The Best Erotic Stories.

The Dream
by Tom Davis

She felt the sheet slip across her blue cotton teddy. The mattress shift and the springs repositioned themselves to his weight as he climbed on to the bed. His large arm reached around her and held her tight.

Tough, muscular fingers pulled her long soft hair back from the sensitive skin just behind her ear. His lips tenderly touched this hot bed of nerves. Her body responded immediately, as electricity shot from her neck, hardening her nipples and creating a twinge between her legs.

She let out a moan as a callused hand slid up the soft skin of her stomach and cupped her ample breast. The strong fingers rolled the now hard bud of her nipple between them. Another hand slid down her stomach and over her love mound. She spread her legs as hungered in anticipation of their exploration. Then they stroked between her lips and reached the bundle of nerves at the top of the opening. As they glided over it her breathing quickened and the sensations shot through her body. Just as she was about to reach a peek, the fingers stopped their magic dance. A soft 'Please' left her lips as she sensed him raises above her.

The broad shoulders forced her legs to spread as she pulled her knees up. Then once again the dance on her nerve bud began. This time it was the firm softness of his tongue as the hot breath blew across her mound like wind through the forest. The sensations started to rise in her as he lapped the little bud. Then he took it between his lips and sucked and lightly nibbled on the nerve packed delicate skin. Just she was ready to explode, his mouth left her and she felt him rise up. As the tide of sensitivity ebbed a pressure started to push against the entrance to her opening.

Spreading her and filling her this organ entered her slowly at first but gaining momentum as it went deeper into her. His weight crushed against her love mound and the sensations quickly started to saturate her body. She could no longer control the excitement within her and her body started to shake violently as waves of pleasure shoot through her.

As she relaxed she reached over and touched an empty side of the bed. She reached down and pulled the covers over her body and hugged her pillow. As the musty smell from her fingers drifted past her nose she said, "he better be ready when he gets home tomorrow night."


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