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The Date
by ShyGuy

We had been friends for a while, and I had finally gotten up the courage to invite her to my place for dinner one evening. She had accepted it, and I was so excited, because I have really liked her for some time.

I had given it a lot of thought about what to serve, and had finally decided what I was going to cook. When she arrived, she saw that I had been busy, and had laid out a nice table. Only candles lighted the room, and there was soft music playing on the stereo.

I placed the food on the table, and asked her to sit down. I had cooked Pasta Carbonara with lots of garlic. Along side that I served a fresh salad, and small French bread with garlic butter. After we both had served food on our plates, I poured us a glass of red wine.

I raised my glass to toast her, and we toasted for 'great friends'. As we ate, we talked about how nice it was to be alone together, and she complimented me for my cooking. I thanked her, and said it was really nothing special.

The soft music that played in the background made the atmosphere in the room very romantic helped along by the candles.

After the main course I served warm apple pie with whipped cream. We had shared the first bottle of wine so far, and without asking her, I had opened a second one. After dinner we moved to the couch, facing each other, and just talked and talked, about how great we got along, and how well we felt in each other company.

She had her arm and hand resting on the back of the couch, and I gently and carefully laid my arm there too. Gently letting my fingers start to touch her hand, a bit scared if she would pull it away. I was a relieved when she didn't. She just looked me straight in my eyes, and smiled gently.

After a while her fingers started to play with mine, and soon we were holding hands. I noticed that there was a very slow dancing tune playing on the stereo, and I asked her to dance with me. At first we just danced with a bit of distance between us, but slowly she let herself get closer to me. Within a few short minutes I had her in my arms, and she was letting her head lean on my shoulder. I gently let my hands caress her back, her shoulders and her hair. She caressed my neck and the top of my back at the same time.

After we had danced for a while, she turned her face up towards me, and whispered, "Kiss me". I gently kissed her forehead to start with. Then slowly down over her closed eyes. Down to her chin, before I very softly kissed her lips. After a few soft kisses, I gently let my tongue start slide in between her lips, and she parted them, and her tongue started to play with mine.

I pulled away from her, and with her hands in mine, we walked over to the couch, I sat down, and pulled her down on top of me. Facing me. Then I started to kiss her again, more passionately this time. And I let my hands start to caress her back again, and slide one hand down to her ass. I started to tease it, and caress it. The other hand I let play with her hair, and her neck, knowing that most women like that, and hoping that she would do too.

We continued to kiss, and she started to caress my back and neck. She could feel that I'm very sensitive there, because of the way I started react when she touched me. It made me breathe deeper, and kiss her with more passion.

Slowly I let one hand slide down her thigh. Letting it slide down to the edge of her dress, and then slowly up the inside of her dress. I gently caressed her thighs under her dress, and I can hear her breathing deeper, as I let my mouth move away from hers, and down to her neck. Kissing it gently.

Suddenly she stands up, and takes my hands in hers. She leads me into the bedroom and while I stand and look at her, she slowly unbuttons my shirt, and caresses my chest. Once she had opened my shirt completely, she gently covered my chest with kisses. I let my hands caress her head, her hair, and her neck. She slowly kisses her way down my chest until she reaches my trousers; she unbuckles my belt and slides them off to the floor.

Suddenly she stops, stands up and turns her back to me. I gently kiss her neck, and she lets my hands pull down the zipper on her dress. As I exposed her back, I gently kiss it. Letting my lips and the tip of my tongue trail her spine. When the dress falls to the floor, I also slide her panties off to join the dress. I let my hands caress the side of her body, and her hips; I hold them and squeeze gently. Slowly I kiss my way back up her spine, and I let my hands slide around to her stomach. My fingertips gently tease it, and slowly they move up towards her breasts. I cup her breasts on the outside of her bra, squeeze them gently and kiss my way up over her shoulders, neck and up to her ear. Teasing her ear with my tongue, just barely touching it.

She then turn around in my arms, and let her mouth cover mine, teasing my tongue with hers. She lets her hands caress my neck and shoulders again, and then slides down my back, letting her fingernails tease my spine. She can feel me reacting to her gentle touch. At the same time I let my hands open her bra from behind, and let it fall to the floor, and I then slowly let my mouth slide away from hers. Gently kissing my way down her neck, and over the top of her chest. My hands slide around to her breasts, and as I cup them, I start to kiss them. Gently sucking on her nipples, and tease them with my teeth. I can feel them harden in my mouth, and I hear her moan in excitement.

I continue down over her belly, tongue kissing her bellybutton, letting my hands caress her hips and butt at the same time. Gently teasing her with my fingertips. As I still let my tongue tease her navel, I let my fingertips tease the back of her thighs, and her knees.

I then move away from her. Take her hand in mine, and gently lead you to the bed. We lie down, facing each other, and start to kiss again. Our hands start to caress each other body again. She starts to kiss her way down my neck, down over my chest. She starts to tease my nipples, just like I teased hers. As she does that, I let my hands gently play with her hair, running my fingers through it. And I caress her neck at the same time.

She slowly moves down over my belly, and gets closer and closer to my cock. Her hands tease the inside of my thighs, and I feel that I slowly start to get harder and harder. Just as she's about to let her tongue tease my cock, she stops, look at me with a wicked smile. She then gets on top of me, with her pussy over my mouth, and her mouth close to my cock. I start to kiss the inside of her thighs, Slowly getting closer and closer to her pussy and clit. Then suddenly I gently let my tongue start to tease her clit, very gently sucking on it, letting my teeth graze it.

She slowly starts to let her tongue tease the shaft of my cock, licking up and down. It's as hard as it can get now, and I really love the way her tongue feels on it. She then gently starts to pull the foreskin down, so she can start to tease my cock head with her tongue. She lets her tongue circle, and she can hear me moan in pleasure. Suddenly she takes the head into her mouth, and she hears me sigh in pleasure.

As she's licking and sucking my cock, I've been licking her clit and pussy lips. Gently circling them, and letting my tongue gently start to penetrate her. At the same time I'm letting my hands caress her back, butt, thighs, hips and play with her breasts. I can hear she likes it, because she's moaning almost as much as I am! She slowly moves away from me, and turns around, positioning herself above me. I pull out a condom, and roll it over my cock, and then she slowly starts to tease my cock head with her pussy lips. Then as I place my hands on her hips, she slowly slides down on top of me, looking me straight into my eyes at the same time, and she can see how much I'm enjoying it. Slowly she starts to move up and down on me, and I meet her thrusts, sliding all the way out, and in with every thrust. She bends down, so we can kiss, and as we do that, I lay still so she's the only one doing the thrusting.

Slowly she starts to move faster and faster, building up speed. My hands are playing with her breasts at the same time, cupping them, squeezing them and teasing her hard nipples. She can hear from me that I don't have long back before my climax, and she starts to move faster herself. I watch her as she lets her hand slide down and starts to play with her clit, and I know she's getting close too, and she wants to climax at the same time as me.

As she rides me and plays with herself at the same time, I can feel her muscles start to tighten up around me. I look into her eyes, and as she climaxes she closes them in pleasure. I grab her hips with my hands, and keep moving her up and down, until I climax too.

As the feeling from our climaxes subside, she falls down onto me, and I take her in my arms, roll to the side, and I pull the covers up over us. We just lay there, enjoying the heat from each other's bodies, and holding each other. Slowly we slide into sleep, arm in arm, and we stay like that the whole night.


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