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The Drive
by Ben Trodd

(Warning: Contains graphics depictions of violence.)

As I drove down the dark road....dark....because of the fog, and no moon.
I realized that I was getting tired, you know....the long road tired.
I rolled down the window in my 1973 Olds Delta 88, nice car....I could put the seat way back, and relax.

As I cruised down that dark in my ears and wind in my face....i thought of all the things that I had done...and all the girls I wish I would have done....but, alas...I moved on, I was a nice guy, never pushed a point.
I hit a stretch in the road...and started to think of a woman that I met just after high school, I thought she was super fine, and I started to get a little bit horned up on the memories.

I was getting hard, and I didn't feel tired anymore, I felt like taking advantage of my hardness, and my thoughts of this great girl that I once new.
I started to rub my cock through my jeans, and it felt real good, and i could feel slight spasms deep with in me, I knew it would not take long to cum, I tried to hold off, and enjoy the fun of it all!

My mind was drifting, and I was in a bit of a trance when i look to my right to see someone or something on the side of the road.
I slowed down, and tried to compose my re-bar flesh between my legs, turned around and drove back to the spot that I thought I saw something.
As I approached the area of the sighting, I could make out the form of a person, I thought this was a strange spot for a person.....out in Nowhere America....I stoped, and turned my head lights on the was a girl, and she put her arm up to block the light.

I got out of the car, and walked over to the girl, she told me to fuck off, and that I should not have stoped....that it was dangerous for me to talk to her...let alone even be seen with her.

I told her that if anyone had a problem with me...that they should take it up with me...and that I am rather resourceful, I could take care of my self.
She said her name was Jewel and that her boyfriend was in a gang called the "street freaks" and that he was a mean guy...that he dumped her off because she would not put out tonight, I told her to relaxe, and that I would help her.

I asked her if I could drive her home, she said yes...that is if I had a death wish...I re-assured her that I would be ok.

She got in the car, and showed me how to get to her house....we drove for about one hour, and finally got to her place, in the time of the ride, i found out that she was 18 years old, lived on her own and that she was going to school part time to become a dental nurse, she also worked at the local target store, I dropped her off at the door and said good night.

As I drove away, I noticed a car which had been parked across the street of Jewel's house start up and follow me....I didn't know the area of town but knew what had to be done.

I went around the block, and found a park....I then got out of my car, with a razor, and a black jack, I walked into the park, to a dark spot, with a light at the front of the trail, who ever walked in would not see me, but would be seen.
I waited, then I heard a car door slam, then some talking, then foot steps, I knew they were getting close......

After about what felt like an hour...actually it was only about 5 minutes, they were infront of me....I stepped out, and confronted the three guys, one was scared but the other two acted as though this was not new to them. It was obvious that the three guys didn't think I would be armed, I flipped out the razor and told them to stand and came at me with a knife, and I moved left...and slashed his throat....then number two came at me, and I black jacked him up the right side of his head...he went down in a thud.

Then came the last asshole....he asked me if I knew who I was messin with, I said that I thought I was at a boy scout picnic, and he snorted that there will be about one hundred guys here soon to kick my ass.

I laughed and reached for him....I grabbed his throat, and laid a knee into his groin, he doubled over, and I asked if he wanted to be like his friends, he said no...please let me go.....I sliped my left hand into my pocket and pulled out a syringe, and plunged it into his tracked up arm, and pushed about 5 cc's of chloral hydrate into his arm, I held him until he fell asleep.

I loaded him into my car...and went back to Jewels place....dragged him out and flipped him onto my shoulder and went up the drive to the door. After some knocking Jewel came to the door in a daze, opened up and was stunned to see her asshole boyfriend on my shoulder, I dropped him to the floor and asked her for a coffee.

She came with a coffee, and a few questions, I told her to get duct tape, she had packing tape, and it served well. I tied him up to a chair, and espressed some amonia chloride to wake him up. He was rather stuperous, but soon came around when he saw us, and where he was. I asked Jewel if she would like to make him the most unhappy man in the world...she said yes.

I told her to take off her clothes....she was stunned, but did so, and I came up behind her. She was infront of him. I removed my clothes and started to rub my hands up and down her body, as I did this, I started to grind my hard cock into her ass. He was straining against his restraints and was trying to scream - this only heightened our lust, and Jewel put her hand down to her pussy and started to guide my cockhead to her hole.

I started to slide in, and could feel her smoothness and heat within, and I sunk in from behind until I could only feel his eyes on me going in and out of her tight 18 year old envelope of silk. As I reached my first orgasm, I pulled out and turned Jewel around and lowered her head to my cock, and I watched his face as his girl friend licked and sucked her juices off my member, I started to cum all over her face, and in her mouth, and then she stood up.

Jewel asked if she could try something on her asshole boyfriend...I didn't know what she meant....she walked over to him and undid his pants, and took out his cock, it was hard, and there were tears leaving his eyes, she took a sharp knife and started to run it up and down the tip, leaving small traces of red, and there was also semen leaking from the tip.

He was horny...scared....and in the worst place in his life.....his cock was pumping out blood as fast as it could fill it to keep a hard on. I told Jewel to lick it, and she bent forward and sucked the head into her mouth, and the blood stained her lips a bright red, and I told her to squeeze his shaft hard, and suck hard, as she did, she got a mouth full of blood, and gagged.

I told her to move back so I could see him, then I guided her over his cock, leaking blood all over yet still hard, and she lowered her self onto it, and the tears streamed down mister tough guys face.

After he came in her, I undid his gag, and asked him how he wanted to die...he tried to scream, but I put a tennis ball in his mouth, and got out my razor and started to cut a slit in his scrotum....and pulled his testicles from the sack, he was getting faint, I gave him more ammonia chloride, and cut the testicles off, and replaced the tennis ball with testicles.

Jewel was rather freaked out over this, but still game.....she plugged his nose and made him swallow his balls.

I poured a bottle of stiptic powder on his sack, and rolled him up in an old rug, then placed him in the trunk of my car.

I told Jewel to pack up her belongings and that we were going on a road trip....we got in the car....drove to the cop shop, dropped off Mr. Asshole on the parking lot, and went on our merry way.
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