didn't really know anyone yet. After work, some of the people invited him to go to the bar with them and have some drinks. He didn't have anything else to do, so he accepted the offer. They had all been partying heavily, when one of the couples there, Jack and Hanna asked if anyone wanted to go to their house and get really buzzed. Everyone said they were too tired, and were going home. Rodney said he would go. So Rodney followed them to their house and they began doing some serious partying.

Rodney realized he was in no condition to drive home. Hanna said he could sleep on the couch. They all said goodnight, and Hanna made Rodney a bed on the couch. Rodney fell asleep quickly. Rodney was having one of the best erotic dreams ever, and suddenly he realized he was awake. He looked up in the dimly lit room and could see Hanna standing over him. She was wearing a black teddy. She quietly whispered to him, that Jack was asleep, and she really needed a man. She said that Jack partied every night, then passed out drunk.

She sat on the couch. Rodney could see her thin, pale skin much clearer now. Her skin looked very white compared to her very dark hair. She had small breasts, and the teddy fit her top very loosely. She began to kiss Rodney. He was very nervous and she told him that Jack was passed out, and wouldn't awake for hours. Rodney began kissing her back. She slid her hand beneath the blanket and began stroking his very hard 9 and 1/2 inch cock. Rodney, slid his hand down the top of her teddy and began pinching her tiny erect nipples. She removed the teddy, and her very hairy bush was inches from Rodney's face. Rodney pulled her to him and began to suck on her swollen pink clit.

She moaned as he expertly ate her hot pussy. She climbed on top of him in a 69 position and she took his large cock all the way inside of her mouth with one swallow. She began fucking him with her warm moist mouth, as he worked her pussy over well with his flickering tongue. Hanna climaxed quickly, flooding his mouth with her warm, tasty pussy juices. She sucked his throbbing cock wildly as her pussy exploded with her orgasm. She continued running her tongue all around the huge head, and gently squeezed his balls. She deepthroated him hungrily.

Rodney told her he would be cumming shortly if she didn't stop. She began going deeper and her tongue swirled around the sensitive head even more Rodney could feel his load as it built up in his aching balls. Hanna could sense this and she began jacking him off furiously while sucking on the head. Rodney moaned as his first jet of cum erupted inside of her mouth. She moaned as it splashed against the back of her throat. She greedily gobbled up all of the hot tasty cum.

Hanna wasted no time, and mounted Rodney before his cock finished shooting. Her pussy was very tight, and extremely wet. She began riding Rodney's big hard cock. Rodney couldn't believe how incredibly tight she was. His cock got even harder as Hanna's tight pussy squeezed it. She thrust her self up and down, impaling her pussy on his hardness. She began french kissing him. They passionately kissed each other. Hanna continued riding him. Rodney began squeezing her tiny nipples on her almost non existant breasts. He had never seen breasts this small, but he liked them.

He began sucking on her nipples, and she begged him to bite them. He began biting her nipples, as she came. As Hanna climaxed her already very tight pussy became even more tight. Rodney told her he wouldn't be able to last much longer inside of her tight wet pussy, she told him she wanted to feel his hot cum inside of her pussy. Rodney moaned as his hot cum erupted into her tight pussy. Hanna grunted as she felt it squirt inside of her. She rode him wildly like a wild woman. She thrust her tongue inside of his mouth, and they kissed. She began to shake as her orgasm hit.

She came 3 or 4 times, then collapsed on top of him, with his hard cock still inside of her. Her pussy continued to milk him, as the muscles squeezed him hard. She kept him hard, and begged him to fuck her in the ass. Rodney bent her over the couch and began pushing the head of his cock into her tight asshole. Hanna moaned as she felt his hard cock sink inside. She backed into him, forcing all of his cock inside of her.

Hanna bucked her hips and began playing with her beautiful pussy as Rodney fucked her ass. Rodney watched as her long red fingernails fingered her pink pussy. This sight along with the tightness of her hot ass made him cum. His cock almost hurt as his load erupted. He filled her ass with his love juice and she came again. She wildly fingered herself as she felt him explode into her ass. Ooh yes she moaned. Rodney withdrew his cock from her. She kissed him, and told him goodnight. That morning, she cooked breakfast for all 3 and winked at him when her husband wasn't looking. Nothing like that has happened between them since.

But she does give him some hot looks at work.

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