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The Draghkar (click title to hear audio story)
by Hecate
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It was another night, another of the delightful and dark nights that set free the reeling evil spirits. He spread his wings and when he rose into the stormy sky he felt the dark power of his evil Mistress fill his heart. Shadowspawn was what the humans called him, and that he was - a creature of darkness and doom, forged from the shadows in the abyss of the Dark One's prison, his claws made from deadly steel hardened in cauldrons of blood, and his wings woven from the spider webs that were gathered in the dungeons beyond Raven Castle. He was a creature in the sense of the word, he had been created by a mistress in her trade to become a bearer of evil in perfection.

And tonight he was set free to hunt again. It had been too long since he last had been sent to haunt the sleepy quarters of this corner of the world, and even longer since he had been given an assignment as delicate as was this one. As he spiralled up into the pitch black sky he licked his lips in anticipation, and his Song of Death started to emerge from deep within his soul.

Lost in memories of ancient ages and hunts in long lost realms he crossed the land, oblivious to the fear his giant shadow provoked in those on the ground, unaware of the insignificant humans that cuddled together in corners and didn't really care whom he was after just as long as he wouldn't descend on them. Strange as it may sound, the Draghkar was happy and when he burst into a joyful laughter it sounded like the chiming bells from the long lost towers of Atlantis. But soon a slight change in his composure could be noticed, his senses becoming more alert as before him he saw white towers rise like sun bleached bones against the velvety black night sky. There was his destination - and a sorceress' destiny to be fulfilled.

His eyes scanned the ground as he circled the spires of the White Palace, sensing his prey in one of the upper chambers in the central tower. When he drew closer he started his enchanting song again, the Song of Death that is so sweet to the heart and soul of those who listen and so deadly at the same time. It did not take him long - his instructions had been detailed and precise - to spot the balcony that would give him access to his victim's chamber and with a few strokes of his wings he had soon covered the distance and perched on the cold stone of the Palace. Like fine lines of spun mist his song wrapped around him like a cloak, and soon the first fine threads crept towards the closed doors, towards the sorceress inside who was not even aware that her senses had already been dulled by the mighty Creature of Darkness outside.

Tigana was standing in front of the high mirror, getting ready for the night. Her golden hair hung down her back in a heavy braid that was held together with a simple white ribbon, and her night gown fell loosely down over her shoulders and chest, covering her perfect body to the feet. The soft shining material reflected the flickers of the candlelight as Tigana started to turn in front of the mirror. She did not know what made her do it - but she felt the urge to move as if dancing to a song only she could hear. Little did she know that in fact there was someone else partaking in the deadly music that started to deprive her of all her defensive abilities and that with wicked burning eyes the Shadow's minion enjoyed the show she was subconsciously putting on. He was an expert in weaving the tones of his Song and he was not out for a quick kill tonight, too long had he been deprived of pleasures like this to end it too fast. The Draghkar was delighted - his Mistress had promised him a good night - and he sure was enjoying this assignment.

Tigana's body was covered with a soft golden glow as the weaves of the deadly song intruded deeper and deeper into her thoughts and soul and she slowly started to raise the gown in her dance, displaying perfect little feet and delightfully slim ankles before revealing her firm thighs and perfectly rounded hips to the lurker outside. Her flat belly and lusciously curving breasts were breathtaking as she finally lifted her arms over her head to then let her gown slowly slide to the ground, falling around her feet like a puddle of woven moon light. Watching her stretch and finally caress herself there in front of the mirror in the soft glow of the flickering candles was finally more than the Draghkar could take. He wanted her - and he wanted her now.

A small change in the barely audible tune and Tigana turned away from the mirror and like a sleepwalker approached the balcony. With a deeply contented smile on her face she opened the door's wings to face her destiny, never really being aware that her end was approaching. The Draghkar perched on the stone wall that surrounded the balcony and when she took the first step out into the chilly night air he opened his wings to embrace his victim. With a happy moan she parted her full shining lips as she clung to the creature's neck to receive his kiss - his Kiss of Death. He wrapped his ebony wings around her - and before he ended her life he had her die many little deaths, each of them gratefully embraced by the once strong and mighty sorceress, who now was nothing more but a toy for the winged night stalker.

When he rose into the sky again, a cry of triumph shattered the Palace's tranquillity. The desirable body of Tigana was as cold as the stone floor she lay on, but on her face was the ecstatic smile she shared with all his other victims that betrayed her as the woman she was behind her serene magic armour.


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