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The Contact Magazine
by Wendy

Wendy was married to Ben, she had a thirteen-year-old son who was now at boarding school, she had taken a part-time job to relieve boredom. Ben was work abroad again on the oilrigs, he did three months on and one off. He had just gone back out to the Middle East and wouldn't be home for three months. Wendy was 34 years old, slim with a good figure about 5 feet 4 inches tall, shoulder length fair hair, 34c-bra size. There was a nice curve to her hips and she had a delightfully rounded ass. She was not looking forward to the next few months alone, Stephen, her son came home from school one weekend in three.

She was walking back from the shops carrying two large bags and stopped at the bench by the road side for a short rest, it was a nice sunny day, as she sat down she noticed a magazine beside her. She picked it up and began to read - it was a contact magazine. She quickly thumbed through a few pages not really interested. Then she stopped at a page something had caught her attention, she read on, it was a section on couples seeking another female, she felt her pulse quicken as she read some of the ads. Some passers-by were approaching so she quickly put the magazine in her shopping bag, got up and continued home stopping for a chat with a neighbour.

She got in and started to unpack her shopping and found the magazine again, putting it on one side, she put away the groceries and sat down and read more of the ads. Only two were from couples who lived reasonably near, as she read she found she was getting quite excited at the thought of being the third person in a sex session. Her heart was pounding as she wrote a letter to the first couple, telling them a little about herself and this was her first time at replying to an ad etc. She wrote much the same letter to a second couple and mailed them off that same day.

Over a week went by when one morning she opened the mail, there was a letter from one of the couples, her heart was pounding as she read it. They were both 52 years old, it said, both fit, he owned a fairly big business and they lived rather well, she was Lucy and he Tom. Lucy was 5ft 6inches tall and tom 5ft 10inches. Wendy got the feeling it was Lucy who had written it, she got the feeling to that they seemed genuine and friendly, she was beginning to think that she might like to meet them. They asked for a photo of her and a phone number.

She wasted no time in writing back putting in a nice full length picture Ben had taken of her in a fairly short skirt showing off her legs, she added her phone number and asked if they would send a photo of themselves in return. A couple of days went by Wendy had not expected a reply just yet but there it was, her hand was shaking as she ripped open the envelope. A photo fell out, she picked it up and looked at it, her first reaction was that neither of them looked their age both seemed much younger. He was quite handsome, she thought, and Lucy was very pretty and shapely in a figure hugging evening dress. It said in the letter that Lucy would ring that evening for a chat, Lucy had put a "Ps" on the bottom that she thought Wendy looked very beautiful on her photo and hoped they could meet up soon.

All day Wendy kept thinking of Lucy and Tom, getting very excited and nervous at the same time wondering if she really should be doing this. Evening came and the phone rang, Wendy's heart was in her mouth as she went to answer it, Lucy sounded very friendly and soon put Wendy at ease as they chatted away. "Tom's away over night at a conference so I'm on my own this evening," Lucy said.

"I'm on my own for the next few months," Wendy said in reply.

"Look, why don't you come over and we can keep each other company, we have plenty of room you could stay the night" Lucy suggested.

"Well I have nothing important to stay here for that, I'll get a taxi and I'll be with you soon," Wendy said. She went off and had a shower and found a trouser suit to wear, put some things in an overnight bag, fixed her make-up and called a taxi and was soon on her way. The driver knew the address that Wendy gave him from Lucy's letters, she was getting very nervous again as the taxi pulled into a long private drive and dropped her at the door.

Lucy opened the door before Wendy got there, she had been looking out for her arrival. Lucy greeted Wendy warmly and taking her bag ushered her into the house, "Come in make yourself at home."

Lucy said smiling at Wendy, "Oh, your shaking." Lucy added as she took Wendy's hand and took her into the living room, leaving her bag in the hall. Lucy sat Wendy on the settee "I sure you would like a drink, I have just about everything what can I tempt you with", Lucy asked. "I'd love a gin and tonic please," Wendy answered. Lucy poured Wendy a strong one along with one for herself and they both sat and chatted. Gradually Wendy began to relax, Lucy noticed this and seeing her glass was empty Lucy refilled it for her.

"You look even more beautiful in the flesh" Lucy said.

Wendy began to blush, "Sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you." Lucy added.

"It's nice to be paid a compliment," Wendy said. "It's just it doesn't happen very often." Lucy and Wendy chatted on. Wendy told Lucy about her husband working abroad, and her son in boarding school etc, Lucy was very interested. "You come over any time you like, don't stay at home if you are feeling lonely, we are going to be good friends, I think, don't you?" Lucy asked.

"Yes I feel I have know you for ages already," Wendy replied.

"That's good, I want us to be comfortable in each other's company, I know you will get on well with Tom, he's the most loveable person you could meet," Lucy said.

"When will Tom be home?" Wendy asked.

"Oh, I would think tomorrow morning sometime," Lucy said. "Come I will show you a bit of the house, if you get bored just say. Lucy got up and took Wendy's hand and squeezed it gently, then led her out into the hall, she picked up Wendy's bag and led the way upstairs, "I'll show you your room while we are up here," Lucy said.

Wendy was shown all of the bedrooms, "Which is the bathroom, as I need the toilet?" asked Wendy.

"The door at the end of the landing," Lucy pointed out. "I'll meet you back down stairs" Lucy said leaving Wendy and going back to the living room. Wendy went back down stairs after and walked back into the living room, "You seem a little wobbly," Lucy said smiling.

"I have had a little to much to drink," Wendy said and giggled a little.

Lucy watched her walk back to her seat on the settee, "You really are very beautiful," Lucy said again.

Wendy smiled back and said, "You are a very attractive women too."

"Do you think so " Lucy asked.

"Oh yes, you and Tom both look years younger than you are," Wendy smiled, and finished her drink. The sun was just setting, Lucy got up and pulled the curtains then turned on the wall lights giving the room a warm glow.

"Now let's have a good look at you," Lucy said, moving over to Wendy and taking her hand and pulling her gently up onto her feet. "Let me take your jacket, you must be warm in that," Lucy said reaching out and undoing the buttons and taking it off, Wendy didn't seem to mind, Lucy laid it neatly over the back of a chair. Lucy walked around Wendy a few times looking her up and down. "I can't wait to see more of you," Lucy said looking deeply into Wendy's eyes. "You tell me to stop whenever you want," she said as she raised her hands and began to unbutton Wendy's blouse. Wendy reached up and took hold of Lucy's hands stopping her from undoing the buttons, then she changed her mind and lowered her hands and Lucy continued.

She undid the buttons down to Wendy's waist then tugged gently and pulled the rest of the blouse out from the waist of her trousers. Lucy had all the buttons undone and then pulled open Wendy's blouse, Lucy noticed she was panting a little. "Your bra looks nice and full," Lucy said admiring Wendy's tits. "I will have to investigate further."

Lucy looked straight at Wendy again as she tucked her fingers under the front of Wendy's bra. Still looking at her she pulled out and up on her bra, Wendy's tits falling out of the cups, Lucy lifted the bra up under Wendy's chin then stood back and said in an admiring voice, "Wow, they are gorgeous."

Reaching out she cupped Wendy's tits, one in each hand and teased the nipples between thumb and forefinger. Wendy sighed deeply and winced a little at first, but Lucy's expert fingers soon had Wendy purring with delight her nipples were erect and hard as Lucy lowered her head and started sucking on them. Lucy reached down and began unfastening Wendy's trousers, she began to protest but Lucy soothed her and soon had them undone and they slid down Wendy's legs to lie in a heap around her ankles.

Lucy walked around Wendy murmuring admiringly "What a lovely ass you have, Tom will love it as I do." She knelt behind Wendy and rubbed her hands lovingly over Wendy's buttocks, she slipped a hand under her white panties and ran a finger up and down the crack in her ass. Wendy tried to shy away a little but Lucy removed her hand and lifting one foot at a time took her trousers off.

She sat Wendy back down on the settee and stood back and looked at her. "You are very sexy", Lucy said and sat beside her. Placing an arm around her shoulders she leaned in towards Wendy and kissed her lightly on the mouth, then when she found no resistance she kissed her again. Slowly Lucy found Wendy was beginning to respond and was soon kissing her back.

"I've never really been with another women," Wendy said.

"You just let me lead you then," said Lucy. "I won't hurt you or do anything you don't like." Placing a hand on Wendy's thigh she began kissing her again more passionately this time, sliding Wendy's leg towards her she made enough room to get her hand on her panty covered pussy. She began to run her fingers up and down over her pussy pushing her panties between the lips, Lucy could feel the dampness soaking through the material and smiled to herself knowing she was getting somewhere. Lucy lowered her head and sucked on Wendy's nipples again bringing a moan of pleasure from her.

Then Lucy slid her hand down the front of Wendy's panties and found her clit. Lucy had her wriggling and twisting her hips and crying out as she quickly brought her to her first orgasm. Lucy felt her cum into her hand then while she came back to earth she knelt on the floor and reached under her ass and tugged her panties off. Lucy pushed Wendy's legs wide apart and buried her face in Wendy's pussy her tongue flicking across her clit, Wendy was soon writhing about again as Lucy's tongue darted up and down her cunt and sucking on her clit soon brought her to another orgasm.

Lucy was enjoying herself as she removed her mouth from Wendy's wet cunt. She pulled Wendy nearer to the edge of her seat and slowly pushed a finger into Wendy's cunt, as far in as it would go then began frigging her then she had two fingers in as Wendy's cunt stretched. Soon she was frigging her with three fingers Wendy was thrusting back onto Lucy's fingers as she neared another orgasm. Lucy tried sliding another finger in along side the others, it gradually worked it's way in then with the thumb of the same hand rubbing her clit at the same time Wendy had a huge orgasm.

She screamed out and shook from head to toe. Lucy left her for a short time to calm down and went of to the bathroom to get cleaned up and use the toilet her own panties were soaking as well. Lucy got undressed and went back down to see how Wendy was, she found she hadn't moved her legs were still wide apart Lucy stood and admired the sight. Wendy's pussy lips glistened with her juices her face still flushed after her multi-orgasms, and she was sleep. Lucy lay her out on the settee and got a duvet and covered her up and left her to sleep.

The following morning Lucy went down stairs and woke Wendy, "Good morning, did you sleep ok, if you want a shower or anything just help yourself" she said. Wendy picked up her things and went and showered, got dressed, and joined Lucy in the kitchen. "Would you like breakfast?" asked Lucy.

"Just a cup of tea, please," Wendy replied. "I enjoyed last night. I have never had as many orgasms in my life."

"Well, I enjoyed giving you all those orgasms," Lucy said with a big smile. Wendy finished her tea, Lucy came round the breakfast table, she was still in her dressing gown, "I hope you will stay for the day and meet Tom," she said.

"I'd love to," Wendy replied.

"Then there is one thing we must do then," Lucy said, taking Wendy's hand. "Come with me I think you might enjoy this, I will," she added with a big smile.

Lucy led Wendy to the bathroom, "Take off your trousers please," Lucy said as she sorted out a few things. Lucy turned around and plugged in an electric razor. "You will have to take off your panties as well, I'm going to shave your pubic hair off, Tom loves shaven pussies, look," she said parting her dressing gown.

Wendy looked at Lucy's shaven pussy, "It's so nice and soft," Lucy added, taking Wendy's hand and rubbing it over her pussy. "Isn't that nice?" asked Lucy.

"Yes it is so soft, it feels like mine did when I was young and the hair hadn't grown yet." Wendy had her panties off; Lucy put a towel on the toilet seat and had Wendy sit on it.

Lucy opened Wendy's legs wide and turned on the razor, "I will be very careful, I won't cut anything I shouldn't," she said with a smile. The vibrating from the razor was arousing Wendy, Lucy could see this, Wendy's pussy lips were beginning to pout and a distinct dampness appeared along with the scent of Wendy's sex. Lucy expertly shaved it clean lifting Wendy's legs high to get into all the folds. Lucy stood back to admire her work. "That looks good," she said, picking up Wendy's trousers and panties she began to leave the bathroom beckoning Wendy to follow.

Wendy, with only a blouse and bra on walked along behind Lucy. "It feels very sexy when you walk," Wendy commented as Lucy led them into her bedroom. She sat Wendy on the bed and unbuttoned Wendy's blouse, she didn't seem to mind, she removed it then reaching around behind her she unhooked her bra and took it off. Lucy cupped Wendy's tits in her hands and was kneading them, pinching the nipples at the same time.

Wendy loved the way Lucy aroused her, she had always loved her tits being played with, she pushed her gently back onto the bed. Lucy removed her dressing gown, they were both naked now, she climbed onto the bed on her knees and straddled Wendy's head and lowered herself onto her face. Lucy pussy was pressing onto Wendy's mouth. Wendy was soon licking her wet pussy, it was the first time she had tasted another woman and she was enthusiastically tonguing Lucy's.

Lucy leaned forward opening Wendy's legs and clamped her mouth over Wendy's newly shaved pussy, she found the faster she licked Wendy's the faster she was licked back. Lucy was slowly and gently running a finger over Wendy's asshole tickling and teasing, the murmuring from under her she told her she was doing okay. She poked a forefinger into her mouth making it nice and wet then slowly pushed it into Wendy's ass. There was a little resistance from Wendy, which soon subsided as the pleasure took over. Lucy was wriggling her finger around, pulling it out and pushing it back in, Wendy's juices were flowing freely running down onto Lucy's finger lubricating it nicely.

Lucy slid a second finger up Wendy's ass stretching it gently causing Wendy to lick her pussy harder. Slowly Lucy was stretching Wendy's ass wider, inserting another finger and working it in and out, twisting and thrusting at the same time. Wendy continued licking out Lucy pussy unaware that Tom had just entered the room and was watching with great interest. Lucy lifted herself off of Wendy's face.

Tom was now undressed and climbed onto the bed up to Wendy's head. "This is Tom," Lucy said to Wendy, she looked up and saw Tom and then his cock, her eyes bulged wide for she had never seen a cock the size of his. It dangled half way to his knees, as he knelt on the bed and it was fat, Wendy thought it was the same width as her wrist. He lowered it to Wendy's lips, "This is Wendy," said Lucy.

"I'm very pleased to meet you," Tom said as he touched his cock against Wendy's mouth. Wendy was going to say hello but as she opened her mouth Tom's big cock slipped in a little way. She licked the tip and ran her lips up over the enormous head and took it as far into her mouth as it would go. Tom tried to cram more in but Wendy's mouth was fully wide open and would accept no more. Lucy was kneeling on the floor between Wendy's legs continuing to suck her fanny, she was trying to get another finger into her ass. With gentle but firm pushing and twisting she had the tips of four fingers in, slowly pushing and turning she sank her fingers further in.

Wendy began to writhe about and groan but Tom's cock was keeping her busy, it was soon stiff and even bigger than when she had first seen it. He pulled it out of Wendy's mouth and lay out on the bed on his back. Lucy removed her fingers from Wendy's ass, Tom was holding his cock upright as Lucy got Wendy up on the bed and turned her to face Tom's feet and straddle him.

Lucy supported Wendy and helped to slowly lower her down towards Tom's waiting cock. Tom guided the tip to the entrance to Wendy's pussy the head parting the lips as she lowered herself further down. Slowly it went further up Wendy's cunt, "God that's big," she panted as Lucy lowered her further down. Tom grabbed Wendy's hips and thrust up to meet her his cock burying it self deep into Wendy's cunt, she cried out loudly as he thrust the last bit fully in.

Wendy was moaning as, between them, Lucy pulling her up and pushing her down and Tom thrusting from beneath her she was getting a good fucking. She felt an enormous orgasm building inside her and she was ramming herself down hard on Tom's cock. She came with a loud cry, Tom and Lucy continued to lift and lower her on Tom's big tool and before long she was heading for another orgasm. Lucy lifted and Tom pushed her up at the same time his cock slurping out of her fanny then he guided his cock to Wendy's asshole. Lucy began to lower her down and Tom with hands on her hips was pulling Wendy down onto his huge cock. It slowly stretched the puckered entrance the head slowly easing it's way in, Wendy was shaking her head violently.

"No!" she cried. "No, it won't go, it's to big it hurts!" she cried out.

"Relax," Tom said, "Breath deeply." Wendy was still panting furiously, but she managed to slowly down and began to take long deep breaths. Tom pushed upwards and suddenly the head of his cock slid into Wendy's ass, she screamed as it stretched her hole so wide, then Tom thrust up and pulled down on her hips at the same time. She sat down on him hard, his cock went up her ass to the hilt.

She screamed again and was shouting loudly, "No, No," but Tom carried on slowly at first he began to fuck her ass Lucy knelt down and watched closely as Tom's big cock slid in and out She reached out and began to rub Wendy's clit. Wendy's screams had turned to long moaning noises, Lucy teasing her clit and Tom shagging her ass a little harder and faster she soon reached another orgasm. Tom and Lucy continued and brought her to many more orgasms.

They eventually helped Wendy off of Toms big cock, Lucy lay out on the bed and got Wendy on hands and knees and pulled her Head down between her open legs. Wendy was soon licking and tonguing Lucy's cunt, Tom positioned himself behind Wendy and pulled her hips up to the right height and slid his big cock back up her gaping asshole. Wendy winced as he buried it deep again, he rapped an arm around and under her and found her cunt and was soon playing with her pussy and clit. Wendy had many more orgasms and Lucy did to from her tonguing Tom began thrusting furiously then with a loud roar injected a load of hot cum deep inside Wendy's ass.

They all collapsed into a heap Tom removing his cock from Wendy they lay there for ages slowly recuperating. Wendy eventually went and showered, Lucy and Tom followed soon they were all back down in the living room talking. "I've never been shagged like that before," Wendy said. "It hurt like hell at first then it became enjoyable, you have got a huge cock," Wendy added.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, you had so many orgasms I lost count." They had dinner and then sat and talked getting to know each other better, then as evening approached Wendy said she really should be going home soon. "There is one thing I want to do," Wendy said going over and kneeling at Tom's feet. She reached up undid his trousers and pulled out his big cock and lowered her head and shoved as much as she could between her lips and licked and sucked it. Tom's cock was soon stiff and he watched with interest as Wendy slowly brought him to orgasm. He held Wendy's head in his hands and at the last moment thrust his cock further down into her mouth.

Spurt after spurt of cum sprayed the back of her mouth some oozed back out of the corners of her mouth to run down her chin. Wendy stood up a small amount of cum had landed on the front of her blouse as she licked the rest of her chin.

"I've got to know you now," Wendy said with a smile, not long after her taxi arrived she left promising to phone. When she got back home she picked up the mail and as she opened the one letter as she phoned Lucy and thanked her for a good time. "Tell Tom my ass will be sore for a week, but I did enjoy it," Wendy heard Lucy laughing, "We shall have to do it all again soon," Lucy said. Wendy put the phone down and finished opening her letter it was from the other couple whose ad she had replied to.

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