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The Call Girl
by Kenneth Auslandur

I had just broke up with my fiancee and was feeling really down. Some friends tried to cheer me up by taking me out to the bars and trying to help me relocate the carousing of my youth. All it succeeded in doing is making me more miserable and very drunk. I had a little bit of fun, but I just couldn't escape the dread and regret of a four-year relationship dissolving.

I was so inebriated, I was afraid to drive home. Many of the friends had either moved on or gone home with their catch of the evening. Just as I was about to call a cab, I noticed a local underground newspaper in a rack by the phones. I dropped the coins in the newsprint vending machine instead of the phone and pulled out a copy. I was incredibly intrigued, but it was too noisy in the bar so I headed outside.

I sat in one of the café chairs on the verandah and began reading. I discovered an incredible world that existed in the night-life and underground of my quaint little city. Everything from escorts to swingers to alternative lifestyles were fully described in this small "news-rag." I looked up from my reading and noticed that one of our city's finer hotels was just down the block from the club I had been in. Being desperate and dateless, I had plenty of disposable income and was in no condition to drive home, so I decided on impulse to check into one of the suites for some pampering to ease my somber mood. It was the first decision in an a series of actions that would lead me on an odyssey, that until a few weeks ago, I never would have even dreamed of.

Tucked safely in my well appointed room, I took a long hot shower to chase the beer-funk away. I ordered some room service and began reading my new scandal sheet. As my eyes devoured the stories I saw an ad for in-call massage and decided to splurge on the pampering. I had no idea what I had just decided to do. Suffice it to say. . .no, upon second thought, I think I should let this story unfold simply.

At about 1:30 A.M. there was a polite knock on the door to my suite. I went to the door not sure what to expect. I was stunned by the lovely young woman that managed to maintain a goddess glow even with the fish-eye distortion of the security peep-hole in the hotel door.

I met a wonderful young woman named Jaimee. She was very clever witted, yet kind and personable. She was a nursing student working her way through college. She proceeded to give me the most incredible massage I ever experienced. Her fingers worked magic on my weary muscles and aching bones. She was also a wonderful listener. I was able to commiserate with this lovely young lady as her talented hands slid over my body and gently soothed me.

At one point she suggested I get more comfortable and had me totally remove the robe I had been in. She covered my buttocks with a towel and proceeded to give my legs feather-like caresses that made me giddy. I could not believe this happy situation I was in. She smiled down at me and asked if she could get more comfort and I mumbled into the pillow that I had no complaints-just praise. I turned slightly and watched as she deftly slid from her athletic training suit. Her sports bra and panties looked like a swimsuit. In my state I could not help but to admire her incredible beauty. She was in excellent shape and had a Baywatch cuteness that was adorable and quite a bit sexy. Her face was expressive and perky; her 5'10" body was very curvaceous with small, natural pert breasts; her skin was tan and firm and she had the sleek build of a swimmer; this was all accented by her long curly blonde hair, and emerald colored eyes.

I found myself fantasizing as she ran her fingers along my body. It almost seemed as if she was trying to tease me. I felt her long nails slide under the towel a number of times. I began to get an erection that sprung slightly out and was forced back from the mattress to bend backwards between my thighs. Then I felt something that nearly made me cum. Her fingers began etching small circles along the part of the shaft and hood that was exposed.

She cleared her throat demurely and asked me if I wanted to turn over. She informed me if I did, that I would need to pay for another half hour session.

A no-brainer - my cock and wallet answered before my brain.

Jaimee then proceeded to apprentice me in the fine art of escort services. She was a wonderful conversationalist that made eye contact--no bored or rushed tip negotiation. She, in fact, said that she would always work for the agency fee and a matching tip. Her logic--this was a smart one--was that she would rather charge a little less and establish repeat business. The end result is that I paid $120.00 for full service (and would only pay $160.00 each later visit). She was polite and kind, and seemed to commiserate with my grief at losing my fiancee Kaitlyn.

She deftly removed her own clothing and the wonderful body I had fantasized about was revealed. A mischievous glimmer flashed in her eyes, "Let me help you forget about Kaitlyn for a while," she whispered when she stooped down and removed the towel altogether. She admired my cock candidly. She became intimate with it, her fingers slowly stroking every curve and ridge. I closed my eyes and laid back, savoring every sensation. She performed a magical condom trick with her mouth flawlessly--had it not been fluorescent green I would have never noticed.

Her mouth was incredibly hot and tight. She made little cute gurgling noises and gazed up at me with green eyes. I almost shot my load. She must have sensed it and effectively administered a perfect squeeze technique to back down my orgasm.

"Not yet" she mouthed. "If you cum now I won't be able to feel that wonderful cock inside me." Ahh customer service!

She pushed me back on the bed and caressed me softly, keeping me hard but relaxing me. Her trimmed pussy looked delectable. She saw my hungry stare and smiled as she deftly mounted my face. Her pussy was clean and almost sweet tasting. She had a small peach tattooed on her hip--and that is what her pussy tasted like--warm Georgia peaches.

She rode my face moaning and grunting, then fell forward and began to suck my cock again as I drank in her flowing juices. It was my first experience with female ejaculation. I began to buck my hips into her swirling mouth, and she knew I wanted to cumm. She lifted off my face and plopped her thighs down on my lap. My cock slid deep inside her slack pussy. At first I thought I found a flaw--her pussy was too big. Then she scooted up and flexed her hips. Her pussy constricted tightly around my cock. It was like she was a virgin. She kept her cunt so tight I could fuck her without the constant sensation of needing to cumm.

"Mentally I wanted to cumm very badly! She sensed it and lifted off of me. This is a one time thing, so enjoy it."

I was confused. Then I looked up. She pulled the condom off and proceeded to suck my member uncovered. I came instantly. She swallowed nearly every drop, some of it dribbled down her chin. She informed me that she only does that for her boyfriend, and that in the future I will always have to use a condom. She just thought I needed a special extra measure of TLC.

Needless to say I am now a loyal customer. I tipped her an extra $50.00 and she blushed--actually blushed. How refreshing.

After a few repeat sessions she asked me if I had ever made love to more than one woman at a time. I promptly responded with the truth: no. She explained that she had a sister that works with her. It would cost a little extra money: Five hundred dollars. I hesitated. Was this getting out of hand? Did I have an addiction? Was this wrong? Those objections quickly faded. Microsoft had fallen on hard times. I decided it was time to liquify one of my accents. The pun is intended. It was after all, the best money I have ever spent.

As promised, I scheduled the sister team. I almost balked at this. It seemed like a great deal of money to blow in one evening, but then I remembered that I had once wasted more money watch the Patriots lose a Superbowl, so I gathered up my nerve and made a decision after I did the math. You can see either sister for about $160.00 for about an hour of pure delight. You can visit with both for 90 minutes and pay only $500.00 and in return you experience pure nirvana.

It turned out that her sister Terese, is her older sister that introduced her to the business. When I first met Terese, I was very impressed with her easy-going personality. She was very attractive and personable. Not only was she even more beautiful, she was cordial, yet very skilled. I could not drag my eyes from her when I met her. Terese was 5'7, and had that pouty Heather Thomas look that was the dream of all teens from my generation. She was built quite voluptuously, and with one glance you could tell you how many hours she spent in the gym. She even had those enticing ripples up her torso that lead right into her ample, but natural breasts. Her legs were very shapely. They were also well-muscled and flexible. I later found out that she rides horses on the family farm in Arcanum. Her wide brown eyes made me melt, and I hung on every word she spoke. It was more than I had ever dreamed possible. I was suddenly glad I had spent the money.

I had come to learn that sometimes a nice touch is better than even a cash tip for the ladies. Since I was investing a little money I decided to go all out with a suite at the Inn, complete with chilled wine, candles, strawberries, and a hot tub.

It was a smart decision. The two stunning ladies were actually on time. They smiled at all the soft touches I prepared in the room and cooed at the site of the large bubble bath already drawn in the hot tub.

Terese started flirting with me the moment the room door closed. She eyed me up and down and winked at her sister, "So this is the guy with the incredible cock?"

This may have been an old escort device, but it worked on me. My cock twitched in my chinos. Terese eyed the bulge and glided toward me while her sister took the credit card and phoned the agency. Terese's fingers deftly slipped over the bulge and she tugged on my cock through the cotton.

She smiled over at her sister. Her sister finished the "booking" by informing the agency they were finished for the evening.

As soon as Jaimee hung up the phone, Terese was sliding her hand inside my pants. She twisted her thumb in a quick dervish, and my pants fell to my ankles. Before I could moan, her mouth had covered my cock. I looked down after catching my breath seeing that she had sheathed it in a bright orange rubber. She stopped and hovered, fixed me with a devilish smile and whispered, "I love orange sherbert."

Her doe-like brown eyes grew big, and she licked my cock like a huge ice cream treat. I had to sit down on the edge of the dresser when Jaimee joined her in a seductive kneeling position. Terese moved to tickling my balls with her quick pink tongue while Jaimee swallowed my cock in four or five long drafts.

I moaned and could feel the pressure build. Terese nudged Jaimee to the side and grabbed the tip of my frenulumn and squeezed, backing my orgasm off. Then she grasped root of my balls and tugged as Jaimee resumed sucking my bright orange cock. Terese began showing Jaimee a number of techniques for delaying and causing a man's orgasm.

Her delightful ministrations were driving me insane. I literally did not know if I was cumming or going. Terese sensed my distress, and told Jaimee that she would usually give her regular customers a quick orgasm through a blow job, and then a second "nut" that was much slower and drawn out via what she describe a "long, slow, hard fuck."

Just as she was about to demonstrate, Jaimee asked her to teach her about "hummers." Terese pulled off my rubber and examined my cock.

"It is awfully thick. I don't know if I can do it."

Listening to her heap accolades on my cock bewildered me. I never thought of myself as big. It was a modest 7.25 inches, but it was rather thick and the head had mushroomed to even larger than I ever recall it being. Terese seemed doubtful, but willing. I found myself wondering what a "hummer" was. I had always assumed that it was just another term for oral sex. I was about to be educated.

With slow effort, Terese began sucking my cock again, sheathless! She worked in and out very slowly, breathing carefully. Watching the intensity of her effort bewitched and stirred me. She began to nudge the tip of my cock at the back of her throat with each stroke. She adjusted her mouth and soon I felt my cock nudge past her jaws and down into her gullet. She moved it very slowly and breathed through flaring nostrils. I could literally feel the head of my cock slip into her throat. She relaxed her breathing and then suddenly I felt the most peculiar sensation I have ever experienced. I subtle warm tingling sensation like gentle electric waves washed over every crag and crevice of my cock. The sensation grew more and more intense, and seemed to make my cock vibrate in her tight, but slippery mouth. I looked down and realized she was actually humming. The louder she hummed, the more incredible the sensations. I exploded in her mouth. White cumm gushed out of my cock as she pulled her mouth free. Jaimee joined her in sucking the spurting top of my cock. I continued to cumm is several ropey spasms that launched ribbons of white cumm on their lips and chins. I then collapsed in utter exhaustion.

I napped briefly, but woke up to the sound of the two sisters frolicking in the bubble bath. They were sloshing about in the tub, attempting a splashy 69 with out much luck. I rose from the bed and brought the strawberries and ice bucket. I poured them each a glass of wine and fed them strawberries. I then helped them balance in the sudsy water and the two sisters began to tongue each other's pussy with great enthusiasm. It was not an act. I lent a helping hand and decided to tease Terese a little to return the favor. I taught her sister how to finger her g-spot while sucking on the clit. Terese had an intense orgasm that splashed half of the water from the tub. . .in fact we proceeded to trash the poor hotel room with "swinging form the chandelier" type sex.

Eventually we actually ended up on the bed. Jaime sat on my face and I ate her peach scented cunt into oblivion. She held onto the bed backboard and literally scooted an orgasm across my hungry face. Meanwhile Terese muttered something about "dying to get this cock inside" her and she squatted her thighs over mine and mounted my cock like the pro she obviously was. She twirled and swiveled like I was a bronco. She grunted and screamed profanities. It was a very hard fuck. It was a dirty all balls kinda fuck. I loved every minute of it. I decided I would probably need a chiropractor by the time the evening was over.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, the ladies presented me with a double decker pussy sandwich. Terese spread on the bed and Jaimee draped her lean frame over top of her. I was presented with a dual deck muff. I licked them in long double tongue lashes, paying them both back for the hummer.

I fingered both pussies, teasing both g-spots until they begged me to fuck them--there is no pleasure greater than making a professional beg. I dipped between the four writhing legs and I alternated sliding deep inside each woman. I came very quickly, but it was like shooting blanks. I was drained and exhausted.

They tried to tease my flaccid, worn out cock, back to life, but it just wasn't to be. I patted each of them on the ass and rolled over. They showered and cleaned up. Each lady kneeled on the bed and made mock apologies for wearing me out. I kissed each of the ladies and handed them a handful of cash. Terese counted it and said it was too much. She gave me most of it back and said I should save it for next time. She also admonished me to get to the gym and take plenty of vitamin E, before I booked another session.

The money I paid was worth the happy slumber I indulged in for the next 13 hours. To be honest, I am not sure if I am man enough to handle both of them again, but I would be happy to die trying.


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