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The Dream
by An80sAngel

It was a rainy night. I was lying in bed, softly sleeping. I started to dream.... In my dream, I am lying in bed sleeping, and the window opens slowly. You climb in slowly, dressed in black. You creep over to the bed and put your hand over my mouth as your other hand grabs my wrists together and ties them to the bedpost. I wake up and start struggling. "Be quiet and you won't get hurt." you whisper. I see the glint of a very sharp looking knife lying next to me and stop struggling. "Good, now if you'll cooperate, this will go easier for you. You may even enjoy it. I'm going to move my hand from your mouth. If you scream, you'll find something less enjoyable covering it next time. Understand?" I nod my head. You move your hand from my mouth and take the knife in your hands. I gasp and start trembling. You simply laugh as you cut away the short green nightie I am wearing. Under it, I am completely naked. "I knew you were a slut, wearing no underwear. You wanted this to happen didn't you."

"Bastard" I whisper softly.

"Now what did I tell you. Ok I'm going to have to keep you quiet somehow."

You sit up and remove your black jeans and briefs, and your large cock springs into view. You crawled up my body and grabbed my jaw with your hands. "Now open up Princess, and you'd better do good, or you'll painfully regret it." I open my lips wide as you press your cock into my mouth. You start pumping it in and out as I stroke you with my lips and tongue. You moan, fucking my mouth, and to my horror, I feel my body responding to the moment and my pussy begins to get moist. I start sucking harder on your cock and you stop moving and pull out of my mouth. I moan softly and you laugh.

"Greedy little cocksucker aren't you?" you say. You slide down my body and run your fingers over my cunt. You laugh when you feel the wetness between my lips. You stick one finger in my pussy hole and move it in and out as I moan. Then you pull it out and lean up to slide it between my lips. I lick my juices off your fingers and you take your hand back to my pussy again. You begin rubbing my clit as your head leans down to suck my nipples into your mouth. I feel your teeth sink softly into one and I moan loudly. You begin sucking and nibbling on both breasts as your finger works circles around my clit. MY body is trembling in response and I'm panting in excitement.

Then you lick your way down my stomach and down to my thighs, where you place soft bites on the inside of my thighs. I gasp and give soft little shouts. Then your mouth moves to my pussy as your fingers spread my lips apart. Your tongue runs over my clit and I lift my hips up into your mouth and your tongue caresses my clit over and over.

"Ohhhhhhhhh" I moan softly. Your tongue darts down to my hole and slides in, moving around and causing me to whimper. You tongue-fuck me for a few minutes 'til you feel my body tensing in anticipation of my orgasm. Then you stop. "Please let me cum!" I beg. You laugh and then slide up to me. You stick your tongue in my mouth and I suck on it greedily as your fingers find my clit again. Then I feel the head of your cock rubbing over my clit and I whimper. "Is this what you want baby?" you say. "Yes! Please!" I beg.

"Where do you want it?"

"In my pussy!"

"And what do you want me to do with it?"

"Fuck me please!" I shouted. You slide your dick to my hole and put just the tip in. You laugh as I arch my hips, trying to get you in deep. Then you grab the knife and hold it to my chest. "Stop moving." you say. I gasp again and quit lifting my hips. You sit there holding the knife to my chest, your dick just barely in me, and I can feel myself throbbing, wanting to be fucked so badly. You laugh as you slide the blade up to slide its cold steel over my neck. Then you lay it aside and move both hands to my breasts. You squeeze each roughly as you shove you cock all the way in me.

I scream, as an orgasm hits me sharply. You begin to thrust in and out, slowly as you squeeze my breasts, kneading them. Then your hands slide to my sides and you run your nails down my sides sharply as your thrusts get faster and harder. I am moaning and rocking my hips, my body arching. "Fuck me, fuck me," I say softly, moaning as your dick pumps in and out of me. Your thrusts get wild as you begin panting and moaning and I feel another climax approach, this one building slowly. I start moaning loud and you grip your nails into my hips. Then it hits and I lean my head back and scream as you begin pouring your hot cum into me. My pussy throbs around you as we hit our orgasms. You collapse on me for a moment, and then slip slowly out of me and disappear into my bathroom. I'm still shaken from the momentum of what has just happened. You come out and kiss me on the forehead, leaning over to untie my hands. They flop beside me; my body still in too much shock to move. Then you slip out the window and disappear in the night....

I wake up slowly, reveling in the effects of that dream. It was a great dream, I think to myself as I slip into the bathroom. Then I notice the red marks on my wrists...


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