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The Contact
by Cat

"Damn! I lost my contact and I can't find it anywhere!"

You come in from the bedroom and are a little put out. We are suppose to meet friends for dinner and a concert. Both of us are dressed for the evening. I have on a beaded black dress that's cut low in front and back, which makes it a little difficult to find one small contact. The beading reflects the light just like the contact would.

You tell me to hold still and you will try to help me find it. We quickly eliminate the bathroom floor, which just leaves one place left to look. Me.

Since you are a little put out with me, you are doing those little sighs that mean you aren't angry just peeved. And with each little sigh, your breath fans against my skin as you start by checking around my face.

You smell so wonderful; a mixture of you and that cologne you like to wear and that starched white shirt looks so devastatingly attractive on you. I am having a difficult time remembering why I am suppose to stand so still. Your fingertips lightly touch my neck, feeling for that missing contact and gently move around to the back of my neck. Touching my skin and, feeling your way around.

I can feel myself getting warmer as you continue your search. You lightly run your hands over the front of my dress, skimming my breasts, I can feel my nipples harden, and my eyes feel heavier. As your hands slide back up my body, I can feel myself becoming damp and my face is starting to flush and it has everything to do with how hot I am becoming.

You are lightly stroking down my arms, when you tell me not to move that you have found it. The missing contact is resting against a beauty mark between my breasts. You take a finger and gently extract it from its hiding place. Look at me with triumph that you found the pesky thing.

I take the contact from you and then you really look at my face. You are so amused, "Only you could get this excited over a contact."

To which I reply, "You have no idea."

I put my hand behind your head and pull you closer. I lick a circle around your mouth and slowly deepen the kiss. My other hand is slowly moving up the front of your thigh, stoking your leg up and down. Until my wandering hand moves up your body to join the other locked around your neck.

Your hands are at my waist but slide up my ribs to just under my breasts. I can feel your hands almost touching me with your thumbs just on the underside. Lightly moving your thumbs back and forth, you caress me through the dress. You break away from the kiss that we're sharing, breathing just a little faster. "We're going to be late for dinner, aren't we?" Making it a statement of fact.

"If we play our cards right, yes, we are," I reply.

You nuzzled your way to my neck and drive me wild with all the attention that you give that place near my left ear. My nerve endings are going into overdrive, your tongue caresses my neck and I can feel myself getting wetter. But your mouth continues to work its magic by working its way down to that beauty mark between my breasts. Placing your mouth over the mark, you can feel my heart speed up and my skin emanate heat. I growl my need. But, you continue your exploration, laughing wickedly.

Suddenly, you lift me up to the bathroom counter, sitting me there. You have me half in and half out of the sink that has me tilted at a precarious angle, but when I try to move you won't let me. Moving your hands up my legs, you work your hands under my dress sliding it out of your way. When you reach the tops of my thighs and find out the underwear is missing, you grin and say, "Smart girl."

Dropping to your knees in front of me, you place my legs over your shoulders, grab my hips and pull me into your mouth. The feel of your mouth on my hot center makes me buck into you, the sensation too much to take. But you keep going, stroking my slit with your tongue and worrying my clit. Back and forth, around and around, your tongue works my clit into an intense state of arousal. You never let up on it stimulating it and me beyond reason.

Hearing the wetness your mouth and my pussy make and the sounds you're making as your pleasuring me pound at my senses. I can't stop groaning with want. Your tongue robs me of my sanity. I continue to pump my pelvis to get you closer. But to no avail. You have my hips pinned down with your hands and I can only move slightly, your tongue stroking me endlessly.

Seeing your head buried between my legs and my legs almost wrapped around your head increases my need to move with you to feel you deep inside of me, but you resist me. Torturing my clit, until my vision clouds and the spasms start. I climax just as you intended I should.

You stand in front of me pulling me to my feet and kiss me, one hard kiss. Then, you turn me around and say, "if we hurry we can still make the concert." I am amazed and ask, "But what about you."

As you are hurrying me out the door, you say, "My turn will come after the concert." And as always not wanting you to have the last word in all things, I reply, " Or during."

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