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The Dungeon
by Slegehamma

She walks slowly down the stairs trying to be as quiet as possible. The air is cold and the lights are dim. She hears her master moving about in the dungeon. Taking a deep breath she tries to calm herself so her master doesn't see her excitement within her. Slowly she walks to the bottom of the stairs and she can see her master checking the equipment. She stands there waiting for him to notice her instead of announcing herself.

He soon sees her and invites her to come over to him. She lowers her head as she walks to him without a word. He tells her that she looks very pretty today and runs his fingers through her hair. Soft kisses make her feel welcome. He reaches down and pulls her shirt up over her head and tosses it across the room. Feeling the cold air on her breasts her nipples begin to harden immediately. He lowers his head and nibbles on her nipples, then he bites harder. Moving between her nipples he bites harder and harder making her moan loudly.

Cuffing her hands and chaining them to the ceiling she knows that he is just warming up. Now cuffing her ankles and then chaining to opposite walls she is completely at his mercy. He first puts the nipple clamps on her making her wince in pain. He tells her to be good or she'll really regret it. He then ties the ball gag around her head to keep her quiet. The blindfold comes next and then the ear plugs.

Arms stretched straight up and legs wide open she feels her skirt being lifted and suddenly smack on her ass. The flogger makes pink marks on her ass and she winces in pain again. Again and again he whips her till her ass is a bright red. She feels his cold hands rubbing on her hot red ass and she welcomes the sensation, then an open handed smack startles her and causes her already hot red ass sting even more.

The nipple clamps come off and the neck collar goes on. Thin rope is tied to one ring on the collar. She knows what to expect and does not try to stop him. The rope then circles her breast about 7 or 8 times and getting tighter each time. Her breast now is perfectly round, standing straight and very hard to the touch. The rope then goes through another loop in the collar and is tied around the other breast. Her breasts in pain and very sensitive to any touch she stands there being as brave as she can. An ice cube drips cold water on her tied up breasts. Enjoying the sensation she moans quietly through the ball gag. When the ice cube is applied directly to her nipple she quivers in pain but then succumbs to the ice.

Feeling a harness applied to her waist and down to her pussy she also knows what to expect. He puts a small vibe inside the harness and pushes it inside her turning it on low. Soon another vibe is placed on her clit and the harness holds it there tightly. Indulging in the sensations she is left there for close to an hour.

Cumming so many times she can feel her juices running down her leg and even past her knees. Suddenly a slap from a horse crop on the inside of her thigh she flinches wildly. Smack, Smack, Smack the horse crop lashed her legs over and over again. Both of the vibes still pleasuring her she feels pain and pleasure all at the same time. She begins to cum once again. Tears running out from the blindfold as she continues to cum.

Her tired arms are set loose from the ceiling and they drop straight down. Legs unshackled she feels weak and can barely stand upright. He leads her across the room and stops her suddenly. Pulling her legs apart again and tied down again. He leans her forward over the saw horse type of thing. Her arms are tied once again but this time so she can hold herself up with them. Tied up and bent over a saw horse she cannot move once again.

Her breasts were just about numb until she was bent over the saw horse and now they are really in pain now. Knowing this He squeezes each one lightly making her wince in pain once again. The two vibes still going strong as he tortures her breasts. Soon after the ball gag is removed and a gag that holds her mouth open is tightened into place. His cock slaps her face and soon enters her mouth. He pushes it deeper with each stroke and shaking it in her mouth as he wishes. She sucks him like only she can to please him as best she can. Soon he begins to squeezes her breasts once again. Writhing in pain but still pleasuring him as best she can for what seems to be an eternity. He then walks away leaving her with both vibes going strong torturing her with pleasure.

Smack, Smack, Smack, with a paddle on her ass she almost cries out but she knows better. Her ass turns red again immediately. Once again he rubs her hot red ass with his cold hand soothing her. Then the two vibes are removed along with the harness. She is soo relieved and moans softly and he presses himself against her. Running his fingers down her sides tickling her she wiggles from the sensation. Smack on her ass with an open hand makes her wince in pain. Smack Smack he tells her to be good or she gets more.

Softly he pushes his cock inside her already soaking wet pussy sliding deep in one slow motion all the way in. She moans excitedly and he begins fucking her harder and harder by the moment. She falls forward even more from him pounding from behind her. Almost bent over completely she can feel her breasts smacking her in the face as her body is being thrashed from behind. She begins to cum as he slam fucks her even more wildly now. Uncontrollably yelling as she cums he slams himself into her even faster. Pulling away after she cums he walks around and pushes his cock in her mouth once again and telling her that she was bad for screaming like that. He pushes his cock all the way down her throat making her gag helplessly.

She is able to regain some strength to suck his cock wildly and he enjoys it so much that he stops ramming it down her throat. Reaching down to her breasts he plays with her nipples as she sucks him off more intently than ever. He reaches out and slaps her ass with his open hand and tell her to make him cum and do it quickly. Slapping her ass she flails about as much as she can and still somehow sucks him off proficiently.

He leans back and begins to moan and even yell as he begins to cum. She feels his pulsating cock thrusting deep into her mouth and she moans softly to herself. Quickly he pushes himself deep down her throat and begins to shoot his fluids directly down her throat making her gag and unable to do anything about it. His juices go smoothly down because she knows how to handle it and as he pulls out of her mouth slowly she makes sure she's got every drop so she won't be punished for being sloppy.

As she walks up the stairs she feels exhausted and can barely climb she thinks to herself. I hope that he has time for me tomorrow.

She wakes up early the next morning to prepare for her lunch date at the hotel across town. Bill is a guy that she works with and sometimes gets together with her. They eat lunch and flirt the entire time. When they get up to the room they are like animals and tear each others cloths off. There in the hotel room they are on the bed having wild sex then suddenly the sound of the door slamming shut startles them. There he was her master standing there. Bill asks who are you to her master and he replies by picking him up by the neck and saying I'm her master. He then pushes bill into the chair and stares at her with a very angry look on his face. Her master tells them to get dressed and that they will be coming with him for proper punishment.

Bill tries to fight back but her master is much bigger than him and forces him into the van. He then ties bill to the floor and drives away. They reach the dungeon and bill is carried out of the van with his hands and feet tied. She opens every door for her master knowing that she may not be punished as severely by doing so. Bill's hands are tied and hung from the ceiling. His feet are shackled, stretched apart and tied to opposite walls. He is completely helpless as the mask is dropped over his head. The mask blinds him and there is a piece attached that puts a large chunk of leather in his mouth also gagging him. She has her own mask put on her and this mask doesn't have a mouthpiece, It does however have straps that are wrapped around Bills hips making his cock go directly into her mouth. Bills Dick is soft and it sits in her mouth with ease. She cannot move away from Bill even if she fought it and she knows better than to even attempt that.

With Bill tied standing and her bent over and strapped to him they are in a very vulnerable position. Her master hands her a pile of rings and she is told to put them on Bills balls to stretch them. She puts 10 or 11 rings on him stretching his balls about 4 inches down. The last ring is put on him and this one has a small chain attached to it in three places. Bill cries out from under the mask and the master laughs at his pain. her master tells Bill that the more fussing he does the more pain he's gonna get and Bill calms down.

She is handed a small vibrating butt plug and some lube, She is told to put it in Bills ass and no stalling. She rubs the lube on the plug and pushes it into Bill's ass softly and Bill squirms with pain. The plug in Bill's ass and only the vibe control only hanging out.

The master ties her hands behind her back and tells her she better be ready cause it's time for both of you to pay for what you have done.

Her master puts on some really tight nipple clamps on her and clamps the chain between them to the chain hanging from Bill's balls. She feels much pain but doesn't make a sound or even flinch to avoid even more punishment from her master. A 5oz weight is hung from the chains clamped between the two. Bill gasps in pain as his balls are stretched even further. The master tells Bill that this is just the beginning and he adds almost 2 pounds more weights to the chains. Bill cries in pain as the weights are added one by one.

The master walks behind her and smacks her with the flogger on her ass. Smack Smack Smack he repeatedly whips her ass watching her wince quietly in pain just as he enjoys. She tries not to move as she is whipped so the weights don't swing between her nipples and Bill's balls and causing more pain for her and Bill. Her master begins to smack her in the ass with a studded paddle and this makes her move with each blow. The weights swing uncontrollably from the chains causing bill to wince in pain and even scream out from behind the mask. Her master walks behind Bill and smack smack smack on Bill's ass with the paddle causing his ass to turn a bright red. The weights swing even more now making Her and Bill both wence in pain.

Her master tells her to suck on Bills dick instead of have it just laying in her mouth and she begins to slide her tongue all over his cock. Bill moans quietly as her tongue works wildly on his growing cock. Growing with pleasure Bill's cock pushes deeper into her mouth and closer to her throat as she can't pull away. Smack Smack the flogger lashes Bill's ass making his cock push even deeper into her mouth and swinging the weights even more. Bill is stuck between pleasure and pain and winces in pain but dares not scream out. Leaning down the master turns on the vibe part of the butt plug in Bill's ass. Feeling the sensation Bill enjoys it and relaxes for a moment. Seeing Bill's enjoyment the master hangs almost another pound of weights on his balls pulling them down even further than before. Bill caught between pleasure and pain he convulses uncontrollably.

Walking back over to her the master slaps her with a horse crop on the ass and repeatedly up and down her thighs. She shakes in pain but tries hard not to bite bill's swollen cock deep in her mouth. Her nipples in pain as the swinging weights pull even harder now. The master pushes a small vibe deep in her ass and turns it on hi. He begins to play with her pussy and rubbing her clit until she cums on his fingers. She arches her back and sucks on Bills cock even more intently now. Her master begins to play with her clit with his cock and she moves her hips for even further pleasure. The vibe still going fast in her ass she feels invigorated and filled with pleasure. Her master slowly pushes his large cock inside her pussy giving her even more pleasure so she sucks on Bills cock even harder now. Thrusting himself so deep and so hard into her she cums again all over his throbbing cock. Bill begins to wince in pain as his balls are being pulled wildly by the swinging weights but yet begins to cum by her sucking on him so wildly.

Pounding her even harder now the master smiles as he knows what is about to happen. As she finishes cumming again Bill begins to pulsate deep in her mouth and she can tell he's about to cum. Her master pulling her by the hips and pounding her pussy the weights swing even wilder causing her and Bill even more pain but Bill is still going to cum. Bill explodes deep into her mouth and she swallows his hot cum fast so she doesn't choke but her master continues to pound deep within her pussy. Bill's entire body tenses completely as he cums but the weights continue to swing wildly causing even more pain to his balls.

The master continues to fuck her wildly for almost 30 minutes as he watches and listens to bill cry in pain from the heavy weights and even from her continuing to suck his ever so sensitive cock. She has cum at least two more times until her master begins to have his time. He begins to moan wildly as he pounds harder and slapping her ass with his bare hand over and over again. His cock throbbing inside her he begins to cum pumping his cum deep into her hot pussy. Bill screaming in pain from inside the mask and she winces in pain from her nipples. Her master finishes with a wild pounding deep within her and backs off slowly. He tells bill Next time you'll get even worse. Then he unties her hands and tells her to clean up before she leaves.

As she walks up the stairs with Bill she asks him Same place same time tomorrow?

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