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The Court
by Guy Atbar

My girlfriend and I were on the rocks. It doesn't really matter why, but we were. At the time of this tale we had two more months together and neither of them were very happy. I had just laid the news on her that we were moving out of the apartment that we had shared for two years. Heidi, my girlfriend, was desperate to stay. She loved the place even if she didn't love me and I think at the time though we both new how bad things were, I feel we both thought we loved each other enough to get through this tough time. I won't lie, Heidi knew that she could ply me with good sex. She'd done it before. Looking back I realize that this was her last ditch attempt to get me to relent and stay with her in the apartment.

I came home from work that day, as always, about 1pm. I ran a restaurant and was up every weekday at 4:45 in the morning. Hated it, I'm such a night person, but the money was ex. So, about 2pm I would go to sleep to wake at 6/6:30 for dinner and spend the rest of the evening and night with Heidi.

She had prepared a fabulous dinner, something she rarely did anymore. In fact, she rarely did anything anymore, especially sex. We'd had sex perhaps a handful of times in the previous six months. She blamed a minor surgery that she'd had a few months ago. Whatever. After dinner we watched a little tube and Heidi massaged my back. I love a good massage, almost as much as sex, and, of course, she knew that. She had me so relaxed I was almost happy. Then, she took my hand and raised me off the couch, telling me we were going for a walk. I really enjoy taking walks. She usually doesn't. I knew she was obviously really trying to be nice to me and so I let her. We strolled around the complex talking about this and that; mostly our love for each other and how we both wanted to make things better in the relationship.

The night was cool and she mentioned that she was getting goose bumps on her legs and I offered that we go in. She said no and would I snuggle with her to keep her warm. Sure I would. She was wearing a mini-skirt, which was why she was so cold. I got behind her and pressed up against her back, trying to walk in stride with her so my legs could warm her legs. My hands crept to her thighs and as they had been in my pockets, heated her with my touch. I brought them up under her mini, intending to rest them on her bare waist when I realized that she wasn't wearing any panties.

"You dirty little girl", I said. She just purred and the next thing I knew her hand was on my cock. Heidi has very talented hands and I had a throbbing erection just dying to burst out of my pants. The fact that I hadn't had sex in forever certainly made my comfort less.

My fingers began toying with the pubic hair above her pussy as well as her inner thighs. We walked this way for quite some time; her practically giving me a hand job and me teasing her crotch. There were people all over that night. Cars pulling up and couples getting ready to go out. Strangers passed within a few feet of us, but we only cared about each other's pleasure. Heidi never did stuff like this in public, though she was an absolute slut in the bedroom, she was a prim, prude of a woman in company.

Finally, she demanded that I stop teasing her and start pleasuring her pussy. If I thought she wouldn't mind I would have been on my knees then, with my tongue on her clit, but I figured that was pushing things. Instead, my index finger slid over to her clit while my middle one pushed itself inside of her. She let out a small gasp that I knew the woman passing us heard.

"Do you like that?" I asked, knowing that she did. Her pussy was literally dripping and I knew how excited she was. She didn't respond to my question though. The only sound I heard was a zipper going down. Suddenly, my cock was feeling the cool night air and wonderful tingles went all up and down my body. Heidi took me in her cold little hands and began really jerking me off.

Her mini covered most of what I was doing to her, but even though I was still behind her, I knew people passing could see me exposed. I didn't care. I've always been something of an exhibitionist. And I was completely at Heidi's mercy. If she had told me to take off all my clothes and jerk off in front of her, I would have.

Heidi had other ideas. She told me that it was time to go somewhere more private. I guessed that it was home, to bed and that was just peachy keen with me. I felt like fucking all night. However, as we came nearer our unit, Heidi made a surprise left and we continued walking. I was in ecstasy. My little finger, wetted with her cunt juice was making its way toward her asshole. I played with the puckered little bud, but couldn't slide inside with the motion of her steps. I had been very slowly easing her into anal sex over the last many years. For the longest time she had absolutely refused and since I was pretty damned happy with our sex life otherwise, I let it go. The first time I was able to rim her was quite a turning point. She LOVED it and I did it to her often from then on. I began putting fingers up her, but still couldn't get my cock involved in the action. I wear a pretty large Prince Albert, which she loves to use during sex, but even though I offered to remove it for anal sex, she still refused.

Anyway, all I could think about was getting my tongue on her beautiful little asshole. But, for the moment, my pinkie was in heaven.

Suddenly I could see where she was taking me: The racket ball court. It was a large structure with four courts side by side. They all had a common chamber and each had a tiny open door that you had to bend down to get through. One of the middle ones had the lights blown out and this was the one whose door we squoze through.

We could hear balls slapping the walls all around us as our neighbors sweated on the courts.

Heidi immediately threw me against the wall and kissed me deeply. Our tongues twined long and hard. Then she lowered herself down my body. As she came to my waist her hands unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them around my ankles. My cock stood straight out and was easily guided to Heidi's eager mouth. She is the master of sloppy blowjobs and before I knew it my dick was dripping with saliva. I was ready to blow my wad in her mouth like she knew I loved to, but she stopped when she felt me begin to twitch and pinched the base of my cock with her cute little hand to calm me down. She stood again and pulled me from the wall, taking my place and telling me it was my turn.

I was on my knees and under her skirt in a flash. She kept a patch of bush, but her lips were clean-shaven and allowed me hairless entrance into her tight little box. She was leaking liquid treasure down her thighs and I licked it all up till I came to it's source, shoving my tongue deep in her hole, tongue-fucking her like I knew she loved. I could hear her moaning with delight and that's when I noticed someone was watching from just beyond the tiny doorway. I immediately flipped Heidi around and bent her over. My pussy-stained tongue dove for her asshole and I knew that in this position she had to be able to see out the doorway.

I stopped licking for a moment and looked at my lover's face. To my surprise she was staring right at the stranger (actually there were three of them now) and had raised her shirt to display her gorgeous breasts. She wasn't wearing a bra and they were hanging perhaps four feet from the onlookers as she pinched the nipples tantalizingly.

The next thing I knew I was slammed back against the wall and Heidi was climbing onto my hot cock. I put my legs out a little so she could use me and the wall to bounce on my dick with. It felt so good. She was kissing me as I fondled her titties, but I could clearly see her watching the gathering crowd with a wild, gleeful expression in her eye. She was literally screaming with waves of pleasure.

Once again, just as I though I might pop off, Heidi stopped. She climbed off of me and got back against the wall, this time with her back to me. She lifted the skirt and spread her cheeks wide while turning her face back to look at me.

"I want you to fuck my asshole!"

I didn't need to be told twice. I had been waiting almost three years for this moment and now along with a crowd of seven watching me, I finally would.

My jewelry was still on, as I hadn't even thought to remove it. My dick was slick with cunt juice and seemed to slide almost effortlessly inside of her. I say effortlessly as I felt that I was going into her with practically no resistance, though I clearly heard Heidi grunting as I pushed and knew the effort was all hers. When I was in all the way and could tell she was in no pain, I began slamming her harder than I'd ever fucked anyone in my life. I was so turned on. Heidi immediately was screaming that she was cumming and I felt her shuddering on my stiff cock. I reached around to grab her breasts and take a look out the small door. Yep, seven. Five guys and two girls. All were in various stages of undress. All were crowed about the doorway that was very low, but not too narrow for them all to catch a glimpse. Three guys stood at the edge, on their knees, dicks in hand, stroking away. One couple sat on one side right in front of the doorway. The man was fingering the chick and she was in turn jacking him off. The other couple was on the other side. He was sitting Indian style with his girl's (wife's?) head in his lap blowing him. I couldn't see, but I think he was fingering her.

That was about all I could take. When Heidi bent back, whispered how much she loved me and kissed me hard, I came in a gush with my cock up her ass and my tongue down her throat. I continued fucking for another minute or two until my dick began to deflate. Heidi got off and was directly on her knees and licking the pussy and ass juice mixed with semen off of me with apparent relish. When my cock was clean she turned, bent over, told me it was my turn again. I bent to dive back into her asshole, but before I could quite get there I saw a large dollop of cum squirt out of her hole. I quickly got under it and caught it in my open mouth and at that moment very clearly heard both women and one of the men moan in orgasm.

I ate her ass out with vigor until there was no cum from either of us on or inside of it except for what was leaking fresh from her pussy. I stood up, grabbed her chin and kissed her hard, stuffing the remnants of my meal into her mouth. I gave her quite a bit to slurp and suck down and we stood that way for what seemed a long time.

Finally, Heidi pulled up my pants, giving my cock a playful tug before zipping me up. As we left through the little door we noticed that although no one was out there at all, there were at least two puddles of semen on the ground and one I noticed dripping down the wall. Also there was one wet ass print in the floor next to one of the puddles. Heidi and I gazed lovingly into each others eyes and went back home... to bed.

That incident didn't save our relationship, but it did allow it to hang in there perhaps even longer than it should have.


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