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The Dissertation
by Foxy21

"Still not speaking, then."

My accuser is doctor Morris Walker, head of legal studies and someone I once thought I was in love with. Morris is renowned for his Casanova exploits and our relationship ended when I realised the rumours about him were true.

"I'm sorry Morris. I never even saw you. . . I've got more important things on my mind." I'm unable to disguise the bitterness I still feel.

"We could talk in my office."

"I don't think so."

"Marilyn, you've still not submitted your proposal yet. . . I can help."

He's right. I've still to decide the subject of my final dissertation and submit my proposal to the board of examiners by 4.00 p.m. next Friday. Whatever else Morris may be, he can usually be relied upon to give good advice.

"I don't know... I was just on my way to 'C' Block. I thought I might get an extension."

"Forget it," he says, "you're too late for that. Come on, we'll sort something out now."


It's a short walk from the library to 'G' Block where the Faculty of Law and Business Studies is located. Morris produces a bunch of keys from his pocket, unlocks the door to his office, and ushers me inside.

I sit in one of his chrome and leather chairs and watch as he switches on the electric kettle. His pink shirt is open at the neck and looks as if it hasn't been ironed. His sandy-coloured hair needs cutting. His grey trousers and tan brogues belie his 38 years, but then appearances aren't everything.

"Have you asked for a supervisor yet?" he asks, while spooning coffee into a mug. I'm surprised he even remembers I like just one sugar.

"No," I sigh. "I thought it best to wait until I know exactly what I'm doing."

It takes Morris only minute or so to come up with an idea. "What about the Government's new proposals for asylum seekers? You could always look into that."

I am familiar with the current debate. "Would it matter if I favoured one view over another?" I can hardly believe how simple it sounds.

"Why should it? As long as you present the arguments clearly and give equal weight to both sides..."

"Hmm, maybe I'm just scared because it's the final. You make it sound as though I'm worrying for nothing."

Morris laughs. "That's probably because you are."

He hands me a mug of steaming coffee and I put the unwanted drink down on floor, away from my feet. Morris sits down in the chair opposite mine, dragging it forward until our knees almost touch. His smile is inscrutable and his lingering gaze makes me even more uncomfortable. I remember the last time I was in here. We argued, and he taunted me with the names of young girls he'd been screwing on campus. Being a mature student, that really hurt... he didn't even protest when I told him it was all over between us.

"Well thanks for your help, Morris."

We stand at exactly the same moment. The urgency of his sudden embrace surprises me, and I'm unable to back away because of the chair behind me. When he kisses me, I'm confused by my conflicting emotions.

My blouse is soon unfastened, my bra is unclasped, and my clit is throbbing as he tweaks my erect nipples. I want him so badly - I despise my own weakness even as I reach down to squeeze his bulging crotch.

"Yes - go on!" Morris' encouragement is hardly necessary as I unzip him.

I slip my hand inside his pants and wrap my cool fingers around his hot, turgid flesh. I sense the orgasm which threatens to erupt even as I struggle to free his engorged organ, and I sit down in my chair so he can put it between my tits. I squeeze them together for him, teasing his purple glans with my tongue as he frantically fucks my ample cleavage. The clear pre-cum leaking from his Japs eye all of a sudden becomes a creamy-white torrent which spreads warmly across my heaving busom. "Yesss!" he hisses, eyes closed as he enjoys his quick release.

It's no surprise to me that his dick is still very much erect - I've yet to meet a man able to recover so quickly and climax repeatedly as he does! Morris once joked to me that hardly a day went by without him relieving himself. I assumed he was referring to masturbation but that was before I knew just how many other female students were willing to oblige him. I try to forget about them as I quickly remove my knickers.

Standing up, I lift my skirt high so Morris can see my ginger cunt. "Go on, lick it!" I demand, quivering with anticipation.

He's eager to please and sits down to lap my pussy. I entwine my fingers in his hair and sigh when he probes me with his tongue. He inserts one, then two fingers; thrusts them rapidly in and out of me while nibbling and sucking my sizzling clit. The bastard knows exactly the right buttons to press and I whimper with pleasure while grinding myself against his teeth.

"Okay, you can stop now," I say, pushing his head away.

I turn around and bend over the nearest desk, hiking up my skirt to bare my buttocks. "Now do me from behind," I order him.

Morris grabs a condom from his desk drawer, tears open the packet and rolls it on. He kicks my legs apart and I feel the head of his cock stretching my pussy lips as he slowly penetrates me. "Oooh!" I moan, rubbing my clit furiously with my middle-finger. I want all eight inches of him inside me... now!

He pushes a wet finger deep into my anus and I gasp; "Oh yesss!" He then fucks me deliciously, causing my legs to buckle as wave upon wave of orgasmic pleasure ripples through me. Soon I am begging him; "Morris... please!" But he continues to shaft me vigorously, clutching my hip tightly with one hand as he drives his hard-on home repeatedly. I actually sigh with relief when he withdraws his rubber-coated prick.

Removing his finger from my arse, he then proceeds to bugger me. The initial pain as my burning sphincter is stretched makes me want to cry out. I feel a need to shit also. But Morris is considerate, and the feeling soon subsides as I accommodate his whole length.

His gentle motion sends pulses of ecstasy throughout my entire nervous system. My grip on his cock is vice-like; I can feel the tell-tale twitching as he gets ready to fires another burst. The sensation in my bowels is exquisite, and I'm almost sorry when he eventually pulls out. He hastily whips off the condom and sprays my bum cheeks with his copious cum...


"Bye, Morris." I open the door and step out into the corridor.

He watches from his doorway, smirking. "Don't forget. You owe me," he says.

I smile, gesture rudely with my middle finger, and walk away feeling wholly satisfied by this latest twist of events.


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