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The Dealer
by Don Beck

Marie and I were sitting out in the backyard on a warm summer evening. We were sipping some wine as we enjoyed a soft breeze. As usual we were talking and laughing, savoring our time together. I leaned over to kiss her but was interrupted by the doorbell. I gave her a soft peck and went to answer the door. It was our new friend Bill from down the street. I invited him in, got him a glass of wine and took him outside. Marie stood up and gave him a nice welcoming hug.

As we sat down, Bill said, "I'm sorry to stop by like this but I was feeling a little lonely."

We knew that Bill was home alone because his wife and kids had gone back east to visit relatives and he hadn't been able to go.

"Well, we'll just have to try and cheer you up," Marie replied.

So we drank and talked and laughed and drank some more. Marie looked sexy as usual, in a pair of short cutoffs and a tank top. I could see Bill glance at her from time to time, but then so was I.

I've never understood why men get upset about other men checking out their wives. It's just an affirmation of how attractive she is.

As the sun dropped, so did the temperature. It was still pleasant but Marie's nipples were obviously poking against her shirt from the cooler breeze. As she wrapped her arms around herself, I suggested we all move inside. We refilled our glasses and sat down to talk.

After a while the discussion turned to Bill's past. We were a little surprised to find he had once been a Blackjack dealer in Vegas. I got out a deck of cards and asked to see his skills. He was very good and was soon showing us ways people cheated and some card tricks he had learned. Then we played a few hands just for fun. We had nothing to bet with so I jokingly suggested playing for clothes.

We all laughed and Marie said "I've heard of strip poker but not strip blackjack." We all laughed again as I quickly grabbed the cards and dealt out five cards to each of us. We picked up our cards, discarded, and took our draws. We laid down our hands. I was low man.

As I passed the cards on to Bill to deal, Marie said, "So take off you shirt."

I laughed and said, "What?"

She repeated herself and added, "Since you were low and I was high I get to tell you what to remove."

I couldn't believe she was serious but by now Bill had joined in so I removed my shirt. Bill then dealt another hand. This time he was low and Marie was once again high so she told Bill to take off his shirt.

Bill grinned at me and said, "I think we're in trouble."

It was Marie's turn to deal, but first I decided we needed some ground rules. I said, "If we are really going to play this we have to agree to some rules. First, the game is not over until everybody is naked." I turned to Marie as I said, "It's not fair if Bill and I are the only ones naked."

Marie laughed and said, "I think it is."

Bill then said, "That's all right. Marie doesn't have to if she doesn't want to."

Marie surprised me when she replied, "No, I'll go along with the rules if everyone else does."

As she picked up the cards I said, "There's one other thing. If one person loses all of their clothes and then loses another hand, the high hand can tell that person what to do, like doing a dance or getting us a drink or whatever. As long as it's nothing against our will."

Bill laughingly agreed and Marie did also as she said, "Sure since I'm already winning."

Bill smiled and said, "You might regret that cocky attitude."

Marie then continued to deal. I think Bill and she were looking forward to seeing each other naked. I, on the other hand, was starting to think of things that I could make them do once they were naked. This time Marie lost and I was high man.

As she started to pull her top off I said, "No. The shorts."

She hesitated but then stood up and quickly unbuttoned and dropped her pants to the ground. She playfully kicked them off at my head. But she looked awesome. After all these years the sight of her still excites me. I could feel my dick starting to swell. By the way Bill adjusted his position I think he was feeling the same. Marie sat cross-legged on the floor. I think she was teasing us, knowing there was only her panties between her open lips and us. As I dealt the next hand I noticed Bill looking at my wife's crotch. I'm sure she noticed too.

So far the dealer had lost each hand but not this time. This time Marie lost again and Bill was high. He grinned as he reminded her of her being cocky earlier. Marie just stuck her tongue out at him. He smiled as he stared at her panties, but told her to take off her shirt. She pulled off her shirt to reveal her nice tits sitting in a sexy black bra she often wore. My dick rose higher.

Bill's deal. This time I was sure I had lost again but amazingly Bill's hand was worse. Marie got to return the favor as she told him to take off his pants. She never took her eyes off of him as he stood and dropped his shorts. She stared at his crotch as she saw his boxers trying to hold back an obvious hard on. I noticed how red her cheeks were. Was it the wine or the excitement?

She forced herself to take her eyes off of his bulge as she began to shuffle the cards. This time I lost. As I dropped my pants, I was pleased to see Marie staring at the bulge in my tight shorts. I'm sure she also noticed the obvious wet spot. Things were now very interesting, and though we continued to joke it was obvious the mood was changing. We all tried to be discreet as we stared at each other's bodies but we still stared.

My deal. I won, Marie lost. I wanted so badly to see her wet pussy, but I had her remove her bra. She took it off slowly as Bill and I watched attentively. Her nipples were very hard. She leaned back on her hands, which made her tits stand up. I just wanted to rip off her panties and plunge my cock into her pussy. But I forced myself to relax and enjoy my gorgeous wife. I know Bill was. His boxers now formed a very large tent as his erection seemingly was reaching for Marie. Marie also noticed. Bill stared at Marie's tits and then her crotch as he dealt, not really paying attention to where the cards went. But he didn't need to; he knew how to deal.

We were all now down to our underpants. Who would show themselves first? The answer was Bill. I had hoped it would be me because I wanted to get out of the confines of my underwear. Once again Marie won and Bill lost. She didn't say a word, simply smiled at Bill and nodded towards his shorts. He stood and slowly pulled his boxers down. As his shorts began to push his member downward, he reached down and pulled out his large cock. Marie didn't exactly smile, but I could tell by the look on her face that she was impressed. He was easily seven inches long, maybe more, with a nice thickness that Marie loved so much. His balls matched his dick, very big and hanging down in a nice red sack. As he sat back down, Marie now had one very hard dick pointing directly at her. I don't think she realized it but her mouth was slightly open, as if in awe.

Marie's deal. I couldn't wait for what would happen next. I could see her glancing over the top of her cards at Bill's large member. This time I won and Marie lost.

I smiled at her and said, "Sorry babe, but it's time to pay up."

She made a face at me, which made me laugh, as she stood up. Her body was actually facing Bill with her head turned slightly towards me. She stared me straight in the eyes as she slowly pulled her panties down. I watched as her soft patch of pubic hair came into view. Then I saw her wonderful shaven lips. She pushed her panties down until they dropped, then stepped out of them. I heard a slight exhalation of air from Bill. I smiled up at my wife's gorgeous face. She held my gaze as she sat back down. She sat with her legs together and off to one side. I was a little disappointed but I realized she needed to get used to a stranger seeing her naked.

As I dealt the cards, she lay down on her side to study them. Or was it to get a closer look at Bill's dick? I was the only one left with any clothes on and since I didn't want the game to end yet I tried very hard not to lose. Sure enough I won and Marie lost.

I smiled at her and said, "What should I have you do? How about a kiss for your husband?" She sat up and leaned towards me. Before we could kiss, I whispered in her ear, "I also want you to sit cross-legged".

I wasn't sure she would as she kneeled in front of me and gave me a deep tongue kiss. But when it was over and she sat back, she indeed spread her legs and sat like I had requested. I think she was a little self-conscious as she looked down at the ground. But I was very proud of her. Also very turned on. I couldn't help but notice her wetness as her lips pulled apart. I could also see her inner lips pushing outward.

Bill dealt again. I don't think Bill or Marie realized it but they were both looking under their cards, staring at each other's sex. I'm sure they were both distracted because they took a while to discard. This time Bill lost and Marie won.

She grinned at him as she said, "How about doing a dance for us?"

Bill good-naturedly stood and began a silly dance that had us both laughing, especially with his big dick swinging around him. Marie was much more relaxed now as she leaned back on her hands. Before Bill sat back down, his dick was right at Marie's eye level, which she took full advantage of. She also realized that by leaning back she was giving us a wide-open view of her pussy. But she stayed in that position as the cards were dealt again. This time I won again as Marie lost.

"I want you to give Bill a kiss", I said.

Neither protested as they leaned together and kissed. It wasn't just a peck but an obvious full-blown tongue thruster. They were both very much enjoying it until I jokingly cleared my throat. They reluctantly pulled apart.

Next hand. Again I won and Marie lost. She looked at my wonderingly. I think by now she was hoping I would pick something with Bill again. I also think that the fact that it was out of her control made it easier for her. So I told her to kiss Bill's nipples. Bill leaned back slightly as Marie approached. She smiled at him then quickly moved her mouth down to his chest. But she didn't just kiss his nipples she sucked them hard, one and then the other. As her hand moved onto his leg I told Marie that she couldn't do anything else unless she was told to first. Bill had a muscled chest with large pecs, which Marie enjoyed with her mouth. After a few minutes of that pleasure, they separated again.

Finally I lost a hand. I stripped off my shorts. I was so glad to let my dick loose. I was afraid I looked small compared to Bill, but if I did Marie didn't let on. She stared at my hardness and smiled. As I sat back down Marie looked from one dick to the other, no longer hiding her glances.

I was afraid the game would end now that we were all naked, but then Marie said, "Whose deal?"

By now nobody cared whose deal it was and Bill grabbed the cards and started another hand. This time Marie won and believe it or not Bill and I had identical hands.

Marie said, "Since you're both losers you both have to do as I say. Kiss my breasts."

We both attacked her nipples, one for each of us, trying not to bump our heads together. I had Marie's left nipple in my mouth and was amazed how hard it was. I stopped for a moment to watch Bill as he licked Marie's right nipple. It was also very erect against his tongue. Marie was leaning back with each of us straddling one of her legs. I could feel the tip of my dick sliding across her thigh and I was pretty sure Bill's dick was doing the same. As Bill and I both sucked hard on Marie's breasts, she suddenly leaned forward and pushed us away.

"Next hand", she said.

As I sat back down I could see how flushed Marie was. Her nipples were standing straight up and her pussy was glistening with her wetness. All self-consciousness was lost, as we were now comfortable with each other and ready for more. The next hand was won by Bill, with Marie having the low hand.

He turned to Marie and said, "I want to watch you go down on Don."

Now it was my turn to lean back as I watched Marie engulf my cock. She was so good at giving head, I sometimes wondered if she did it for a living in a past life. I was so hot that after a few quick strokes I had to stop her. She didn't want to quit but I made her.

The cards flew as we played the hands out faster and faster. Nobody cared if they won or lost anymore because everybody won in some way. Next hand Bill won and Marie lost again.

"Now it's my turn", Bill said to Marie as he leaned back.

Marie moved quickly to Bill. She started by slowly licking his clear, dripping juice from the head of his dick. As she did this she looked up at him, only to see him watching her. Then she slowly slid her mouth around his wide member and down his shaft. She got all but about an inch of it into her mouth. She then began to stroke him with her mouth, soon adding her hand to the blowjob.

With incredible control, she pulled away and said, "Next hand."

Bill appeared disappointed but didn't complain. I won, Bill lost.

"Return the favor", I said.

They both smiled as Marie lay back and Bill dove for her pussy. He was like a madman, tonguing her lips and clit. Then he was tongue fucking her. Marie was breathing rapidly and holding his head with her hands. This time it was my turn to stop them. They kept on but I insisted. I told them we were almost to the end of the game. Last hand.

I don't even know who lost but I think Marie won, because as soon as we laid down our cards she said, "Somebody just do me. I don't care who and I don't care how. I just need to come."

With that, I immediately started to lick her clit. I knew I could make her come, but I didn't realize how fast it would be until she tensed up after only about a minute, grasped my head and ground her hips into my face.

Bill had only been watching deciding what to do when Marie came. She then decided for Bill what he should do as she pushed him back and began to suck his dick hungrily. She was on her hands and knees and her pussy was inches from my face, literally dripping. I knew her clit was sensitive so I slipped my middle finger into her pussy and began to rub her now-swollen G-spot. She began pushing against my hand urgently. She continued sucking Bill and I continued rubbing her pussy until I could feel her pussy tightening against my finger. She released Bill's dick to let out a loud moan as another orgasm wracked her body. Just as it started to subside I moved up between her legs and pushed my rock-hard cock into her steamy hole. As I began stroking her fervently, her pussy tightened again as her orgasm grew once more. I pumped her hard and fast as I watched her take Bill's big hard dick back into her mouth. But not for long. Bill suddenly pulled away and I saw why as his hot white jizz splashed across Marie's chest. I was only a moment behind as I came long and hard, squirting my cum into Marie's hot pussy. We were all out of breath as we collapsed into a pile.

My bladder was full from all the wine so I got up to pee. It wasn't easy because I was still rigid. Apparently Bill was too, because when I came back, the first thing I saw was his ass rising up and down as his body covered Marie's. Her legs were wrapped around his, and as I came closer I could see her thrusting her hips up to meet his as they fucked. I was finally close enough to see his big dick plunging in and out of Marie's cunt. It was soaked with her juices. They were staring at each other, the look of hot sex showing on their faces as they strained to please each other and themselves.

It was amazing to watch Marie screwing. When she and I made love, I could see her face and part of her body. But now I could enjoy everything about her. I was able to see not only her gorgeous face but admire how good she was at sex and how much she truly loved it.

I don't think they were even aware I was in the room, they were so intent on humping each other. I was so in awe of that sight that I couldn't move. I simply watched and enjoyed. I could hear their heavy breathing. I could hear the wet noise of Bill's dick plunging in and out of Marie's soaking pussy. I could hear the sound of their bodies slapping together. But most of all I could see my wife fucking. She was so beautiful! As their thrusting became even more frenzied, I realized they were approaching their climaxes. Sure enough, Marie's face began to form that glorious frown of ecstasy. I'm sure the sight of her pleasure is what triggered Bill's tremendous orgasm. I didn't think it was possible, but they briefly fucked each other even harder as their orgasms overtook them. It was truly amazing to see two people enjoying so much intense pleasure together, especially Marie. Their thrusting finally slowed and then stopped altogether as Bill collapsed on top of Marie and then rolled next to her. I let them rest like that for a few minutes, then I pretended like I had just entered the room.

I said, "Are you two still lying there?"

Bill responded slowly, "Yeah, it's late I better get going."

Bill dressed slowly and left. Marie was now snoring softly, probably partially from the wine and partially from her intense workout. I was extremely hard and as much as I wanted to make love to Marie, I turned out all the lights and carried her gently upstairs. I never loved her more as I held her in my arms on our trip up to the bedroom. I cleaned up the remnants of left over sex and tucked her into bed. I lay down next to her and quickly fell into a deep slumber.

We awoke almost simultaneously the next morning. Marie was smiling at me. Oddly enough, I felt a little uneasy about the previous night. Even though we had done similar things on other occasions, I think this time it bothered me a little because Marie had so thoroughly enjoyed screwing Bill. As I related my feelings to Marie, she simply shook her head. Then she went on to tell me that in fact the sex with Bill had been outstanding, and she was sure she wouldn't forget it soon.

My heart sank a little until she went on to say, "But the best sex I've ever had with anyone else wasn't half as good as the worst sex you and I have ever had."

She may have been exaggerating a little, and I'm not sure I completely believed her but it was what I needed to hear. We vowed our love over and over to each other as we made slow passionate love that morning. As usual, it was wonderful.

Later, when we were eating breakfast, the doorbell rang. I got up to answer it and was a little surprised to see Bill standing there. He was very quiet as I asked him in. He said hello to both of us and then got right to the point.

"I'm a little uneasy about last night. Don't get me wrong, I really, really enjoyed it. I just don't want it to ruin our friendship."

Marie and I both smiled and I said, "Of course we'll still be friends."

"You're sure everything's okay?" he replied.

Marie stood up, gave him a hug, and simply said, "Yes".

After Bill left, Marie turned to me and said, "That was interesting."

"What?" I asked.

She answered, "Well, for someone so unsure about what happened last night, he was sure pushing himself against me when we hugged. And he was far from soft."

We laughed and shared a hug of our own. The rest of our day was spent mostly in each other's arms, very much in love.


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