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The Capture of Bigtits
by Jesse

This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

"Oh, I've been wanting a good look at those titties for years now. Guess I've gotten more than just a look," he said with a little smile.

"So now you're done," she said hopefully.

"Done!" he laughed. "Oh no babe, only beginning." He caressed his cock, now starting to show more signs of life, and held it toward her. "I expect to wear a path between those melons before I'm done. And you can be sure that's not the only place I'm going to stick it."

Her stomach tightened and she found she was unable to eat the last few bites of sandwich. "What are you planning to do?"

"Oh, use your imagination," he laughed again.

He stepped outside the door briefly, then brought her a paper cup full of water.

"Drink up," he said, and she did, still reeling from his comments and the knowledge that she could be here for a very long time. He then taped each arm to the side of the chair, immobilizing her as he again left the room.

Hours passed as she sat there, again dozing periodically, glad at least that her position was not so uncomfortable as last time.

When next she saw him, she knew she had a problem but was totally unsure how she could say it or what his reaction would be. He smiled at her, tied and topless.

"Having fun yet," he said.

She shook her head no, then looked up with a slightly pleading look.

"Ah.... I've got to go," she said softly.

"Go where?" he said, still smiling.

"Ah... you know... to... ahhh... the bathroom."

"Ohhhhh," he laughed. "Number one or number two?"

"Ah, number one," she replied.

"Sure, no problem," he said with a wicked gleam in his eye.

He undid her legs, then her arms from the chair, keeping a tight grip on her as he released her bonds. He again tied her wrists together in front of her then led her through the door for the first time. Across a narrow hall was a much smaller room than the one she had been in. It was little bigger than a stall. With the ever-present tape he lifted her hands way above her head and bound her to a hook in the wall there. She saw there was a shower.. more like just a shower head protruding from the wall with a drain under it. She didn't notice any other plumbing facilities. He leaned against the opposite wall as she nearly dangled there.

"Okay, let 'er rip," he said.

She looked at him in amazement. Surely he didn't expect her to just wet herself. But just as surely, she realized he did.

"You'll do it eventually. You may as well go ahead and get it over with. I know you can't be too comfortable there."

She knew he was right, but still couldn't bring herself.

"Here, it's easy. Let me show you."

He came near her and again withdrew his penis.

"Now what!" she thought. Then to her disgust and amazement she felt a small stream of urine hit her thigh right above her knee. The yellow liquid rolled down her thigh, past her ankles and dribbled off her toes. She closed her eyes and began to cry again, knowing she had never been so debased.

"Now you do it," he said, again mildly pinching her much abused nipple.

He stood there, smiling and staring at her discomfort for minutes before she finally gave in. The front of her light blue shorts darkened, then the liquid began running down her thigh until it mixed with the trail that he had left on her. Like before if finally reached her toes, then dripped to the floor in a small stream.

Though her bladder was relieved, she felt very little comfort. She took even less when she again looked at him and saw that he had removed all of his clothing and piled it by the door. His cock was at half staff, but she could tell it was rising as he looked her up and down. Her large tits, still crusted with his two loads of cum sagged a little. She felt the warmness in her pants.

"Now what," she thought, knowing that whatever the answer, she wasn't going to like it.

"You're a mess!" he stated casually. "Peed all over yourself. Guess we're going to have to clean you up."

He stood close to her and undid her shorts. He slid the wet clothing down her legs, then off and to the floor. She was left in only her thong panties, barely covering her pubic region. Nearly translucent because of the wetness, the small strip of hair was quite visible and her somewhat puffy lower lips nearly framed the small strip of material between her legs. Never had she felt more exposed. He released her arms from the hook and turned on the shower head. The cascade of water hit both of them as he went behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Now, doesn't that feel better," he said.

Though she wouldn't admit it to him, it did. The water washing away the signs of his pleasure and their mutual urine. He produced a bar of soap and began to lather her up. She stood there numbly as his hand washed her back and shoulders. He then turned her to face him as he cleansed her tits and belly. She closed her eyes, trying not to think as he also washed her legs. Then he held her tightly and slid his hand inside her panties. She shuddered and tried to break away.

"Oh god. Now he's gonna fuck me," she thought.

But he only felt his way around down there for several moments. Then suddenly he pulled the panties all the way down, leaving her totally naked like himself. She hadn't noticed, but his dick was again hard and throbbing.

"Well, what should we do now, hmmmmm," he whispered.

She kept her eyes closed and didn't respond.

"Well, I know. It doesn't seem fair that I've had all the fun so far. Don't you think its about time you had a little release."

Still not knowing exactly what he meant, but sure she would not like the answer, she said nothing. Still dripping wet he again escorted her across the hall and forced her down on the stiff backed chair against the wall. He sat across from her in the padded chair that had recently been her prison. She sat with one arm trying to cover her breasts - realizing the attempt was futile - he had seen, fondled and fucked nearly every inch of them. With her other hand she covered the top of her pubic area, clinching her legs tightly together in the hopes of preserving her last trace of modesty. He relaxed back in the chair, his dick still erect.

"Okay, now - get at it."

"Get at what?" She said, truly puzzled.

"You know. Get yourself off."


"Spread those legs and get to it. I want to watch you masturbate. Do you want a dildo?"

"Oh my god. You don't think I'm really going to do that, do you?"

He laughed again, "Oh, I'm sure you will."

"I will not!" she said with determination.

"Well, you watched me jack off, so its only fair I get to watch you jilling."

"Fair... Fair... There's nothing about this that's fair," she said loudly, almost screaming.

"Well, if you don't start fingering that clit in the next five minutes, here's what's going to happen. I'll strap you to that chair with your hands behind your head again and adorn those big titties with clothes pins."

She shuddered at the thought.

"Then I'm going to leave you there for two full days. No food.. no water... and I expect sometime you're going to need to do number two. You'll be a sore mess when I get back. Then I'll hose you down and we'll start all over again. Eventually you'll be begging me to let you give that clit a workout. You might as well do it now and save yourself a lot of grief."

She knew he meant every word of it, and knew that he was right. She couldn't bear the thought of her already tender tits being further abused. Two whole days of that kind of torture terrified her. Again she said nothing, but he could tell he had made his point as her thighs began to unclench. Slowly she spread her legs as he looked leeringly at her pinkness.

"Mmmm... pretty pussy," he teased.

She nearly closed her legs again, but remembering she had no choice she decided to just go ahead and placate him. Boyfriends had watched her play with herself before, she thought. They too had enjoyed the sight, but not in the hideously leering fashion of her captor.

She gently touched her clit.. it was swollen and warm. Though she could scarcely admit it to herself there was some sense of excitement in her predicament. Being forced to show her every secret to this man. She tried to block out everything else from her mind as she continued to rub away. She pretended she was in her own room, privately giving herself pleasure as she had done so many times before. And yes, she could feel the pleasure welling. She began to finger her slit... inserting one finger... then two... as her other hand continued to massage her clit. Before she even knew it, she was riding her own fingers, immersed in the pleasure. She knew soon that she would explode. As the waves of an orgasm spread from her clit, to her vagina, then up through her belly, she suddenly again became aware of her position. She saw him there, leering and staring as she climaxed from this most private act, and shame swept over her - which, if anything, only increased the intensity of her orgasm. She shook for what seemed liked minutes. Her eyes closed, trying to preserve the afterglow and forget about anything else. She was startled back to reality when she felt him grip her hand - the one that had so recently be sliding deep and fast between her legs. She looked up as he began licking and sucking the fingers which still glistened with her juices.

"Mmmmm... yummy," he said, "you're a tasty little slut."

"Oh god!" she thought, suddenly reaware of what she had done. She had sat there and really done it with this horrible man watching. She had made herself come, and he had watched her. Her shame was almost unbearable.

"I knew you'd enjoy it," he again leered as she began to cry.

"Next time you can use the dildo. That should be a sight."

He then returned her to her chair, strapped her down somewhat more comfortably and started to leave. Suddenly he looked down, noticing he still had a full erection.

"Well, I certainly can't leave you like this."

He held it in his hand as he looked her up and down

"You're pussy has already had a workout, and I'll save those titties again for another day. I certainly don't trust that hot little mouth of yours right now. Now what should I do with this thing."

Suddenly he got an idea and began to unbind her legs.

"You're going to jack me off with those talented toes," he insisted. "Be gentle. You might be able to hurt me a little with a swift kick. But you'd only get one kick in, and then I can assure you you'd be very sorry for it. Rub my dick with your feet. Make my cum, Bigtits."

Having very little pride left she did as she was told, rubbing up his hard shaft with her feet, tickling the head with her toes. Both knew this would not take long. The sight of her performance had brought him to a peak and shortly her actions produced results. His cum short forth, running down his shaft and over her toes.

After he had completed spewing he again retied her legs and stood up.

"Very nice, Bigtits, very nice indeed. I'll bring you some food in a little while. While I'm gone you can think about what we might do for fun in our next session. I'll tell you that I have a few ideas. In fact, you're sitting on one of them right now."

He smiled evilly as he backed out of the room.

"Sitting on it? Oh, no, she thought! Not that. Not up the rear!"

As the hours past in the brightly-lit room where she was held captive, Carly's mind would occasionally wander to what she feared was ahead. She had tried it "in the butt" once years ago with an old boyfriend. The experience was not one she wished to repeat. It was both painful and frightening, but at least her partner then had respected her and stopped when she cried out. This man, she knew, would not. He would probably make her chant "Fuck my ass" repeatedly while he slammed into her. She again shivered at the thought.

It seemed a long time had passed without a "visit" from her captor. She had begun to grow hungry and thirsty again. As her mind continued to wander to her impending further degradation she began to wish he would just get here and get it over with. The anticipation was almost as intolerable as the act.

When he finally did arrive she was asleep - her head leaning forward, her long brown hair nearly covering her breasts. He quietly walked to where she was bound, knelt beside her and began to softly rub her inner thigh. She didn't awaken, but stirred slightly. He moved slowly up her thigh and was pleased to see her legs begin to part as he neared her pussy. Still asleep, Carly was dreaming of happier thoughts... of being with a tender lover. She could almost feel him pressing against her as he began to give her pleasure. It felt so real... she squirmed a bit, then she awoke with a start. There he was.. fingering her moist warmness. She shut her legs and he removed his fingers from inside her laughing. He licked them lingeringly as she glared at him.

"You are a hot little number," he leered, "must have been thinking about me."

She shook her head violently in disgust and embarrassment.

"Well, at least I've been thinking about you," he said standing.

He had come down totally undressed this time and his dick was rock hard.

"Yeah, I've been thinking about you a lot," he said, giving it a quick rub.

He released one of her arms and handed her a sandwich he had beside him. Famished she began to eat it silently. Again it was simply ham, but the taste was slightly off. She was nearly finished when he noted casually, "I used my special sauce on that one," then began making gestures with his dick indicating he had jacked off. She gagged and threw the remainder down, almost sickened at the thought.

He laughed again. "Oh, you'll develop a taste for it after awhile. But we've other business now."

He released her from the chair and firmly moved her over to the sofa bed.

"Lay down," he ordered.

She sank to the bed, lying on her back, vainly trying to cover her breasts and pussy.

"No.. No... on your stomach."

She didn't move at once and he slapped her thigh roughly.

"On your stomach, Bigtits."

She slowly turned over quivering, her head turned toward him to see what he was going to do. He sat beside her on the bed and poured some lotion from a bottle into his hands. He then began to massage her aching shoulders and upper back. Despite her terror, she could not help but feel pleasure at the touch. As he continued to rub she could almost hear herself moaning gently. Her muscles had ached for days and this was such a welcome relief. His hands rubbed down from her shoulders to the small of her back. The feeling was still very pleasant, but frightening thoughts returned as his palms arched her butt cheeks.

He had begun to stare at her ass.... round and plump and so soft to the touch. He covered a finger in lotion, then traced it along the crack of her rear. She let out a little frightened noise, so he repeated the motion, this time exploring a little deeper in the crack. She tried to get up and he smacked one cheek harshly with his hand, the red print showing up nicely on her white bottom. She settled down as he continued to examine the crack. He spread the cheeks gently to get a better view and discovered her puckered little hole. He toyed with it as she softly writhed under him.

"You like this, don't you," he demanded.

She only shook her head.

"You like it, don't you," he said more forcefully, smacking her other cheek.

"Yes! Yes! I like it!" she cried.

"What do you like?" he questioned.

"I like it! I like it! Just leave me alone!"

He smacked her cheek again.

"No! Tell me what you like. Tell me you like me playing with your asshole."

She was again silent so he walloped away at her rear, first one cheek, then the other... red welts rising from his punishment.

"I like it. I like you playing with my asshole!" she screamed out.

"Mmmmmm good. I knew you did", as his finger continued to gently probe the puckered hole. He poured on more lotion and inserted his finger up to the first joint, moving it in and out gently. His fingers occasionally would follow the crack till its end and slowly caress her privates. She was doubly humiliated, because she could feel how moist she'd become down there, and knew that he too was aware of it.

Then he abruptly stopped. She craned her neck to see what he was doing. He stood above her then kneeled on the sofa, placing one knee across the small of her back and straddling her. She felt the pressure from his dick and balls as he settled them there, inches above her rear. He leaned forward and moved her long hair from the back of her neck. He began breathing on it and kissing it gently. She shuddered again at his touch. He slid one hand under her and cupped one large tit that pressed against the fabric of the sofa. He continued to nuzzle, and kiss, and lick the side and back of her neck. He slid his body back slightly and she felt his cock slightly protrude into the top of her crack.

"Oh God," she thought, "he's going to do it."

Then he whispered in her ear, "Okay, babe, now tell me what you really want."

"Oh, no, no, no... he really is going to make me say it," she thought.

In defiance she said, "I want you to get off of me!"

His hand beneath her squeezed her tit tightly.

"No, now that's not what I want to hear. You know what I want, now say it," punctuating the last comment with another squeeze.

"I want you to...ahhh".


"I.. ahhh.. I want you to..."

"Come on babe. You can say it. We're friends here."

"I.. ahhh... I ahhh... I ahhhh want youtofuckmeintheass."

The words came out quickly and in a blur, but she had said them.

"Mmmmm... now that's what I thought. But you're gonna have to say it again. Say, 'I'm a big-titted little slut who needs an ass-fucking'" as he again squeezed her tit.

"I'm ahh.... I'm ahhh..."

"You're a what?"

"... a big-titted little slut."

"And what do you need?"


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Jesse.

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