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The Cum Eaters Pt. II
by Jomama

Once Sara and I came to the mutual conclusion that we both loved the experience of eating cum, we didn't waste much time waiting about for new situations. The next time Mom and Dad were out of the house for an evening, we invited Ron and Josh back for more ice cream. They knew as well as we did that we were looking for hot cream, not ice cream.

Before our second night with the two boys, we raided our parent's porn collection. We had known for years that our folks had an extensive collection of video movies and we had long ago figured out how to pick the lock on the hope chest they were kept in. Before, we usually just picked a movie at random. Sara and I would always discuss the action in the movies as we watched them. With the girl-girl movies, we often copied the techniques we viewed on screen, sometimes during the movie and sometimes after we were in bed. We have had an extensive collection of toys for a long time, so equipment was rarely a problem, but we would occasionally borrow something out of Mom's stash. I wonder if she ever realized that the smell of pussy juice lingering on her dildo was from her daughters and not from her.

Anyway, this time we were looking for cum eating movies. As we sorted through the piles of tapes, we realized that Mom and Dad seemed to have a preference for facial movies. We had a wide range of titles to pick from and we grabbed five to do a bit of research.

In hindsight, it is hard to believe that Sara and I once thought cum eating was gross. With our new awareness, the movies we watched seemed much more erotic than they did before. We agreed that our favorites were scenes where the girl was sucking a huge dick (thickness being much more important than length) and stuffing it down her throat. We both loved to watch as a giant penis erupted into a willing mouth. I can remember us being annoyed when a girl would avoid the jizz shooting out of a guy's cock, and cheering when some woman would obviously be getting off on the experience of having a mouth full of semen. Even as I write this, those thoughts cause my pussy to pulse.

After five full-length tapes of every imaginable way of sucking cock, Sara and I were very hot. We made an attempt to discuss the various techniques we had seen, but ended up in the classic 69 position, with our tongues up each other's twats, licking each other to orgasm after orgasm. We finally decided that we would get the boys hot and then suck every drop of jizz from their cocks.

Ron and Josh had a very good idea of what the evening portended, and we made no attempt to dissuade them. We were both dressed in hot little get-ups: push up bras under scoop-necked tops cut low enough so our big titties were practically falling out. We could tell the boys liked the look; their cocks were hard in no time.

"Ice cream or hot cream?" I asked as I fondled my breasts and pinched at my hard nipples through the fabric.

"Uh, hot cream for me," said Josh. Ron and Sara nodded their heads vigorously.

"Remember the rules, guys," said Sara as she began pulling Josh's pants down. "If we ever find out you guys talked about this stuff, no more sex, and we'll spread the word you can't get it up!" The boys both nodded seriously, realizing we could destroy their reputations as easily as they could ours.

My mouth was already searching for Ron's prick as the boys promised discretion. We had decided to switch off this time and I was intrigued by the new experience of slurping Ron's pecker. It wasn't nearly as thick as Josh's but it was easily twice as long and I had to keep concentrating on controlling my gag reflex as the cock head continually slammed against the back of my throat. Next to me, I could see Sara having the same problem I had had trying to force her tiny mouth around the massive glans of Josh's meat. Once she managed, she immediately forced the entire length into her oral cavity and began fucking her face over his prick.

I returned my attention to Ron and vowed to myself that I would get his entire shaft in my mouth or die in the attempt. I pushed him back into the couch so that he was no longer fucking his cock at my mouth and then concentrated on forcing the head of his prick down my throat. It took an extreme effort to stop myself from gagging and throwing up, and tears sprang out of my eyes as I controlled my reflexes. Finally the fat head made its way past the gag point and then it was just a matter of grabbing his ass and yanking him closer so that the shaft just glided into me. Soon, his big balls were resting against my chin. I had never felt so full or satisfied in my life. My tits and pussy were on fire and I began to cum as I realized I had just deep throated a guy for the first time. I continued to try to get more in my throat and the feelings I got drove me hotter and hotter. I was on fire but I couldn't scream; there was just a guttural grunt escaping from my lips.

All this action soon drove Ron over the edge. He began shooting his semen directly down my throat. As hot as it felt with that cock pulsating in my esophagus, I wanted to taste his creamy jizz, so I pulled back until just the tip of his dick was in my mouth. He was doing the fire hose routine on me and my mouth wasn't big enough to contain all his semen. I didn't want to swallow, because I was looking forward to sharing this treasure with Sara. As a result, cum started leaking around Ron's cock and sliding down my chin, where it dripped onto my tits.

Eventually, Ron stopped shooting, his cock went limp as a rag, and he collapsed back into the sofa. I had a full load of cum in my mouth and I was loving the feeling and taste. My pussy was still tingling and the thought of how slutty I looked with my cum-covered lips made me still hotter.

I glanced over and could see Josh hadn't erupted yet, although I could tell Sara had cum a few times already. Josh looked like he was on the brink, though. Without another thought, I grabbed Sara by the hair on the back of her head and roughly yanked her mouth off Josh's cock. Before she could start to complain, I jammed my sticky lips on hers and let Ron's load of jizz drool into her mouth. In an instant, Sara was erupting in a huge orgasm, just from the feeling of sharing a load of semen with her sister. The stuff was leaking from our mouths and so we began lapping it up from each other, constantly returning to a full, deep kiss, with creamy tongues doing battle within. Heaven!

Josh seemed to find the scene pretty exciting. After the initial look of disappointment from having had his cock wrenched from Sara's mouth, he was now pounding his pork for all he was worth. Within seconds, he began to shower my lips and Sara's with gush after gush of hot cum. Again I was struck by the difference in the tastes of the two boys' fluids, and in the similarity of both. Whatever, the result was the same: Sara and I were deep into orgasm as we made every possible attempt to get each drop of jizz into one or the other's mouths, still to be shared between us.

This went on for months. Every time our parents were out for a long evening, we would invite Ron and Josh over. Sara and I never got tired of having our mouths filled with juice, and the boys never got tired of producing it for us. After each session, when Sara and I had gone to bed, we would kiss for hours, trying to recapture the feel and taste of semen from earlier in the evening. We spied on Mom and Dad with a new appreciation for Mom's oral talents. Dad's cock was as thick as Josh's and even longer than Ron's. Mom could easily swallow the whole thing in a single stroke. Sara and I could tell that Mom had orgasms from deep throating just like we did, and that Mom also loved the taste and feel of a mouth full of cum. She didn't have anyone to share it with, but she would play with it, letting it drool out of her mouth and drip to her tits, which she would then lift to her mouth so she could suck the lovely stuff back onto her tongue.

Mom has beautiful breasts, just like we do, and she would also make sure her nipples were coated with jizz so she could suck it off. She would really abuse her titties, sometimes, mashing them and pulling very roughly on her nipples. Then she would push them to her face and chew on her nips like crazy, obviously driving herself to orgasm. We had watched her do this sort of thing many times alone, but she seemed to go extra crazy after Dad had shot a big load of semen into her mouth.

I can't tell you how many times I wanted to break into their room while they were in the midst of fucking. I so badly wanted to lick my Mom's wet pussy and suck her big titties. I wanted my Dad to jam his huge fuck stick deep into my throat and force me to swallow his cum. I know Sara wanted to do the same thing, but she had more sense than me, and kept us in our hidy-hole. Instead, we would finger fuck each other and play with each other's breasts, causing each other to experience multiple small orgasms. We would always sneak back to our room and fuck each other silly with a multitude of dildos.

While we never did attack Mom and Dad during that time in our lives, but we fantasized about it a lot; it was one of the dreams that kept our sex life exciting.

Sara and I had applied to a number of colleges, and eventually, we were accepted to Cal, among several other schools. It was time to begin a new chapter in our lives.


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