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Three's Company
by Dave HTT

There wasn't much that Dave wouldn't do to satisfy the urges of either Karen or himself -- although there were lines that he would never cross. He remembered old actors, saying never appear with children or animals -- and that just about covered what he wouldn't do sexually as well. Today he was about to leave behind another of his old taboos. Dave had never had the fantasy that most men seem to dream of; of having two women in bed at the same time, He'd never been able to see the point in it. He figured that he only had just the one cock, so what was the point in having two women?

However, Karen had made him see it from a different point of view -- hers! She had reasoned that Dave had allowed her to be used by two men at once, so why shouldn't she enjoy having another woman there too? Dave had agreed, but said that two men was acceptable -- women had more than one hole to fill, but one man couldn't pleasure two women at the same time! Karen had nodded knowingly and agreed, then said that one man and one woman could pleasure another woman. Karen had gone over the permutations in her mind and decided that she liked the ideas she came up with.

She reasoned that, although Dave was a good lover, if she were doing those things to herself -- she would do some of them differently. All it would take was just a slightly lighter touch here, a heavier touch there -- an inch to the left, one minute longer. She figured that another woman would know what a woman's body wanted better than a man, and was determined to try it, but she couldn't do it on her own -- not just her and another woman. She wasn't going without a cock in her for any price!

So she had worked on Dave, just dropping it into the conversation here and there -- until when she suggested doing it, he couldn't do anything but accede. Dave hadn't realised of course, not until it was too late and he'd agreed without realising it. Clever creatures these women, they crept up on you. So, Dave sat trying to word an ad in order to find the woman Karen wanted to join them. They had discussed how to go about it, local press -- magazines -- dating services -- escort agencies, had all been talked about. Finally, they decided on the Internet.

Since Karen had moved in and brought her computer with her, they had enjoyed the chat rooms on the various services they had available. ICQ was their favourite, more than once Dave had pumped away at Karen while she typed and talked dirty to a guy somewhere in the world. So they decided to use the service to find what they sought.

Once they had decided, Karen began to have doubts. "What about my face Dave? How do I explain? No-one will be interested once they see me!"

"Believe me sweetheart, answering the kind of ad we're placing, it won't be the first thing on their mind! However, if it puts your mind at rest - we don't have to include your face in any photo we put we send out. Not only that, but we can make sure that we make contact by phone in the first instance - then I can explain, gently." They talked about it into the night, and Karen eventually lost her fears.

Dave was most surprised when, on a shopping trip, Karen had dragged him to the photo-booth at the local store, and even more surprised when she'd insisted he get his cock out behind the curtain and hold it against her exposed breasts. He'd even been pleasantly surprised when, after three flashes Karen had put his cock in her mouth for the last picture -- they'd be keeping that one! Dave had guarded the exit chute for the snaps most carefully, so that no-one should see what they'd been up to.

They had taken the photo's home and Karen had scanned them onto her computer's disc, the pictures had been cropped and enlarged so that each one filled the screen, then they had been re-stored ready to send. All that remained was the wording of the advert. That was what Dave was delegated to do. He finished, and saved the file to show to Karen later. Once she had approved the ad would be submitted.

Karen read the ad aloud. "Sensible middle-aged couple seek a young female to join them for a shagging session, must have big tits and like sucking both cock and pussy. Photo essential, come and stay with us for a great fuck weekend."


"It lacks something Dave, and I think we might change the words just a little." Karen thought silently. "How about this?

Passionate and adventurous couple; F48 bi-curious, M50 straight; seek to enlarge their performance repertoire and experiences. Bi-female (any age) sought to spend a weekend of exploration at our place or yours; must be adventurous, and willing to please both partners. Photo appreciated -- ours by return. Surrey area"

"You won't get any replies if you tell them I'm 50!"

"Its best to be honest, what would you say 38, 40? Then what would happen when whoever answers sees the photo? Let's just put the ad on the web tonight and see what happens, we've got nothing to lose have we?"

Later that night Karen did just that, visited a web site contact board and placed the ad. The next evening, when they checked their mailbox, they were amazed at the number of responses they'd received. They read through the responses together, some had included photographs -- which made the choice a little easier. Not that Dave and Karen were in any way judgmental on looks alone, but Karen felt that there had to be some 'spark' -- some sort of chemical thing that would signal a fancy for the person who's image she was looking at. That spark didn't appear in any of the replies that night, and it took them quite a while to send polite refusals to all those who had taken the time to get in touch.

As Karen pressed the button, to send the replies they had written, she activated Outlook Express' send/receive function. After sending the e-mails, new ones began to arrive. They decided to read them straight away, then they could also respond immediately -- rather than leave it until tomorrow. From the new receipts, there were two that took Karen's fancy because of what they had to say, so Karen replied to those -- including a photo from their newly created file and requesting one by return.

Karen printed out the two she fancied, and showed them to Dave -- who read them as she sent replies.

"Hi, I'm Jackie, a 26 year old female. I'm blonde with blue eyes and a 36-24-36 figure. I saw your ad and decided to reply. Yours sounds just the situation I could slot into nicely. I broke up with my boyfriend some months ago, and I'm not ready for another steady relationship just yet -- but I miss the great sex we used to have. It's not easy for a single girl to find the right situation for sex without complications. Also, I've always wondered about sex with another woman, but I've never got around to trying it. I'm willing, very adventurous and free. I also live in Surrey, (Banstead) so maybe we aren't too far apart and can have some fun on a regular basis."

Dave turned to the second letter.

"Hello, my name is Sam and I live in Leatherhead - is that near you? I read your ad, and I'd like to join you. I'm 35, a redhead and have a full figure. My husband works overseas, so I'm missing out on my share of sex and I'd like to do something about it. I have had sex with another woman, and it was wonderful. I'm not looking for a boyfriend, or anything complicated. I love my husband, and normally wouldn't think about being unfaithful. Therefore, I would agree to joining the two of you for fun, but not to being penetrated by the male in your partnership -- if that's alright. If you reply I can send a photo, although its quite an old one."

Dave turned to Karen and enquired which of the two she favoured. Karen asked Dave how he felt about the two, worried that the fact of him not being able to have full sex with one might put him off the idea. Dave wasn't concerned at all, as long as he could still shag Karen it was alright with him. They decided to wait and see. Both the women lived close enough to make it a distinct possibility that a visit wouldn't be difficult.

Karen wondered, the time on the e-mails she was replying to was very recent, maybe the senders were still on-line. If that was so, she might get a reply back before bedtime! She decided to check. Outlook Express came up with a further bunch of e-mails, including replies from the two she had sent less than half-an-hour ago. Both replies contained more details, and both contained photo's.

Jackie's photo showed a young blonde, naked and with a vibrator stuck in her pussy. The letter said that she was pleased at their interest and would be pleased to hear from them at any time. A telephone number was given, and Jackie said that she was available at any time in the next week. Sam had also sent a photo, which proved that she was a natural redhead, with a much fuller figure than Jackie's -- more like Karen's own. She was also available, but gave no contact number. "Well?" Dave asked.

"I like them both, I can't make up my mind."

"Try them both then, they needn't know about each other. It's only 10 o'clock, ring that Jackie up and arrange something."

With shaking hands Dave picked up the phone and dialled the number. "Hello" Enquired a female voice.

"Hello," Began Dave, nervously. "This is Dave, you sent Karen and I your picture a while ago." That broke the ice, and the conversation flowed fairly naturally. As he had promised, Dave carefully explained about Karen's face. Jackie was silent for a few seconds before responding. "That's no big deal. Why not let me talk to her?" Dave handed the phone to Karen, and let her continue the conversation. Jackie soon put Karen's mind to rest about her fears. Occasionally Karen would hold her hand over the mouthpiece to discuss something with Dave. Eventually Karen told Jackie where they lived and invited her to call round as soon as she could. Jackie had responded, saying that she'd be over right away. So there sat Dave and Karen nervously waiting the doorbell's summons.

Karen jumped as the doorbell chimed. She looked at Dave, who indicated that she should answer it. Gathering her courage, she opened the door. Jackie stood there, looking just like her picture -- except that she was clothed. Karen invited her in and offered to take her coat, Jackie refused -- clutching it to her tightly. Karen ushered her into the lounge and seated her in an armchair. Dave enquired if she would like a drink, and made them all a whisky and ginger. Three drinks were sipped nervously, waiting for someone to start the conversation.

'This is silly' thought Karen to herself, 'I wanted this to happen, I shouldn't be nervous.' She rose, and went to sit on the arm of the chair Jackie sat in. Taking a deep breath she bent and kissed Jackie full on the lips. All Karen's tension disappeared as Jackie returned the kiss, and her tongue probed Karen's lips. "That's better," Said Karen, "now I don't feel so nervous." She unbuttoned her blouse, slipping it from her shoulders -- then bent and kissed Jackie again. Karen got the response she'd hoped for, as Jackie placed a hand on the slope of Karen's breasts and nervously let her fingers play across the surface.

Karen broke the kiss, and turned her back to Jackie, who understood what was wanted -- and unclasped Karen's bra. Karen turned back round, her breast offered to Jackie's lips. Jackie gladly took a nipple in her lips, and breathing a deep sigh, rolled it around with her tongue tip. At the same time, she unbuttoned the front of her coat -- revealing that she wore nothing beneath it. Karen took hold of a nipple and tugged it gently, running her other hand encouragingly through Jackie's hair. Karen stood up, and eased off her skirt -- she then pulled Jackie to her feet and slipped the coat from her shoulders. The two women embraced tightly, breast squashed against breast.

"I don't know what to do next." Jackie whispered to Karen.

"I do." Replied Karen, bending to kiss Jackie's stomach and run her tongue over her pubic hair. Jackie's hands now ran through Karen's hair, and she looked at Dave beseechingly. Dave rose, and went to stand behind Jackie -- fondling her breasts. Jackie grasped his cock through the material of his trousers. Dave dropped his trousers to his ankles, and gasped as Jackie's fingers found their way inside his underpants to gently grasp and wank his cock.

"Enough of this," Said Karen, "let's get comfortable." With that she walked around the room gathering every cushion she could find and throwing it on the floor, then picked up all the clothes and dropped them on an empty chair. Karen reclined on the floor, holding out her arms to Jackie who quickly joined her. Dave stood watching, his cock erect -- uncertain of how to play his part.

Karen and Jackie writhed on the floor as Dave watched. Soon they had their heads between each other's legs. Then Karen lay flat, while Jackie knelt at her pussy. She beckoned to Dave, who knelt beside her and began to play with her breasts. Karen grabbed his cock and pulled it to her mouth, sliding it in and out. "That's nice and wet, why don't you try Jackie and see how it fits?"

Dave looked at Jackie, who lifted her head and nodded before returning to Karen's pussy. Dave knelt behind Jackie, and gently introduced the tip of his cock into her cunt. Jackie wiggled her bum impatiently, so Dave began to ride her.

"Don't you dare come in her Dave," Said Karen, "I want some of that too."

Dave groaned, he had been close to shooting his load. He withdrew, and positioned himself so that he could lick Jackie's clit while she did the same for Karen. It wasn't satisfactory for everyone, so Karen ordered some rearrangement of bodies. Eventually they all lay on their sides, Dave with his head between Jackie's legs, Jackie with her head between Karen's -- and Karen sucking Dave's cock. Hands were everywhere, touching breasts, feeling for clits, cupping balls, squeezing and stroking bottoms.

Jackie was the first to come, then her tongue caused Karen to orgasm -- Dave looked hopeful. Karen rearranged them all once again. This time she licked Jackie, Jackie sucked Dave and Dave tongued Karen. Again both women had an orgasm, while Dave began to think it wasn't his night. "I've changed my mind, Jackie can have your load after all Dave."

Dave's cock twitched at the prospect. He waited while Karen lay across the sofa, then positioned Jackie's pussy at her face. As she began to lick, she beckoned Dave forward. He needed no further encouragement, and slipped into Jackie's juicy hole. He sank to full length, and felt Jackie tremble. Karen broke off "Don't hold back Dave, let her have it all -- hard and fast."

Jackie looked over her shoulder, nodding her agreement -- Karen went back to Jackie's clit. Dave's buttocks were a blur, he slid in and out of Jackie as fast and as hard as he could. It was wet in there, and not as tight as he'd have liked -- but he was on his way and nothing was going to stop him. With a grunt, and a violent thrust he exploded into Jackie -- who squealed with delight as Karen's tongue brought her to orgasm.

Jackie stayed that night, it was cramped in the bed -- with all three of them in it, but the bonus came the following morning. It was Jackie who woke first, bleary eyes scanning the room, wondering where she was -- then remembering. She gently drew back the covers, taking in the sight of Karen's body. Jackie took her hand and placed it on her own breast -- examining, feeling. Then she transferred her hand to Karen's breast and did the same things. Her fingers lightly traced the outline of the whole breast, then rippled over the nipple. Karen moaned in her sleep. Jackie traced the outline of Karen's nipple with feather-like caresses, then making a fist she brushed the nipple with the ridges of her knuckles. Her hand enveloped as much breast as it could hold, and squeezed gently, then her attention passed to the other breast.

Karen awoke, aroused by Jackie's attentions. She reached out, touching Jackie's leg -- gently brushing from knee to stomach. Jackie's head went to Karen's breast, sucking and licking. Karen found Jackie's bush and insistently parted her legs. Karen traced the outline of Jackie's pussy, gently parting the lips. She slipped a finger tip inside, angling it upwards to massage the roof of Jackie's cunt. Jackie writhed in pleasure and began to nibble at Karen's nipple as she lowered a hand to brush Karen's bottom lovingly. Karen slipped a finger all the way inside Jackie, then withdrew it. Jackie urged Karen on by squeezing her buttocks, and clamping her mouth fast to a breast. Karen slipped two fingers inside Jackie, then withdrew them. She took Jackie's clit between finger and thumb, rolling and squeezing the sensitive organ. Jackie arched her back.

Feeling behind Karen, Jackie found Dave's limp cock, and began to gently masturbate him to wakefulness. Karen now had three fingers firmly lodged in Jackie's cunt, while her thumb flicked and excited her clit. Jackie's hand now went to Karen's pussy- rubbing, exciting and lubricating. Her other hand now held Dave's stiff cock. Jackie pulled Dave towards Karen's rear, steering his cock into her cunt from behind. Dave couldn't move, only the tip was actually inside Karen, but any movement was out of the question, he grabbed a breast instead.

Karen pushed back as hard as she could, meanwhile Jackie's hand was busy at her clit and Dave was massaging her breasts. Jackie half-pushed, half-rolled, Karen on top of Dave. She lay with Dave's cock barely inside her, and now Jackie was parting her legs to lick at her clit. Dave was getting very aroused. As Jackie licked up and down at Karen's cunt and clit, her tongue also licked Dave's balls and part of his shaft in its journey. Not only that, but Jackie's ministrations were causing Karen to buck and twitch. Dave was being assaulted on two fronts, and he could feel the storm beginning to brew. Dave wasn't alone, Karen was getting awfully close and her organs were leaping with delight. She could feel her cunt tightening around Dave's cock with each sweep of Jackie's tongue. She could feel Dave's cock beginning to twitch too, and she knew what that meant.

Dave couldn't hang on any longer, he came. It wasn't a gush, or an explosion -- he just dribbled his come into Karen's pussy. As he wasn't far in, it wasn't long before he felt the wet stickiness descend to his own groin. Karen groaned, and she came too. Jackie sat up looking pleased with herself. "You can wipe that look off your face my girl," Said Karen, "you've made a mess, now you'll have to clean it up." Karen sat up, and pointed to the mess between Dave's legs. Jackie sighed, and lowering her head began to lap at Dave's cock. Karen looked at Jackie, ass in the air while she licked Dave -- and couldn't resist the urge she was feeling. Carefully kneeling across the bed she trapped Jackie's legs beneath her own, and spanked her bum loudly. Jackie jumped, her mouth leaving Dave's cock. Then she relaxed as she felt Jackie's tongue licking her buttock, and her fingers probing the inside of her cunt.

Karen's fingers speeded up, and she squeezed a second hand through to pinch Jackie's clit. Jackie collapsed on the bed as she came, Dave's sticky cock sliding up her cheek to rest on her face.

The three relaxed, and in turn headed for the bathroom. Karen made some coffee, which was gratefully drunk before they said their good-byes. Dave and Karen waved from the doorway as Jackie left, a date for the weekend having been arranged.

"One down, one to go." Said Karen as she smiled and closed the door.


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