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The Classified Ad
by Rusher

I have answered a classified ad for a couple seeking a third to satisfy the cravings of the bisexual husband. I meet with the wife and find that there is a mutual attraction. I agree to go to their large home in the country and help them fulfill their fantasy. I have yet to meet the man, nor do I want to. I want him to be anonymous and mysterious; that is part of my fantasy. Once we arrive at the house, the woman and I disrobe, and she begins to prepare me for the night ahead.

I am naked, lying at the foot of a bed in a strange room. I am on all fours, with my ass sticking up in the air, the "doggie style" position. My cock is half erect with my balls hanging down. I am resting on my elbows, with my head lying on a thick carpet. I can look back between my open legs and see my cock and balls, and watch my cock grow in anticipation. There is a full length on the wall, and I can see my ass and balls in the reflection. My asshole looks open and inviting.

A nude woman is lying full length beside me. She has long beautiful brunette hair which reaches just past her shoulders, medium-sized firm breasts, and long smooth legs. Her nipples small and pointed, and very hard. She has a beautifully lascivious grin on her face as she eyes my body. She strokes the full length of my body, beginning by running her hands through my hair. She pulls my hair roughly, forcing my head up slightly so that I am staring at her eye to eye. She laughs in satisfaction at my pliability. She lightly strokes her hand along the length of my back. Nest she strokes my ass, cupping a cheek in her hand, palming it roughly. She gives it a playful slap, the sharp sound of flesh on flesh reverberating throughout the silent room. I buck slightly, and she laughs again. She moves her hand down the crack of my ass. She pauses to make a circle around my asshole wit her index finger, raking it with her long nail. She presses her finger against the hole, but stops short of inserting it. She cups my balls in her hand, then rakes her nails along the back of my thigh. I can hear them click together as she pulls her hand away.

My cock has become rock hard because of her treatment. She peers down at it. She looks at me and smiles again. She tells me how big it is, and that she wants to suck and taste it. She begins kissing me, first on the back of my neck. She lightly kisses my face, while continuing to stroke my ass and thighs. With her free hand she grabs my face and turns it toward her in order to kiss me on the lips. She forces my lips apart with her tongue and slides into my mouth. She French kisses my for several minutes, becoming more rough and forceful before finally stopping releasing my face. She begins heavy breathing and sticking her tongue in my ear, making me squirm and moan loudly. She gives me another loud hard smack on the ass and allows her hand to linger on my asscheek. Both her hand and my ass are warm now.

"You're going to get fucked. Are you ready for that?" she asks. I nod in affirmation. "Would you like that?" I nod again.

"Tell me you want to get fucked," she demands.

"I want to get fucked," I whisper.

"I know you do. And you're going to get a big cock shoved up you ass, andI know you're going to enjoy it. So now I have to get you ready." She crawls behind me and kneels, her face only inches from my ass. She takes a cheek in each hand and spreads them apart until it feels like she will rip me open. I wince.

"If you thing that's bad, you're in trouble. It's nothing compared to what's coming. Are you sure you're ready?" Not waiting for an answer, she spreads my cheeks again and buries her tongue as far as it will go into my asshole. I jump and moan and try to pull away, but she pulls me back roughly onto her tongue, digging her nails into my ass. She removes her tongue long enough to tell me not to move and then begins again. She is slowly moving her tongue in and out of my asshole, jabbing it in as deep as it will go, then pulling it all the way out. She licks around the rim of it as well. I cannot stifle my moans. She occasionally slaps my bare ass, and keeps pulling me back onto her tongue.

After several minutes of tonguing me, she stops. She produces a bottle of baby oil. She removes the cap and dribbles a huge amount of oil on the crack of my ass. It rolls down towards my asshole, where she collects it on her index finger. Once her finger is well coated, she shoves it slowly into my asshole. After a few strokes, my ass is well lubricated, and she puts a second finger in my ass. She begins stroking in and out, and after a few strokes, she adds a third finger. She moves them in and out of my ass slowly for a few strokes, then pulls them out completely.

She lays down beside me and begins stroking my ass and thighs again. "You look good, baby. You look like you're ready to get fucked."

I hear someone enter the room. I look up to see a naked man from the waist down. He is well muscled, tanned but with a clear tan line where his trunks have been. His ass and cock are a pale white, contrasting sharply with the dark brown of the rest of his body. His chest and stomach are smooth, with no hair. There is a small patch of dark hair surrounding his cock. It is not erect. She tells me we will have to do something about that, since he is not ready to fuck me.

She kneels beside me so that our faces are almost touching. She tells him to get down on his knees in front of us, and he does so without hesitation. She takes his cock slowly in her hand, and begins stroking and massaging it. It slowly begins to grow in her hand as she slowly strokes the whole length of it. She cups his balls in her other hand and expresses her satisfaction at the size and feel of it. In only a few moments he is fully erect. His cock looks huge to me, dangling only inches away from my face. I know there is no way he will be able to fit it into my tight ass.

She moves forward and takes his cock into her mouth. She runs her tongue around the head, then slowly slides mouth over it and takes the whole cock into her mouth. She moves slowly up and down on it with both her hand and her mouth for a few strokes. He is turned on, and grabs her head to pull her further onto his cock. She looks up and smiles while still sucking and jerking him off. She rubs his cock all over her face next, savoring the smell and feel of against her skin. She kisses along the full length of the underside with her lips until her nose is buried in his balls. She inhales deeply to take in his scent and moans in satisfaction. She kisses his huge balls, and then moves her face away. She holds the huge cock in her hand and then offers it to me.

"Come on, baby," she says. "Take it in your mouth and suck it. I know you want to." I hesitate, just staring at the huge thing in her hand. She shakes it at me and lets out a throaty laugh. I still do not move towards it. She suddenly smacks me hard on the ass. "DO IT!" she shouts, punctuating her command with another hard slap on my reddening asscheeks.

Slowly, I move closer to his cock, taking seemingly forever to cover the two or three inch distance to the head of it. With her encouragement, I open my mouth and slowly encircle the large purple head of his penis. I sue my tongue to swirl around the head.

"Mmmm, you suck good, baby," she whispers in my ear. "That's really good. Now suck the rest of it. Take his whole big cock into your mouth." I slide my mouth slowly over more and more of his cock, knowing I can't possibly take it all in my mouth. I can smell his sweat and his strong sexual odor now as I slide further and further down. My nose brushes against his short-clipped pubic hair and then against as I take nearly the whole length of it into my mouth. He moans and places his hands on my shoulders, nearly falling forward on top of me. He then slides his hands up the back of my neck and onto my head and begins pulling me onto his cock and moving his hips. He's fucking my face.

Meanwhile, she has stuck her fingers in my ass again. I have the sensation of being fucked and sucking a cock at the same time and being totally filled up. I begin sliding my mouth up and down very slowly on his cock. As it leaves my mouth, she puts her fingers in deeper, and I go down on him again, she pulls her fingers out, keeping in rhythm with me. She is jerking him off with her other hand. I didn't think it was possible, but he is getting larger in my mouth. His cock is alive and warm in my mouth. He moves his hips and maintains his grip on the back of my head, forcing me to take as much of him as I can. She removes her fingers from ass and uses her hand to jerk me off, while at the same time talking dirty to me in my ear. I am squirming and moaning.

"Oh, yes, that looks good," she says. "Get his cock all wet. He's going to stick it in your ass in a minute."

We then begin sharing his cock. I suck on it for two strokes, then she does the same. She only plays with my cock while I am sucking him.. The teasing is driving me crazy. I want to cum so badly. Soon she can sense that both he and I are close cumming, so she stops. She tells me to kiss the head of his cock for one last time. I tell her that I want to cum, that my cock is aching. She tells me that I can cum in her mouth while I am being fucked, and that is the only way she will allow it.

He next moves directly behind me and kneels once again on his knees. He places his hard penis between my asscheeks and slides it between them like he is going to fuck my crack. He takes a cheek in each hand and spreads them apart. She grabs his cock with her hand and guides it downward between my legs. She rubs my balls with the head of his cock, then rubs his head on the tender skin between my balls and asshole. She tells me she can't wait to suck my cock while watching his penis move in and out of my ass. She finally positions his huge cock at my asshole. She pushes the head in just a little. Feeling the resistance of my sphincter muscles, she stops.

"Relax, baby, it's OK. It will feel so good, I promise. Just relax and let me stick it in." She pushes the head again, and I relax a little, and suddenly the head is inside my ass. She is kissing me and stroking my body and whispering encouragement as he slides his entire cock into me. I cannot stifle a moan which comes from deep inside me. She lets him slide it in the rest of the way, and his huge cock is all the way inside my ass. I am completely filled up with it, and I can feel his balls resting against my ass. He begins to manipulate my movements with his hands on my waist. My moans are very loud now, which pleases her.

"Didn't I tell you how good it would feel?" she asks, then looks down at my hard cock. "Oh, but I promised that you could cum in my mouth, didn't I? Well, you're certainly keeping your part of the bargain, so I'll keep mine." She moves under me until we are in a '69' position, all the while fondling my cock and balls. She takes only the head of my cock into her mouth, and sucks it. The feeling of her sucking my cock and his cock in my ass is incredible. All my concentration and feeling is centered on that small area of my body.

She then begins to jerk me off with hand and suck the entire length of my cock in and out of her mouth. I can feel her throaty groans of lust on my sensitive cock. Her pussy is only inches from my face now. It is clean shaven and beautiful. She is rapidly sliding her left index and middle fingers in and out of her pussy while brushing her clit with her thumb. She then pulls her fingers out and uses her index finger to rub her clit, brushing back and forth across it, rapidly and lightly, barely touching it. After watching for a few minutes, I lower my head between her legs to lick her wet pussy. With her hand, she pushes me back. She takes her mouth from my cock long enough to say an emphatic "NO!", and begins masturbating herself again as I watch only inches away.

He has increased his rhythm and is now pulling his cock almost completely out of my ass before slamming it back in. She occasionally takes her hand from my cock to massage my balls, and his as well as they slam against my asscheeks on every deep stroke. The pain is gone and I am enjoying the feel of his cock in my ass now that I have been stretched out. I can tell he is close to cumming, and so am I from the expert blow job I am receiving from my hostess. He strokes in and out of me one, two, three times more, then buries his cock to the hilt inside me, slapping his testicles against my ass. He arches his back, grabs my hips to pull me back onto his cock, and cries out. I can feel him cumming inside my ass, his cock spurting again and again and filling me with his sperm. His cock has gotten bigger as he cums, and it feels as though he will never stop shooting into me. His cumming triggers my orgasm also, and begin to cum as he is shooting inside me. I pull my cock out of her mouth and shoot load after load on her face, neck, and breasts. I keep cumming for a long time. Each time I shoot I clench my sphincter muscles around his cock again, and so he keeps cumming as well. As I finish shooting my load, she clamps her legs together convulsively, her finger still on her clit, and cries out in orgasm as well.

After a few minutes of recovery time, he pulls his cock out of my ass and falls back on the floor. She pulls my asshole down to her mouth and begins sliding her tongue into my hole. She drinks his cum from my ass, collecting it on her tongue as it trickles out of my ass and down towards my balls. After several minutes of this, she and I proceed to clean off his nearly soft cock with our mouths. Once again, we share equally. She and I fall asleep using his inner thighs as our pillows, his cock between us.


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