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The Dream
by Lily

Last night as I slept I had this dream...

I was staying in a cabin on a mountain. It looked as if I was snowed in. I was all alone. I built a fire and soaked in a hot tub. I was so relaxed and sleepy I curled up in a pile of pillows and quickly fell asleep. I woke up purring. Your hands warm and strong were gliding over my body leaving a trail of heat wherever they touched. I love being touched and stroked, kissed and cuddled. Your lips lingered on mine, I felt your tongue plundering my mouth, your lips moved to trail kisses down my neck. You lean back against the huge mound of pillows and pulled me back against you so that I sat between your legs. Your arms wrapped around me. You held me for a while in the light of the fire. Soon your hands stroked my arms up and down soothing me. I turned to rest my head on your shoulder. I watched as your hands moved over my naked flesh. You cupped my breasts squeezing them gently. Can you see the excitement burning in my eyes? My nipples tightened and my breasts swelled with anticipation. You rolled my tight nipples between your fingers and it made me moan. I couldn't sit still, I began to squirm against you, and I could feel you harden against the soft cheeks of my bottom. One of your hands traveled slowly to my stomach and you pressed down to make me stay still.

"You're too impatient," you told me. I whimpered and you chuckled.

"Shhhhhh, I'll take care of you," you promised. Your finger tips trailed lightly down my stomach to my thighs. You stopped and kissed me. I tried to take your hand and hurry you but you told me

"No..." I was getting frustrated and began to move again, you returned your hand to my stomach and I held still. Then your fingers moved to dip between my thighs. You stroked my smooth flesh with just one finger and I tried to buck against you but you stop touching me.

"Please!" I begged.

"Tell me what you want," you commanded.

"Touch me," I whispered. You moved both hands to my thighs and gently spread my legs.

"Is this what you want?" you asked

"Yes!" I cried out rubbing against you. Unable to be still. Your fingers dipped inside me and I began to moan. One strong finger circled my clit slowly, while your other hand rubbed and then pushed inside me. I was so wet for you. My hips began to buck against you.

"Please!" I cried out

"Tell me what you want," you said again.

"Please....inside me now!" I gasped.

"No," you said. "Come for me and vulnerable....I want to watch it happen." I cried out as you moved my hand towards my pussy and placed yours on top of mine. You began to push down rubbing in little circles sliding one of your fingers and one of mine inside my swollen folds. I bucked against them and cried out as I came onto both of our fingers. You soothed me with light touches and kisses and wrapped me once again in your arms.

"Just rest for a minute," you said. Our hearts pounded together as I snuggled against you. Your fingers stroked my hair softly while you calmed me with your touch. And then you just held me safely in your arms.

I lay contentedly in your arms and we watched the fire as it dimmed. Soon your hands were stroking my skin once again. You picked up a pillow and threw it in front of me sitting up and forcing me to do the same. I turned and kissed you softly as I released each button on your shirt. I pulled it slowly from your shoulders, timidly kissing your neck and then your shoulders. As I pushed it down your shoulders my tongue flicks across the flat nipples of your chest. My fingers worked your belt open and slid down your zipper. I slid one hand inside and felt how hard you were. You let me touch you and I purred with delight as my finger tip traced your hard length and then circled the tip before slowly retreating. You pulled me close for a kiss.

Our tongues fenced with each other, my breasts are full against you. I ran my hands down your back pushing down your pants and underwear together then I pulled you closer, our naked flesh finally touching. We both moaned from the sensation we had been waiting for. You lowered me down resting my head on a pillow. My legs part and you moved between them. You kissed my lips slowly and then blazed a trail of heat down my neck to my aching breasts. You stopped to suck on one while your fingers pinched the underside of my other breast. I arch against you and called your name. You continued down my body until you reached my stomach.

You glided your mouth over it and gently your hands parted my legs farther leaving me open to you. I looked up at you and you were staring back at me making sure that I was watching your every move. I watched as your eyes take in my smoothly shaven lips. You bent down and breath in my scent. Your finger tip teased me, and I swelled with desire as you touched the dampness between my folds. Finally your tongue touched my swollen flesh and I arched with desire. Your palms reached under me holding me still as I felt your tongue flick across my clit. You circle it and rub it with your tongue until it swelled for you. Then you dipped lower and sucked first one lip and then the other. When your tongue moved inside me I cried out, you moved your hands to stroke my inner thighs.

One finger, and then two pushed inside me. And I clenched them when you began to move them away. Your tongue pressed on my clit and you pushed your fingers in and out of me I came crying out your name. You rolled me over onto my knees and knelt behind me and I felt your tongue on me once more lapping at the cream you created. I panted as your tongue and fingers touched me and excited me beyond control.

"I want you inside me!" I cried out. You spread my legs and soon I felt you behind me teasing me with your cock rubbing but not entering me. I whimpered and reached between my thighs taking you into my hand. I rubbed you between my lips and then pushed back and felt you sliding slowly into me. I waited so long to have you inside of me, my breath was ragged as you draw yourself back slowly and then pushed back inside me as deep as you could go. You held me still and I clenched you making you groan and start to move. The rhythm you began driving me quickly to the edge and as you reached around to cup my breast in your hand I whimpered squeezing you again.

I felt you swell and explode inside me hot and long as you called out my name and reached between us to where we are joined and just one finger tip across my clit making me cry out and join you. We collapsed and you rolled us to our sides where we stayed with you still inside me holding me close and as the tears fall from my eyes you stroked me soothing the rush of emotions from my body. You whispered sweet words to me...the fire died lower but I am warm in your arms and we sleep.


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