The Best Erotic Stories.

The Contact Magazine Pt. II
by Wendy

Wendy read the letter from the second couple, whose ad she had replied to. Harry and Jane lived quite near, they were in their late forties and were looking for another woman to spice up their lives and to have some fun with.

Wendy sat down and wrote them a letter telling them all about herself and her family, and that she was very bored with her husband and son being away so much. She mentioned briefly that she had just met another couple for a fun and sexy encounter. Wendy enclosed her phone number on the bottom and sent it of. She hoped they didn't reply to soon as her pussy and ass needed time to get back to normal, both were nicely sore.

A few days went by when the phone rang. It was midday, and Wendy answered it. Jane sounded like a very jolly person, Wendy thought, as they talked. Jane asked Wendy if she was free to join them for dinner that evening, Wendy accepted the invitation and checked with Jane the address and time.

Wendy made preparations for her dinner date and had a bath and found a nice dress to wear and soon found herself in a taxi heading for Jane's house. The taxi pulled up outside a nearly new semi-detached house, quite big, and in a nice neighbourhood. Wendy knocked on the door it was answered by Jane she was a little taller then Wendy and a bit heavier built, she looked very elegant in a nice long black dress. Harry was also well dressed, tall and slim and rather handsome Wendy thought to herself.

They all seemed to hit it off straight away, Harry was one for the jokes and soon had Jane and Wendy roaring with laughter. The meal was a success, they all enjoyed it and settled down afterwards and were all soon in conversation. "Are you into role playing, dressing up?" asked Harry.

"I've never done that," Wendy answered. "What sort of thing did you have in mind?"

Jane smiled at Wendy and said, "We were hoping we could get you dressed up in some really sexy outfits. You are very good looking with a super figure it would be fun and a big turn for us."

Wendy smiled. "That sounds fun. I don't have any sexy clothes though."

"Oh, don't worry about that. Jane here will take your measurements and we will get some things for you," Harry said. "I hope you will let us take some photos of you, maybe even a video, just for our enjoyment."

"Yes, don't worry dear," Jane said reassuringly. "It's good fun to watch afterwards, and we wouldn't let the pictures or video to fall into the wrong hands."

Wendy was not too sure. "I wouldn't like my husband to find out or see them, as he knows nothing of my new secret life."

Harry looked at Jane and said, "We could always get you a disguise, a wig, dark glasses and different make-up no one would recognise you, not even your husband."

Jane smiled broadly at Wendy. "Give it a try - if you like it, and we think you will, we can have lots of fun. If you don't then we can find some other way to enjoy ourselves."

Wendy seemed quite happy. "Okay, I'm game for a try, I'm looking forward to dressing sexily, it's something I haven't done before."

Jane went and got her tape measure and got Wendy on her feet and took all the necessary sizes. "We have a caravan in the country would you like to join us up there for the weekend," Jane asked.

"It's a big one, lots of room. There is some lovely walks too," Harry added.

Wendy got her diary out of her handbag and checked the dates, "That would be lovely," she said. "It's the week end after that my son comes home."

Jane and Harry looked at each other and smiled happily, Harry said, "We normally like to leave Friday early afternoon - will that be all right with you?"

Wendy thought for a second, "Yes that will be fine."

"Okay, if you can get here as soon as you can on Friday, Jane and I will have the van packed and ready," Harry said.

The evening came to a close and Wendy thanked them for a lovely evening, her taxi came to pick her up. Harry and Jane saw her to the door Harry put his arms around her and kissed her full on the lips, "See you on Friday," he said.

"Thanks for coming, glad you enjoyed it see you soon," Jane said and she kissed Wendy on the mouth as well. Wendy thought what lovely people they were as she journeyed home.

Friday arrived Wendy showered and dressed in jeans and a blouse with flat shoes, she picked up her bag containing her things for the weekend, got a taxi, and got to Jane and Harry's soon after midday.

Jane came to the door. "Hello Wendy," she said cheerily. "Glad you are nice and early, come in."

Harry was busy loading the camper van in the drive. He took Wendy's bag and put it in also. Jane took Wendy upstairs, "We have some clothes for you to try on," she said. "Harry and me would like you to wear a nice outfit to travel in, we have picked out a lovely set, we hope it all fits alright." Jane showed Wendy into a bedroom were the clothes were laid out, "You get changed," she said, "Give me a shout if you need any help, I'll just be in the next room."

Jane got undressed and picked up the white bra first, she put it on, it was a quarter cup, it pushed her tits together upward and outward. She put on the white wide fronted lacy suspender belt, which had extra wide suspenders, then the black seamed stockings. She was fastening the thin cotton flared skirt, a dark blue one with white flowers on when Jane knocked on the door.

"How are you getting on? Do you need a hand - can I come in?" she asked.

"Yes come in I need some help," Wendy answered.

Jane opened the door. "My you do look sexy!" she exclaimed. "Can I help?" she asked, not waiting for an answer she was tugging the bra about and re-positioning Wendy's tits. "That's better," she said admiring Wendy's tits the bra could hardly be seen but her tits were thrust forward prominently, her nipples proudly on display. Jane lifted the back of Wendy's skirt and re-arranged her stockings, "The seams are not straight," she said.

"I have not worn stockings for years," Wendy said.

"You do look good in them," Jane said admiringly. Wendy pulled on the flimsy panties they were almost see-through. Jane watched, "I do love a shaven pussy - so does Harry," she said as Wendy pulled them up tight, they were white and fitted really snugly. Jane helped Wendy on with the blouse, it had two buttons down the front that went into two ties which Jane fastened into a nice big bow. The two buttons Wendy did up pulling the blouse front tight over her tits. The cotton of the blouse was quite thin also but not see-through.

Jane ran her fingers over the tips of Wendy's tits teasing her nipples making them erect and stand out, trying to push their way through her blouse. "Oh my god that is so sexy," Jane cried, "You are a very beautiful woman, we are very fortunate to have found you." Wendy put on the black high heels, they were a lot taller than she was used to and was tottering around a little, "You will soon get used to them," Jane said. "Come on downstairs - Harry is going to love you, even more than he already does," Jane said.

"Does Harry really love me, we have only just met?" Wendy said.

"Oh, Harry thinks you are his dream girl. He talks about you all the time - he thinks you are the sexiest woman he has met," Jane said. Wendy began to pick up her other clothes, "Leave them," Jane said. "Harry and I have got lots of new clothes for you to wear this weekend." Jane led the way downstairs, she looked outside and saw Harry and called him in. "Come and see Wendy," she said.

Harry came into the room and stood staring at Wendy with his mouth open, "What a vision of loveliness! God, I could ravish you here and now," he said with more than a hint of lust in his voice.

(That's all right by me) Wendy thought, as she had fancied him from the first time she saw him.

"We just have to finish Wendy's disguise, the wig and make-up, then we are ready," Jane said to Harry. Jane led Wendy back upstairs, Harry followed behind, stooping forward as he went he could see up Wendy's skirt. Wendy looked back to see him staring up so she deliberately flipped up her skirt at the back to give him a nice view. She could tell he loved that, Jane took Wendy into the master bedroom and sat her at the dressing table.

She reached into a box and pulled out a blonde wig, tying up Wendy's own hair she expertly fitted it. Wendy hardly recognised herself in the mirror. Jane combed the wig and put it into two pigtails just behind each ear. Jane sorted through her make-up and soon had Wendy looking totally different, the red lipstick accentuating Wendy's natural pout. Harry was speechless when he saw the finished effect, the dark glasses ensured not even her husband would not recognise her.

They left the house and Harry got in the driver's seat, Jane and Wendy sat on the long sofa in the back of the camper van. Jane said to Harry not to forget they had to go to the supermarket for supplies on the way. Harry pulled in to the car park and picked a space and backed in up against to a high wall. Harry got out and opened the side door of the van and pulled down the steps, he reached out his hand and helped Jane down, and then reaching up he took both of Wendy's hands and guided her down.

She was half way down when a gust of wind blew along the side of the van lifting Wendy's skirt up, Harry had a lovely view. Wendy was trying to free a hand from Harry's to pull her skirt down, but Harry held on, the wind took Wendy's skirt higher up around her waist. A couple were passing by the man stopped and was staring at Wendy he had a good view of her suspenders, stockings and panties. Wendy scrambled down the last few steps and pulled her skirt down.

Harry put his arm around her shoulders. "That was fantastic, I wish I had my camera - that shot is what dreams are made of," he said smiling broadly at Wendy.

They walked off towards the supermarket, "That was a little embarrassing. There was a man staring at me," Wendy said, still blushing.

"That adds to the excitement, don't you think?" Harry said.

"You looked ever so sexy, seeing up your skirt like that will have made that guy's day. He will have that picture in his mind for a long time," Jane added. Harry took Wendy's hand as they walked on towards the entrance and Jane took the other, Harry squeezed her hand lightly and looked at her, she looked back and they smiled at each other. Harry got a trolley and they entered went in side, Jane had a list of food and things to get for the weekend they went up and down the aisles picking up the items they wanted.

Harry kept looking back. "That guy that saw up your skirt in the car park is following us," he said.

"He's probably hoping for another look," Jane said.

"Well, let's give him one. Wendy, you lean over into that freezer and pretend to get something from the very bottom," Harry said, all excited, looking at Wendy. She didn't move, "Come on, it will be fun, don't you find it exciting," Harry asked.

"Oddly enough, I am beginning to get excited by it," Wendy said moving to the freezer. She leaned in and began rummaging as if looking for something, Jane and Harry walked past her so the guy walking up towards them would have a good, uninterrupted view of Wendy. Harry waited for him to get quite close. He noticed the guy's wife and when she wasn't looking he lifted Wendy's skirt up over her back.

The man eyes nearly popped out of his head he stood and looked at Wendy's sexy underwear, Harry ran a finger up her ass pushing her panties deep into her crack, she wiggled her bum in mock annoyance. Other people, especially men, also noticed and were looking intently, Wendy stood up and pulled her skirt back down and carried on as though nothing had happened. Harry liked that.

Down the next aisle they had a procession following them hoping for more, they finished shopping and went through the check out. Out in the car park a couple of men were glancing at Wendy admiringly, they got to the camper van, Harry opened the side door, he could see a man near-by was watching Wendy whilst loading his car. "Let's give him one last show," Harry said. Wendy nodded.

Harry undid the buttons and the bow on her blouse and threw open the front, the man stared in disbelief at her prominent tits, Harry was behind her now and lifted her skirt up around her waist. The watcher nearly had a heart attack. Harry held the pose until others in the car park noticed, then he helped Wendy into the van, he and Jane loaded the shopping. They set off out of the car park Wendy was sat in the back doing up her blouse. Jane came and sat beside her.

"Did that turn you on?" asked Jane.

"Yes, very much! I didn't think it would, but my panties are quite damp," Wendy answered.

"Oh, in that case we will change them, I have lots of panties on hand just for these occasions," she smiled and reached into a side drawer and pulled out another white pair like the ones she had on. Jane got up and put her hands up under Wendy's skirt and hooked her fingers into the waist of her panties and began to tug them down, Wendy raised her bum up off the seat to make it easier for Jane to get them off. Jane handed the new panties to Wendy, as she was pulling them on Jane took the damp ones up the front of the van and handed them to Harry.

"He loves to smell panties," Jane said to Wendy.

Harry was holding them to his nose taking long deep breaths. "Cor! What a heavenly smell," he said glancing back at Wendy a big grin an his face. Wendy's cheeks were flushed bright red with embarrassment.

"He likes your scent," Jane said, "He has got a huge hard-on." Harry, after a long while handed Wendy's panties back to Jane, who opened them out so she could see the damp patch and held it to her nose to smell.

"Yes you are right," she said to Harry, "Wendy sure does have a heavenly scent."

They drove on to the caravan site. Wendy was impressed - Harry and Jane's was very big. There was others on either side but none too close to make you feel squashed in. They pulled up alongside and were soon unpacking the van and getting things into the caravan. Other people were arriving and shouted greetings to each other. Harry and Jane seemed to know almost everyone, Wendy thought, as she was introduced to each and everyone.

Most of the people shot Wendy the occasional admiring glances, Harry noticed, and smiled to himself. They finished putting everything into the van and had a drink and relaxed. Then Jane with Wendy's help made the evening meal and they sat and ate, Wendy commented on how nice it and relaxed the atmosphere around the site was.

"After dinner I will show you a bit more of the area," Harry said.

While Jane was clearing up after the meal Harry grabbed Wendy's hand, "Won't be long, darling!" he shouted through to Jane. "Just take Wendy for a short walk around the site." They left the caravan and Harry led Wendy along the footpath and up a short hill, it was a pleasant evening, it was still daylight but dusk wasn't far away. Over the brow of the hill there was a little wood with a bench seat alongside the path. They both sat on the seat and looked out over a pretty little valley.

"How romantic that view is!" Wendy said. Harry reached out and put an arm around her neck and leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, Wendy turned her head and there lips met in a passionate kiss. Wendy put an arm around Harry and they embraced, Harry placed a hand on her tit and kneaded it gently, Wendy sighed heavily. Harry soon had her blouse undone both of her tits were uncovered Harry sucked on one taking as much of it into his mouth as he could while pinching and tugging on the nipple of the other. Wendy was moaning loudly twisting and turning on the seat, Harry placed a hand on Wendy's thigh and slowly slid it up under her skirt. Wendy opened her legs, Harry was rubbing her panty covered pussy, her head was tipped back her eyes clamped shut as Harry's fingers entered her panties tugging them to one side.

He soon had a couple of fingers up her pussy frigging her slowly his thumb rubbing her clit at the same time, she was so wet his fingers making a slurping noise as he pushed them in and out. Wendy reached into his lap and squeezed his hard cock, he undid has trousers and freed his erection. Wendy leaned forward and kissed it on the tip licking around the head with her tongue. Harry was laying back enjoying the experience, Then over the hill came two couples out for an evening stroll. They all looked on with interest, then amusement as Wendy and Harry tried to cover themselves up. The couples knew Harry.

One of the women, her name was Beryl said, "Naughty, naughty," and laughed, "Jane is waiting for you." They all smiled and walked on.

"I think we had better go back," Harry said, doing up his trousers Wendy stood up and buttoned up her blouse. They returned to the caravan, Jane was sat on the sofa, she poured everyone a drink, Harry sat at the other end of the sofa and got Wendy to sit in the middle.

"Wendy's has got lovely firm tits," Harry said to Jane. "Look," he added squeezing one of Wendy's tits. She was still very turned on from earlier and sighed deeply. Jane squeezed her other tit, then between them soon had her blouse open and were playing with her nipples making them erect and hard, pinching and tugging on them, then Jane leaned over and sucked on one. Harry knelt on the floor and opened Wendy's legs wide her panties were still pulled over to one side were he had left them earlier. He could see her pussy lips were puffed up and glistening with her juices, he leaned forward and ran his tongue over her pussy tasting her.

"She tastes good," he said to Jane. Jane slid to the floor and pushed Harry to one side, spreading Wendy's legs even wider then clamped her mouth over Wendy's pussy and sucked noisily. Wendy was writhing on the sofa moaning and sighing loudly, Jane came up for air and looked at Harry her face wet with Wendy's juices. "She does taste good," Jane agreed, then carried on tonguing her pussy. Wendy had a loud orgasm thrashing her legs and arms around.

"Let's go to bed," Jane said, getting up, Harry helped Wendy to her feet and they went to the bedroom. Jane took all her clothes off and lay on the bed, "Come and join me, Wendy," she said Wendy climbed on the bed and Jane guided her round and pulled her head down between her legs, Wendy began to lick Jane's pussy. Harry got undressed and got on the bed behind Wendy and pulled her up onto her knees, lifting her skirt over her back he began to rub his cock up and down her pussy then he slowly slid it into her. He buried his cock deep, then began fucking her, she was thrusting back to meet him moaning loudly.

Harry was holding Wendy's hips and thrusting into her Jane was getting her cunt seen to. Harry began to tease Wendy's asshole rubbing his fingers over it, then licking them he probed her hole and found he was able to slip a finger in easily. He soon had two fingers in then three, stretching her hole, Wendy's seemed to like it he thought as he continued fucking her pussy. Then he slowly pulled his cock out and rubbed the wet end against Wendy's ass and slowly pushed, her hole opened to accept him and he watched his cock slip inside. That really turned him on and he fucked her ass enthusiastically. Jane had a huge orgasm, Wendy had her third as Harry finally shot a load of cum up inside her. They all collapsed on the bed and slept.

The following morning Jane and Harry were up first and showered, Wendy was woken by Jane, "You go and shower dear," she said, "There's some clothes on the chair for you ". Wendy showered and dressed in black bra, black suspenders, black stockings, the blue skirt from the day before, a white low cut stretchy top and black high heels. She put the blonde wig with the pigtails back on.

She went through to breakfast Jane watched her come in," You look nice dear," she said and came over. Jane lifted Wendy's top up over her tits and re-adjusted her bra to push her tits more up and out, it was a quarter cup like the last one that she wore. Jane pulled the top back down until most of her cleavage was showing but her nipples were just covered.

"Wow what a lovely view first thing in the morning," said Harry. Wendy looked down at her tits they looked like they would pop out at any moment but she agreed it was a sexy sight. They had finished eating when two men came to the door.

"Come on, Harry, we are going fishing, are you ready yet?" Harry got his rod and basket out of the cupboard.

"What are you doing Wendy?" he asked, "You can come with us if you like or you can stay with Jane I think she is going to visit some of the neighbours."

Wendy looked at Jane, "Do you mind if I go fishing?" she said to Jane. "I haven't been since my dad used to take me."

Jane smiled, "You go dear," she said."Have a nice time! Tea is about 5 o'clock."

Harry, like Brian and Colin all wore shorts a T-shirts, set of along the path and up over the past the seat where Wendy and Harry sat the night before. Brian and Colin had caravans near Harry's.

"You look gorgeous," Brian said as they walked along. "You can come and stay with us if you like," Colin said. Wendy smiled," Thank you for the compliment guy's," she said blushing a little. They reached the small lake, Harry found a nice spot in a big hollow on the banks with a little clump of trees over hanging for shade from the sun.

"That will be fine," Brian said. The men were soon busy setting up Wendy sat on an old log at the bottom of the bank in the shade of the trees and watched. Brian and Colin were about the same age as Harry, she thought, Colin was a bit heavier though. Harry looked around at Wendy and smiled, he could just see her stocking tops the way she was sat, what a good photograph that would make he thought. Taking his camera out of his pocket he took a photo, Wendy smiled and reached into her bag and put her sunglasses on. Harry cast his line and set up his rod sat then went and sat next to Wendy. "It's nice and quiet here, isn't it," he asked.

"Yes it's a lovely spot," she said.

Harry got up, "Can I take some sexy photos of you," he asked.

"What about Colin and Brian," Wendy said. "Oh, I'm sure they won't mind," he said laughing. He leaned over and pulled Wendy's top down uncovering her right tit, he stood back and took a photo.

"Open your legs a bit," he asked Wendy. She did, Harry got some good pictures up her shirt, suspenders, stockings and panties. Colin looked around and looked at Wendy's display, he nudged Brian who turned to look as well. Harry went back to Wendy and pulled her top further down exposing both of her tits, he tucked the top up under them, he then brushed her nipples with his fingers making them stand out, erect.

Harry took a few more photos and was feeling horny, he went back towards Wendy undoing his jeans as he went, he pulled his almost erect cock out and stood next to Wendy holding it out towards her. He wanked it slowly the head close to Wendy's face, she reached up and took it in her hand and began to wank it for him. She leaned her head forward and took it into her mouth sucking it deep down her throat, Colin and Brian watched with great interest. Harry beckoned them over, he moved to stand in front of Wendy, he got Colin and Brian to stand either side of her. They all had their cocks out now there was three for Wendy to suck.

Wendy took Colin's in one hand and Brian's in the other and was sucking them in turn. Harry backed away and took some photos of them, Wendy looked so sexy, he thought, dark glasses, tits hanging out, suspenders and panties on show with a cock in each hand sucking on them. Harry went and knelt in front of Wendy and reached out and began to rub her panty covered pussy, she sighed with pleasure and sucked the cocks more enthusiastically. Harry could feel her wetness and rubbed harder finding her clit, making her sigh and moan a lot more. Harry took Wendy by the wrists and pulled her off the log then he turned her round and had her bend over the log this time with her ass high in the air. Harry tugged her panties down and motioned Colin and Brian to take over as he stood back to watch.

Wendy was very turned on Colin and Brian took turns kneeling behind her and licking her pussy. Brian was first to slide his cock into her wet cunt and was soon fucking her wildly, he pulled out to let Colin have a go at fucking her. Harry took more photos.

"She loves it up the ass, guys," Harry said. Colin pulled his cock out of Wendy's soaking wet pussy and slid it easily up her ass. Wendy cried out loudly as he thrust deeply into her and was soon fucking her with a long deep pumping action. He would pullout of her ass every so often and fuck her in cunt then back in her ass again until finally with a loud grunt shot his cum deep in her ass.

He moved back and Brian took over giving her ass and pussy a good shagging, Harry was kneeling at Wendy's head and she was sucking his cock. Harry shot his cum into her mouth as Brian pumped his into her cunt. Wendy had cum in all her holes, the men went back to their fishing leaving her to tidy her self up, she pulled her top back up cover her tits pulled her panties back up and put her skirt straight. She sat and watched the men for a while then she lay back in the sunshine and had a sleep, fully satisfied. The men were packing up when Wendy awoke, "Did you catch much?" she asked.

"No, only the sexiest woman for miles," Brian said with a big smile on his face. They walked back to the caravan site, Brian and Colin left to go to theirs they both said a big thank you to Wendy for a good day. Harry and Wendy went in and said hello to Jane.

"I'm going for a shower, anyone mind?" said Wendy.

"You carry on, dear," said Jane. Wendy just had a bathrobe on when she came back into the living room. Jane was busy looking through some photos, Wendy sat down beside her. "These are good photos, wish I was there to see them being taken," Jane said, handing them to Wendy for her to look at. Wendy face was soon bright red, she was looking at the photos Harry had taken earlier, she had not realised he had a Polaroid camera. She was looking at herself sucking cocks and getting fucked in every hole.

"They are good, aren't they?" said Harry, Wendy looked up, her cheeks still quite red, he was smiling at her embarrassment. They had dinner and whiled away the evening watching a bit of Tele, then went to bed.

The next morning Jane went into Wendy's room and woke her, "Harry has just left, he has gone fishing again," she said, "I'm sure we can find some thing to do to amuse ourselves." Jane picked up Wendy dirty clothes from the day before. "These panties have some big cum stain's in them," she added smiling broadly, "You did have a good day fishing, didn't you?"

Wendy grinned back, "Yes, I've never had more than one man at a time," she said.

"I've put some clean clothes out for you, on the chair over there," she pointed, then left the room. Wendy got up and sorted through the clothes and picked out what she wanted to wear. There was a black bra, like the others, a quarter cup which pushed her tits up and out, a black suspender belt, black seethru panties, black stockings, white see-through blouse, white knee length frilly skirt which was almost see-through and white high heels. She put on her blonde wig with the pigtails, Harry will like me in this outfit, when he comes back from fishing, she thought.

Wendy went through into the kitchen, "I'll leave you to have breakfast, dear," she said. "I have to go to Cindy's, that's Brian's wife and take her some things round, I'll not be long," she added and left caring a small bag. Wendy had her breakfast and went to the bathroom, when she came out Jane was back, they both washed up. "Some of the wives from around the site are coming for morning coffee soon, there is Cindy, Betty and Gloria, she's Colin's wife."

"I'll go and put on something else then," Wendy said looking at her see-through blouse, "These clothes are a little to sexy for morning coffee," she added. "Nonsense, you look gorgeous, the girls will think so to when they see you," Jane said.

"Gloria has already heard about you from Colin". Wendy blushed bright red, "I hope he didn't tell her too much, well, you've seen the photos," Wendy said getting quite worried. "It's alright, she's a nice woman, they have a good relationship, even if she found out it wouldn't trouble her," Jane said. This seemed to make Wendy less concerned. Wendy was sat in the living room reading a magazine when she heard voices, Jane came into the room with three women. Wendy got up as Jane began to introduce them to her. They were all fairly tall, Gloria was a little on the plump side. "You are a sweet little thing, just like my Colin said," Gloria said as she sat in the middle of the sofa, "Come and sit by me," she added, patting the seat next to her. Wendy sat down, Gloria patted her knee, "I love your see-through blouse, it's very sexy," she said. Jane got up and asked everyone if they wanted coffee, they all said yes. "Will you come and give me a hand," asked Jane looking at Wendy. She got up and went and helped, carrying the tray back, handed out the cups, then sat back down next to Gloria. They all chatted and drank coffee then Jane brought out a couple of bottles of wine. They were all drinking and getting quite merry, Jane had to get more wine as it was beginning to turn into a party. Wendy went to the toilet, as she came back into the room Gloria met her in the doorway.

Gloria leaned into Wendy pinning her against the wall, "You are a very pretty and sexy girl," she said, kissing her cheek and placing a hand an Wendy's tits squeezing them gently. Wendy tried to push her hand away from her tits but she was too strong. Gloria's lips found Wendy's and she was kissing her passionately, slowly undoing her blouse at the same time. Again, she tried to prevent her blouse getting unbuttoned but her attempts were in vain. Gloria soon had her blouse open and was pinching her nipples. Wendy looked over Gloria's shoulder and saw Jane videoing what was happening. Everyone was watching Gloria as she bent down a little and took one of Wendy's nipples in her mouth and was sucking and nibbling it.

Wendy was soon enjoying it, Gloria expertly brought Wendy near to an orgasm, then lifting her skirt she placed a hand on Wendy's panties, she moaned deeply as Gloria rubbed her fanny. "She's very wet down her," Gloria said continuing to play with Wendy's cunt. Jane got in nearer to video Gloria's hand on Wendy's cunt the see-through panties were wedged into Wendy's cunt lips. Betty and Cindy pulled the cushions of the sofa and laid them on the floor.

"Bring Wendy over here," Betty said to Gloria, "We can all see what is going on". Gloria led Wendy to the cushions and helped her to sit on them, Betty and Cindy pulled her down so she was lying on her back, they pulled Wendy's blouse wide open and helped themselves to Wendy's tits. Gloria was at Wendy's feet and soon had her legs apart, pushing her skirt up around her waist Gloria was again playing with Wendy's cunt. She took hold of her panties and soon had them off, they all looked at her shaven pussy. Gloria lowered her head and planted her mouth over her soaking wet pussy lips and began sucking and licking with great enthusiasm. Betty and Cindy were sucking and pinching on her nipples, Wendy soon reached her first orgasm squealing loudly.

"I want to see her pussy," Betty said, Gloria moved back and let her in. She lifted Wendy's legs up and over pushing them wide apart, "You hold that leg over there," Betty said to Cindy, "You hold that one, Gloria," she said. Wendy's pussy was at her mercy, her tits around her nipples were red from the attention they had received, her nipples standing up erect, her skirt was up around her waist. Jane was still filming, Wendy's suspenders were pulled extra tight with her legs held wide apart. Betty looked down at her puffy cunt lips glistening with her juices and opened them with her fingers causing Wendy to sigh. She was rubbing Wendy's clit and pushing a couple of fingers up inside her cunt. She was quite surprised how easily her fingers slipped in, she added another, then all four fingers of one hand was entering her, juices oozing out from around them. Jane, along with the others watched as Betty slid her thumb along side and slowly worked her hand in a twisting and pushing movement deeper into her cunt. Wendy let out a cry as Betty sank her hand further inside.

Wendy's pussy lips stretching wider and wider as Betty's hand sank up to the knuckles. Wendy was biting her lip and shaking her head as Betty's hand went deeper until, with a loud slurping sound disappeared up to the wrist. Wendy shrieked as Betty moved her hand around inside her. Betty had a big smile on her face as she pulled her hand part way out then pushed it back in turning and twisting at the same time. Wendy had another orgasm, it seemed to Jane, as she filmed, that the slightest movement of Betty's hand brought Wendy to another orgasm. Betty was loving have her hand her Wendy's pussy, she was pulling it almost right out before sliding it back in.

Betty seemed to be getting her hand deeper, Jane thought, more of her wrist was going inside Wendy, she was pulling her hand right out now and forming a fist and pushing back inside. Wendy had more noisy orgasms, Jane was still filming till eventually Betty thought that Wendy had had enough, and slowly pulled her fist out and Jane filmed Wendy's huge gaping cunt, still oozing juices, stretched wide open. Wendy was breathing heavily, they left her lying there and they all sat back and watched her come slowly back to earth. Wendy straightened her legs and slowly got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back the cushions were back on the sofa. "I think you enjoyed that," Jane said smiling at Wendy. Wendy smiled back and nodded.

The women left soon after, when Harry got back they all helped load up, as it was time to go home. On the journey back Jane told Harry about Wendy introduction to fisting. He was looking forward to seeing the video.


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