The Best Erotic Stories.

The Dream
by Warrior

I had the most erotic dream last night...

I woke up with the taste of salt and sand in my mouth, and the sun bearing down on my back. Picking up my head, I saw palm trees and jungle. How I got here I haven't a clue. I was here on an island with nothing more than a pair of tattered shorts.

In the days following my arrival on the island, I found it offered most of my survival needs, fruit trees a plenty, fresh water, and shelter under a huge banyon tree. I just needed companionship.

On one of my forays into the jungle, I was following a stream. I could hear water falling. I broke into a clearing with a waterfalls and a large pristine pool.

As I was circling the pool, a figure broke the water! like a mermaid, it moved with barely a ripple to the shore and climbed to shore a few yards ahead of me.

The lithe, naked form of a woman climbed out of the water with the same grace that she swam through it.

My eyes were fixed on her. She was slim, but muscular, quite attractive, and totally void of any hair, not even eyebrows!!

"Rheumatic fever." she said.

The sound of another human voice took me by surprise. "Huh, what?" I muttered.

"I had rheumatic fever as a child, I cannot grow hair, I'm not an alien," she spat in contempt.

"I'm sorry," I stammered, "You're the first human being I've seen in weeks. I think your beautiful, the total nakedness is... erotically stimulating!" I said smiling.

Looking down at the bulge filling up the front of my shorts, she giggled, "THAT is quite evident from here. My mane is Sapphire how do you do," extending her slim hand out to me.

As I reached out, she pulled herself to me and planted a long sensuous kiss on my lips, and rubbed my cock through the now strained fabric of my shorts. Just as my cock was really throbbing, she broke off and stepped back. "Wanna go for a swim?" and dove onto the water.

I quickly followed, diving in. The cool water was moving over my body, so refreshing, replenishing my energy. I broke to the surface for air and looked around. "Sapphire?"

Suddenly nimble fingers jerked my shorts off. a warm mouth engulfed my cock, replacing the cool water. the contrast of the cool water replaced by a warm massaging mouth sent an electric shock up my spine. I would have let this go on forever, but oxygen calls. Sapphire reluctantly released my hard cock from her mouth to surface for air, but only for a moment. As her face met mine, our lips locked together, my tongue snaked between her wet full lips and was met by her nimble tongue greeting mine.

Her long slender legs wrapped around my waist and just about pulled us both under water. "Let's go where we won't drown!" I said with a grin.

We swam to a nearby rock. The contrast of the warm, hard stone, Sapphire's cool soft body next to my skin and the heat of my growing passion. Oh gawd, I felt I would pass out from so many sensations at one time. I moved my body on top of Sapphire, kissing, nibbling and just taking in the feel of her smooth, firm body, and the fragrance of coconut off of her skin!

I began kissing and nibbling her neck and earlobes. Her body squirmed under mine and her moans were feeding my arousal. I could feel my cock hardening between us. Apparently, so could Sapphire, her hips were lifting and thrusting against my cock. I moved down her body kissing and nibbling on her breasts. I sucked each nipple till it was hard and standing stiff. Each nibble I took on her sensitive nipples evoked another moan and more squirming. Her reactions were feeding my lust making me hotter and hotter. I moved ever lower, kissing her flat stomach, tonguing her navel, till I was face to face with the most beautiful pussy I ever saw! Sapphire's pussy was as smooth as her breasts and bare as the day she was born. She was wet, I could see her juices glistening in the sun.

My tongue snaked out and licked the folds of her wet pussy. "ummmm!" Sapphire moaned and pulled my face closer. Her pussy tasted as sweet as sugar, and as smooth as silk, It drove me on with vigor. I started running my tongue up and down from her clit to her asshole. With no hair there, it was by far the smoothest ride I ever took! Her legs wrapped around my head and pulled me tighter to her pussy. I began licking her clit with complete abandon. Sapphire started moaning, "ohhhh gawd , Ohhhhh fuck, OoooHhhhh." she began to fuck my face. "Ooohhhh gawdd I'mmm gonna cummmmm Oohhhh FUCK!!!!!" Suddenly her body arched up to my face. "Ohhhhhhh I'mmmm CUMmmmmingggg, Ohh gawd it feels Soooo Goooood!!!" Sapphire's pussy was gushing cum into my mouth, wave after wave, each as sweet as the last.

As the last throws of her orgasm subsided, I moved back up her body, till our mouths met and her tongue charged past my lips, mixing her sweet juices with in our mouths. Sappphire's legs wrapped around my ass, pulling my stiff cock into her soaking, hot pussy. It was so tight I almost came on the spot.

I started moving my hips slowly, grinding my pelvis into Sapphires pussy. Sapphire began matching my movements bucking and thrusting, moving faster and faster.

She began bucking wildly, "I'm cumming, I'm CUMMMINGGGGG!" she screamed. The squeezing of her pussy on my cock was pushing me over the edge. " Unnnnnghh, I'mmm cummmingggg." My cock was pumping load after load of cum into her pussy, i felt like I would never stop pulsing cum!

I collapsed on top of Sapphire, trying to catch my breath. Sapphire purred a soft moan into my ear as my spent cock slipped out of her dripping pussy. I kissed her more , trying to keep my body fused to hers, for fear she would evaporate when we broke our touch.

Sapphire rolled us over and grudgingly broke our love lock. "Come with me."

"I thought I already did!" I said with a silly grin.

Sapphire smiled over her shoulder, "Yes.. you did!"

As I rose from the rock, "What about my shorts?"

"What about them, you have anything to carry in the pockets?"

I couldn't argue her logic, so I trotted after Sapphire, my now limp manhood swinging in the breeze, pretty strange.

We traveled through the jungle till we came to a hut.

"This is where I live, my father and I built it," Sapphire said.


"Yes, we came here years ago, he was a botanist, but he died two years ago."

"I'm so sorry" I said.

"I've learned to accept his passing and I have had to adapt." Sapphire said.

"Doesn't the sun bother you, I mean you don't seem to prefer clothes!"

"My father taught me to make a salve from coconut oil and herbs, it protects the skin from burning and gives it a soft feeling. Here I'll rub you down with some of it." The oil was warm and soothing, smelling sweetly of coconut. Sapphire's hands felt good rubbing it in, if I wasn't already spent , it might have started round two of some love making. The rubdown was relaxing me I began to feel how tired I really was. I must have fell asleep. When I woke, Sapphire was lying next to me smiling. "I was afraid you were a dream and wouldn't be here when I woke up!" I said smiling.

"Are you hungry? I collected some fruit, and something to drink." Sapphire said.

"Yea I could eat, something." I said slyly.

Sapphire smiled and handed me a half coconut cup." Drink this, it is a pick-me-upper, it is made from yhombie bark, ginseng root and pineapple juice to cut the bitterness."

"Yhombie bark!?" I asked.

"It is used to increase blood flow and add some energy." Sapphire explained.

After eating some fruit and drinking the juice, I settled back into the bed. Sapphire laid down next to me and snuggled up, her wiggling was beginning to have a reaction to me. She felt my cock stir between us and began gently stroking my swelling cock. Sapphire kissed me softly, pushing her tongue into my mouth, gently playing with my tongue.

By now my cock was rock hard, harder than it ever has been. "That is the yhombie bark, increased blood flow." she purred.

Sapphire slid down my body and slid her mouth over my rock hard cock. she began by teasing the head with her tongue, then running up and down the length with her lips. I could immediately feel my hips tense with pleasure, a soft moan escaped my lips. Sapphire gently took my testicles one at a time and sucked on them, this made them relax and drop a little. She let the second ball fall out of her mouth with a small pop. She worked her way to the top of my cock and let her mouth cover the head of my dick, her lips making a tight seal around the girth of my cock. Sapphire slowly moved her mouth farther and farther down to the base, then back up to the head. This action was making my head spin, this was by far and away the best sensation I've ever felt.

"I want to taste your sweet pussy some more," I moaned.

Without missing a stroke, Sapphire spun around and straddled my head with her knees, her pussy right over my face. I began licking her juicy pussy. Sapphire began moaning with my cock in her soft mouth, which made this blow job feel even better. the more I licked her pussy the more juice she gave me to savor. I could feel her hips begin to rotate over my face, her moans coming stronger and more often.

"Ooohhhh, mmmmummm that's sooo nice." she was moaning.

I began to lick her clit and nibble the lips of her pussy, ohhh soo wet and smooth and soft! Sapphire raised off of my cock, it escaped her mouth with a pop! She began to grind her pussy in my face, moaning and gyrating over my eager tongue, I knew she would cum. soon!

As a gasp escaped her lips, "Oooohhhh your going to make cum, soon!" This made me work at her clit even harder. Suddenly, I felt her spine stiffen and arch back, pressing her hips down on my face even harder. Her knees clamped my head harder. "Oohh fuuucccckkkk I'mmm cumming." her hips were bucking and fucking my face as she was orgasming. My dick was hard as stone and pulsing with each wave of orgasm she had.

Sapphire fell forward onto my legs, her ass sticking up in the air. I slid out from under her, and got to my knees behind her. My cock was still rock hard as I pointed it at her wet pussy! My cock easily slid into her dripping hole till it was buried up to my balls in her pussy. I began thrusting in and out of pussy, Sapphire matching my every movement, I was fucking her hard and fast and she was loving every inch of my rod, moaning and clawing at the bed like she need to hold on for dear life.

"Oh, oh, oh, fuck me, fuck meee, harder." Sapphire was panting. "Gawd, I'mm cumming and cumming, Ohhh gawd, oh gawd."

I pulled my still hard cock from her pussy, and flipped her over on her back. I pulled her hips up to mine and drove my cock into her wet pussy. Sapphire reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck, driving my cock to the hilt in her hole. Our lips locked, Sapphires breath was heavy and quick bouncing up and down on my cock, her body wrapped around mine.

By now, most times, I have already cum, but my cock was still hard with no signs of surrender. Sapphire shifted her weight and made me fall back on the bed, without even letting my cock fall out, she continued to fuck my brains out.

"MMMmmm , Gawd you feel so good, you fill my pussy with your cock, fuck me, fuckmeee!"

I could feel my balls begin to tighten and my cock get even harder, I knew I could not last much longer. I began to feel Sapphire's pussy muscles squeeze my cock with a new orgasm.

"Ooohh my GAwd I'm cumminggg again, Ooohhhhh gawd!!!" Sapphire screamed in my ear. This last orgasm sent me over the top! I began to spasm shooting cum. into her pussy, load after load! Suddenly it felt like time was at a standstill, a second was lasting forever. My body would not move. All I felt was the spasm of my orgasm, light was flashing in my brain, blinding me. There was a buzzing in my ears getting louder and louder, like a million bees passing my head. Everything went black and still except for that dammed buzzing.

I opened my eyes and found myself in my own bed, in the middle of the city. My alarm was buzzing away loudly and sunlight was streaming into the window. Fuck what a dream.

I sat up in bed holding my knees catching my breath, that's when I smelled it.



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