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Tina's Dilemma
by rabbit108

Tina came home from college. Slamming the door of her bedroom, she fell onto her bed with tears streaming from her eyes. I was dozing off in the chair and was startled by the slamming of the door. "Tina is that you?"

Coming to the bottom of the stairs I listened and heard her sobbing. Climbing the stairs I entered her room to find her lying on the bed, her eyes red from crying. Taking her in my arms and cuddling her to my chest, I asked, "What is it, love?"

She told me it had been parents Day at school and she was the only one without one that day. Her mother had been involved in a car crash a month ago and never regained consciousness. She moved closer to me feeling safe. I didn't know she liked the smell of my after shave.

Laying down next to my daughter, I took her in my arms again. She snuggled up to me, her crying subsiding. We talked for ten minutes about school. Then she laid her head on my chest and fell asleep. Looking at my daughter, I realized she was turning in to a woman. She had developed a lovely pair of breasts that were rising and falling as she slept. I could feel them pressed into my side. They were very firm. Her leg had been placed across mine and I could see her thigh. It was long and tapered. She was 18 and promised to turn into a carbon copy of my wife very soon. Reluctantly I moved her from me as I had to go to the bathroom. Looking back in on my way downstairs I noticed her skirt was tangled around her waist. She was tossing and turning. It gave me a glimpse of her panties, pink with small flowers dotted over them. I saw the cleft of her sex as her legs were parted with a few stray hairs trapped under the band of her knickers. "My god, she looked so sexy!" Her panties were pulled tight and I could clearly see the bulge of her pubic hair and a dark shadow where it stopped short from the waistband. I felt my prick rise in my shorts.

"Christ!" I said to myself "This is my own daughter!"

Feeling guilty I left the room and went to prepare tea.

Tina came down some time later wearing just an extra-large baggy T shirt. She had showered after her nap and was feeling better. Crossing to me, she gave me a long full kiss on the lips.

"You're the best Dad in the world," she said and hugged me. She sat opposite me, eating. I noticed she had no bra on. Her nipples were hard and pink and showing through the flimsy material. I thought, "Damn! I'm thinking of her again in the wrong way." I had always had a very full sexual relationship with my wife, making love with her at least once every day. I missed it now.

I went to the patio and sat down. "Christ! It's so muggy," I thought, sweat forming on my back.

"We're in for a storm tonight," I called out to Tina. I could see the dark clouds forming in the distance. "I'm off for a bath," I added and went into the living room. Tina was sitting on the floor watching TV, her legs bent and was resting her chin on her knees. "My god!" I screamed to myself. I could see her pussy.

I almost ran from the room as my prick grew into full erection. Going into the bathroom, I turned the taps on to drown the lewd thoughts that were entering my head. It was no good. I was going to have to relieve myself. Taking my clothes off, I looked into the full size mirror. My rampant prick stood out straight. All 8 inches of it. Taking it in my hand I started to slowly rub it. Pictures of my sexy daughter took over my mind. As the picture of her full pussy flashed in my memory, I imagined myself running my fingers through the bushy jungle of her sex. I could wait no longer. I came, spurt after spurt of my sperm shot onto the mirror, leaving a trail as it slid down the polished surface.

I was a 43-year-old father thinking of sex with his daughter. I felt ashamed. I was so confused. After cleaning up my mess, I got into the bath and tried to take my mind off her by thinking what was on the agenda tomorrow.

When got out of the bath, I put my robe on and went to bed. I was awakened by a clap of thunder almost an hour later. Getting up, I shut my window. The air seemed cooler now.

Looking in my daughter's room I noticed her window was open. Crossing the room in the darkness, I closed it. On my way out a flash of lightning lit the room. For a brief second I saw my daughter. She was sprawled across the bed totally nude!

I went out into the hall and put the landing light on. Going into her room again and leaving her bedroom door partly closed, I approached her bed. Kneeling down, I could see in the available light the outline of my darling daughter. Moving closer made me see every detail. Her proud breasts stood erect, her legs thrown open exposing her hairy pussy for my inspection. I was in turmoil. Should I touch her and let her know what I was thinking?

NO! I got up and walked to the door, closing it gently so as not to wake her.

I lay in bed disgusted with myself. But the thoughts stayed with me and my prick started to respond. I tried to ignore it but to no avail. Soon I was jerking off again with my lovely naked daughter dancing prominently on my mind.

Some minutes later I lay spent and was dozing off when a huge clap of thunder rattled the house. I heard a scream. It was Tina. She came running into my room.

"Dad, Dad, wake up!" she shook me awake. She had put on her robe, a short one that just barely covered her bum. "My window's smashed," she said.

I went to inspect the damage. A branch had snapped in the high winds and fell through her window. The rain had soaked her room, the wind forcing it into every corner. The bed was soaked. Another clap of thunder vibrated the window frames. Tina flung herself at me. "Can I sleep in your room tonight, Dad? This scares me."

What else can I do? I could not expect her to sleep in her rain soaked room. And I could see that the storm was scaring her.

"OK. Come on," I said.

Putting a hand on her shoulder I led her to my bedroom. She went over to her mom's side of the bed and got in. She had been in this bed lots of times as a child. When she had covered herself with my blanket she took of her robe and put it on the bottom of the bed. MY GOD! my eyes grew wide. SHE'S GOING TO SLEEP NAKED! Sliding down the bed, she pulled the sheet up to her chin and waited for me to get into bed.

My heart was pounding. Could I last the night without touching this lovely naked young goddess lying beside me? She turned to look at me and said, "I really love you, Dad. Thank you." She kissed me, turned over and made herself into a ball then fell asleep.

An hour passed and the storm had died. The only noise I could heard was Tina's breathing, soft and regular, and my wildly pounding heart. I sat up and leaned on my arm to look at her again. She had turned to lie on her back which caused the blanket to drop down, thus exposing her breasts. I kissed her forehead, fighting with myself from touching her fist-sized beasts. She murmured something and smiled in her sleep. I had to kiss her properly, just once, I kidded myself. Leaning over, my lips brushed hers gently. Then a bit harder. Her sleeping body stirred but did not wake. My tongue was in her mouth which had opened as I kissed her the first time. I noticed her small nipples growing. Her breasts were rising a bit faster now. She started to kiss me back, though still asleep. I felt much bolder by now. I reached my hand out and slid them over her gorgeous breasts. Oh, how firm they felt! I massaged them, pulling the nipples gently. She turned to me and draped a leg over mine. Sliding it up and down, it made contact with my rampant hard on. I shuddered, lowering my hand to the sweet valley between her thighs. Her hair was matted with the sex juices that flowed from her tight little pussy. My finger found her slit and gently rubbed my finger into the narrow cleft.

I could not believe she was still asleep. I placed her hand on my prick, molding her hand around it. She was moving it up and down, jerking me off. I could feel her breasts on my chest, moving against the hairs had made them hard. I kissed her more passionately and, at first, she responded, but then she woke up with a start.

"DADDY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" she cried out, moving to the edge of the bed and reaching for her robe, shocked at what her 43-year-old father was doing to her.

"I'm so sorry, darling," I tried to think of something to say. "I miss your mom, too. We used to have sex so regularly, and with your body nude against mine I was so turned on and imagined you were her. Can you forgive me?"

"Daddy I know you and mom had sex every night -- I've heard you making love. But I'm your daughter, not your wife and it's not right."

She turned her back to me and went into a troubled sleep.

In the morning she was up and showered and had prepared her breakfast before I got up. I took a shower.

"I'm off to college now! Bye!" she called out and was gone. I did not have a chance to explain my feelings to her.

I spent the day cleaning her room, repairing the broken window and washing all of her clothes that got wet from the rain. When she got home, she kept in her room saying she had a exam on Monday and wanted to study the whole weekend.

Tina went to bed early and, I didn't know, was lying there thinking of what I, her father, had done to her. All she could remember was waking up with me touching her breasts and kissing her with her hand on my hard manhood. She remembered the flush she had felt in her body. It was the same feeling she got when her boyfriend tried to play with her tits and, after a brief struggle, he did. She fell into a deep sleep.

I went to bed dejected. I knew I had hurt my beautiful daughter, the only thing I had left that I truly loved.

The next day was the same. She stayed in her room and went to bed early. I was in turmoil. What was I going to do? I felt the tears come to my eyes. I could not stop it. I lay there on my bed crying like a baby.

I did not realize Tina heard my crying and had crept out of bed to investigate. Hearing it come from my bedroom, she entered and saw me huddled on my bed, my body racked with sobbing, She went to me and took me in her arms, just as I had done to her a few days ago.

"What is it, Dad?" she asked, concerned.

"I'm so sorry, baby. I didn't mean to hurt you," I sobbed and clung to my daughter.

She understood now. It was the touching thing.

"Stop crying, Daddy," she said. "I ignored you because of what you did, but I still love you more than anything in the world." With that she took my head in her hands and planted a big kiss full on my lips. I took her in my arms and held her.

"I love you, too, darling," I said.

Tina went back to her room and got into bed, sorry that she had hurt her dad so much. After all, she thought, what did he do that was so wrong. He showed me he loved me. He kissed me like I kiss him (Tina liked to kiss her dad). He touched my breasts. So did my boyfriend. Besides, I loved the way he played with them. He placed my hand on his prick. My boyfriend is trying to do that all the time.

Tina thought about the feelings she got when she realized she had her dads big prick in her hand. It felt huge! And she loved her dad so much it hurts. She lay there thinking for a while trying to get her thoughts in order.

I lay down and tried to sleep. My daughter still loves me. This thought echoed around my 43-year-old mind as I drifted off to sleep.

I felt someone touch me. I woke up with a jerk. It was Tina. She had gotten into my bed.

"Daddy," she said "I love you." Leaning over, she kissed me full on the lips, pressing herself against me.

MY GOD! SHE'S IN THE NUDE AGAIN! I realized as I returned her kiss.

"Tina," I said. "This is not right. You said it yourself."

"It is right, Daddy," she replied. "I was wrong. I know you love me. I love you, too, and I wanted you to feel that." She took my hand and placed it on her breast. "Please be gentle, Daddy. I want you to make me as happy as Mommy was."

I buried my face in her breasts, kissing the nipples and feeling them grow as she laid back and let me instruct her in the gentle art of love. She ran her fingers across my chest, teasing my nipples to make them hard. Lowering her hand further she felt my shorts. "Please take them off, darling daddy," she whispered into my ears. Just like my wife used to. With my shorts off she placed her hand over my prick which was so hard I thought it would snap. Her fingers curled around the girth and she gently rubbed it up and down.

My god, I thought. It was so beautiful, her soft hand doing the most pleasing strokes to me. In all my 43 years I have never felt such pleasure from a hand, even from my wife's. I placed my hand on her belly and rubbed it gently. She murmured "Oooh, yes. That feels so good, my darling."

Moving down, I felt the softness of her pubic hair. Her legs opened up to my hand. Her pussy lips were swollen and I felt a dewy moistness on them. "Rub it, Daddy, please. It's hurting me," she whispered, nibbling at my ears. I placed a finger into the golden slit and felt it open up for me.

Christ, I said, she likes me doing this to her.

I probed into her gently. She gasped as I entered. She was so wet, the juices made it so easy for my finger to slide in. Gently thrusting, I felt her pussy cling to my finger. It was so tight

"Oooh, yes! Darling, my darling Daddy, finger me!" she gasped. I went faster but not harder. The last thing I wanted to do was to hurt my precious Tina. "I'm coming, Daddy! Your little girl is coming for the first time!" she yelped, her hips trying to push my finger deeper inside her. I felt her spasm and she locked her body stiff as she came, her juices flowing over my hand, making a pool on the sheet. Her face had taken a blushing red color as she came down from her first orgasm. Turning to me, she smothered me with kisses, crying with disbelief that her body could be taken to such heights.

"I love you, my darling," I cooed. She clung to me, realizing that she felt happy making love to her 43-year-old dad. We lay there holding each other. I was happy just holding her without the sex, but she felt she was neglecting me.

She placed her hand on my prick feeling it grow again.

"Oh, Daddy darling," she crooned, "it's so hard and big. How did you ever get that thing inside Mommy?"

I smiled and said, "Your mom had a very special way to make sure it fitted."

"Show me, Daddy," she said.

"Later darling. There's all night." I pulled her down on the bed again, running my hands over her sexy body. I realized she was still on a high. She welcomed my probing fingers and, soon, sliding tongue. She turned on her belly and asked me to rub her back. I sat astride her, my prick lying on her back as I gave her a gentle massage. Moving down her body, I rubbed the small plump globes of her ass, pulling them slightly apart and seeing her flinch as I rubbed her cheeks softly. I moved onto her legs. Then, reaching up to her neck, I pulled my hands down the full length of her body. She arched her back with pleasure. As she arched, my prick slipped into the crevice of her ass. She gasped as the solid rod of flesh grazed the rosebud of her ass. "Oooh! That feels so good," she said.

I replied, "You mean this?" Taking my prick into my hand I rubbed the tip of it against her ass, the pre-cum that was on the tip helped it to slide up and down with ease.

"That is fantastic" she squealed.

I pulled on her hip, putting her in a kneeling position with her legs apart. I pushed my finger into her wet pussy, getting some of the juices. I then placed my finger against her asshole. She went wild as the slippery finger danced around her twitching hole. I slowly placed my finger in the center and pushed gently. I could see her pussy lips quivering as my finger slowly disappeared into her ass. She suddenly jerked up saying, "I'm hot, Daddy! You're making me so hot."

I lowered my head and kissed her pouting pussy lips. She shook. Pulling my finger out of her ass, she turned over, spreading her legs as wide as possible and said, "Kiss me again, Darling."

Each time she called me "darling" I felt so proud. Here I was, at 43, making love to my daughter, and best of all she wanted me to. Pulling her hips to the end of the bed I lowered my head to her quivering pussy. She knew what was coming. The last kiss I placed on her pussy lips had almost made her come again. Licking with just the tip of my tongue, I traced the outline of her lips. Pulling the lips apart I saw the moist pink inner skin glistening with her cum. I scraped my tongue the full length, greedily feasting on this sweet moisture coming from the depths of my sweet daughter. She started to come again. Gripping my head with her thighs, she shook as I lapped up as fast as I could. When she let me go, I raised up and felt the juices run down my face. She scrambled over to me and started licking her own cum from my face. My fingers were busy again. I buried my middle finger into my little girl as far as I could, wanting to touch the very center of my sexy lover. I felt the hymen against my finger.

She flinched. "What's wrong, Daddy?"

"You're still a virgin, darling," I said. "You should keep it for your husband."

"I don't want to save it for my husband. It can only be broken once and I want you to be the only one to break it."

I pulled her to me and told her I was happy.

"Dad, you have made me come so many times, but you have not come even once. Am I doing something wrong?"

I laughed and said her happiness was more important to me.

"Tell me Mommy's secret. How did she made you fit inside her," she begged, grasping my thick hard prick to her belly. I hesitated. Oral sex for her seemed wrong.
"Oh, come on, darling," she crooned, tracing her fingernails along the length of my prick and taking my sperm filled balls into her hands and softly playing with them.

I told her. She was amazed that her mom could take such a big thing into her mouth.

"Like this?" she asked, lowering her mouth to the tip of my erection. She licked the pre cum that was oozing out of the slit at the top. I felt the heat of her sexy mouth as she engulf the top of my prick. She flicked the tip with her tongue. If she only knew what she was doing to me, I thought while feeling the jism in my balls start the journey of no return. She gagged as she tried to place all of it into her mouth. She had stretched her mouth to its limit and could only take half of it in.

"I'm going to come, darling," I tried to warn her. Too late. A solid slug of sperm hit the back of her throat. She gagged again but swallowed it. Enjoying the taste, she gulped it all down as fast as she could. But not fast enough. Some escaped and trickled down her chin. She scooped it up with her hand, however, and returned it back into her mouth.

I finished coming. But I was still rock hard. It was a miracle! As I got older it normally took a few minutes to encourage it to get hard. But with my Tina it stood up in all of its glory in just a few seconds as she licked my balls clean.

"No wonder Mommy liked doing it," she said. "Your sperm tastes great!"

I kissed her lips tasting my own salty sperm around her lips.

We lay together on the bed with her still playing with my prick. Turning to me, she said in a soft pleading voice, "Please make me a woman now, Daddy."

I looked into her deep brown eyes and saw she meant it when she said she wanted me to be the first. Taking her in my arms, I kissed her deeply. Moving on top of her, I took my prick and rubbed it along her virgin cave. My tip eased its way into her pouting lips. She opened her legs, saying "I'm so happy, Daddy. Fuck me, please. Knock me up. I don't care. I want to take Mommy's place."

I was overcome with love and lust for my girl. I slid my prick into her moist pussy, hesitating for a second, then resumed. She gasped as her virgin pussy stretched to accommodate my huge prick. "Ooooh, Daddy! It feels so nice." She started to move with me. Slowly she got used to my size. The walls of her vagina were dripping with her juices which made it a bit easier. Soon, I was at her maidenhead and I pushed my prick onto it, testing its strength. I feel it give a little.

"Yes, Daddy! Please, Daddy! Do it now!" the urgency in her voice displaying her lust-filled state, just wanting her old dad to fuck her, to make her a woman. I pushed a bit harder and her hymen gave. She screamed into my shoulder. I stopped. I had hurt her.

"More, Daddy!" she screamed, unable to contain her passion. "Fuck me hard!" She didn't care if our neighbor heard her. Nor did I.

I carried on, thrusting gently. She pulled my shoulder and turned me over. Sitting on me, she was now in control. She mashed her pussy hard onto my cock. Feeling the tip banging against the mouth of her cervix, she shuddered with lust and banged the full length of my prick deep inside her some more. That sent tip of my long erection into her cervix. It held my manhood in a vice like grip, locking me to her. She sat still, her breath gone from the pain of our fastening. Moving slowly, her pain subsided and she carried on rocking. I could feel the sperm in my balls rising.

She felt the twitching of my manhood. She rocked harder, crying out "Come in me, Daddy! Fill me with all of your lovely spunk."

That drove me over the edge, and when I climaxed, my sperm went directly into her womb, filling my precious daughter with my baby-making sperm. We didn't think, nor care, about the consequences. This was what we both wanted. She sucked every last drop of my spunk with her gripping vagina as she came with me.

I took minutes for our first mutual bliss to subside. Then, reluctantly pulling me out, she lied on the bed, beside me. Being young, her cervix clamped shut, preventing my sperm from escaping from her rich womb. She rubbed her tummy softly. I joined her. We smiled and kissed passionately, happy with the chance that we might soon have a baby of our own.

We never sleep alone now. She moved into my bedroom with me, transferred all her clothes and stuff from her closet to mine. She also broke up with her boyfriend, wanting to be mine exclusively. It is a well-guarded secret. Her room is always disturbed as if she had just got out of bed in case some of her friends dropped by. We don't make love all the time. Sometimes we are quite content to just lay down together, holding each other, and talking of our future. She wants to have my baby, unconcerned with the complications her youth or our incest (we don't really believe in what science say about children born from incest) might cause and when she missed her period a couple of days later (she has a regular cycle), she became drunk with expectation. I bought a home pregnancy test kit for her and to our great joy she was indeed very pregnant. We hit the jackpot on our first try. Now, my little 18-year-old spends most of her time reading up on pregnancy and motherhood. She desires to be as good, better, a mother as her Mommy was. I was proud. I, too, read up on pregnancy, fatherhood, and delivering babies.

I bought a ring today which I will give to her tonight. college is almost over and as soon as it ends this year we are going to move to the empty farm, far from this town, my parents left for me when they died. No one knows us there and people live far apart. There, we're going to live as husband and wife, and, when our child is born, a family. I don't know what my life would have been without the love of my little Tina, but now my life is complete.


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