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The Conference
by Silver Sea

I was finally settled into my room at the Marriott. The flight was typical, the hotel a hotel. I still wasn't sure if the following week would be of any value. I wrestled with how I could better have argued my case not to attend this conference as I settled onto the bed and opened the paperback I had purchased while waiting for my flight. I probably wouldn't get past the first few pages knowing my travels that day had depleted most of my energy.

Sure enough a few paragraphs in and my eyes got heavy and my mind began to wander. I flipped off the light, set the book on my night table and set my mind free. Suddenly, without warning, he popped into my mind, as he often does when I am nodding off. My body stirred as this fantasy man entered my mind. I could not now escape him or the story I created and refined with each of his visits. His face flashed into my mind. It wasn't the face of any particular person. It was a blend of faces, models in magazines I had recently flipped through, that cute guy standing on the corner yesterday when I turned right on a red-light, a hunk or two that had approached me at bars in the course of my life. His body I constructed in much the same way; bodies from magazines, the gym, the beach and a portions of a lover or two I had known. It was a dangerous place that place between consciousness and sleep. ...I am already in his arms and floating around the luxurious king size bed with him. He is kissing my partially clad body and caressing the rest. I hold him, kiss him when I can, I feel a stirring throughout my body ...wait is that sensation in my dream or is it my conscious self that is reacting... he always knows where to touch me at the right moments.. my hand is resting next to my breast, just on the other side of my flannel pj's... I move my thumb a little and I feel my nipple respond... as his... my hand cups my... breast and firmly holds onto it... I watch my navel appear as his head moves south along my torso and he leaves trails of moisture where his warm tongue touches me. His chin brushes against the tuft of hair that defines the path he will follow to my desire.........

Morning arrived all too quickly. My feet dragged. My visitor had left his telltale stickiness on my thighs. It felt good in some ways, not so good in others. I think it would only have felt better had my visitor been real flesh and blood... and of course still holding me at this very moment. I felt my way around the room. No good music on the radio. It took forever for the water to get warm in the shower. And what should I wear. Business casual I guess. It's always safest until I know how the rest of the conference attendees are dressing.

Ever punctual, there were only a few other people in the room when I arrived. Jim somebody welcomed me and introduced himself as the workshop coordinator. Oh yeah, not really a conference, it was more of a workshop, an education opportunity was how Chuck my boss had referred to it.. I looked around and selected a seat near the middle of the room, but a little closer to the front and on the perimeter so I could easily scan the room if I was bored. To minimize distractions I also put my back to the door so I wouldn't be tempted to follow people with my gaze as they came and went. A coffee and a muffin, a few more arrivals and I sat down where I had dropped my things. The buzz in the room was slowly growing. When someone would sit at my table I would politely nod and continue appearing to be interested in the welcome material we had received. People were chatting about all sorts of nothings as my mind wondered to places that awaited me at the office... clothes for my son... what is he doing right now??? My mind returned to the conference room quickly. Why? What had brought me back? A brief silence then women chatting. Women almost giggling. I looked at a few woman across the room and noticed their quick glances and peering that bordered on stares. I turned my head following their sight lines. There he was. My visitor. My fantasy man. Well, not exactly, but the closest thing to him I had ever seen. Yeah OK so the looks were there. That's less than half the fantasy. What about the rest? Well, maybe I would find out. But likely not. My mind drifted back to last night, my fantasy visitor and my urges momentarily stirred.

" from, Julie?" asked someone seated at my table. Their query snapping me back to reality.

"Pardon me."

"Where are you from?" chimed the voice from across the table.

The typical conference small talk had begun. The people at my table introduced themselves to one another as the room filled. Who remembers anyone's name at these gatherings. There are too many people, too many things to think about and you will never meet any of them again nor will you likely use any of the material presented. What a colossal waste of time, then he caught my eye again... well maybe not.

The host began to speak and welcomed everyone to the workshop. Workshop, conference whatever. Except the emphasis on it being a workshop probably meant there would be breakout sessions and role playing and heaven knows what else. The workshop facilitator was introduced and so began the session. Around the room we went introducing ourselves and where we were from and what we expected to get out of the week would spend together. The only name I remember: Alex. And I'm certain all the other women in the room remember that one too. He spoke softly but with self-assurance. He stood tall and had grace but strength in his movements.

To start things off the facilitator, Sam, had everyone change tables. Each table had number on it and each seat had a number in front of it. Eight tables, eight people at each table, he had us move to the table that matched the seat number we were presently sitting at. He told us we would be with a different group of people each day. I couldn't wait to be at the same table as Alex. But what would I say, what would I do. Would he even notice me.

The first day went by without incident. There were times I thought I caught Alex looking my way, maybe admiring something about me. But nah, there was probably someone else he was looking at, if anyone at all. At the end of the day they reminded everyone to attend the reception afterwards. A chance to meet Alex was my first thought.

Back in my room I prepared for the evening. Just before I headed downstairs I decided to check for phone messages at the office. Bad move. Thirty minutes later and a couple of doused fires and I was finally on my way to the reception. I caught my reflection as I walked past a mirror on the way out of my room. I stopped and looked again. "Not bad.", I muttered and off I went.

The gathering was in full swing when I arrived. I nodded to a couple of people I had met that day and quickly scanned for my mystery man, Alex. Of course, I found him being swarmed by a collection of women all fawning over him. He looked to be enjoying himself. Since throwing myself at a man wasn't my style I wasn't about to get in to a swooning battle over one with a half dozen other women. Every now and then I would glance in his direction. There wasn't much one would change was there. Alex stood about 6 feet tall. He smiled warmly. Nothing about his demeanor said "I'm fabulous. All woman love me.", though it appeared most of the ones at the workshop thought they did. Nice hands. Friendly but captivating eyes. Well groomed but not over done. And to start on his body would turn this recounting of one week into a novel. Shoulders. Pecs. Nice butt. Make that a really nice butt. Ah, back to this insignificant socializing I was immersed in. The people in my group that evening, Tom, Mary, Susan, Valerie, Ed were all nice people, but, well you know, when I left I wouldn't remember word one that was uttered. I became more fascinated in the group hovering around Alex.

The next day we changed tables. No Alex. Everyone went separate ways at dinner that night. I joined a group of people from the workshop but still, no Alex.

The next couple of days were the same. We kept getting more material at each session and I was now lugging two bags to the meetings each day. And the nights were the same too. Each night we would stop by the bar for a drink before we retired. Alex was there each and every night seeming to be the center of attention for all the women and men gathered around him. I still thought I caught him stealing glimpses of me, but I figured it was just wishful thinking on my part. He had enough women to choose from should he be interested. It was interesting watching the interactions of the group that surrounded him. The women all had their focus on him. Not that they were physically hanging from his clothes. But even after brief distractions from other members in their group their attention would immediately return to Alex in some way. And the men in the group. Well they seemed to be circling in hopes they may pickup some of Alex's discards. Who knew if anyone over there was getting lucky. Who cared really.

Friday, the last day, as I showered the warm water running over my shoulders and down my nakedness stimulated my mind. I closed my eyes. The warmth of the water was reminiscent of a being caressed by a warm mouth. Suddenly I found myself sensuously washing my tits, my nipples hard, my other hand caressing my pussy and a picture of Alex in my mind's eye actually doing the stimulating. Ummm, it felt so nice. It's been so long since I've been touched the way I was touching myself, the way I longed to be touched. Hurumph. Give yourself a shake girl. I forced my thoughts back to the workshop and to work. That always puts a chill on things, and I laughed myself back to reality and away from my libido.

I arrived in the workshop room and searched for name tag. At last, at a table with Alex. I dropped my bags at my seat and went for a coffee. It figures. All week in a room with my fantasy and it's the last day that we meet. He was so nice and seemed to pay me some attention. But somehow it just seemed to be his way. He was nice to everyone it seemed. Maybe it was wishful thinking again but he seemed to smile just a bit more when I spoke to him and he seemed to show just a bit more interest in what I was saying.

Just after our lunch break he got up and left the table. Doreen ,sitting next to me turned a said "Isn't he something?" "Pardon?" "Alex, isn't he something?" she replied. "Yes, he is. He seems very nice." Doreen had been one of Alex's groupies all week. I wondered just how wonderful she thought or knew he was. "Funny though," she began, "we're starting to wonder if he is gay. All week there have been women following him around like lost puppies and he hasn't invited one of us back to his room. At least no one has admitted to it." That was interesting information. "Could be," I added to her collection of ammunition for determining Alex's sexual preference.

Alex returned and glanced my way as he sat down. I'm sure I blushed a bit. No way, this man was not gay.

Of course the last day the session went long. I wanted to find out what Alex was doing for dinner but he got up from the table as the session ended and headed to talk to the workshop facilitator. I hung a round a bit but then remembered I had a few phone messages I wanted to deal with before the weekend arrived. I rushed off to my room. I made some calls. Got changed into some jeans. And made a few more calls. I decided to start packing before I went to one of the hotel restaurants for a quick dinner by myself. Alex would likely become part of my next fantasy. Would it be his eyes, his hands, his... RINNNNNNGGGGG!! The phone was ringing. What now?!?! I picked it up.


"Julie?" said the voice on the other end.

"Yes. Who's speaking?" as the words escaped my lips my heart rose into my throat. It was...

"It's Alex. You left one of your bags at our table today. I was going to bring it to you. When would be a convenient time?"

"Uhhh", that was an intelligent response. "Well I'm just in the midst of packing. Can I come to your room and get it from you?"

"Sure, I guess. I'm in Room 704."

"Thanks Alex. I will be there in 10 minutes or so."

"OK. See you then." Oh God. What now. Oh, get a grip on yourself. He will just very politely give you your things and wish you a safe trip home. As I arrived at his room the door was ajar. I knocked. "Come in.", said the soft masculine voice hidden in the room.

"Alex?" I muttered as I slowly opened the door. "Julie. It's so nice to see you again." WOW, there he was in a t-shirt and some loose sweat pants. My hormones fluttered and I'm sure my eyes rolled around in my spinning head. This man was so incredibly handsome and I'm sure he wasn't even trying to be. "You inspired me to start my packing as well Julie. Your bag is just over here. I will get it for you"

As I walked in I said, "I can get it. I really appreciate that you didn't leave it behind." I bent to pick up my bag, and as I turned to leave Alex had turned to face me.

He gazed into my eyes. "I'm really sorry we didn't get to know each other better, Julie."

"I'm sure we will meet again somewhere. I would have liked to spend more time with you as well"

"I'm really pretty shy Julie, but I have to tell you that all week you captured my attention. I hope I'm not embarrassing you?"

"Not at all. Actually I'm quite flattered."

"Have you had dinner yet?"

"Well, actually, no I haven't". Maybe he will ask me out.

"Stay then, Julie. I insist." Pardon me, I thought. "I ordered some room service. Just a beer and a plate of nachos. I have grown tired of the people who seemed to occupy all my time this week and just wanted to sit and have a quiet bite to eat. So please join me."

"Oh, I don't know. I would hate to interrupt your solitude if that is what you're looking for."

"Settled then. You're staying. I can't think of a better way to end this trip than a quiet meal with you." Alex turned to pickup the phone then stopped. "Oh. I did it again Julie. I'm sorry. Excuse my honesty, but I fear I have this opportunity to spend time with someone I am very attracted to and I don't want to miss it. I apologize for being so forward. I am just so filled with excitement being in your company."

I'm sure I must have been blushing. This man was so nice and honest and open. There was almost a child like quality to his sincerity. I dropped my bag and agreed to stay. "Oh, I'm so happy. Let me see if I can get another beer. Oops, is a beer Ok with your nachos or would you like something else?"

"Yes, beer would be fine, Alex. And no I'm not so much embarrassed by your honesty as I am flattered, once again." Just then there was a knock at the door. The nachos had arrived. And as promised they were accompanied by one beer. The porter brought in the cart and Alex asked him if he could bring up two more beers.

"We'll split this one Julie", Alex said as he signed the bill. So we sat on opposite side of the cart and talked and ate. It was almost eerie how comfortable we seemed together. Alex explained how much he had been overwhelmed by the people who chose to hang around with him all week. He was too nice to tell them to get lost. And there was a shyness about him. He seemed to divert his eyes and lower his head just a bit whenever we spoke of him or on those occasions when he paid me some compliment.

Our other beers arrived and it wasn't long after that we were laughing about how we had been watching each other all week. And then we spoke of our desires mixed in with some of the funny things people had done and said to get his attention and even mine a couple of times. I related the story about him being gay and we both had a tremendous laugh about that one.

A couple of hours had passed before we knew it. I can't count the times I lost track of the conversation. Thoughts of me in Alex's arms, kissing his lips, laying in his bed stole my attention frequently. How could they not. Here I was, with my fantasy man. I remember feeling my body react to thoughts that would flash into my mind. Mid conversation my mind would transport me to an intimate embrace with Alex or a picture of him in some state of undress or the two of us cuddling enjoying the warmth of each other's body. My breasts would tingle, sort of burn and I would feel the urge to cup them in my hand to release the tension they exhibited. I even found ways to somewhat satisfy them by reaching across myself for my drink of another nacho and gently pressing my arm against them.

And my yoni, I like that term much more than pussy, or cunt or vagina, it's a Tantric word for a woman's genitalia, it's a nicer word I think. Well my yoni would feel that emptiness that desire would place there. It's an emptiness that seems to push against the walls of my vagina and bring a numbness to my labia and run a current through my clit. It seems to cry out to be replaced by something real, a physical mass that will not release the pressure I feel but rather replace it with a pressure that has the ability to return sensation to my moist lips, ground my vibrating clitoris and to fulfill my desires.

I so wanted to close my eyes, lean back, slide my hand between my thighs and feel my dampness with my fingertips as I satisfied my longing by slipping my fingers inside me. Instead I would shift in my chair, cross my legs and flex my groin muscles. If I did it just right the seam in the crotch of my jeans would push against my yoni. The pressure would stir my passion, cause my lubricant to ooze from its source onto my labia and at the same time somewhat satisfy my cravings. About the third time this happened I couldn't help but notice the dampness that had invaded my panties. It was an interesting combination of cool and warm. The cool no doubt from earlier mental diversions, the warm deposited there during my current sojourn from reality.

Remember my comment about "...but that's less than half the fantasy...". Well he had now shown that only the intimate piece of my puzzle was missing from his resume. My mind, my body, my heart were all screaming at me to find out to fill in the blank. I wondered though. I worried about there being disappointment, about a loss of respect for each other, about a loss of this closeness that had so quickly grown between us. And all for what, for few moments of intimate pleasure, of orgasmic bliss. Everything seemed so right. But Alex seemed to be a little to shy, maybe even unsure, to take the lead in our intimacy the way my fantasy man always did. I had notice Alex stirring in his chair once in a while. I thought it was probably because the night was wearing on and we both had early flights the next. Little did I know at the time that his mind was wrestling with similar urges he felt for me.

There was a pause in the conversation. The first since the food had arrived. I glanced at the clock beside the bed. "I really should be going Alex. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this."

"Nor I."

"...but I do have to pack and get ready for my trip home." We stood in unison. WOW. It was unfair how this man stirred my desires. The t-shirt, the sweats, his demeanor, his style. A smile rose on my face as the thought entered my mind.

"Can I get a hug before you go, Julie. I have enjoyed this evening so much. I really wish we had met and done this earlier in the week."

"OK" and I stepped towards him. Our bodies folded together. I've heard people talking about melting into someone's arms. I was about to find out what that meant. I have felt close to people before when we were naked and holding each other but this was different. Even fully clothed our bodies seemed to blend together. It was as if our rib cages had meshed together and his arms had penetrated my back and mine his. We seemed to share the same space. I have had men squeeze me so that I was feeling pain, as if they were trying to share space with me. Why was this different?

As I pulled away and began to utter "Thank you." Alex lowered his head and kissed me. Softly, gently. I allowed him to kiss me once, twice, before returning his advance. Alex sighed, obviously releasing some pent-up tension then he kissed me again. This time more fully on the lips... his mouth open a bit more, his tongue caressing my lips just prior to our mouths molding together. He quietly pulled me towards him. I could feel my nipples pressing against my bra as our chests came together. As our bodies continued together his erection revealed his desires as it pushed against my abdomen.

Feeling his hardened lingam (yep the Tantric word for the male organs of sexuality) sandwiched between our pelvic regions served to rise the sensations in my own body to a new level. Only I knew at this point that my pussy (OK so we're beyond Tantric now and totally immersed in pure out and out lust) was echoing the wanton passion Alex was exhibiting in the bulge in his sweats. He embraced me again in one of those wonderful hugs that still warm today when I recall them. He kissed me and his hands began to explore my body. His touches were purposeful but not forceful... firm but not rough... I too began gently exploring his physique.

I so wanted to touch his lingam but chose to wait and not rush, but the thought was so ripe in my mind that without touching his penis I already knew how perfect it would feel in my hand. His hand glided over my breast, slowing as it passed relaying the aroused state of my nipples to his receptors. His other hand felt so wonderful as it held my ass and gently squeezed it. His gentle tugging opened my yoni enough to allow even more of my cream to ooze out... and one of his fingers was pressing lightly against me just between my anus and the entrance to my vagina... whether by accident or by design it felt delicious. My hands had been over his back and shoulders and pecs... his nipples were pressing through his t-shirt further betraying his arousal. My hand found its way to the front of his sweats.

I could feel his every moan rise through his body into his throat as I'm sure he could feel mine. Our lips were coated in saliva as were our necks and ears as we explored with our mouths what skin we could find. Alex slid a hand around to the front of my jeans then between my legs. I could feel the warmth of his hand I thought, though is was probably just my own heat I was generating down there being trapped more closely against my body. My hand began to travel slowly up and down the outside of his sweat pants following the outline of his shaft. I finally wrapped my hand around it and lightly held its directness, feeling it throb with anticipation. Our hips moved in response to the other person's caress. His hand held me and moved gently. He whispered into my ear "I want you Julie", then he stepped back, took my hand and led me to the bed. I could not resist. In fact had he not done so I may have taken the lead myself. He laid me on the bed with an assertiveness I had not seen in him. It was a welcomed assertiveness. It told me he was taking the lead in what was about to transpire and that was acceptable to me. It was always a part of my fantasy; the man being the lead, the director.

Alex stood above me and removed his shirt. I scanned his beautiful torso and longed to feel his flesh pressed against mine. My gaze could not stray long from the swelling behind his sweatpants. I longed to feel it in the flesh, to hold it in my hands, to have it pressed against my body, to savor its flavor, to allow it into me having it part my labia, slide against my inner walls and fill the void that so urgently needed its presence. I trembled with excitement and apprehension, the latter of which was quickly waning. My nipples pressed against my bra, and showed through my shirt. My underwear was dampening at the same rate my heart was pounding in my chest. He laid beside me and kissed my cheek. His hand following the contours of my body. His touch, was light but focused and centered and felt good... really good. I placed my hand on his chest and felt his nipple stiffen again under my palm. A sensitive man I thought. As I turned to meet his next kiss, his cock pressed against me through our clothes. With an arousingly slow urgency we continued to explore each others body and peel away our coverings. The first time he slid his hand into my underwear I twitched. So near orgasm was I that the feel of his finger slipping through my satiny love potion was near enough to bring me to that total pleasure. His fingers were magic and his mouth and tongue even better. And I loved the feel of his hardness in my hands. I rolled his testicles gently in fingers and felt his many moans even before I heard them. He slid down my body and out of my grasp. He lightly pinched my nipples in his teeth. Then caressed my breasts with his hands, his lips, his tongue, his face. His hands seemed to be everywhere. My body was so alive, my desires so heightened that as his hands passed over me they seemed to linger there as well.

My pussy, my thighs my ass were all coated in my juice as his hands glided through my crotch exploring my creases and folds and stimulating the nerve endings of my yoni and clitoris and anus as his fingers trailed over my trembling body. He continued to move down my body. I wanted to feel his cock slip into my mouth and onto my tongue. But Alex was my master at this moment. I felt some moisture on my hand and pulled it to my mouth. It was Alex's elixir he had deposited there while I had held him. The saltiness of his precum awakened my taste buds as I felt his warm breath caress my pussy. I sucked him from my finger half for the pleasure of his taste and half to suppress the moans that were rolling up to my throat from my clitoris. The burning, tingling sensation in my nipples had changed into a fervent hum. His tongue slid along the folds of my labia with the perfect pressure, the perfect tempo. He slid a finger inside and gently massaged my inner walls, spreading my nectar in the process. The emptiness that had filled my vagina now alternated with uncontrolled contractions and pulses as I approached an orgasm. He kissed my yoni, he lightly sucked my elixir from the gates to my vagina. His tongue lightly flicked over my most sensitive places.

It slid in and out of me as his fingers chased one another across and over and around my tingling clitoris. His tongue journeyed below my abyss and flicked over my anus awakening sensations I wasn't aware my body could transmit. He lowered my hips and returned his focus to my sopping wet, pulsing pussy. My hands had involuntarily been caressing my breasts and running through Alex's hair. My state of arousal heightened, my mind racing, my hips rolling. Alex sensed my eagerness as I knew he would. I was ready for him. I wanted his body pressed against mine. I wanted his firmness buried inside me. Alex kissed his way back up my trembling body. My scent filled the room.

Aromatherapy at its best. His weight pressing me into the bed, against him, but not crushing me, allowing to still move and participate in the dance we danced. He kissed me. I could taste my own sweetness on his lips as I felt his penis slide into my slippery canal. He filled me with his hard probe releasing the pressure he had so expertly built inside me. He gently slid in and out and around my sex with a exhilarating blend of force and passion and alliance. Our bodies matched each others rhythm. We kissed and held each other and moaned in unison. His body twitched once then convulsed as he released his serum into my cavity. I felt our blended warmth seeping out of me as his body finished its last few seizures of pleasure.

I had not orgasmed but was not unsatisfied. Alex slowly retracted his cock from my throbbing vagina. He pushed himself down the bed again and placed his hands under my buttocks. He supported me as his tongue returned to my dripping love cavity. He seemed to savour our mixed juices as he danced his tongue through my heated labia. My hips raised again on their own. A thumb slipped inside. Once again I felt the pleasure of having my love canal filled. He softly sucked my clit into his mouth and rolled his tongue over it. I felt the first contractions around Alex's thumb and then a wave of release and spasms that caused tremors throughout my body and the bed. I settled into Alex's hands. He kissed me so caringly as my body returned to some sort of normal state.

We didn't make love again that night. We held each other for a long while and fell asleep wrapped together like some deformed pretzel.

The next morning was quite the rush. We both had early flights. It's a good thing Alex had phoned for his wakeup call before I had arrived. We parted with a kiss and one of those all encompassing hugs. We said we would meet again, but who knows. I would like to. But I suspect Alex will slowly become another component of my fantasy visitor and conferences, err, workshops will never be the same for me.

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