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The Cabin
by Katerina Val-Kyrie

A quaint little cabin nestled high in the mountains awaited the happy couple. Dezerae and Ante strolled hand in hand along the winding path, enjoying the gentleness of the summer breeze. The sun high in the sky cast a soft glow upon their bodies, enveloping them in its embrace. Feeling the sun's warmth, Dezerae removed her jacket and tied it loosely around her waist.

Ante watched her as she casually sauntered ahead up the trail. He could not help but notice how her full breasts strained against her t-shirt. Her nipples peeking through enticed him even more. God how he wanted her! Not wanting to lose sight of her, Ante quickened his pace.

Dezerae had no idea she was having such an impact on him. She didn't notice the look of lust in his eyes, as she was lost in all the splendor around her. The scents of pine and various wild flowers filled the air. Dezerae inhaled deeply, enjoying the wonderful aroma. Ante's mountain was everything he had said it would be. The snow-capped mountains beyond were also breathtaking. If there was heaven on earth it was surely here.

Ante could not help but smile as Dez let out squeals of delight. She had finally come upon the cabin. Climbing vines adorned its wooden frame, concealing it even more than the trees surrounding it. The wood was now weather-beaten and old, giving it a rustic look. Ante had many wonderful memories here as a child, and now he would create new ones with the woman he loved. As he lifted Dezerae into his arms, her breasts brushed softly against him. His mouth sought hers as the door closed quietly behind them.

Lost within their embrace, they were barely aware of the cabin. Their gentle kiss had turned into one of hot passion. Her soft warm lips brushed against his, and he found himself unable to resist them. Gently he laced her lips with tender kisses, parting them playfully with his tongue. Loving her taste he pulled her tongue further into his mouth, as their bodies entwined together. The sweet essence of her perfume intoxicated him, heightening his senses even more. He lowered his hands, sliding them down her back, only stopping when they found her behind. As he pulled her body closer to him, he heard Dezerae suddenly gasp.

Dez felt the heat flowing through her body. She could feel his hardness between them, knowing only too well how fully aroused Ante was. Her heart was pounding, a yearning deep inside her cried out for more. With the tip of his tongue Ante traced small circles along the softness of her neck, slowly stopping to nibble on her ear. Dezerae moaned, wanting more, as her fingers ran through his hair.

Continuing down her neck, his tongue trailed even further to where her luscious breasts were waiting. He pulled her top off swiftly not wanting to wait a second more. Ante's fingers softly circled the fullness of her creamy breasts, enticing her with his sensual touch. Finding her nipples he was not surprised to feel them already fully aroused. As he teased them more with his fingers, he slowly backed her towards the bed.

Dezerae moaned softly, enjoying Ante's magical touch. Laying her down on the soft quilt, Ante continued to caress her nipples, taunting them, making her want for more. Slowly his hands made their way to the clasp of her jeans, undoing them. Those too, disappeared all too quickly. Dezerae's hands began caressing her slender body, naked now, going down towards her soft mound. Her fingers found what they were looking for, and she began to play. Sliding her hands along her pussy lips she whimpered softly. Moving her body in rhythmic motions, her fingers continued back towards her clit. The wrought iron bed rocked beneath her, as she became lost within her passion. Ante thought he couldn't get any more aroused, but watching Dez like this was enough to make him crazy! His clothes too were hastily removed, and made their way to a piled heap upon the floor.

Ante in his naked splendor made her want him even more. His body glistened with sweat from the heat of the mid afternoon sun. Seeing his hardened state, Dezerae's fingers moved even faster on her clit. His taunt muscles flexed as he tried hard to gain control of himself. He did not want to succumb to her desires too quickly. Dezerae continued to moan as Ante knelt before her, the bed squeaking in protest. Slowly he trailed kisses along the inside of her thighs, teasing her unmercifully with his tongue. Her skin felt like satin, and her own sweet scent captivated him. He inhaled her perfume deeply, loving her smell. As Ante drew closer to her pussy, the scent of her sweet nectar filled him. "Oh Dez! Mmmmm...." His cock throbbed as the passion in his body accelerated. Using the tip of his tongue he parted her pussy lips, wanting to taste her wetness, her passion. He gently began to suck her sweet nub into his mouth, swirling his tongue around back and forth. "Mmmmm.....Ohhh Ante, don't stop baby!" Ante's tongue slithered deep inside her wet pussy, tasting her hot juices there. "Mmmmm...." Dezerae moaned, as her hands slid down and pulled his head closer. She held him tightly against her, as he fucked her deeply with his tongue. Feeling her climax mounting Ante slid his fingers inside her, discovering her tightness and the wonderful wetness within. As his fingers thrust deeper, his tongue never stopped circling, taunting her, as he flicked it hard against her clit. Dezerae's hips went faster as her passion reached heights, she could no longer control. "Oh God Ante, I'm Cumming.......Oh Baby... God, Yes! ...Mmmmmmm...." Ante sucked even harder, and flicked his tongue wildly with hard fast strokes, as her orgasm overtook her. The ecstasy in her voice was enough to almost send him over the edge. "Mmmmmm...." Dezerae's body arched as waves of unending spasms overcame her. "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh...." Her orgasm was forceful, seemingly neverending. As her body went limp beneath him Ante drank in her nectar loving her taste, loving her.

Happily spent, Dezerae's smile was one of heavenly bliss. Ante lavished kisses on the softness of her lips, entwining his tongue with hers once again. As their lips parted, Dezerae playfully rolled him onto his back. Feeling full of mischief, she grabbed the ties that conveniently hung on the iron bedpost. Before Ante knew what was happening, his hands were tied leaving him at her mercy.

The excitement of being bound left him breathless, as Dez watched him in his submissive state. With further ardor, she proceeded to blindfold him with her satin hair-tie. Ante's mind was going wild, he felt the restraints tighten on his wrists as Dezerae yanked on them. Darkness surrounded him now and he sensed her near, watching, waiting....Oh God!....the excitement was unbearable! In his mind he saw her naked body before him, her sensual curves, her full breasts. "God," Ante groaned, as the warmth of her mouth found his nipples. Sucking softly, Dezerae circled her tongue around each one, and slowly moved on. Tracing her lips along his stomach her tongue swirled, nibbled, and sucked. As she continued to torment him, Ante moaned softly...."Mmmmm...Dez, please.....don't stop babe!" He felt her fingers slowing trailing down his body caressing his inner thighs, softly circling, tickling, taunting him. Dez grinned, as she slowly parted his legs and lowered her head. The warmth and moistness of her mouth surprised him. Her sensuous lips tightly circled around his hardened shaft, leaving him writhing beneath her. "Ohhh Dez....Suck Me Baby!" Sliding her lips up and down, she swirled her tongue around him. Sucking, swirling, pulling his cock deeper into her mouth, Dezerae's tongue never stopped. Ante thrust his hips faster, wanting her to go deeper. Having no hands free, he found himself holding her head tightly between his legs. Feeling the tightness of her mouth, the swirling of her tongue, the saliva running down his cock, Ante could feel his climax mounting. "Mmmmmm....Ohhh Dez..." His head thrashed from side to side, as her hands, wet from her salvia, wrapped tightly around his rigid cock. Dezerae increased her momentum, as her hands slid up and down, along with her mouth. Faster, deeper, she sucked as Ante began to cum: "Mmmmmm...Aaaaaahhhhhhh....God Dez!.....God.......I'm Cumming...........Aaaaaahhhhhhh...." Ante's body tensed, as his orgasm hit him long and hard. He shot his load into Dezerae's mouth, and she swallowed deeply, loving his taste. Ante lay breathless, his heart pounding as Dezerae gently removed his bonds. Taking the satin blindfold off his eyes, she was met with a mischievous grin. Pulling her into his embrace, their lips caressed softly as they held each other not letting go.

Ante and Dezerae slept well after their passionate lovemaking. Feeling refreshed upon waking they casually dressed. Dez wore a soft pink sundress which hugged her curves in a most appealing way. Donning sandals, she was ready to start her evening tasks. Her lustrous blonde hair was pulled back in a simple ponytail, very flattering to her face.

Ante pulled on his jean shorts and found a light t-shirt to wear, as the evening had yet to cool down. His face still glowed as he remembered Dezerae's trickery with the bonds. Running his hands through his wavy hair, he set out to find some firewood for the romantic evening ahead.

Busy making a delicious dinner, Dezerae finally took closer notice of her surroundings. The cabin consisted of one large cozy room. An old flowered couch stood in the center, adorned with comfy throw pillows. In the middle of the floor lay a large braided rug. A fireplace also set the cozy room off perfectly. Dezerae's mind wandered for a moment thinking--she couldn't wait to make love to Ante there. Of course the wrought-iron bed caught her eyes also, as they twinkled in remembrance. Old-fashioned windows adorned with paisley curtains gave the room an even warmer look. The usual clutter went unnoticed, as Dezerae went back to her tasks, deep in thought.

Outside, Ante was finishing up with the wood he had collected for the fire. With plenty for the evening, he took a few minutes to enjoy the beauty around him. A cool breeze filled the air now, causing Ante to suddenly shiver. The sun was setting in the sky, casting a soft red glow throughout the mountains. The view was truly amazing, it almost took his breath away. It was so serene here; other than the soft wind not a sound could be heard. His thoughts were filled with Dezerae, as he walked along the path leading back to the cabin. Dusk was upon them now, a night filled with promises and lovemaking was yet to come.

A golden glow filled the room, as the flames from the newly-stoked fire grew in intensity. Ante added some more wood, enjoying the warmth as it enveloped them both. Dezerae watched as Ante diligently tended the fire. Enjoying the heat she curled up on the pillows with a glass of red wine. Sipping it slowly, she could already feel its effect on her. Warmth soon spread throughout her body. Her face was flushed, and her eyes sparkled as Ante lay down beside her.

Dezerae looked beautiful in her satin negligee. The silky fabric clung to her curves, transparent by the light of the fire. Ante found himself reaching for her, pulling her into his embrace. As his lips found hers, he gently parted them with his tongue. She tasted so sweet, as the hint of wine was still upon her lips. "Mmmmm," Dez moaned softly, as Ante's tongue now circled along her neck. She felt his warm breath against her skin, as his lips caressed her ear lobes. Her head rolled back against the pillows, as Ante continued to lavish her with soft kisses. Dezerae's hands began moving slowly along her negligee, loving the feel of the silk against her skin. Her fingers found her nipples and she caressed them through the satin, feeling them harden beneath her touch.

Ante's tongue circled, continuing further down her body, stopping at her creamy breasts. He found her fingers there, and gently entwined them with his own. He saw her aroused nipples peeking through, and sucked them gently through the silky fabric. The bright pink of her nipples, could be easily seen through the delicate white satin. Dezerae found the feel of his mouth against the silk, incredibly erotic. "Mmmmm..." she softly whimpered, as Ante's mouth and tongue worked their magic even more.

Dez smiled to herself as she anticipated her next move. She thought of what she had done earlier, loving the feeling of being in control. In one fluid motion, Ante was on his back with Dezerae sitting astride him. The softness of the pillows was beneath him, and she grinned, taking him by surprise yet again. Her hands held his tightly against the pillows, as she lowered her mouth and kissed him passionately. Ante could feel the soft touch of satin tickling his skin, as her breasts crushed against him. He felt her heart beating against his, felt the rise and fall of her breasts, felt her nipples.

"Oh God, Dez," Ante moaned, pulling her tongue deeper into his mouth...

A heartbeat later Dezerae did something else. She gracefully turned her body the other way, with her backside towards him. His hands free now, found their way to her negligee, lifting it gently above her behind. At the same moment, Dez loosened the ties on Ante's robe leaving him totally exposed to her. His rock hard cock awaited her, as she slowly lowered her head and took him into her mouth. "Mmmmm," Ante groaned, as her tongue began to circle him, swirling all around.

Dezerae's excitement grew as she felt Ante's fingers part her pussy lips. His tongue slid up and down along her slit, tasting her wetness, knowing her passion. Her sweet scent filled his nostrils as he inhaled her deeply. Finding her clit he took the sweet nub into his mouth, nibbling, sucking, flicking his tongue back and forth. "God, Ante!" Dez cried out, completely aroused as his tongue disappeared inside her pussy. His hands softly caressed her cheeks pulling her closer, as his tongue probed deeper. Dezerae took Ante's cock deeply within her mouth, sliding her lips tightly around him. Her hands moved up and down his shaft faster, as her tongue circled around, pulling his manhood deeper inside.

Ante's mind wandered as shadows of light flickered across the room. He thought of the first time they had done this, another place, another time. He could still envision her, as if it were only yesterday.

Ante felt Dezerae's passion as his fingers became lost within her pussy. They slid in effortlessly, as she was so wet from her juices. Faster, deeper his fingers went inside her, feeling her tightness surrounding them. "Aaaahhhhhh...." Dez cried out, as his tongue thrust inside her once again.

Ante could feel his orgasm threatening soon, his breath coming in short gasps now. Oh God, what she was doing to him! Her lips were magical, so soft and so warm. "Mmmmm...." He felt her cup his balls gently, flicking her tongue all around, as she sucked them deeply into her mouth. Her other hand, soaked in her saliva wrapped tightly around him. It never stopped, as she pumped his rigid cock up and down, faster and faster.

Dez could feel Ante getting close to exploding in her mouth. This time she wanted him in her pussy, she wanted to feel his cum inside her. Dezerae reluctantly left his cock, but only for a moment as she turned around to face him. Sitting astride his body, she could see the look of ecstasy in his eyes as she impaled herself on him deeply. "Ohhh Dez, Fuck Me baby!....Mmmmm...." Ante's fingers found her satin-covered breasts, caressing them, feeling their softness beneath. He felt her hard nipples, wanting to take them into his mouth, yet knowing he could not. He was helpless beneath her, as her body moved wildly above him.

Dezerae's fingers circled her clit; she could feel herself wanting to cum as she felt the burning heat within her. Faster and faster she rode Ante's cock, deep inside her pussy. In...out...up....down....deeper and deeper! She could feel his cock throbbing inside her, knowing he would cum any second. Her fingers worked wildly on her clit now, as she was nearing her climax also.

Ante's cock thrust harder into Dezerae's pussy, as he held her by the waist.

His breath came in great gasps, as his orgasm hit him long and hard! "Mmmmmm..........God Dez....I'm Cumming.......Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh...." Ante shot his cum deep inside her, as he finally surrendered to his passion.

Wondrous waves pulsated through Dezerae, as her own body released...letting go... "Mmmmmm....Ante!....Aaaahhhhhhhhhh...." Dezerae cried out in ecstasy. She fell limply against him, feeling the heaving of his chest as her own heart pounded within her. Slipping into his embrace, she saw the dreamy smile on his face, and knew he too was thinking of the next time. Dez found his lips once again, as she entwined her tongue with his. They tenderly kissed, holding each other amongst the pillows, as the embers in the fire slowly died out...

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