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The Capture of Bigtits
by Jesse

" ass fucking."

"Well, Bigtits, you're in luck, cause I'm gonna give you one."

He then slid back a little and she felt her ass cheeks part. She knew it wasn't his finger this time that was probing her tight, puckered hole. She clenched her teeth as she felt the lotion-annoited head go slightly in. He wiggled it against the tight opening, then pressed a little further. She couldn't help but make a small, whelping noise as she felt the hole widen as if being ripped.

He paused then said, "Allright, Bigtits, tell me what you want me to do."

She had no choice, and the words gurgled from her mouth almost involuntarily, "Fuck me in the ass.".

"Yes," he almost squealed as he shoved his full six inches deep within her nearly virgin hole. She screamed in pain, feeling as though she were being ripped apart.

"Oh, god," she thought, or maybe even said. It was far worse than she had remembered from her short-lived experiment from several years ago. She felt him begin to extract his cock as her muscles contracted, then the searing pain again as he lunged back into her, his balls slapping her on the cheeks. She was weeping, crying and screaming, but somehow the only words that emerged from her mouth were "Fuck me in the ass! Fuck me in the ass!". Oh, god, and he did. In and out, his six inches feeling like twelve as he impaled her repeatedly. She could sense his excitement and pleasure.. even more palpable then his earlier encounters with her. He knew she was totally demeaned by this act, and he revelled in it. Then finally the movement stopped with him still wedged deep inside her. Her senses where nearly numb down there, but she knew his cock was spewing his hot cum deep in her hole. He twitched a little and let out a moan.

"Mmmmmmmm.... baby.... you're ass is Hot!" he said.

She lay silently, the pain only beginning to subside. He slowly slid his cock from between her cheeks, his hardon relieved, it was slowly receding.

"Mmmmmm...," he said again, looking down at his handiwork as some of his thick creamy cum bubbled up from the once tight hole. His dick was a little chafed from his workout, but he scarcely felt it. All he felt was great satisfaction. His dick was satisfied, having shot another huge load, and he was also smugly satisfied from having violated Carly's sanctuary.

She still lay there whimpering from the pain and humiliation, but he knew that despite herself, she was also excited. She knew it too, which made her degradation even worse. He turned her over, tears streaming down her face. She rubbed her eyes and looked up helplessly.

"Don't worry, baby, it's your turn now."

She looked at him puzzled through her tears. His hand again slid between her legs and he again felt the moistness there.

"Stop it!" she thought, but no words came from her dry mouth.

"Mmmmmm... such a hot little cunt," he murmured as he played with her clit.

Then he situated himself between her legs again. He began kissing and licking her belly... twirling his tongue in her belly button. She writhed gently under him. His mouth moved down, rubbing against her pubic hair. It was usually nicely trimmed, but she knew there must be stubble. It had been days since she had been able to preform her bathroom rituals. Then she felt his hot breath on her clit... his tongue tickling it... his lips sucking it.

"Oh, no," she thought. "I don't want him to make me cum. Please don't let that happen."

But despite herself the pleasure was welling up between her thighs. He continued to nurse on her swollen clit as she felt his hand probe her slit. He finger-fucked her as he licked and slurped at her delicious morsel. She twitched and turned, unable to control her body. She knew she was only moments for experiencing a rapture.

But then he stopped and looked up at her, his chin resting on her pubic region.. his eyes peering over the mounds of her reclining breasts.

"I can tell you're gonna cum soon," he said. "I want to be inside you when you do."

He pulled her legs past the end of the couch, separated them and stood between them. His cock, which had so recently raped her backside, now stood poised and erect to enter her front. He shoved it in gently and the sensations of pleasure returned.

"Not this... please don't let this awful man make me cum with his dick inside me."

He moved his rod back and forth through her warm moistness until she could bear it no longer.

"Ohhhhh yesssssss...," she screamed involuntarily.

He felt her juices wash over his cock. She writhed for what seemed like minutes, unable to control the pleasure, then collapsed. He removed himself from inside her. He was still hard, having not yet shot a second load. He walked up and stood by her reclining head.

"Here you go," he said, his cock rising inches from her mouth. "Taste yourself on it."

His hand clutched one of her tits in warning, but she didn't even bother to resist. She was too spent to argue or fight and allowed him entry into her mouth. In a very short span he had violated each of her holes now. She continued to suck his dick as he fondled his balls, until finally he again ejaculated. She gagged briefly on the cum until she could swallow it down, grateful he had already shot one load before forcing this act upon her. He removed his dick from her mouth and small drops of his cum and her saliva dotted her face as he shook it. He continued to rub one of her large nipples between his fingers, though he produced no pain by this act.

"You did a good job today, Bigtits," he said. "Guess I'll have to give you a reward later. Maybe a decent meal and a little bathroom time."

He taped her arms and legs to the sofa before he left, but at least this time she was lying down.

Carly wept herself quietly to sleep, wondering vaguely what more he could possibly have planned for her.

He was there again the next day. He said very little, just continued to stare at her exposed flesh in a manner he knew tormented her. He unstrapped her from the sofa and clamped on a pair of leg restraints around her small ankles. He led her from the room and up towards the narrow stairs she hadn't noticed before. He helped her climb them slowly, as the restraints limited her motion. She knew that even if she chose to try and run, she wouldn't get very far.

At the top of the stairs he led her to a small table, where a nice meal had been prepared. A slice of prime rib, some mashed potatoes and corn, even a piece of chocolate cake for dessert. He motioned to her to sit down, then he sat opposite her in front of his own plate.

"See, I promised you a decent meal, and I always deliver," he said not unkindly.

"Thank you," she muttered as she looked down at the plate warily.

"Oh, don't worry... no special sauce this time," he chuckled.

As hungry as she was, and as good as the food looked, she had to confess to herself that she probably didn't care at this point, but was relieved to hear it anyway. She looked up at him, still aware of her nakedness and pleaded, "Could I maybe have something to put on?".

"Oh, no... that's not part of the deal. I like to look at them titties... it would be a shame to cover 'em up."

She simply shrugged, her sense of modesty having dissipated over the past days... week... she really wasn't sure how long she'd been there. The food was excellent and she finished every bite. He even produced a bottle of wine, and she reluctantly had a glass... then another.

She hadn't wanted to broach the subject, considering the previous results, but after the meal she felt she had to ask.

"I.. ahhh.. I ahhh.. need to, you know, freshen up."

"Mmmm... gotta pee again do you. Maybe even take a crap."

His bluntness was not comforting, but he was correct.

"Uh huh. I really do."

He laughed again, which made her almost regret having brought it up.

"Well, I'll let you. You can even sit on the toilet this time."

Suddenly relieved, she let out a deep sigh that made her bosom heave... an effect he noticed with pleasure.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"For the bathroom? Yeah, I really am."

"Okay, it's this way".

He helped her to her feet and she shuffled beside him down another small hall to a bathroom. Not large, but so much better than that horrible stall downstairs. The toilet looked so inviting as she headed towards it. As she sat down she noticed him walk towards the tub and sit on the edge of it facing her.

"Ah, could I maybe have a minute alone?".

"Nope," he smiled, "I'm gonna watch you do your business."

She nearly began crying again. How much humiliation would she be forced to endure.

"I don't think I can with you staring at me."

"I'm patient, take all the time you want. But remember, you might not have such luxurious accommodations the next time you need to go."

Realizing the implied threat she tried to relax her bladder. Finally a thin stream of urine tinkled to the water below her bottom. The stream grew larger as her bladder emptied. It was a relief and now she also felt a movement in her bowels. She experienced some pain as a large movement began to emerge from her rectum that his cock has so roughly violated. Finally it too dropped into the water below, and she breathed a sigh of relief. He handed her a roll of toilet paper, which she used to wipe herself, him watching her every movement. She then flushed the paper along with her waste.

"That wasn't so hard now, was it," he said. "See, we're getting more comfortable with each other."

"You really are sick," she said softly. She was afraid that she may anger him, but he just continued to smile.

"I do have another treat for you," he said, producing a small safety razor and a can of foam. He rubbed his cheeks and said, "It was getting a little rough the last time I was down there."

Again she was embarrassed at the thought of his tongue tasting her, bringing her to orgasm against her will.

"I've always wanted to do this," he said as he began to spread some foam on her legs.

"He's not going to shave me himself, is he," she thought.

But that was exactly what he planned. He performed the ritual on the lower portion of first one leg and then the other. She was surprised he had done it so well. He had only nicked her once, which was a better average than she could usually produce. She became more apprehensive as he shaved the fine hair on her upper thighs, working toward her bikini line. He begin to shave the pubic area below her belly, leaving the thin strip of hair she sometimes thought of as her landing strip, but that thought did not come to her now. Still gently and without a mishap, he spread the lips of her womanhood and cleanly shaved the area around it. Once again, she found herself uncomfortably excited by the touch of the hands and razor down there. Finally he was done. He looked at his handiwork approvingly.

"Now you're smooth as a baby's butt. You can hop in the tub if you want. I'll even wash your back."

She willingly accepted the offer as he began to run the water. The water felt good as she lowered her still sore bottom into it. It stung just a little, but the warmth comforted her. She washed herself in near oblivion to his lingering presence, scarcely noticing him observe every nook and cranny of her anatomy as she cleansed the grime of several days away. She lathered up her hair and rinsed it under the tap. As she leaned forward she felt his hands on her back, washing it as he promised. She didn't resist and allowed him to finish. Feeling cleaner than she had in a week, she rose from the water and he handed her a towel. She dried her hair, then her body, and then wrapped the towel around herself.

"Oh, no," he said, taking the towel off of her gently, but firmly. "We're keeping you on display. A body like that needs to be appreciated."

Realizing it was pointless to argue, she resumed her nudity with as much grace as she could muster.

"Well, Bigtits," he said, using the hideous pet name that he almost always called her by now, "I'm getting hard again. What do you think we should do about it."

"Oh, please," she pleaded, "could we maybe not do anything about it."

Feeling clean she could hardly bear the thought of him violating her again right now.

He smiled again and said, "There's no point in me going around with an erection when there's a beautiful slut like you here. But, I'll tell you what. I'll let you give me a hand job. Nice and slow and easy. That way you won't have to get too messy."

She breathed a small sigh of relief. It seemed so much better than any alternative.

"Allright Bigtits, get to it," he said, standing in front of her.

Kneeling, she undid has belt and released his trousers, sliding them down to the floor. Then she slid down his shorts, revealing once again his hard cock. She wrapped one of her small hands around the shaft, squeezing gently as she moved up and down on it.

"Oh, you are good," he nodded approvingly.

And she knew she was. She had entertained numerous boyfriends in high school with her technique before she had ever "done it" with one of them. She continued her steady motion on his stiff rod as she felt it grow even harder. She began caressing his balls with her other hand as she continued to rub up and down the shaft and gently teasing the head with her thumb. She felt one of his hands in her scalp, gently rubbing her hair as he moaned softly. Her motions became more rapid as she sensed he was getting close. With another light squeeze on his balls, he again erupted. She kept the motion up, rubbing his spurting cum up and down his dick as he continued to spew. She finally squeezed the last few drops from him and then released his cock to dangle towards the floor.

"Was that allright," she asked, knowing it was but seeking his approval and further confirmation that nothing more would be asked of her for the moment.

"Mmmmm... Bigtits, that was great. Talented hands, babe," he said as he pulled up his shorts and trousers.

She washed the stickiness from her hands in the sink. They returned to the area where they had eaten and she accepted another glass of wine. She was reluctant to return to the small, cell-like room below, but didn't protest when he decided it was time. He didn't strap her arms down this time, but firmly chained her leg restraints to a radiator pipe. Her movements were still somewhat limited, but it seemed so much better than before. He then again left her to her own devices.

She walked around a bit before settling on the bed, where she daydreamed and dozed. Over the next few days he visited her often, always with an erection that he expected her to relieve. She became somewhat impressed that he could rise so often and felt almost a sense of pride that she was the inspiration for this ability.

His attitude towards her tits had become almost like worshiping at a shrine. He fucked them often, as he had promised, but since she seldom resisted anymore, the acts were nowhere near as rough as they had been the first time. She had been commanded to masturbate for him again several times, as well. She did so, if not willingly, at least without complaint. On these occasions he would jack himself off while she did her business, which usually resulted in an intense orgasm. The same resulted on the occasions when he would finger her himself or bury his face between her legs. He had licked and teased her asshole since, but he didn't invade her there again. But that was her only orifice that didn't enter. He fucked her pussy with only slightly less regularity than he creamed her tits, and he loved to see her suck him off, particularly after he had dipped inside of her juices.

He would provide meals and allow her to use the upstairs bathroom when she wished, sometimes even letting her relieve herself without him watching.

She occasionally wondered what her friends were doing since she had disappeared. She wasn't sure, but imagined over two weeks had passed. Surely, she had been missed. She was between jobs... and boyfriends... but she was popular and someone would be concerned by now.

Her sessions with her captor had become almost mundane. He'd either fuck the tits - "Wearing a trench between the melons" - as he had put it, or they would engage in some other fuck and suck activity. Then one day he entered her room naked, as he often did, and told her to get in the chair. She was surprised when he put himself over her lap, his bottom heaving towards her.

"I've been a bad boy," he said.

She nearly laughed as she slapped him hard across the rear.

"You really have," she agreed and continued to spank him till his butt turned beet red. He had fucked her savagely after that, and she had to admit it had been exciting for her as well.

Then one day he walked into the room and sat in the stiff chair as she was laying on the bed. "This time," he said, "I want you to ride me. Ride me good and hard," as he gently stroked his cock.

"I want them big titties bouncing in my face while you give me the ride of my life. And I want you talking dirty to me as you do it. Make me feel like we're lovers having a marathon fuck-fest."

Considering some of the acts she had been made to perform, this one didn't seem overly difficult. Her feelings of shame had nearly vanished during the extent of her capture. She climbed in his lap facing him, her tits square in his face.

She smothered him with them saying, "You like these big titties, don't you, babe."

"Oh, Yeah!" was his reply.

"You wanna suck these nipples don't ya," she teased.

Greedily he took one in his mouth, nursing it. They were still sensitive but she reacted more with pleasure than with pain at his attentions.

"Give me that big cock, I want it in me," she said, as she slid closer.

She inserted his erection in her slit, sliding down on it as he continued to nibble on her tits.

"I wanna ride you. You're my stallion. Give it to me."

She began bouncing up and down in his lap, his cock deep within her.

"Oh, yeah, baby - fuck me!" he shouted.

"I'm fucking you. You're my stallion. Fuck my pussy you big stallion."

She could hardly believe the words she was saying, but it was clear that this was what he wanted to hear. It was one of the longer sessions they spent as she coaxed his cock, "Give me that cum. Shoot that hot cum in me. I want to feel it inside me."

Finally he consented and unleashed his load in her. The activity had produced an effect on her as well as she climaxed almost simultaneously, collapsing in his arms in the afterglow.

"Mmmmm...," he whispered in her ear, "that was truly spectacular."

"Uh huh, it was," she nodded, forgetting for the moment her circumstances.

They held each other for several more minutes before he motioned for her to get up. Almost reluctantly she arose, his dick sliding from her cunt. He stood and walked outside. A few minutes later he returned. He had dressed and he brought with him a set of clean clothes. She could tell they were hers.

"How did you get these," she asked, taking them.

He smiled again, "Oh, I went by your apartment and used your key."

"You're letting me get dressed??" she said with almost mixed emotions.

"Yep. It's been two weeks. About time for the vacation to be over."

She looked at him quizzically. "Vacation? You mean you're letting me go? But aren't you afraid I'll go to the police. My god, you've raped me. You've raped me every possible way, and you're just letting me go?"

"Oh, I doubt you'll go to the police. Come on and get dressed," he said, as he released her leg shackles.

She quickly complied, putting on her panties and bra. The material felt good around her breasts. She slid into the pair of jeans and buttoned up the cotton shirt he had provided. He then took her by the hand and led her upstairs. He motioned her to sit on a couch in front of a television in the room. Curious, she did. He stepped out of the room briefly and returned with a tape, inserting it into the VCR atop the television. He then sat beside her, his hand resting familiarly on her upper thigh. She didn't try to move it, just watched as images came on the screen. She suddenly recognized the picture of her, her head bobbing up and down on his cock. Then there was him, going down on her, and her eventually obvious orgasm. Then she again witnessed the spanking and the fucking that followed. The final portion was of their just complete session. Her sight of her shoving her tits in his face, the sounds of her begging for his cock, and then riding him till they both exploded in ecstasy.

He sat there smiling, "I've been answering some of your e-mail," he said, pointing to a computer in the corner. "Told your friends you and I were going on a two-week vacation. I don't think you'll really want to deny it. That video doesn't look like you were doing anything you didn't want to. In fact it looks like you were having the time of your life."

She realized that the pieces of tape were a compelling lie. There was no evidence that this was anything other than two people enjoying each others bodies. The leg restraints were conspicuously absent in any of the frames. Once again she felt violated. This man had raped her, abused her, humiliated her and debased her, and, damn it, no one would believe it. He had fucked her again, she thought.

"You're car is outside," he said, tossing her purse and keys to her. "Drive safe, Bigtits."

She had no idea what to say. Her relief at finally being allowed her freedom was tempered by the knowledge that she would have no justice over this man. And other emotions she didn't understand welled up in her as well. She walked over to him and slapped him violently across the face.

"You freak!" she shrieked at him, as all of the debasements over the past weeks flooded back over her. He just smiled, grabbed her chin and kissed her full on the lips as his other hand again groped her tit. This relatively mild liberty, under the circumstances, was all that she could bear. She shoved him aside, ran for the door nearly in tears and headed for her car as she heard him laughing inside the house. She drove down the driveway to the small road. Not knowing where she was she chose a direction and headed in it. Finally she reached street signs with familiar names and managed to wind her way back to her apartment.

She spent hours in the tub, trying to wash away the thoughts of the past two weeks. She slept fitfully, her first night in her own bed.

Days passed, but her degradation seldom strayed far from her mind. She went out with friends, but knew she couldn't bring herself to tell them what happened. Who would believe her?

She soon began to regain her familiar routine and the thoughts became less vivid. It was nearly a month since she had been naked and chained when a package arrived in the mail. When she opened it she saw a video and a note from "Him". Just a simple note if anyone else had seen it, but so infuriating to her. It simply read "Hey Bigtits. Enjoyed our vacation very much. Hope to see you - all of you - again soon. Why don't you meet me at "our place" this Saturday at eight. I think it would be fun."

He honestly expected her to go to that little bar again for him.

"God, what a lunatic," she thought, tossing the tape and letter aside and going to the kitchen. A short time passed before she returned to where the video lay. She picked it up, frowned and put it back down again. Finally, she picked it up once more, walked over to the VCR and inserted it. She sat on her couch and watched what unfolded. There they were again... all of the non-incriminating sessions. Him licking her ass. Him coming between her tits and her licking his semen from her lips when it squirted there. The final fucking where she rode him hard. As the tape had played she scarcely noticed she had unbuttoned her jeans and slid her hand beneath her panties. By the time the two of them were exploding in a mutual orgasm on the screen, she had again brought herself to a powerful climax. As the tape ended and started to rewind, she stretched out on the couch and thought maybe she would stop by that little bar again. Maybe this Saturday at eight.
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