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The Dream
by Melody Lane

I had this dream.......

I was laying in my bed, with only a white nightie on. You were sitting watching me, while I slid my hands up between my legs. I softly moaned as, I felt my fingertips peruse the top of my smooth pussy. I was telling you how wet I was getting, and how good it felt, through other less intelligible noises. I started rubbing my tits, through the soft material of my nightie, while slipping my fingers between my very hot cunt. Mmmmmmm. I was really getting into it, and you were encouraging me on.........getting me even more aroused.

As I neared climax, you stood and one of your hands joined mine, as the other widened my legs. You leaned down, kissing me, and then whispered in my ear that you would go slow and not to be scared. I squeezed my eyes closed, as you did as you said, and slowly pushed your cock into me, letting a high pitched moan escape my lips. At that point, I wrapped my legs around you.... and began to meet your rhythm, my hips rising to your soft downward thrusts. The tips of my fingers grazed down your back, and took a hold of your ass. You had a hand twisting and pulling a nipple, and your tongue in my mouth...... which I was intently sucking on until I nuzzled my head into your neck........ telling you, 'oh god, I am cumming.'

Being as insatiable as I know I will be, I then rolled over on top of you, keeping you buried deeply in me, and started to gently rock and grind. My nighty was still on, and you slid it up over my tits, and pulled me up to suck on them. It sent me over the edge, and I was riding your cock as I came again. After, I fell onto were still hard, and had yet to cum, so I pulled your cock out, and slithered, with a devilish grin on my face, down your body. Without hesitation, slipped the head into my very hot mouth and began to suck. My tongue rapidly moving circles around, tasting you and myself.

I knew you were getting close, and I wrapped my hand around your shaft, the other busily massaging your tight little sacs. I pushed the tip of my wet little tongue into your slit, and your moaned, and said you were going to cum. I sucked harder, and you began to erupt. I swallowed, being very curious, but there was too much, and some drizzled down my chin. After your cock became flaccid in my mouth, you pulled me up, into a very tender embrace. I took your hands, and walked you into the bathroom.....turning on the shower, stripping from my nighty, and let the warm water splash over us. It felt so good. It was painfully quiet, until I asked when you had to leave. To which you replied tomorrow.

And then I woke up.......very wet.

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