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The Cabin
Part II: Dezerae Remembers
by Katerina Val-Kyrie! The alarm clock went off precisely at 8:00 AM as it always did. Dezerae, still half-asleep, sent it toppling to the floor. The incessant ringing finally died out as she slowly awoke from a wonderful dream. A cool breeze caressed her as it softly blew through her open window. Dezerae shivered, pulling her covers tightly around her. She was to meet Ante within the hour but she still had plenty of time. Closing her eyes, she tried hard to recapture her lost moments. A tiny smile played upon her lips as she remembered. She had been in the cabin with Ante; it all came back to her now. Dezerae knew Ante also had this vision only nights before. This sensual dream belonged to both of them. Their special time together would be relived many times over. Dezerae could still feel the heat of the fire when they made passionate love amongst the pillows. The incredible moments of the next morning also came back to her. Every little detail was etched within her mind: The warmth of his body, the softness of his lips, his taste, his smell. She had felt Ante's passion and heard his soft moans along with her own. She knew his deepest thoughts and felt his innermost desires. Dezerae was becoming aroused as a familiar heat burned within her. No longer shivering, she tossed her covers aside, enjoying the coolness of the morning air. Her fingers softly caressed her breasts as their shared dream once again unfolded before her. Ante was with her now, in body and soul.

A new day had begun for Ante and Dezerae. An early sunrise had awakened them from their peaceful slumber. Warmth filled the cabin as the sun rose high above, shining down upon them. Dezerae smiled as they cuddled beneath the covers of the wrought iron bed. She felt the quiet thumping of Ante's heart as she lay within his arms. The sound comforted her as she held him even closer. Her fingers traced small circles along his chest ever so lightly, never stopping. Ante loved the feel of Dezerae's naked body next to his. He felt her breasts so softly against him as he kissed her tenderly on the lips. As his tongue playfully entwined with hers, their kiss turned into one of fervent passion....

Lost within their memories, Dezerae's hands continued further down. Softly they caressed her body, gliding along her stomach, then back to her breasts. Her fingers found her nipples and she began to play. "Mmmmm," Dezerae moaned softly, her thoughts back with Ante now.

Ante felt her passion as he kissed her hungrily, wanting more. As his lips crushed against hers, he found his fingers reaching for her satin hair-tie. His eyes twinkled as he thought of what she had done yesterday. It was an experience he would not soon forget. He would now bestow the same pleasure upon her. Dezerae would soon know the feeling of being at his mercy. She would completely surrender to him, as he bound her hands and eyes. She in turn would learn the unforgettable feeling of truly belonging and trusting someone. Without further hesitation, Ante bound her eyes, enveloping her in a shroud of darkness. Dezerae's heart pounded wildly; she hadn't even seen it coming! Ante chuckled softly to himself, loving the feeling of being in control. Dez could hear his laughter as he proceeded to bind her wrists to the bedposts. As he tightened the ties securely around them, she sensed his overpowering excitement.

Dezerae remembered the incredible feeling of being bound. Reliving it again evoked memories of a powerful yearning deep inside. Her fingers trailed slowly down towards her pussy, finding what she was searching for.

Ante watched her as she tried to loosen the restraints. This sense of power made his desire for her even stronger. His cock was now fully aroused as he slowly made his way towards her. Dezerae's mind was racing, surprised by this unexpected turn of events. She sensed Ante near, watching her every move, as she continued to struggle with her bonds. Dez knew it was useless, as the ties held fast against the bedposts. As Ante knelt before her, Dezerae finally relented, leaving herself at his mercy. In her darkened world, she surrendered completely, waiting to see where Ante would take her. She could picture him so vividly in her mind. His laughing eyes, his soft sensual mouth, his... "Mmmmm," Dezerae moaned, as Ante's fingers softly laced her inner thighs with light caresses. Spreading her legs more, he lavished their silky softness with tender kisses. Her pussy mesmerized him as her wet juices flowed, just waiting to be tasted. Purposefully his tongue trailed up toward her breasts, leaving her wanting for more. Ante's hands gently cupped their fullness, softly caressing the creamy globes. He tweaked her hardened nipples between his fingers, gently rolling them back and forth. He then lowered his head, taking the delicious buds into his mouth one at a time. Sucking them gently, he swirled his tongue all around, nibbling, pulling, circling each one. Dezerae continued to moan...

Ante waited in his Explorer as he listened to "A Peaceful Easy Feeling" playing on the radio. He had gotten there a bit early, so he would give her more time. Enjoying the warmth of the sun Ante closed his eyes deep in thought. Visions of Dezerae filled his mind as he remembered their dream. It came to both of them in the silence of the night, the only release being their own. Ante felt his cock begin to stir as he shifted uncomfortably on the seat. God he needed Dezerae!

Dezerae was lost amidst their dream, not realizing her hour was almost up. So immersed within her memories of being bound, her breakfast date was long forgotten.

Ante's lips trailed slowly along her tummy, circling his tongue lightly as he began his final descent. Again, he parted her long slender legs and wrapped them around his shoulders. His tongue laced her thighs with feather light touches once more, and Dezerae whimpered softly. She sensed him close now, she felt his warm breath as he lightly blew on her love spot. Dezerae cried out, lost in the throes of passion, as Ante lowered his head. "Mmmmm......Oh God Ante...Now!" The sweet scent of her pussy rose up to meet him as he deeply inhaled her perfume. His hard cock throbbed as the heat in his loins grew more intense. He needed some release and soon! Dezerae's head rolled back and forth in the softness of the quilt as Ante nudged apart her pussy lips. "Mmmmm...." she moaned, as his tongue gently swirled, sliding up and down along her slit. Gently he nuzzled her, taking the trembling bud into his mouth. Dez wrapped her legs tighter around him, as his tongue flicked rigidly against her clit. His tongue was relentless as it swirled, nibbled and sucked. "Ohhh.... Ante, don't stop!" Faster and faster he circled her clit, up and down, back and forth. Ante's fingers found the entrance of her soft, wet pussy. As he buried them deeply within, her body moved rhythmically in time with his thrusts. The warmth and tightness he felt there made him want her even more. Ante inserted yet another finger and Dezerae started to lose control. His fluttering tongue now darted in and out of her pussy and she began to cum. "Oh God Ante!.....Mmmmm......I'm Cumming.......Aaaahhhhhhhhhh...." Dezerae cried out in ecstasy as passion flooded through her body in great waves. Ante savored the taste of her juices as her orgasm slowly subsided. As he found his way back to her mouth, he kissed her long and hard. She tasted her nectar on his lips as his tongue greedily sought hers. Carefully he removed her bonds, grinning from ear to ear....

Dezerae felt overwhelmed as Ante kissed her passionately. She experienced wondrous feelings of surrender, freedom and trust. She let herself go in her submissive state and found it truly exciting. It was a moment in time that she would never forget. It had always been her fantasy, and she had the joy of sharing it with the man she loved....

Dezerae remembered the wonderful release she had felt that morning. She needed to cum again soon. Her fingers slid up and down along her pussy lips, then back again towards her clit. Soft whimpers escaped her lips as she flicked her trembling bud back and forth, faster and faster.

Ante tried to think of other things as he waited patiently for Dezerae, but his thoughts kept going back to their dream. His discomfort was growing by the second as he visualized her again in the bonds. God he had loved that, it was a very erotic experience for the both of them. Ante couldn't wait for her any longer in his aroused state. Their breakfast date would just have to be postponed. Quickly he headed up her driveway, digging the keys out of his pocket. Ante knew she kept her doors locked at night when he was not with her. He would have to do something about that soon. He was tired of living alone and at 36, he was more than ready for commitment. The lock released as he turned the key to the left, making a loud clicking noise. The sound was deafening to his ears in the early morning silence. Once inside, he slowly made his way up the winding staircase towards her room. Ante was careful not to make a sound as he wanted to surprise his sweet Dezerae. Soft moans could be heard as he quietly opened her door. Indeed the surprise was now his!

Back in the cabin with Ante once more, Dezerae continued to dream. Fully sated, she returned his kiss, loving the feel of his lips against hers. Ante longed for her now, as his pent-up passion needed some release. Dezerae could see Ante's desire as she engulfed his entire cock in one sweeping motion."Mmmmm,...ohhh....babe"...Ante whispered under his breath. He closed his eyes, letting himself go, lost within the moment. Ante felt the warmth of her mouth as she began to slide her lips slowly up and down. Her hands moved in time, gliding along his hard shaft as her tongue swirled from side to side. "Mmmmm.... Dez, I love that...." Ante moaned. Dezerae sucked his cock deeply into her mouth as her lips circled tightly around him. Ante could feel his orgasm threatening, not wanting to let go, just yet. He needed to feel her magic for just a bit longer. Dez slowed the pace down as she flicked her tongue back and forth, swirling it slowly around the tip. Sliding her lips along his full length, she took him in her mouth once more...swirling...sucking...pulling. "Mmmmm," Ante groaned as he felt her warm saliva running down his cock. Her wet fingers wrapped tightly around his shaft, as she slid them up and down, faster and faster. "Good God, Dez!" he cried out. Ante couldn't hold off any longer! The heat within his balls suddenly exploded as he could contain his passion no more. "Mmmmm,...God!.....Aaaaahhhhhhhh...." Ante's hips rose higher, as his cock drilled into Dezerae's mouth, filling her with his cum. Attaining heights of pure ecstasy, he enjoyed his wonderful release. Reaching for his sweet Dezerae, Ante held her closely to his pounding heart. Together they lay, bodies entwined for the remainder of the morning. Dezerae and Ante knew their stay in the cabin would be with them for a long time to come...

In the soft shadows of the room Ante watched her. Dezerae in the midst of her passion did not feel his presence there. Time meant little to her now as their dream continued to fill her mind. Ante knew Dez was back in the cabin reliving every moment as he had. Her sensual movements mesmerized him as he continued to watch her in awe. He now saw the gentle lift of her hips as they rose higher off the bed. His semi-hard cock had come to life within seconds of entering the room. Quickly he undid his pants, releasing his rigid member. Holding the base of his shaft, Ante's fingers wrapped tightly around it. His hand stroked slowly at first, then began to move faster and faster. Soft moans filled the room and Ante realized they were not just Dezerae's. Pumping his cock harder Ante moaned, trying hard not to give himself away. He wanted to enjoy this show a bit longer before he intervened. Dezerae cried out Ante's name as her fingers swirled faster on her clit. Ante saw her pushing and grinding down on her nub, trying to find some release. Her moans were much louder now, drowning out his own. As he watched her fingers disappear inside her pussy, Ante almost lost his load! He couldn't take it anymore, it was time to make his move.

Within seconds Ante removed his clothing. He felt the coolness in the room as the morning air touched his bare skin. The heat inside his body soon made him forget that he had felt it in the first place.

Dezerae sensed Ante now, as he stood naked beside her bed. She heard his soft whispers as he quietly called her name. Slowly her mind let go of her dream as she focused on the vision before her.

A mischievous grin appeared on Ante's face as he watched Dez fully awaken. For a fleeting moment she seemed embarrassed, having been caught in her aroused state. Ante saw the glint in her eye when she realized the extent of his own. His hand still gripped his enormous hard on, pumping it up and down in fluid motions.

Time seemed to stand still for both of them as their eyes held in a silent moment. No words needed to be said as they came together in a loving embrace. Their lips met, tongues entwining in a slow sensual dance as they held each other. Dezerae's fingers traced lightly along the soft curves of Ante's mouth. His tongue swirled around them, until all traces of her juices were gone. Ante licked his lips, relishing every last drop of her delicious nectar. Covering her hands with his own, Ante held them tightly against the bed, pinning her down. Gently, he nudged her legs apart with his knee, spreading them wide. Teasingly, Ante slid his rock-hard cock against her pussy lips, riding her up and down. Dez moaned, "Mmmmm....ohhh baby, that feels so good!" His cock rubbed harder against her swollen clit with each upward stroke. Ante kept up his momentum as Dezerae's orgasm drew even closer. Oh God, Ante thought, the lust he felt for her was insatiable, he had to have her now! Her lovely ass, supported by soft pillows, gave him the perfect angle he needed. He drove his cock into her tight wet pussy in one single plunge! "Mmmmm...Ohhh, Dez!" Ante moaned, as he felt her incredible tightness surrounding him. Dezerae's long legs wrapped around his hips, drawing his cock in farther. Soft moans escaped her throat as Ante began fucking her in long, deep strokes. Slowly he withdrew, then entered her again with even deeper thrusts. Their bodies became as one entity, moving together in smooth sensual rhythms. Ante sensed Dezerae was getting close. He quickened his pace, drilling his cock harder into her sweet warm pussy. Dez was going out of her mind with desire. Her skin tingled, as unending pleasure soared through her body. Nothing mattered now, except for the burning heat she felt inside her.

"Oh God!..." Dezerae cried out. "Ante...Fuck Me Baby...Ohhh...Yeah.... I Love That!..."

Hearing Dez cry out in her passion was all Ante needed to send him over the edge. "Oh Sweet Jesus, Dez!...Mmmmm...." Ante moaned. His back arched, as his orgasm exploded deeply within her.

Dezerae's pussy began to quiver, squeezing his cock tightly as her own climax flowed through her in continuous waves. "Mmmmm....Ante, I'm Cumming!..........Ohhh...Baby...Mmmmm....."

Both were at the point of no return, as wondrous waves pulsed through them simultaneously. "Mmmmmmm......Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh...." They cried out in unison as their orgasms held them suspended in ecstasy.

Ante and Dez slowly came down, drifting into the afterglow as the pulsating within them subsided. They rested peacefully in each other's arms as their passion was finally sated. Shivering once more, Dezerae pulled the covers tightly around them. She held Ante closer as the heat from his body warmed her own. Both smiled, it was now lunch time...

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