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The Contest
by Anonymous

Me and the other guys in the frat had been having a particularly lucky couple of weeks. An old alumnus of ours had died and left our house a couple hundred thousand dollars and had been making the most of it. Of course half of it immediately went into savings in case we were ever sued (a growing concern for fraternities across this country) but the other half we decided to use for renovations. We bought a giant screen TV and built a new deck on the back of our house for cook outs and even installed a bar complete with old fashioned beer taps. And did that money ever pay off. We were the most popular house on fraternity row. We christened our new place with a kick-ass Super Bowl party that ended up with most of us getting laid and the next weekend the girls just showed up back at our house. We must have had nearly every co-ed on campus at our house every weekend over the next couple of months.

My buddy Todd and I had hooked up with a couple of Lamdas named Heidi and Shelly. They weren't your typical sorority girls either. They were both gorgeous and well built but they were also pretty smart and were the unofficial leaders of their house. They spent a lot of time with Todd and I. Most of it in our bedrooms fucking our brains out. However, Todd and I both knew that it was not so much us that they were interested in but our house. I knew something was up when we caught them and about ten of their sisters trying to steal our six foot tall television in a typical sorority prank. What was most odd about the event was that they were all wearing their sleeping clothes which mostly consisted of large t-shirts but which meant nothing but bras and panties on some of the bolder girls. They were really loud too, and even though it was four in the morning when they tried to break in they managed to wake up the entire house. Later Todd came up to me and said, "That was weird, it was almost like they wanted us to catch them. And who tries to break into a house wearing only a bra and panties?" Ok, I thought, what are they up to? Were they just trying to fuck with us? Were they trying to get our TV? Or, were they just trying to get us turned on? Why?

The next time Heidi spent the night with me their motivation became clear. She had just fucked me for about an hour and a half and I had managed to climax twice so I was pretty worn out. As she laid there rubbing on my semi-hard cock and biting at my nipple she sighed, "Those girls sure do love your TV set. It would look really good in our house. Can you imagine watching Days of Our Lives on a screen that big?"

"So," I answered, "you all really were trying to steal it."

"No, not really." She giggled, "We just wanted to see if we could seduce you guys out of it for a while. We just want to borrow it for the upcoming summer so that we can watch our soaps during the day when we don't have class." All summer classes at our school were in the evening and apparently the girls envisioned a lazy summer with OUR giant television. "You know," she said finally, "we'd find a way to pay you guys for it. We don't have the money to pay for it but I'm sure we could work something out. Maybe some type of contest, winner gets the TV for the summer."

"I don't know if the guys would go for that." I said. "I could be a really fun contest she added, and there could even be prizes for the losers." As she said this she began to kiss her way down my body and eventually began to blow me (one of her favorite pastimes). As I got closer and closer to cumming I realized that there might be some merit in the idea. Finally, I shot my spunk in her mouth and told her I would bring the idea to the guys. "Good" she said swallowing down the last little bits of my sperm.


"Ok" Heidi shouted to everyone in our large rec. room, "let the sex Olympics begin." I had finally managed to talk the frat into a sexual contest with the Lamda girls with the winner getting the TV for the summer. Since not everyone was staying for the summer there were only about ten of my brothers their with Todd and I; and Heidi and Shelly only had about 18 of their sisters. Shelly stood up and read off the rules that she and Heidi had written. "This is going to be like sexual truth or dare, except there is no truth option." First the guys dare one of our girls to do something and then we girls dare one of them to do something. Anyone who refuses gets a mark against them. The first team with three marks loses. We girls will get the last turn since the guys are going first. Remember, anything goes. Let the games begin."

Having not known the rules before then we were at a loss for what to tell one of the girls to do. Todd piped up first. "I dare Becky to blow me." Becky was Shelly's little sister in the sorority and in real life too. Shelly shot him a mean look but he just shrugged and said "Hey, she doesn't have to, it's just one mark." Becky giggled and put her had on Shelly's shoulder. "It's ok sis. I just hope its as big as you said." She walked over and knelt in front of Todd and just smiled up at him. "You could have come up with something harder." She said. I don't think anyone besides Becky got her little joke. She unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out the hole in his boxers. She began to blow him and in no time Todd was really hard. His dick was about seven inches long and Becky took all of it with ease. Her little hand jacked him up and down as her tongue swirled around his head. Apparently she wasn't the innocent little freshman she appeared to be. Her short straight brown hair blocked most of the view but Todd kept trying to pull it away so as to be able to see her face. She was wearing white shorts with a tight stripped shirt that bared her midrift. Her tight little tits looked great and her nipples were obviously becoming hard. After about ten minutes Todd grunted and grasped the back of Becky's head. "Fuck!" he grunted and squirted in her mouth. None of us could see beyond her hair but Todd must have given her quite a load because he bucked for about a minute and she appeared to almost choke, but like a good little trooper she stayed with him till the end. When she finally finished and stood up only one little drop was on her lower lip. I pointed it out to her and she quickly licked it off and gave me a wink. The girls all cheered.

"Now its our turn to make a dare," Heidi said, "And I dare Todd to fuck Shelly."

I gave Heidi a quizzical look and said, "But he just got a blow job?"

"Hey, a dare is a dare. He doesn't have to, its only one mark!"

Todd just shrugged and walked over to Shelley. "Well, how do you want it?"

"Hey, the dare is for you to fuck me, so strip off my clothes and get to it." It was obvious that Shelly intended to do no work at all, for she made Todd take off all of her clothes without help and get himself hard. When she was stripped Todd grabbed her ankles and dragged her off the couch and onto the ground. She lay on her back and Todd put her ankles up over his shoulders. Shelly has really small tits but her nipples were huge. She had aereolas that covered almost her entire tit and nipples that stuck out half an inch. Todd, having already shot one load, drove his dick into her shaved little pussy with no finesse. He leaned forward and put his hands on her forearms and pinned them to the ground. He just rammed into her hard for about fifteen minutes. He was getting really sweaty and she was hardly sweating at all. Shelly was determined to make him do all of the work and she just looked up at her girlfriends and even chatted with them while Todd was working his ass off inside of her cunt. Finally, Todd buried himself into her all the way and shot a load in her womb. He fell off of her really worn out from power fucking her and shooting his second load in less than forty minutes. Shelly agreed that he had fucked her to the end and thus it was our turn again. Todd stood up and pulled his boxers up from his ankles and then collapsed back onto the couch where he had been sitting.

I conferred with the guys and we decided that it was time to make it harder on the women. "Robert here wants Kimberly to let him fuck her up the ass." Now, this wasn't exactly the nicest thing to do, since Kimberly was rather shy and virginal looking, but Robert had had his eye on her for a while, and since she was engaged to some Marine overseas he knew this would be his only chance to ever touch her. Kimberly looked nervous but she got a lot of pep talking from her sisters so she finally agreed. Shelley had brought some lube with her and she gave all of us erections when she told Kimberly to bend over and let her get her ass lubed up. Kimberly dropped her shorts and pink panties to the floor but she refused to take off her shirt.

"That wasn't the deal," she protested, "all he said was that I had to let him fuck my ass. The shirt stays on." Kimberly wanted to maintain some dignity and you couldn't blame her since she was engaged. She bent over and presented her anus to Shelly who squirted a big glob of KY up her butt. "She's good and ready now Robert, but go slow, I don't think she's ever done this before." Kimberly's long red curls hung down almost to her ass and when she got down on all fours they spread out all over the floor. Poor Robert had dropped his jeans and was just too excited about finally getting the girl her had lusted after for so long. He was rock hard and totally filled with lust. He got on his knees behind Kimberly and reached forward and tentatively reached forward to play with Kimberly's pussy. "Please Robert, just do it and get it over with." Kimberly wasn't to excited by the idea and wanted to get it over as quickly as possible. Robert was obviously disappointed, after all her really did like her, but not so disappointed as to refuse to fuck her ass. To his credit, he was pretty gentle with her, he slowly slipped the head of his cock inside her ass and then took it back out again. He reinserted it and slowly worked his way up her ass.

When Kimberly finally took all of him up her ass, she was biting her bottom lip quite hard, he pulled out a little and began to pump. Four or five of these pumps and he was through. He pulled his cock out of her ass and shot a tremendous load up her back, on her ass, and all over her lovely red curls. At first he was embarrassed by how quickly he shot his load but the girls, and most of us guys, were so amazed by the sheer amount of cum that he shot that when he saw their looks of disbelief he got his confidence back. Porn stars couldn't shoot that much cum. It looked like Kimberly had just put an entire bottle of moose in her hair. Her entire back was sticky with cum and it started to soak through her shirt. During the rest of our contest she just sat on the couch with a handkerchief and tried to get the semen out of her hair.

"Our turn again." Heidi said, "And given the performance we just witnessed we need to let Kimberly have a rest. So we'll have to go to our third option." It was now obvious that the girls had planned all of their dares in advance. "Todd, titty-fuck Megan." "He's already gone once, give someone else a chance." I said. "Nope, a dare is final and if he doesn't want to then you all lose a mark." Megan was an amazon of sorts, not butch just big with breasts to match. She was obviously proud of her chest so she stood up pulled her halter over her head and undid her support bra. She needed a support bra, her tits were huge. Her nipples were dark brown and perfectly round. What tits!! She knelt in front of Shelly while Shelly squirted and then rubbed lube between her melons. When she was well lubed she lay down on her back and looked toward Todd.

"Well, come on stud. Fuck my titties." Todd couldn't believe it. Why did they keep choosing him, then it dawned on me: they were going to keep choosing him until he couldn't do it anymore. That was how they planned on winning. Todd dropped his pants to the floor and took out his limp dick. He began to rub it on Kimberly's nipples in an effort to get hard. I found out later that Shelly fucked Todd three times last night and woke him up twice more during the night to give him a blow job. And while Todd had enjoyed the attention the effects of Shelly's late night libido were beginning to show. Todd finally got hard and began to slide his dick between Kimberly's tits but he just wasn't up to it. He tried and tried and Emily even cheated a little to try and help him out. She would lick the tip of his dick and squeeze his balls but Todd just couldn't cum one more time.

"Ok, Fuck this!" I yelled, "This was supposed to be a fair contest and now you bitches have decided to try and wear out just one guy. Well, the only reason most of us agreed to this contest was the chance to get some nookie, and we're not going to loose our TV and be denied a piece of ass!" All the rest of the guys cheered and agreed with me. "That was not the deal" the girls complained. "Tough shit, the deal is changing. We will give you all the TV, but each one of us gets to fuck one of you. We get to fuck you all we want to all summer! That will be the price of the TV."

The rest of the summer was great for us guys. We got a lot of work done because we had no TV around to distract us and the girls got great tans and got to see all of their soaps. You could call that summer the summer of cum and that summer has one hundred stories to itself.
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