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The Dancer
by Dinghy(Jo)

There were only eight people at the shower, the bride, the matron of honor and the six brides maids. The male strippers/dancer had been hired at the last-minute when we found out there was to be a female stripper at the groom's bachelor party. The customary bridal shower gifts and games were rapidly dispensed with to increase the time allocated for the dancer.

He arrived promptly at 9 P.M. Boy, was he handsome. Tall and muscular, with long black hair, wide shoulders trim thighs and hips and a stomach the looked as hard as a rock. He was so pretty that I was afraid he was gay, but to my pleasure, I later found out that was not the case.

Obviously I didn't have a stage at my house where the party was to be held so I had acquired a 4 X 8 sheet of paneling to use as a dance floor just for this occasion. We laid it out on the living room carpet up against the fireplace and gathered around it in a semicircle sitting on the floor to watch his performance.

Using the cassette recorder that he had brought with him for background music he began his routine. A series of the usual bumps and grinds were followed by the removal of an article of his clothing. The more he removed the more we cheered (and the more wine we drank). By 10 p.m. he was down to a "G" string and his cowboy hat and boots. His favorite move seemed to be a wide swinging kick over our heads that almost but not quite exposed everything. As we clamored for more, more, he leaned back against the mantle and removed his boots. Now he was completely nude except for the hat and "G" string. He switched the tape to a soft slow number and asked if anyone wanted to dance.

Since I appeared to be the "leader of the pack," he singled me out. I didn't let on that I was dying to dance with him, but as a courtesy I deferred to the bride to be.

About three swings around the dance floor and the excitement, the food and the wine caught up with her. She dashed for the bathroom holding her mouth with one hand and her stomach with the other. Her sister, the matron of honor, was in fast pursuit. The sounds from the bathroom were obvious as she orally deposited the food and wine into the toilet bowl. It was an uncomfortable few minutes until the sister reappeared and said they must go home. Since two of the other brides maids had come with them the four left in one car. This cut our number in half, leaving only me and three other brides maids.

Determined not to let this little distraction spoil our evening we had the dancer continue. This time when he asked me to dance I agreed. As shy and coy as I could manage under the circumstances I let him lead me to the dance floor. He was still wearing only the "G" string which was covering less and less of him as we swung around the floor. As we danced he ground himself into me while the other girls hooted. Getting into the swing of it I ground back by grabbing his ass and pulling him into me.

We danced like that for quite a few minutes. It was apparent that the wine was being felt by everyone. I was aroused, he was aroused, Joan was asleep on the couch and Lisa had taken off all her clothes except for her bra and panties and was dancing dreamily with some imaginary lover to the music.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Katie slip behind him. Before I knew what was happening, with one quick snatch at the Velcro fasteners, Katie had his "G" string in her hands. Now he was not only nude but erect. Although he never missed a beat it was certainly distracting for me. When Katie came close he grabbed her and pulled her into our dance.

His cock was like the rest of him, big and hard. It stood out like a divider between Katie and I. Although he had surprisingly little hair on his body, his pubic area was black and as thick as a bush. His muscular arms were holding both of us tight to his chest. When my hand went down to touch his massive tool his dancing skipped a beat and he squeezed us even harder. Katie must have had the same idea as I because I felt her hand on mine caressing his wondrous instrument.

Suddenly, Katie broke free of his hug, stripped off her blouse and stepped out of her skirt. She had long since removed her shoes so that now she was only wearing her bra and panties. I could see that they were wet at the crotch. She grabbed my blouse from behind and pulled it off over my head. My designer jeans needed a little help from me but within seconds I was also down to bra and panties. I wondered if my crotch was as wet has Katie's, it sure fell like it. Katie undid my bra from behind but before she had a chance to remove it he scooped me up in his arms and buried his face in my breasts, loose bra and all.

Katie stepped in front of him, sandwiching me between the two of them, put her hand behind his neck, pulled his face down and kissed him. I couldn't see her other hand but she must have grabbed his cock because he gave a quick intake of breath and shudder. I was cradled in his arms with his right arm under my legs and the left under my chest. Still holding me with his left arm he released his right and let my feet fall to the floor.

On the way down my buttocks struck both his cock and Katie's hand and my bra fell off. I don't know when she managed it but both Katie's panties and bra were off. She was completely nude. In fact, everybody was nude except for his cowboy hat and my panties. Katie saw to that when she grabbed my panties by the waist band and pulled them down around my ankles.

Katie grabbed my arm and fell to her knees, pulling me with her. I was face to face with Katie separated only by his erect cock. She gave it a little kiss on the shaft, as one would kiss the cheek of a friend. Not to be outdone I gave it a bigger kiss but right on the knob. The precum that dampened my lips was a little salty and very sweet. When I went back for seconds he grabbed my hair and pushed himself into my mouth. I was face to face with Katie who was licking her way up and down the shaft.

Katie stood up and pulled him away from the dance floor and made him lay down on the carpet. Acting as a guide she had me straddle him and lower my wet pussy onto his erect cock. Likewise she positioned herself over his face and sat down facing me. When she leaned forward and kissed me I knew that she was tasting his precum on my lips. Slowly I began an up-and-down motion that would bring me to the pinnacle of ecstasy in just a very few minutes. Katie was sliding back and forth on his mouth letting his tongue do the same thing to her. I knew by the way he was bucking his hips to meet my downward trusts that it wouldn't be very long for him either. He bucked, I thrusted and Katie slid until with a moan Katie released a shower of her self onto his face. When she leaned forward to kiss me I lost it and flooded his cock with my cum. With a wild thrust I felt his semen spew deep into me.

We sat there for a few moments until I suddenly remembered where we were. I looked around and Joan was still asleep on the couch but Lisa was nowhere to be found. Slowly I crawled off of him only to find that his magnificent cock had wilted to about half its previous size. Katie stood up beside me and we both looked down at it. It looked so forlorn and lonely that I knelt down and took it into my mouth. Now, it was soft and coated with a delicious mixture of his cum and my pussy juice.

As I was sucking away Katie was behind me, fondling my buttocks and sliding her hand up my crotch to feel my sopping wet pussy. Without releasing my grasp on his cock I laid on my side to give her better access. When her tongue entered my pussy I think a bit him because he let a little yelp. It must not have hurt him too bad because his cock was rapidly regaining its original engorged state.

Now it was Katie turn so I had her sit down on his cock the same as she had made me do. I stayed by her slide fondling her breasts and his testicles as she slid up and down on his pole of pleasure. I tried to take her breast in my mouth but she was bobbing up-and-down so rapidly I was unable to. With his arms he pulled me around until I was now sitting on his face, the same as Katie had been. I knew that he was tasting the mixture of my pussy juice and his cum just as I had tasted it on his cock. His mouth nibbling on my pussy and his tongue licking my clitoris brought me to orgasm within minutes. I just sat there and let the juices flow while he licked, kissed and sucked at my most private parts. I could see by the Katie's increased tempo that she was close too. I think when I leaned forward to fondle her breasts and kissed her that it was what she needed to bring her over the edge. The way he was bucking it was obvious that he had not reached his climax yet. Katie "dismounted," knelt between his legs, and took him in her mouth. She was sucking his cock, sliding one hand up-and-down his shaft and fondling his testicles with the other. Suddenly his cum was drooling out the sides of her mouth as he pumped his load into her.

Now it was over and we lay on the carpet in his arms, Katie on one side and me on the other. Joan was asleep on the couch and Lisa was still missing.

It was well after midnight when we had dressed and he was leaving that he casually mentioned he would be available at a discount for any future parties we might have.

After cleaning up the apartment we went to have a shower and found Lisa asleep on my bed with my vibrator her deep in her pussy. The batteries were completely dead. We woke her up, had a shower and one hell of a threesome.

I have his telephone number but next time I will not serve wine.

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