The Best Erotic Stories.

The Contact
Part II: The Concert
by Cat

Driving through the darkened streets, you explain our absence to our friends on the cell phone and say we will meet them at the concert. I am still coming down from the experience in the bathroom. The mixture of my scent and the perfume I am wearing seems to permeate the air around us in the car. Who knew looking for a contact could be that much fun.

You are still noticeably aroused and I don't think I helped matters when I licked your face clean before we got into the car. Dinner it wasn't, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

We arrive at the concert hall where we meet up with our friends. After some well deserved needling about missing dinner (they just know us far too well), we go into the concert. You bought the tickets as a surprise for me, because I know that this is not your type of music. But the money went to a good cause and they are serving hors d 'oeuvres with the cash bar.

We are seated on the main floor where they have tables set up for parties of six and the waiters are delivering the drink orders we placed. The wine that I am consuming has made me a little on the naughty side and remembering the promise about you getting yours during the concert, I decided to fulfill the promise.

"Sweetie, I need some money to get a drink refill." It sounded like an innocent request except I was reaching into your pocket for the money. Whispering to you to hold very still, I slide my hand up and down your cock through your pocket. You look at me with a little disbelief but sit back to enjoy the attention. Your cock twitches against my fingers and is becoming more turgid with each passing moment. Slowly, I can feel you beginning to shift in your chair as I continue with my exploration.

The house lights flicker signaling the beginning of the concert and, as the house lights dim, I hook my left hand over your shoulder, lay my head against your chest, snuggling in and, at a leisurely pace, ease your zipper down with my right. Your heart is beating so hard that I can hear it, where I have my head resting on your chest and as my hand slides past your zipper, I can feel it start to speed up.

The table manages to block everyone's view except mine, but your boxers are getting into my way. Boxers, you had to wear boxers! So taking both hands quickly rip them open down the seam. Several people look around searching for the noise, but their attention returns to the concert. Now I have the room and the view that I need and crave. Encircling the top of your shaft with my hand, I move my thumb around the head spreading the pre cum in circles. Your cock is becoming harder by the minute and I can feel it pulse in my hand as it fills with blood. My thumb and your cock are becoming wetter by the second. Making sure I have your total attention, I suck my thumb deep into my mouth to suck it clean, getting every last drop off of my skin. Then I slowly lean down and lick the top of your head.

You must of finally realized that I was very serious at that point, because you pulled me back up to sit next to you, shove the tatters of your boxers inside your pants, and zip yourself up. Grabbing my hand, you pull me out of my chair. We have to work our way around the tables in the dim lighting making our excuses as we move through. Keeping a tight grip on your hand, I make my apologies as I stumble across people's feet as you pull me along.

Once we reach the back, you head for the exit, but I spot something out of the corner of my eye and pull you to a stop. The entire area surrounding the tables is much darker and makes it difficult to see until your eyes become adjusted. Directing your attention to the left, you spot it too, a small alcove.

Taking both of your hands in mine, I slowly walk backwards into the alcove pulling you with me. Once my back is flush with the wall, I place your hands on my breasts; you can feel how hard my nipples are even through the dress. Sliding my hands up the front of your chest, I thread my fingers through your hair and pull your mouth to mine. I am so on edge that I don't want it to be a gentle kiss. Rapidly stroking your tongue with mine I want this kiss to be as hot as I am feeling. A true mating of mouths.

God, I can never get over how good your tongue tastes against my tongue, so indescribably you. But, it's not what I set out to accomplish. Breaking off the kiss, breathing heavily, I move your hands to the wall above my shoulders and slither down the wall to kneel in front of you.

Its more difficult to unzip you this time, there is so much more of you now. Easing your pants and what's left of your boxers down over your erection, I bunch the material up in my hands while I cup you ass, sliding my tongue down the front of your cock and back up again. Lapping up your pre-cum as it leaks from your cock, I work my tongue over the entire length of your shaft, tasting and swallowing every last drop.

The concert plays on around us, but the only sounds I want to hear are those little noises you make. The one low moan that you make urges me on. Gliding my tongue over its surface as my mouth engulfs just the head, you lean into me sliding it in deeper. I know that you can see your cock pumping in and out of my mouth, can see my lips wrapped around the shaft I can feel your body tense up and know that you are getting closer to the edge.

I slide my fingers between my slit, barely grazing my clit causing me to moan while your cock is in my mouth. You jump at the vibration as two of my fingers bury themselves inside the heart of my heat and wetness. Taking those fingers, I feel for that stretch of skin behind your balls stimulating the skin with my fingers moving them across the skin firmly, consistently, constantly grazing your scrotum and your ass as I take you deeper into my mouth.

In and out, faster as you get closer and closer, the concert music is reaching a crescendo as you fuck my mouth. All of a sudden, I can feel your body tense, knowing that your face is twisted with pleasure and that your body needs this release. I cup your balls in my hand and gently squeeze.

The first shot of cum hits my throat as you start to erupt. One after the other, a steady stream of cum, exploding in my mouth like I was begging you to, silently urging you to with my mouth and my hands. Swallowing you whole, devouring every last drop, I finally lean back against the wall spent as your cock slips out of my mouth

Looking up from my knees, your face has the biggest, most naughty grin. That is one satisfied grin. Chuckling to myself softly, as you help me up, you say, "Guess that makes us even?"

Gently kissing your mouth as I pull your pants up, zipping them carefully, I slowly make our way back to the table saying "We aren't home yet."


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