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The Dean
by Eric

"You wanted to see me?" she asks as she stands at his office door. His secretary's desk is empty, since it is after 5:00. The administration building is nearly empty on a Friday afternoon.

"Yes, Miss Murphy. Come in and close the door." He speaks to her from where he is sitting behind his desk. She does as he says and looks at him with a questioning expression.

"I have been getting some complaints about your teaching, and I want to discuss some things with you."

"Really? What kind of complaints? The students in my classes certainly seem happy."

"Well, maybe that's part of the problem. They're too happy. I hear all you are teaching them is how to play and have a good time."

"The course I'm teaching stresses balance in our lives, and play and relaxation are an important part of that," she explains. "Everyone around here is so serious all the time. We need a little fun injected into our coursework."

"I see. And I suppose you think he am a boring person who never has any fun, don't she, Miss Murphy?" As he speaks he gets up and walks around his desk toward her, never taking his eyes off hers. He walks close in front of her, and the intensity of his manner seems to make her uncomfortable. Her eyes drop as she whispers, "No, Sir. I don't think that at all."

"Well, that's good, Miss Murphy, because I do like to have a good time, but the pressures of being Dean of the college don't give me much time for fun. Since you are so good at teaching it, I thought maybe you could help me out today."

"Wh-what do you mean, Sir?" she stammers, her eyes still downcast.

"I have a feeling you know some special ways of having fun, Miss Murphy. I want you to do what I say, and these complaints about your teaching will be forgotten."

"Yes, Sir. Whatever you say."

"Good. I think we will both enjoy this " He moves behind her and reaches around to cup her full breasts. He feels her stiffen slightly. "Just relax, Miss Murphy. There's nothing to be afraid of. " As he leans down to kiss her neck he feels her relax as her ass pushes back against his hardness. "There, that's better. Let's get more comfortable."

He squeezes her breasts before he releases them. His hands move behind her to the buttons of her dress and she stands very still as he lowers it to the floor. Her half slip follows.

"MMMMMM, very nice, you have good taste. " He turns her to face him and stands back to gaze at her lovely form, enjoying her breasts pushing out of the top of her black lace bra which barely covers her nipples. Her matching panties show through her pantyhose, which he quickly removes from her, tossing them and her shoes to the growing pile of her clothes. "God, how I hate pantyhose! Garters and stockings are much sexier! "

"Yes, Sir," she agrees. "I wear them sometimes."

"Oh, you do, do you? Well, you'll just have to show me sometime!"

"Yes, Sir. I would enjoy that, Sir."

"Well, let's see what else you enjoy. Get down on your knees."

"Yes, Sir."

"Remove my pants."

"Yes, Sir. Anything you say, Sir."

She kneels in front of him and fumbles with his buckle. He decides to help her, not wanting this to take any longer than necessary. He kicks off his shoes and she pulls his pants down as he steps out of them. His cock is bulging in his shorts and she gasps as she grabs it through the fabric.

He grabs her hand. "I didn't tell you to do that! You must use your teeth to uncover it. Then kiss it!" She struggles to pull his shorts down with her teeth, and when his cock pops out she begins kissing it. He reaches down and pulls his shorts off all the way. "Now, kiss and suck it, but don't use your hands."

She begins by running her tongue around the head. He puts his hand on her head and pulls her forward, pressing into her mouth. Her eagerness pleases him as she sucks and pulls on his cock. He can feel the muscles of her throat squeezing him.

"That's enough," he gasps. "I don't want to cum yet!"

He pulls out and grabs her hand, lifting her to her feet. He leads her to the table in his office and lays her down on it. He pulls her panties off to expose her pussy, gasping at the sight of its hairless beauty. He notices that her bra has a front hook and he takes advantage of it, freeing her full breasts. He notices the hardness of her nipples and grabs and pinches one of them. His other hand goes to her smooth pussy and presses against her wet lips. She moans loudly and arches her back. He lets her have a little orgasm before he removes his hands and moves down between her legs. He bends over and places his lips against her sweet pussy, sucking it into his mouth. Her lips are soft and pliant as he bites and pulls on them. He turns and climbs onto the table straddling her body so his cock is between her full breasts. He squeezes them together, wrapping his hardness in her soft flesh, and as he pushes forward he commands her to kiss it. She complies with a soft "Yes, Sir " and licks it each time he thrusts forward. He reaches back behind him and pushes 2 fingers inside her. They both begin panting harder and he knows the end is near, but there is one more thing he wants from her.

"Stand on the floor," he says as he gets off her body. She gets down from the table and he turns her to face it, bending her over and pressing her breasts against its hardness. "Spread your legs!" he orders as he presses against her with his cock. Her ass is soft as he presses against it, and he hesitates for a moment, trying to decide which opening he wants. He knows her cunt is wet and ready, so he decides to save her ass for another time. He feels her heat as he slides down to her wetness and slams his cock in. His belly slams against her ass as his balls swing forward and graze her clit. She lets out a little shriek as he grabs her hips and begins a steady in and out rhythm. He looks down and sees her cheeks ripple with each stroke, and he can feel her juice dripping down his balls as his cockhead swells. He feels her muscles tighten around him as he begins to shoot his load in her.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" he screams as his hot cum shoots into her. She fucks back with her ass, seeming to want more.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss!" she cries as they slam against each other. Their violent banging goes on for a few moments before she collapses onto the table and he falls onto her back. They stay in that position for a bit, catching their breath. Finally he stands and pulls out, his soft cock making a slurping sound as it slides out. He reaches to the tissue on his desk and hands her one, using one himself to wipe up.

"Well, Miss Murphy, I don't see what anyone has to complain about. I think your teaching of stress relievers is very useful and appropriate. We will have a second lesson soon."

"Yes, Sir," she replies with a smile. "My lesson plans are quite varied and complete, as you will see."


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