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Three's Company
by Dave C.

This starts with me and my wife laying on our bed after a good hour of the most satisfying sex. My wife Jane and I are both in our thirties, she is about five three with an excellent figure, about 38s, long dark brown hair and green blue eyes. Well we started to talk about various things and the subject of my upcoming birthday came up. She asked what I may want . Feeling that this was as good a time as any I stated that I wanted a three way with her. This had been asked for in the past, but was usually not met with a greatest response, on this occasion though I did notice a glimmer of interest. She asked who I had in mind ,well in one week we would be visiting my friend John for a long weekend and this may be the time to try it.

My wife knew John and was friendly to him but I did not know if she would feel good doing it with him . After some thought she admitted that the idea sounded interesting but that she was not experienced in this sort of thing and was a little shy about the whole matter. I assured her that if she wanted to stop at any time we would do so. She thought for a moment and said "what the hell" I can give it a try, but please tell him to take it slow. I called John and told him what we had in mind, he said he could not wait and promised to follow her caveat. Well for the next week I was burning a hole in my shorts just thinking about what was to come.

We arrived at our motel early in the afternoon, I called John to let him know we were in and suggested that he meet us for dinner at the motel, John said that he had a house guest Bob who he would like to bring along. This produced a feeling of panic in me, how would Jane accept this. I hung up the phone and told her that John would not be alone, I told Jane that John would get rid of Bob after dinner if that's what she wanted. After all she was only expecting two not three men. Jane had dressed in a white blouse and pink shorts, I told her to go without a bra, but she did not go for that. We met Bob and John in the bar and then proceeded to dinner. John is a small man , about five eight, with average looks, Bob was about six two, and twenty five, and good looking. We finished dinner and proceeded back to the bar, on the side I asked Jane what we should do about Bob. Let him stay was her reply.

We spent another hour in the bar then I suggested we go back to our room. We arrived back at the room and I whispered in Jane's ear "how are you doing". She said she was a little nervous, but she would be all right. Jane had never had another man, and I could imagine that this was causing her some mixed feelings. I suggested that we watch a movie, I picked one from the motel pay per view that I was sure had some sexual content. Joan sat down on the couch with me on one side and John on the other, Bob sat in a chair next to the couch. I dimmed the lights and we started to watch the movie. After a short while Jane started to move close to me, I kissed her deeply, she responded with a small whimper, I then started to stroke her breast through the blouse, she pressed herself closer to me. John was watching me and I nodded to him.

John started to slowly and lightly stroke Jane's other breast. Jane seemed startled at first but looked over at John and smiled. John and I then proceeded to increase our activity, I slowly unbuttoned Jane's blouse and fondled her breast inside the bra, after about three or four minutes Jane reached over and kissed John. This was the real start of our love making. I reached behind Jane and unhooked her bra. At this point I was worried since Jane had never exposed herself to another man, but to my surprise she did not seem to notice or care. Now Jane's large and firm 38s with their hard pink nipples were exposed for all to see. I could see Bob sitting in his chair and their was a definite bulge in his pants, but he managed to control himself. John and I now started to suck and lick Jane's nipples, she respond with little sounds of pleasure. We continued to play with these lovely toys, John on one and I on the other, Jane was feeling nothing but pleasure. I nodded to John and we both lifted Jane up under her arms. Now standing, we continued to make love to those most wonderful toys.

Jane was in a pleasure world of her own, her eyes were closed and she was breathing rapidly. Bob who had been waiting with his cock ready to burst now came over, he unbuttoned Jane's shorts and they fell to the floor, he then slowly removed Jane's panties, which exposed a wonderful small cunt covered by a small tuft of hair. John and I continued to suck and lick Jane's breasts. Bob spread Jane's legs and was now exploring her small pussy, she moaned as he opened her small pink lips and slowly rubbed her small clit. I motioned to John and we walked Jane over to the bed and placed her down. Jane was in a state of ecstasy. We took turns playing with her breasts and pussy as we undressed. I climbed onto the bed on one side of Jane and Bob got on the other, John positioned himself at the foot of the bed, with a good view of her wonderful pussy. I whispered into Jane's ear asking how she was doing, she replied in a deep voice "wonderful".

Bob continued to play with Jane's breasts, I moved my cock to her mouth and she took it all in to the hilt and began to suck me. Bob was sucking her nipples and squeezing her breasts like crazy. John slowly spread Jane's legs and now had his head firmly planted between the lips of her pussy, Jane moaned and sucked my cock hard. I asked who wants to go first. Bob, who I then noticed was endowed quite well (about nine inches) stopped his play at Jane's breast and moved down to her small beautiful slit. John now moved up to play with Jane's breasts. Bob spread Jane's legs and flexed her knees to get a better shot at that most wonderful place, Jane was wet, but Bob decided to take one lick at her before entering, Bob then slowly started to inserted his large cock into my wife's little pussy, I was amazed she was able to take it all, she moaned loudly as Bob continued to entered her.

At the site of this large cock entering my small wife I came in Jane's mouth, cum rolled down her cheek, she swallowed the rest, I pulled out and John now entered her mouth, Bob was stroking her slowly, Jane was in heaven. Bob increased his stroke and came in a last great thrust, Jane moaned loudly. I climbed down to my lovely wife's dripping pussy and inserted my cock. Bob was now back playing with her breasts, I slowly entered this steaming point of pleasure, it felt good, wet but tight, I fucked her quickly not having any patience now that I was so hot. I pulled out and nodded to John, he came in Jane's mouth and she swallowed hard, John pulled out of her mouth. Jane was withering and moaning, she had sucked John off and her face was starting to be covered with cum. John went down between her legs and entered her, John was of adequate size, he entered her slowly, and began stroking in and out. Bob had placed his large cock into Jane's small mouth, she could only take about six inches, but she sucked him hard and continued to moan, her small stomach heaved with the pleasure she was receiving. John finished off with a last hard thrust into her pussy. Jane quivered and Bob went off in her mouth causing a large stream of cum to run from Jane's mouth.

I placed Jane on her side (she had not come yet) I had her suck my cock to provide lubrication and spread the cheeks of her lovely ass, I inserted my cock slowly into her honey pot and began stroking, Bob opened her legs and entered her pussy again. Jane heaved as both of us penetrated her. I could feel Bobs large cock rubbing against mine through the thin flesh between us, this increased the pleasure to a point I had never experienced. John again placed his cock at her lips and she began sucking it wildly. As Bob and I stroked my lovely wife from both ends she came with a force that I had never seen before. Bob and I both came after Jane We all then fell exhausted on to the bed. I moved up to my lovely wife's face and asked her if she was satisfied, she looked at me with her face dripping in cum and said "happy birthday".

Jane was sore the next day but still game for a farewell fuck from our guests.
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