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The Date
by Elliot

I'd picked her up for our date after work, and as she sat there in the car next to me, I could barely keep my eyes on the road. Her hair fell in careless waves across her face and her makeup was subdued. She wasn't a small woman, but generous dimensions were always my preference anyway. She wore an outfit that was (intentionally?) maybe a half-size too tight; her legs extended invitingly from its narrow hem and her lovely tits strained against its front. I could barely contain my enthusiasm at the prospect of making love to her.

Her willing physicality amazed me, and I ended up spending the date happily under the control of her touch. We held hands through much of the movie, though she would increasingly allow her hand to rove about my body. Sometimes she would lightly massage my inner thigh. At others, she would caress the side of my neck. Maybe she would trace along my ribs, or lightly tug at my belt. I reached for her countless times, but she would always whisper "Later, I promise." My attention was riveted on her touch. Once, near the end of the film, she slowly raked her nail along the hardness of my groin. She felt the eagerness of my cock, and she smiled. I shivered.

Dinner went by in a flash. She'd purposely sat across from me, and she spent the entire meal lightly pushing against my cock with her feet, while her eyes glittered with purpose. I'd never known such a feeling of both sexual and sensual submissiveness, and I hadn't even removed an article of clothing! At the same time, I felt rather dominant in that I was being so openly seduced by such a sensuous, erotic, and inviting woman. I was glued to that chair, and I found it difficult to eat. When the waiter asked if I was OK, my date smiled at him and assured him that everything was QUITE all right.

We talked during the ride home, but I have to admit that my mind was completely on the erotic pleasures that this woman could, and seemingly would, provide. After parking right in front of her place, I jumped out and raced around to open the door for her. She looked up at me with the glimmer in her eyes that I had come to recognize and whispered "I'll leave the door open. Wait ten minutes, and not a moment less, and then come inside and ravish me." I waited exactly ten minutes and ran inside, feeling like a teenager for the first time in years.

There was a single dim light on in the silent living room. She was stretched across the return of a sectional couch, fully naked but for her jewelry, and staring at me. I sat down next to her and began running the fingers of one hand along her luscious body, with as feathery a touch as I could manage. Slowly...slowly...for countless minutes I caressed her skin, discovering her. She somehow lay still, gasping lightly as obvious chills ran through her body. A moan escaped her lips the first time my fingers passed lightly along her nipples. My cock felt like it would explode out of my pants, but I temporarily managed to put the feeling aside. I never would have thought myself capable of spending so much time simply caressing her like that, but she was a work of art and I was enthralled.

Finally, a single finger, and then several more, found their way to her moist, slightly heaving pussy. Her mouth opened as I traced her soft vaginal lips. Her pussy moved with me, eager for my touch. I felt thoroughly empowered, yet still somehow controlled. I extended one finger along the pliant skin between her legs until I found her anus, already wet with her flowing pussy juice. I carefully circled her anus with my finger while allowing my thumb to dip ever so slightly inside her. She gasped again and strained against my hand, yearning for more. After holding off for a few more seconds that seemed like an eternity, I moved my hand and slid my middle finger inside her pussy, along the top wall, allowing it to contour to her shape. Her eyes closed. I pulsed my finger against her, pulling very lightly toward me and then releasing. I could easily tell I was successfully stimulating her G-spot directly. At the same time, I began to brush delicately against her clit, measuring her varied reactions as each part of her clit was attended to. Finally, I leaned over - my hand still at work on her pussy - and began whispering about how beautiful I thought she was, how happy I was to be with her, and how much of a goddess she seemed to me right then.

I wrapped my free arm underneath her shoulders and pulled her close as I continued to work her with my hand and tell her how special she was. Holding her in the way that I was, I felt every movement, every shudder, as her moans became louder and her body tensed up in preparation for her approaching orgasm. I felt her juices flow move heavily, and her body became rigid. Her head tilted back, I felt a last hard push against my hand, and she screamed as she thrashed about and then went limp in her shattering orgasm. I held her tightly to me and lessened the intensity of my vaginal caresses as she recovered. My cock was throbbing inside my pants, but I didn't want to move a muscle.

After a few minutes, her clit told me that she wasn't done, and I began to work on her again. She opened her eyes and said "No. It's time for us now." I began to kiss her, but she pushed my face away and said "Off with the clothes. Now." Who was I to argue? I stripped as quickly as I could and said, teasingly, "Any more requests, my Mistress?" God, was I READY. "Yes," she replied. "Fuck me. Get deep inside me. I need to FEEL you." I positioned myself so I was kneeling between her legs, and I rested her knees comfortably on my shoulders. I placed my hands squarely on her soft tits and balanced myself above her pussy. I asked if she was OK, and she said, "I'm fine. Now...get inside."

I guided my now-raging shaft inside her and nearly fainted with the wonderful sensation of feeling her pussy wrap itself around me with my first penetration. With her legs resting on me, I had complete control and an excellent angle. I thrust deeper and deeper inside her as I slid along the top wall of her pussy, pressing against it as much as I could without leaning too far over her. The feel of her tits in my hands sent an added thrill of power and stimulation through me. We stared at each other, and her eyes were wide as she watched me. Chills coursed through me as I dove fully inside her, and I felt like my entire being was infused in my cock, and there was nothing to existence outside of our lovemaking. I felt myself careening toward orgasm, and I slowed ever so slightly; I never wanted it to end.

She shifted her legs to rest her feet on my chest. I rose up slightly, momentarily interrupting our rhythm, to lift one of her feet in my hands. I began kissing her foot, licking it, even sucking on her toes. Then I moved to the other. Her eyes were cutting through me like laser beams, and I continued to push myself fully inside her, feeling a wave of glorious ecstasy every time I did so. Once again, I felt that strange mixture of dominance and submissiveness that had characterized the entire night. And it turned me on even further.

I thrust as deeply as I could, gently removed her legs from my shoulders, and leaned down to rest on top of her. We tongue-kissed, and then attacked each other's necks. I could feel her nails digging into my back, pulling me further to her. I held her shoulders firmly, so as to pull her to me in return. I licked her neck, nibbled at it, bit it. I wasn't so much thrusting now as continuously pulsing fully against the insides of her pussy with my entire length. I gasped as I felt a fingernail break the skin on my back. She reached down and grabbed my ass to pull me in further, if that was even possible. We moaned as our teeth clamped against each other's necks. I knew that I could no longer put off my orgasm, but fortunately I felt her quickly moving toward one of her own. I felt her pussy CLUTCH me as she climaxed, and I could not help but let go in a shattering release, feeling my hot cum spilling from me in powerful bursts. It was a most devastating orgasm, and I collapsed against her utterly.

When I finally lifted my head, she opened her eyes. The glimmer was still there, but now her smile was one of caring and love. "It had been such a long time since I'd had a date. Will I ever hear from you again?" she asked. I replied, "Even if we WEREN'T married, you'd never be able to get rid of me. The date was a wonderful idea on your part!" Suddenly, I felt my cock stirring ever so slightly. She felt it too, and the nature of her smile changed once again...

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