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The Cool Whips
by palmer

Here's something a friend and I did while growing up in Indiana throughout our teen years.

Brent and I grew up together and, early on, discovered the joys of masturbation. He was an only child; his parents had divorced, and he was living with his dad. I stayed at his house often, and we spent many hours together watching his dad's discovered porn videos. He had tons of them, of many varieties; mostly compilations. Eventually, we just sort of spontaneously started jacking off together while watching them.

Brent and I were members of the high school baseball team and conspired to incorporate our team members into our jackoff activities. In that pursuit, we would invite one of our team members to Brent's house after a game or practice, to watch porn videos. It was funny to see them watching the videos in silent, wide-eyed amazement, and to watch their pants-bulges grow, especially if they had never seen one before. When they were good and worked up, uncomfortably adjusting their hardened dicks in their pants, or showing a wet spot, Brent or I would pretend that we couldn't help but whip out our dicks, one or the other of us saying something like, "Man, I need to release!" and begin to jack off together. It was also funny to see them sneaking peeks at us jacking our dicks more than watching the video.

Usually, our "victim" would soon whip his own out, with relief, joining in; and we would have a new initiate.

Sometimes he would be shy, not joining in, and we would give him one more chance. Usually, if he accepted a second invitation, he would eventually join in, jacking off with us. If he refused, or ran away, or called us gay, he was scratched off the list. There was this one guy, Thad, who wouldn't join in, and went around telling people we were gay, and, as a result, we got two more recruits outside of the ball team-James, who just came out and asked if he could join, after we assured him we weren't gay, and Jessie, who had been told by another initiate that we had some hot videos, and asked Brent if he could watch with us.

Once we figured out who was willing to beat off in front of us, we started inviting ALL of them over at the same time, usually after practice.

Sometimes, only two or three could come; sometimes, more. It was always more fun with more guys. The more, the merrier! Brent and I gained over half the baseball team in our jerk-off sessions in this manner, garnering eleven guys, at the most (including us), in our regular sessions. We met almost every weekday afternoon at Brent's house, while his dad was at work (he worked an 11am to 7pm shift), watching porn videos and jacking off.

Of course, none of us was gay (I don't think), and we didn't touch each other, but we sure did watch each other. When we first started, we were only about thirteen, so we didn't ejaculate much semen. As we got older, though, shooting our loads almost became a competition. Whenever one of us was about to cum, he would declare it verbally ("Here... it... COMES!"), or with a long, loud, rising, "Ahhhhh...", announcing his arrival, and all eyes would be riveted on his dick, as we all stroked and watched his ejaculation. If it was an unusually copious load, and/or continued for a long time, it would be greeted with an encouraging, "Go ahead, dude!" or "Yeah!... Yeah!... Yeah!"

from the onlookers. If it involved a long distance shot, it would be welcomed with an appreciative, simultaneous, "Whoa!" from every member.

Usually, we were all so highly aroused by the time the first guy came, that, the sight of it created a "cavalcade of cum" (which, incidentally, was the title of one of Brent's dad's videos).

Brent always placed a roll of paper towels on the coffee table between the couches and the big-screen TV, with the understanding that we were all responsible for catching or cleaning up our own cum. (I wonder if his dad questioned why they went through so many paper towels.) For awhile, there, we got into a habit of all kneeling around the cleared-off coffee table, with our paper towels before us, to catch our wads, as we watched each other ejaculate in turn.

We also experimented with different lubricants: cooking oil (OK, but difficult to wash off), French onion dip (better than you'd imagine), guacamole (OK), salsa (OW!), shaving cream (the menthol variety causes an interesting sensation) and Jell-O (slippery when it melts, but too messy and sticky). These are just a few I can remember right now. We also tried Cool Whip, which is not as good as it sounds, but inspired the name of our club, "The Cool Whips"! Geoff even found Cool Whip T-shirts, doing a word-search on the internet, and we all ordered them. We got a reputation around school, but, fuck 'em, we didn't care!

There was one little guy, Jeremy, who would always cum early into the session and didn't shoot much. He soon dropped out-- I guess, out of embarrassment. We speculated that he was beating off too much at home.

There was another guy, Jason, who had an average-sized dick, but, man, could he shoot cum! He seemed to get very emotionally involved in the jackoff session, and when he announced his cumming, we cleared out of his line-of-fire! He would let out a scream, his eyes would roll back in his head and he would shoot his load across the room like a machine-gun, splattering everywhere, as he convulsed in ecstasy. It was a spectacle that always brought a laugh to the crowd. Then he would have quite a time finding it all, to clean it up. We always had to point out to him where it all went. I derided Jason once, actually telling him, "Man, you need to jack off more often!" He just laughed me off, and, fortunately, remained an entertaining "Cool Whip" for a long time.

After many years, there remain a few of us "Cool Whips", who stay in "touch", managing to escape from our family lives and get together to jack off, but, sadly, those sessions are becoming fewer and farther between.

I hope there are other groups of sexually joyful, young jacksters "arising" to take our places.


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