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The Cum Eaters
by Jomama

Hi. My name is Kim. I'm a cum eater. I love everything about that sweet, viscous fluid that emanates from the head of a boy's penis. I enjoy nothing more than to feel a huge cock explode into my mouth.

Now that I have you interested, let me give you a bit of background.

I live in Belmont, California, which is down the peninsula from San Francisco. I'm 22 years old and I have a twin sister named Sara. We share an apartment, which is no great surprise since we have shared everything for as long as I can remember. Sara looks almost exactly like me, except I wear my red hair short and she wears hers long. Our figures (36C-22-30) are the same, but she is a bit more conservative in her attire than me. We are the same height (5'2") and weight (105) and we have pulled every twin trick you can think of. Even our parents were never absolutely sure who was whom.

Our parents grew up in San Francisco. They moved to the Peninsula shortly after we were born because they were afraid of raising children in the big, bad city. As a result, Sara and I spend every possible moment in San Francisco. Funny how things turn out...

My dad makes a lot of money, so we lived in a big house when we were growing up. But even though we had five bedrooms, Sara and I shared a room until we moved out together. In fact, we shared a bed until we were 15. That changed when my mom caught us wrestling naked in bed one summer morning and she got scared that we were too intimate. She made us take separate rooms, but one or the other of us would always sneak into the other bedroom so we could sleep together. Mom finally gave up and allowed us to share again, but she insisted we have separate beds.

The funny thing about getting caught is that Sara and I were not doing anything sexual at all. I just announced to my sister that I was stronger than her and she said, "Prove it!" What Mom didn't know is that we had been fucking each other crazy almost every night since we were 12. We just made more noise this time and that's why my mom noticed. More about that later.

As you might expect, Sara and I mostly double-dated. As you might also expect, we have a lot of experience fighting off roaming hands. My mom always thought we were safer together and she was right. Many times we ganged up together on pushy guys and we never ended up doing anything we didn't want to with a guy. Several broken noses and kicked sets of balls get around with the crowd and boys quickly came to realize that we could not be forced.

Of course, there were plenty of times we left a couple of guys limp as dishrags. One such occasion was when we were 18. We had gone to a movie with a couple of high school seniors and they had driven us up on Page Mill Road to do some necking after the movie. Sara was in the front seat with Ron and I was in the back with Josh. We were all getting into necking quite heavily and the windows were totally steamed up. I was letting Josh feel my tits up pretty good and I admit I was hot and horny from his ministrations. I still had all my clothes on, but my blouse was unbuttoned and my bra was pulled down from my big breasts. Josh was busily sucking and biting my long, stiff nipples and I was going crazy with the feelings he was causing in my crotch. I could feel the wetness seeping through my panties and just knew I was making a wet spot through my jeans. The musk of my sexual juices was strong in the car.

My unconscious mind realized that things were similar in the front of the car. Sara and I had a sort of telepathy sometimes and I could tell she was feeling much the same as I was. I soon had a big orgasm just from the attention Josh was paying to my tits and I was ready to pull off my clothes and let him fuck me until I was delirious. Just as I was about to completely lose it, I received this thought deep down from Sara that it was time to chill out a little. Fortunately for us, Ron was not as experienced as Josh, so Sara was a ways behind my peak. She was hot, but still able to reason.

Josh had sensed the loss of control in me and was already out of his pants. He had a short, very thick cock and it looked like it was ready to explode. It was not the first penis I had ever seen, but I had still never touched one and the temptation to let him have his way was strong. I was reaching for the button on my jeans when I received Sara's thought again, stronger than before. "Calm down, sister," I heard, "We are not ready yet to do real fucking."

Hearing thoughts from Sara always got my attention. It didn't happen all the time, but enough for both of us to accept it as a normal way of communicating. I took a deep breath, looked Josh in the eye, and said, "No."

Fortunately, he was a sweet guy, not the type to force a girl against her will. Of course, that's one of the reasons I was going out with him. We always avoided the big talking loudmouths that thought they were God's gift to the world. In fact, Josh was not that great looking, and I could tell he lacked self confidence. He was not part of the In Crowd, and that made him even more appealing to me.

Josh began pushing his rock-hard cock back into his pants. I could tell he was in a lot of discomfort as he forced his zipper over the huge bulge in his pants. I had been busy rearranging my clothes at the same time, and as I began buttoning my blouse, I could see the disappointment and longing in his eyes. I hugged him close and gave him a deep kiss while rubbing my chest into his. As I rubbed my breasts against him, I had another small orgasm. I could tell he knew, and I felt bad that I had gotten some release while he most likely had the bluest balls in the world at that moment.

Sara must have felt my feelings of sympathy for Josh, because she leaned her head over the front seat and gave me a knowing look. I knew she was thinking that our parents were out for the night and that the whole house was empty.

"But we're not ready for real fucking," I thought. "There are other things we can do," came the unconscious reply.

"Let's go for ice cream," I said in a chirpy voice.

"Great idea!" said Sara.

It was a fairly long drive from our make-out spot, and the road was curvy. I allowed myself to fall against Josh at every opportunity and I could tell he was boiling from the surge of testosterone that all young men experience. Still, he was a decent guy, and once I had said, "No," he was not about to make any moves on me, even though I allowed myself to fall over his lap at every chance. I could feel the heat radiating from his tightly-packed crotch every time I let my hand accidentally brush his mound. One time, Ron nearly missed a curve and I found myself falling into Josh's lap. My face bounced against his cock, and he uttered a small moan. I thought he was going to lose his load right then!

Finally we got to El Camino and found an ice cream shop. We all piled out, and then we all realized the embarrassment of our crotches: the boys both had big boners that were impossible to hide, and Sara and I looked like we had peed ourselves because of the large wet spots on our jeans.

"We have ice cream at our house," Sara said pragmatically. "I don't really feel like standing in line."

With relief, we all piled back in the Rambler and headed for Belmont.

On the way to our house, the boys were much more subdued. I think the prospect of being in public with a huge hard-on had sobered them a bit. My state of excitement remained high, because I knew Sara had something in mind for all of us once we reached home.

Finally, we got to the house. Sara went in first and checked the garage to make sure Dad's car wasn't there. It wasn't, so we all went in and headed for the family room downstairs. Sara put on a video of some old movie and she and I went to the kitchen to get the ice cream.

As soon as we were out of sight of the boys, Sara grabbed me around the waist and pulled me close.

"I'm so hot," she moaned, and pushed her tongue deeply into my mouth. I was hot, too, and eagerly returned her kiss. We mashed our breasts together for a few seconds, bringing us both higher and higher towards orgasm.

"I thought you said we were not ready for real fucking," I panted.

"Yeah. I'd love to feel Ron's big cock in me, but we are only 18 and I think we are still too young." Sara is the more thoughtful of us, and I usually followed her lead.

"So what did you have in mind," I said. "I feel bad for Josh. I'll bet his balls ache like they've been kicked." We were busy spooning ice cream into bowls. It was difficult to concentrate on the chore and not just lose myself in my sister's arms.

"Yeah. Ron's pretty worked up, too," she moaned.

"I came while Josh was sucking my titties," I confessed.

"I could tell," she replied. "He seems to know what he's doing with a girl. Ron's sweet, but I don't think he has much experience."

"So, what do you want to do?" I was getting hot again, thinking about the make-out session.

"What do you think about sucking them off? Even if we hate it, we still have each other once they leave."

"Do you mean suck their cocks? Until they come?" I asked incredulously. We had discussed fellatio many times before and decided we would probably hate it.

"Yeah. Remember that time we watched Mom suck Dad off? We thought it was totally gross, but I remember Mom seemed to be having a pretty good time." We had spent a lot of time spying on Mom and Dad in their bedroom.

"Yeah, but remember how she could barely talk the next day?"

"Was she pissed off? Wasn't she in a great mood the next day?" Sara had always been more intuitive than me. She noticed things that went completely over my head.

"Well, if you think so...I want to do something for Josh; he's a sweetheart."

"Okay, let's do it. We've seen Mom and Dad do it a bunch of times. Just remember what they did and try to do the same thing."

"It still seems kind of gross," I said, "but I'm willing to give it a try if you are."

"Agreed." my sister said. With that, the pact was formed.

Once we had come to an agreement, Sara and I decided to go all out. We removed our outer clothing so each of us was clad in just bra and panties. We were both wearing bras that pushed our breasts together and displayed a lot of cleavage. I took a second to grab Sara and kiss her. My hands grasped her large tits and I found her nipples and squeezed them hard. She moaned deeply and returned my caresses. I had yet another small orgasm as I thought about what was to come.

As we entered the family room, the boys turned at the sound of our entrance. I swear Ron's eyes were about to pop out of his head, while Josh just sort of gurgled. Sara and I acted perfectly normally as we served the bowls and sat down beside our dates.

I began eating my ice cream, licking every bit lasciviously from the spoon. I felt sorry for Josh, but knew he wouldn't have to suffer for much longer.

"How's the movie," I asked innocently.

"Uh, Casablanca is one of my favorites," Josh managed to squeak. "It's so romantic."

"I think so, too," I said, as I nestled myself into his arms. I allowed my hand to brush accidentally across his full crotch and was rewarded with a strangled groan. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Sara was taking the same tack as me, teasing Ron with subtle touches.

"Can you keep a secret?" I whispered into Josh's ear.

"S-sure," he said.

"If I make you happy, will you promise not to tell anyone? I don't want the world to think I'm some kind of tawdry slut, but I want to help you feel better."

"I p-promise," came his groan.

With that, I began to undo his pants. He started to force his jeans down with an expression on his face as though he was about to cry.

"Calm down and relax, Josh," I cooed. "I promise to make you happy."

As I got his shoes and pants off, I finally got a good look at his raging boner. My heart started to flutter in my chest and I could feel another gush of juice leak from my quim. I grabbed his fat cock and I swear it was almost hot enough to burn my hand. The huge head of his dick was wet with pre-cum and it was throbbing. Josh looked like he was about ready to pass out. I could feel my mouth watering as much as my pussy. Suddenly, that piece of meat looked like the sweetest thing I had ever seen.

I gently licked the tip and I could taste that juice. I was afraid it was going to be nasty, but instead I found all my senses opening up. As I lowered my head toward the tip, it all came clear to me: this is what I was made for.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could, but it was still a struggle to get that fat thing past my lips. The head of Josh's cock felt like it was as big around as my thigh. I forced myself to take more and more meat. As I said before, his prick was incredibly thick, but it was only about 4 inches long. I finally got it all into my mouth, so that I could feel his big balls bouncing against my chin. The huge head was just pushing its way into my throat, making me want to gag. With a bit of a struggle I managed to control myself but I then realized I was beginning to feel hot all over my body. My breasts were tingling and my pussy was gushing like a fire hydrant. I pulled my bra down and starting pinching my erect nipples, all the while keeping that monster dick all the way in my mouth. I was really getting rough with my tits now, mashing them and yanking hard on my nipples. I began trembling all over as I crested over into the biggest orgasm I had ever experienced.

Meanwhile, Josh's eyes were bugging out of his head and he was making guttural gagging noises deep in his throat. He grabbed the back of my head and began pumping his meaty piston in and out of my mouth. Each time he pulled back I was afraid he was going to pull it out of my mouth. I couldn't stand the thought, so I was sucking as hard as I could, trying to keep that hot cock in place. I was in heaven! Each time he pounded back into my mouth, the head jammed into my throat and I got another buzz in what seemed like a never-ending orgasm.

Finally, Josh strangled, "I'm cumming," and tried to pull his boner free from my mouth. That was enough to get me to stop abusing my tits and grab his ass. I pulled him fully back into my mouth just as the first stream of semen hit the back of my throat. That made me cough and I opened my mouth enough for him to slip free. His big dick was squirting like a fire hose and cum was soon splattered all over my face. I controlled my cough and grabbed his big shaft. I was pumping it for all I was worth as the lovely fluid filled my mouth to overflowing. I was cumming over and over as the creamy stuff drooled out of my mouth, slid down my chin and plopped onto by breasts.

The taste of his jizz was indescribable. Whatever that special sensation was, I knew I was hooked. As that cock finally began to stop pumping, I sucked whatever was left from him. I had swallowed a lot of cum already and I could feel it coating my throat. The thought of how nasty and perverted my actions were seemed to make it only hotter. I could feel a special warm spot in my belly that I imagined was where Josh's cum was resting.

Finally, Josh collapsed backwards onto the couch. I was disappointed that he was drained, but I then began using my fingers to gather all the stuff that was smeared all over my face so I could push it into my mouth. I couldn't get enough! I pushed my big titties up to my mouth so I could lick and suck all the jizz that had coated them. I managed to get one nipple into my mouth and the taste and sensation of sucking my own cum-covered nipple was enough to send me over the edge once again. I had never cum so much in my life!

After I was absolutely certain that I had cleaned up every drop, I looked across to see Sara's head lying in Ron's lap. He was in the same state as Josh, totally spent. I could see that Sara's face and tits were covered with Ron's excretions and I realized I wanted more. I crawled over to Sara and began licking and sucking her face and tits. Ron's cum didn't taste the same as Josh's, but it still had that special something that drove me wild.

As I was sucking on Sara's breasts, I realized she was getting hot again. Every time I returned to one of her nipples, I made a point to bite on them. I knew she loved having her nips treated roughly (just like me) and the combination of biting her nipples and the taste of Ron's cum sent me off to my millionth or so orgasm of the evening. Sara pulled me by the hair until she could lock her lips on mine. She plunged her tongue into my mouth and started sucking what cum was there into her own mouth. I started dueling with her for the stuff and we ended up making each other cum once again.

Eventually, even Sara and I were sated. I could tell by looking at the boys that they were done for the night. It was nearly midnight and Mom and Dad might be back any time, so we gently suggested that perhaps the guys would want to get home.

"Remember, you two," I said to them in as stern a voice as I could summon, "If either of us ever hear that you talked about this evening, you will never go out with us again!" It was tough to be stern with the huge grin that was splitting my face.

Both guys swore that they would never reveal the night's little liaison. They soon left and Sara and I went up to bed.

As we cuddled together naked, Sara confessed that it was the hottest night she had ever experienced.

"God, when that thing started squirting, I thought I would never stop cumming."

"Me, too," I said. "I just loved the way that stuff tasted. I came just from the taste."

"That was so hot when you came over and started licking Ron's cum from my face and tits. I really loved licking it out of your mouth."

"I think that was the hottest part of the whole thing," I said, as I twiddled my sister's big clit.

"Ooh, do that some more!" she gasped.

"Would you like me to suck your pussy now?" I inquired.

"Oh, please!" Sara moaned.

By the morning, both our tongues were tired from licking each other's clit. I was happy Sara still wanted me to fuck her. As good as sucking cock and eating cum was for me, I still wanted the love of my soul mate.

"I want to eat more cum," Sara said in the morning.

"I can't wait to do it again," I agreed.

"Who shall we do next?" she asked.

"Let's think about it," I said as I lowered my head to her pussy.


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