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The Date
by lil_one

It was 6 a.m., Ashley's alarm clock was buzzing. Stretching in her bed she
remembered what today was! Excited now, she hopped out of bed to begin her day.
On her way to work she hadn't a care in the world, she was so happy. Arriving at
work, she slid her card in the time clock, waving and smiling to all her co-
workers. Grabbing a cup of coffee she headed for her desk.

'Ahhh, finally! My day starts,' she sighed to herself.

'Ashley, how are you?,' asked Serena.

Serena and Ashley had been high school buddies and now they worked together.

'Oh, Serena I haven't told you!! I can't believe it. Tonight I'm going to meet
this guy I've been chatting with online.' Ashley explained.

With a heavy sigh, Serena raised an eye brow questioning weather or not her
friend had lost her mind. 'Ashley?? Do you know this guy? There are all kinds of
people on that computer of yours. I think you're getting yourself in trouble.'

Ashley started giggling, 'Serena, I'm a big girl. We're going to meet in a
public restaurant, have dinner and get to know each other. I'll be fine.' Ashley
bent down and started writing on a piece of paper. 'Here, this is where I'll be
and the guys name I'll be with, if I don't call you by morning then you know
something is wrong. But.....I seriously doubt you'll have to get the search
squad out for me. He's harmless, now let me get to work!!!'

Serena stared at Ashley for a minute with a frustrated look, mumbled something
then walked off.

Smiling, Ashley swirled her chair around and yelled out, 'I still love you,
Serena!' and began her day.

It was almost lunch time and Ashley decided to grab a cup of coffee from the
break room. Returning to her desk she sat for a moment sipping her warm brew.

Around 12:30 p.m. a man walked to her little cubical with a gold box. The box
had a red ribbon tired around it and a rose tucked in the center of the bow.

'Could I help you, Sir?' she asked with a sweet smile.

'Are you Ashley?' he ask as he noticed her coffee cup had "Ashley's" on the side
of it. Pointing to the cup he said, 'I guess you are,' The man handed her the
box and wished her a happy day. She placed the box on her desk and stared at it
for a moment. When Serena walked up behind her. 'Well, come on! Don't just stare
at it, lets see what's in it.' Serena had startled her friend.

Ashley turned her head to her friend with wide eyes and a huge smile. 'Ok!! Lets
see what it is,' she giggled as she started to slide the bow from the box,
taking a moment to smell the rose then dropping it into her glass of water.

Both of the girls giggled. Jiggling the top from the box, she revealed a satin
black dress, thin straps, and pretty short. Ashley held the dress up and both
the girls looked at each other. 'Oh boy!! This is a little shorter than I'm
usually wear.' Ashley stated as Serena reached into the box to retrieve an
envelope that was under the dress. Ashley nodded for Serena to open it and read

Dear Sweet Ashley,

I hope the dress is to your liking

and I hope to find you in it tonight.

Along with the dress is a red ribbon.

Tie the ribbon around your wrist.

That is how I'll find you.

p.s. Wear only the dress!

With wide eyes, both girls just stared at each other. 'OH boy!!!!!' is all
Ashley could say. After Serena returned to her desk Ashley couldn't concentrate
on work any longer. All her work was done anyway, so she decided to take the day
off and pamper herself before her date.

It was almost 6:00 p.m. and she was just about ready when her phone rang.


'No, Serena I didn't change my mind and if I don't go I'm going to be late. You
have the number and his name. I'll call you before work. I love you and thanks
for being so protective. I can handle this, I promise.' Ashley replaced the

Grabbed her handbag and headed for the door. As she grab the door knob she
realized she had forgot to tie the ribbon around her wrist. 'Darn!' she
whispered and turned for her room to get the ribbon. She tied it around her
wrist and headed back for the door. Outside, to her surprise there was a limo in
front of her apartments with a man standing by the door. 'Ms Ashley' the man
nodded his head and opened the door, motioning for her to enter the car. Ashley
just stood there for a moment. 'I wasn't expecting a limo to pick me up. Are you
sure this is for me?' she ask the man with a confused look. 'Yes Ma'am and we're
going to be late. Would you step into the car, ma'am?' Ashley shrugged her
shoulders and hopped into the limo.

The ride was only about 20 minutes long. She was so excited. This man is going
all out!! Oh boy, I wonder what the rest of the night is going to be like? she
wondered to herself. Just then her thoughts were interrupted by the door being
opened. Ashley stepped out of the limo, adjusted her dress and walked inside the
restaurant. The host knew her even!! 'Ashley, yes?' he ask her with a wide grin.
'Yes, Sir,' she answered. ' Follow me, ma'am'

She was seated in the corner table the restaurant was rather dark. She scanned
the room to see if she could figure out which man was him. The waiter approached
the table and ask her if she'd like something to drink.

'Uhmmmm, yes thank you, white wine will be fine.'

The waiter returned with her glass of wine and ask her if she'd like to order an
appetizer. 'No, not yet. I'm waiting on someone. He should be here soon.'

She was already on her third glass of wine, when the waiter handed her a note.

<blockquote><i>Sweet Ashley,

My apologies but I'm running a little late. Order something and I'll be there

A little irritated she motioned for the waiter to come to her table. 'Seems my
date is going to be late, I'd like to order and appetizer after all. Could I get
a menu please?' He handed her a menu and she scanned all the appetizers. 'Ok,
I'd like the stuffed mushrooms, please' she stated as she handed the menu back
to the waiter with a frustrated sigh. The waiter took the menu, asking her if
there would be anything else? 'No, not right now' she answered with a blank

She had almost finished the bottle of wine and the mushrooms, she was feeling
very tipsy and very angry by now. Her date still had not arrived. It was getting
late and she was tired. The waiter approached her table and ask her if she
needed anything. 'My date??' she snapped.

The waiter just stared at her for a moment then said, 'I'm off in 10 minutes,
I'm sure I could get off a little early. Mind if I join you for dinner since
your date never arrived?' At this point Ashley was ready to go home, thinking
for a minute she answered. 'You know, I haven't had dinner yet only these
mushrooms and I'd love some company really. So, Yes! Please join me for dinner.'

With a smile the waiter said, 'Ok, give me just a few minutes and I'll be back
with our dinner.'

Ashley sat back in her chair. 'This will teach him if he comes in now. He should
have said he wasn't coming on this date!' The waiter came back, out of his
uniform holding two plates. 'MMMM this smells delicious,' Ashley complimented.
'What's your name?' she ask the waiter.

'John. Yours?' he answered. 'Ashley. It's nice to meet you John and thank you
for coming to my rescue tonight.' They both smiled.

Finishing dinner and having a wonderful conversation, John ask Ashley to dance
with him. 'Oh John, it looks like they are all ready to close this place down.
We're the only ones left here.'

'It's ok, they don't mind. Come on, lets dance' he held out his hand for her to

She took his hand, as she stood she was reminded of all the wine she had drank
earlier. 'Wow, I'm light headed.' she giggled

They walked to the dance floor and began to dance. She loved the way he moved
and he smelled wonderful. He's hands began to travel down her back to her well
rounded butt. For a moment she was going to stop him. She laid her head on his
shoulder as they continued their dance. They was on their third dance and he was
whispering all kinds of sweet things into her ear. She was giggling and loving
all the attention.

When he whispered, 'The dress is all you wore, just like I instructed, right,
Sweet Ashley?'

She broke away from his arms, she was so embarrassed. 'You're my date? Why would
you play such a dirty trick on me?' She started to yell at him. 'Don't yell,
sweet Ashley,' moving towards her he took her by the arm, 'Why, my Ashley would
you let another man come on to you? A stranger at that?'

Pulling her back to him to finish the dance they had started. She was
struggling, trying to free herself. 'Take me home. I don't want to be on this
date with you, this was a nasty trick!'

He was ignoring her protests to dance. 'Ok, Ashley. So it wasn't very nice. I
apologize. Will you forgive me?' he pleded.

Thinking to herself, 'why does he have to be so damn handsome? ARGH!'

'This was not nice at all, you know!' she stated giving into him. He pulled her
close and the continued their dance. He was leading her to a corner that was
very dark. Some of the lights had been turned out in the place. When one hand
tangled itself in her hair, he began kissing her so passionately right there on
the dance floor. The other hand was exploring her bottom. She was trying to get
him to slow down a little, she wasn't trying hard enough though. His hand went
under her skirt.

'Ahhhh Ashley, such a good girl. Nothing under the dress, just as I ask.' He
pressed her against the wall and slid his fingers in her moist sweetness. She
looked around the room nervously, 'John, we're on the dance floor someone could
see us.' He laughed, 'This corner is dark and there are no customers. I doubt
anyone is going to come out here.' She heard his zipper, she looked down and his
very large swollen member popped out from his slacks. With one thrust he entered
her completely, she let out a groan as her fingers pulled at his hair. The
excitement from being on the dance floor and being caught was almost to much.

She pulled him closer, feeling herself at the edge of her orgasm when he moaned
loud and thrust deep inside her filling her with his hot liquid. He snickered as
he replaced his semi hard cock in his slacks and began to walk away. 'John? uhmm
What are you doing?' she ask him getting a little frustrated. 'Sweet Ashley, my
name is Damian, you know that. Now come on, we have lots to do. Lets go.'

Oh this bastard! Ashley started after him. He was picking up her jacket and
handbag. She didn't have time to say anything. He grabbed her arm and started
for the door. Confused and not sure of what to do, Ashley gave in, letting him
lead her out. They approached the limo and stepped inside. They rode in silence
for most of the ride when Ashley ask him. 'Where are we going now?' 'Why sweet
Ashley, we are going back to my hotel',' Damian answered sweetly.

They arrived at the hotel and he lead her to his room. Dimming the lights and
opening a bottle of wine, Damian joined Ashley on the sofa.

He put his arm around Ashley and she looked away, still very upset with him. He
gently grabbed her chin and turned her to face him placing a possessive kiss on
her lips. Ashley, again all her will was trying not to respond to this arrogant
man. Her body wasn't listening to her protests though. She returned his kiss
with the same possessiveness. He broke their kiss leaving her feeling empty,
craving more of him.

Damian laughed as he got up, walking towards the hot tub in the corner of the
room. Drawing up a hot bubble bath for them both. She watched his every move.
When Damian began to undress, without any shame what so ever Ashley started to
blush. He was completely naked and the tub was full. Ashley watch him move
around the room, naked. He was fantastic, his body, his thighs when he would
take a step the muscles would flex. Damn he's so handsome!! She thought to
herself. Damian stepped into the water, motioning for Ashley to join him. She
slowly got up from the sofa, walking towards him. She started to undress when he
shook his head and she stopped. 'Do you want me to join you or not?' she ask him
with a snap.

'Yes, I want you to undress slowly though. There's not rush tonight.' he replied
with a grin. 'Now, undress for me....slowly.' Ashley hesitated for a moment,
with trembling fingers she began unzipping the back of her dress. Letting the
thin straps fall over her shoulders the dress slid down her body landing on the
floor. Shamefully she stood in front of him naked and exposed trying to cover
her perky breast with her arms. With a broad smile crossed his face. 'May I join
you now? I'm getting cold.' she ask. He gave her a nod and she stepped into the
water. Sinking down into the warm silky bubbles, she sighed with relief once her
body was covered.

Damian leaned towards her bruising her lips with a kiss, without hesitation she
responded, returning his kiss. He pulls her in front of him, she leans back on
his magnificent chest. She can feel his warm breath on the back of her neck,
then his lips softly tease her shoulders. His hands travel to the front of her
body to find her sensitive nipples. Teasing each one. She softly sighs, wanting
more of him. His hands keep exploring her body, she loves the way he makes her
feel. Damian slides one finger into her sex, slowly guiding it in and out.
Hearing her gasps and moans. He turns her around to straddle his stiff member.
She wants him, deep inside her. He won't allow that just yet. Firmly grabbing
her butt guiding her hot pussy over his cock, watching the desire build in her
eyes. 'Tell me what it is you want, Ashley.'

Ashley's cheeks turn pink, 'You, I want you, Damian.'

'No, sweet Ashley what is it you want me to do? Say it.' he ordered.

'Fuck me! please. I want you to take me, now!' she whispered.

With a swift thrust, he was deep inside her sweetness. She moaned loudly, as he
filled her completely. With her arms wrapped tightly around his body and his
hands guiding her hips to a rhythm that pleased them both she felt herself
getting higher and higher. Closer and closer to orgasm. He gripped her hips
almost painfully as he let out a loud moan and filled her once again with his
seed. Collapsing his head upon her shoulder in exhaustion. A few seconds had
past and he slid her off his lap with a smile. She felt so used, frustrated.
Being brought almost to her peek twice and left with nothing.

Almost in tears she stormed from the tub, bubbles running off her naked body.
Just as she turned to yell at him, he was behind her with a firm grip on her
arm. Tossing her onto his bed. 'Where do you think you're going?' he ask her.
She fell on her back onto the bed. He went to his knees, and pulled her bottom
towards her face. Parting her moist lips with his tongue to find her swollen
clit. Sucking it hard inside his mouth while his finger dips in and out of her
pussy. She starts moaning louder, about to exploded. He feels her sex tighten
around his fingers and he knows she's close. Fucking her faster with his
fingers, he whispers, 'Yes, sweet Ashley, Now it's your turn. Cum for me.'

His mouth dives for her clit again, sending her body into the hardest most
intense orgasm she has ever had. Not able to control herself, she starts
screaming his name and pulling his hair. Her body stiffens as she reaches the
peek of her orgasm, then starts trembling as she begins to come down. She's
exhausted, completely drained and unable to move.

Ashley, startled, woke to Serena tapping on her shoulder. 'How long have you
been sleeping? Lets go get lunch, girl. It's lunch time ya know!' Serena told
her giggling.

'Oh boy, I must have dozed off after I grabbed a cup of coffee earlier and oh
me!! What a dream I had. Maybe, if I'm lucky, my date tonight will be something
like it.' Ashley said with an excited look.

'Come on let's eat! Oh yeah, a box for you came, it's in the break room.' It's
beautifully wrapped in a red ribbon and a rose.' Serena remembered and told


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